OOC – Just Thoughts From An Old Gamer…

June 14th


Well, I have spent a lot of time bouncing around in World of Warcraft on various characters and just having some fun with them.  Of course, I know that I have quite a few characters and I really feel sorry for some of the people on my BattleNet because I know that I must drive them bonkers sometimes when I do my jumping from character to character.  I still have my secondary account for a little while longer and there aren’t nearly as many people that have that one, which is okay, that’s why I made the second one – for experimentation on different classes and I don’t want anyone to know whom the idiot might be that can’t do squat with a rogue.

I did sit through the Warcraft movie premiere and I will have to admit that it looks great and has me a little bit hyped up for the game too.  I know that I haven’t seen the movie yet and probably won’t go through the effort of attending it at the local cinema, however, with some of the shots that I have seen look awesome.  Can’t say anything about the acting because I haven’t seen it and even if I had, I wouldn’t want to make any statements that would spoil it for others.

I actually went back and resurrected a couple of my old characters that I had deleted years ago and have been having a lot of fun getting them caught up.  Remember when mages had to have tokens in their bags for teleporting?  Yep, still had them in one character’s bags which made me giggle, however, I am totally happy that I had brought him back.

Ah yes, my priest, after so many months of trying to level her and getting her over 50, I finally threw in the towel, however, the towel has been resurrected and I am in the process of learning how to play her again with the way that the spells have changed after all of these years – lots of fun.  I leveled her completely as Holy and now I am running a dual spec with the help from some research on the rotations.  Gonna be fun running that one and I can finally try my hand at healing again.

I will have to say I will be closing down my secondary account in the near future because none of the characters have made their way through to earn Pathfinder.  I have to laugh because it took me close to a year to get flying in Draenor because I could only handle the frustration for brief periods of time before I would bag it and head back to MoP with alts that have kept at level 90.  I actually have quite a few still at 90 because I twinked them so that I could enjoy the full panoramic view of Pandaria to my heart’s content.  Am I going to bring all of them up to Draenor before Legion drops?  Oh, that is so doubtful.  I have a dozen in Draenor currently and I think that is more than enough to make myself crazy with although the flying has helped considerably.

Yes, I do play other classes other than “just hunters” however, I am trying out a few different things with them these days to see what it is going to be like in Legion.  I do have the Beta and have jumped in there a little bit to see what is going on from time to time.  I won’t spend as much time testing this time as I did with the last one and with MoP because I was pretty well burned out when they finally dropped.  I am rather anxious to see what is going to happen with the classes with Legion, it is pretty confusing currently.

Starting off in Dalaran is pretty confusing on a Level 100 character on a class that you used to know like the back of your hand is rather daunting.  If I ever see my character’s face, I’ll be shocked, I’m sure.  I need to do some more research on “what to do” because when I landed, it was so crowded that you just kind of stood there and went OMG.  I’m sure that once I get into it a bit further, it will all make sense.  Right now, I’m just bumbling along and reading chat and the forums to see how things work – just sticking with BM for my hunter right now, however, I’ll try out a few on SUR and MM.

I guess I will have to admit that I have been really surprised at getting invitations to play in Alpha and Beta for the last three expansions, however, I do play a lot. No, I’m not a streamer and it would be hard to sell because I’m a little old person that isn’t all that photogenic.  Besides, my language can get pretty salty sometimes, so, I’m very careful when I’m on Vent. The military side of me sticks out when my ire is raised to a certain level and I hate for it to come out in public.

Past, present and future?  I don’t think that any of us knows exactly how far reaching the changes will be in World of Warcraft when Legion does drop.  Making that adjustment to the classes will be quite the adventure because it appears as though we’ve lost quite a bit of the old continuity that has been a part of the classes since the beginning.  I’m really worried about the hunter class and the specs that have changed so dramatically.  I used to play MM all through Cata when I wasn’t just out questing and enjoyed it quite a bit, not so much in MoP – Survival was my mainstay for raids and instances when I got off my behind and actually went. I haven’t run a single instance in Draenor because of the Proving Grounds and my old hand/eye coordination is not quite quick enough or it might be from the potato that I insist on playing on (can’t afford a brand-new swank gaming machine at the moment).

One of the things that I have been doing is updating all of my computers with Windows 10, including my laptop and I will have to admit that I have been quite pleased with how easily the task was accomplished.  I did have to redo the laptop because the User hit the wrong button at the wrong time and fouled things up, however, it was an easy fix.

I’m also getting back into the mood to write more now because I feel that I need to at least make some attempt at getting back into that again after four years of being on Word Press.  Yes, got the notice in my achievements yesterday and I will have to admit that I was surprised.  Doesn’t seem that it has been that long.  Well, I had better scoot and get some things done around the house before our afternoon rain storms actually start moving in again.


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