OOC – Still Here and Playing Legion…

September  18th

I will have to admit that I have all but given up on writing on a regular basis these days with all of the characters that I have to deal with as well as Legion is very time intensive for me.  I’m one of those people that is directionally challenged and it took me forever to get flying in Draenor – I may not ever fly in Legion at the rate that I am going.  I only have one really active character in Broken Isle at the moment and he’s not even close to 110 yet.

Plus, my gaming computer finally gave up the ghost and I am back on my secondary desktop for now until I can afford to get my gamer fixed or replaced.  System met all of the requirements and was running fairly well, however, with the rendering and flip-flop of my FPS, it finally gave up the ghost. I definitely got my money’s worth out of the thing before it died and had a wonderful time with it.  This second machine is not as quick as the gamer, however, it’s doable and goes beyond the requirements as well.  Only game I was having issues with was World of Warcraft – funny how that always seems to happen every few years.  I also know that this will definitely be my last expansion if it lasts two years – I don’t think my poor old brain can do all of these changes again.  It wasn’t my graphics card dying, it felt like the whole machine was struggling.

Anyway, haven’t kept up with the WordPress people either in reading what has been written due to time constraints, however, I hope to get caught back up and start putting out my two-cents worth as well.  Keep playing and having fun, everyone.



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