OOC – More Adventures In Life and World of Warcraft…

June 1st

Belated Salute to Memorial Day!!


Well, I will have to admit that I had a busy long weekend and never left the house.  I know that it is not unusual for me to stay home on a holiday weekend because I just had getting out in the traffic.  Let’s not forget that it was the opening of many of the parks and lakes here in Colorado which means, many a can of beer was downed for those that imbibe.

I decided to take the leap and get busy with Windows 10.  Actually, things went rather smoothly and I am happy with the way that the games perform and it seems as if the performance of the overall machines is a lot better or it could possibly be that “new car” feel yet that hasn’t worn off.  I actually kind of like the OS because it is at least similar to my old faithful Windows 7 on the main screen.  Hey, when you get to be my age, change is a real challenge to the old brain.  I’m actually happy that I waited so late to get the thing installed because it appears as though they got rid of most of the bugs that would have affected my game playing.  The only game that I play on a regular basis is World of Warcraft and it works like a charm with this new setup.

I’m still out there running amuck in Draenor with my multitude of characters that have made it that far.  Life sure is a lot easier since I finished Pathfinder and can zip along if I wish or take my time, which is usually the case.  I will have to admit that the number of 100s that I have is not real impressive as far as the numbers go, however, they are mostly Horde.  I do need to work on my Alliance folks some to make sure that they are at least somewhat ready for Legion.

I’m as happy as can be that some of my issues with my computer cleared up as soon as I made the change to Windows 10 or appear to have been fixed.  You never know if those things are lurking out there and ready to pounce on the very non-tech literate (currently) computer user.  Anyway, I made the transition and it seem okay to me.

As far as playing World of Warcraft, I’m plodding along and alt hopping a lot as is my usual method of play.  I do have two Battlenet Accounts  – my main merged accounts have flying in Draenor and I’m still working on getting that evil beast done on the second.  I may or may not finish Pathfinder on the second account before Legion drops on the second account, however, it’s not like there isn’t going to be time to do it afterwards.

My thoughts and feelings have changed a bit since I started flying around and wish that I could have gotten it much earlier in the expansion.  I don’t know what it is about Draenor that makes me actually physically tired – it just seems never-ending and not much in the way of “Fun”, just a lot more grinding that isn’t all that interesting or it might just be me.  That’s why I am wondering if I will get it the second time on my secondary account at all.

I’m actually getting into the position of starting to write about some of my characters again and get back into the reasons why I play an RP realm.  Of course, I am running around leveling and rarely stop long enough to really get into the RP going on or doing a lot of walkups, which, is going to change here in the next few weeks. I still attend events on the server and take it all in when I can.

Well, happy gaming all of you and I hope to get something written up for my characters in the very near future.

Thanks again for your patience with my writer’s block and for reading when I do actually publish something, it is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “OOC – More Adventures In Life and World of Warcraft…

  1. Oh, you like Windows 10? I got so mad at it always threatening me and when I got the message that it would be updating that night I lost it, lol. Presumptuous!!! I installed Never10 to disable it. Maybe I should look into it before having a hissy fit.

    • It actually has been a great thing for me too – I was nervous and worried that it would be a mess, however, it’s been grand so far. The “free” time is almost over and then you will have to pay for it. Might want to check it out. 😀

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