OOC – Dental Work, Drugs and Other Fun Things…

July 13th

This is definitely an OOC post and not exactly what I had in mind for today, however, I felt like I wanted to report in and let people know that I am not really a snob and I do talk to folks now and again.

I’ve officially gone seven months without any tobacco products although I will have to admit that vaping has been something I have enjoyed to keep the nicotine shakes away sometimes.   Who knew when you picked up the filthy habit that it was worse than heroine to try to get away from.  I am proud to admit that I am down to level 3 on my nicotine content and can honestly say that I feel tons better.

Just went through a two month period of sheer physical and mental agony that has finally drawn to a close with my dental work.  I never knew that dental surgery could be so agonizing and found out how much I don’t really care for soup and pasta.  Yep, eating nothing but “chunky” soup and various pasta dishes, plus, occasionally a saltine cracker just for the texture if nothing more.  It’s a great way to lose weight, however, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I had been having chronic sinus infections for the last five years or so and have taken so many antibiotics during that time period that I am truly surprised that I haven’t gotten allergic to some of the more popular meds for that sort of thing.  Anyway, after going through all of that, I had a dental crown break and made the dash to the dentist.  Well, low and behold, abscessed teeth were discovered and an infection from hell that had been there for months, if not years.  At my age, I wasn’t going to spend the money on implants at this point, so, I am now the proud owner of an upper denture.  Not a bad thing for me since I had been wearing a partial or had bridges for the last thirty years, so, the denture wasn’t a total shock to my brain.  I was just shocked that my medical doctor hadn’t discovered this issue long before the dentist did – oh well, I suppose that it was just one of those things that one has to pursue on your own.

I will have to admit that I am feeling a whole lot better since I had the teeth pulled and the surgery that went along with that.  At least I can see and feel a definite improvement in my overall health because I don’t have a infection hiding out and undoing all of the work that I was trying to do to make myself feel better.  Okay, all done talking about personal medical things for now – don’t want to gross anyone out or anything.

Back to World of Warcraft


I will have to admit that I am still playing quite a bit, however, I know that I am a bit burnt out on some of the Draenor experience, even with flying.  I have a second Bnet account that I opened on a whim about two years ago and still haven’t gotten the Pathfinder done on that one yet and it’s rather doubtful that I will before Legion drops.  Oh well, I only play World of Warcraft these days, so, it’s not like I don’t have the time to play when I want too.

I have been in the Beta a little bit and I have some concerns with the pruning that they have done on some of the classes and wonder how many of my characters I will finally run through Draenor.  I know that I am very heavy into the Hunter Class and I’m not real sure that I like the new take on that in Legion, seems to have had all of the uniqueness and fun taken away and revamped with some real awful stuff.  I wish they had done a few changes but not a whole revamp of the class.  Sure does make me wonder if Blizzard isn’t going to go console on the game in the future – fewer buttons and less control points me in that direction.  I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes when it goes “live” because you really can’t tell what is actually going to happen until then.  I still have a couple of boosts left over on my main account and my second account, however, I have kind of made the decision that I am not boosting anything until I see how Legion really is because I may find another class that I enjoy almost as much as I do my hunters.

I still have a lot of work to do in Draenor on my mains, however, I’m less inclined to finish that part of it up just to say that “I did it” because most of it has been extremely tiring for me physically.   A lot of my feeling tired is due to the medical issues that we’ve already discussed and right now I just want to play and enjoy the classes as I know them now.

Nope, still haven’t been writing that much and publishing it as you can see on my blog dates.  I had written quite a few things when I couldn’t play, however, after further review – I deleted them.  One shouldn’t try to write creatively when you’re on heavy duty pain meds.  When you’re not on them, you can see the flaws and see that your grammar fell off the cart somewhere on the rocky path of being stoned out of your mind.  I can see how people can get addicted to them though – you lose hours and even days that you aren’t aware of until you come out of the fog.  The hot coffee pot in the refrigerator was the dead giveaway that maybe I should start tapering things off and the reversed sweat pants topped the deal.   I have never been a heavy drinker or a person that takes a lot of heavy duty drugs of any kind, so, my husband found some of the antics I was going through quite amusing – I may never live some of them down.

2 thoughts on “OOC – Dental Work, Drugs and Other Fun Things…

  1. Did you have any severe facial pain (temple, cheeks, down the lower jaw)? I’ve been battling these problems and while I’m prone to allergies and sinus infections, too, I know my dental health is very poor. I have insurance but I’m so extremely frightened of the dentist that just thinking of going gives me a stomach-knot. Since I have sleep apnea, I’m afraid to go under deeper anesthesia at the hands of dentists. Not to mention, I take blood thinners, and it makes any dental work a real pain as I have to get a signed release from my doctor that I’m safe to work on, and withdraw from warfarin for a while, which brings about risks of blood clots. It’s a real predicament, but reading about how much better you feel really does make me think I should tackle this problem, and soon.

  2. Yes to all of the above along with the allergies too.

    When I had my dental work done, I did get the permission from the medical doctor sent to the dentists to do the work because I am also on blood thinners – warfarin – I was off the medication for five days prior to the dental work and surgery were done, no problems there. I have been taking warfarin for roughly fourteen years.

    I didn’t have to have any anesthesia at all because they were able to do the work that I needed with just Novocaine. I think it all depends on what is needed to be done and mine was not what I would refer to as major, just some reconstruction and extractions. This would be something that you would have to discuss with your doctor and dentist, however, I would recommend that you get the work done. I know I am feeling a whole lot better and feel like I have my life under control again and I don’t feel “ill” all of the time either.

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