Changes…New Battles To Be Won

October 26th

Dear Journal,

It’s been a while since I have had an opportunity to write anything down or lacked the time and privacy to sit down and reflect on things.  Kae and I are back in Halfhill for the time being and enjoying being on the farm together.  After all, this is our home and the only place that we have lived together that was our own.  It’s nice to be back home for a bit. 

Things must have started winding down rather quickly for both factions in Draenor because most of us as Commanders of our Garrisons were told that we had to report for duty back on Azeroth.  Well, we found out that while we were out rescuing people on Draenor, the Legion had started infiltrating Azeroth with a vengeance.   I guess it became very apparent that we had a full-scale invasion going on and that all our troops were needed – both Horde and Alliance.   Kae and I haven’t seen that much action yet, however, we know that we will be reassigned to another Sentinel group and sent on our merry way, just as we have done in the past.  Neither of us is happy about the changes and I know that we will probably have to make quite a few adjustments.

Just when I started thinking that it was time for us to take our vows at the Moonwell in Darnassus and celebrate with the family, the Legion decided to take on our attention.  I know I never have fought them in the past and they were a big shock to me when we landed on the Isle.  I’ve seen a few things that were remotely resembling them in Tanaan, however, these are much more powerful and much bigger or they just seem bigger to me.  I know that Kae had such high hopes for the vows, however, we both decided that it wouldn’t hurt to make a slight delay until we could find out what the plans are for our duties – I wish we could get out of this, however, I don’t think that there is a way.  I don’t think that Mom or Dad could buy us out of the service at this point – all hands are needed.

Mom and Dad both got the same orders that Kae and I did, they took off to Nagrand to recharge their batteries as they laughingly referred to it.  Kae and I are both old enough to know what they were going to do with that big house all to themselves and just a few servants around.  Hey, I get it – it’s not too embarrassing to think of your parents doing the same things that we do even if they are old.

I guess that Kae and I could go ahead with our vows and keep the celebration rather low-key instead of having the celebration that we would have liked to have had.  I wish that we could get the house back in Dalaran since the Horde are now allowed to have access to the city again.  Our backyard would have been a perfect place to have the reception, if everything is still standing like it was before.  I guess the house was damaged quite a bit when it was taken over for office spaces and barracks for the soldiers per my Mom.  Mom said that Dad was already negotiating with the people in Dalaran to get the property back and doesn’t seem to care about the cost – he always did love that place.  Maybe if I can talk Kae into waiting for a little while longer, we could still have the reception there or maybe just have it later.  I don’t know, she seems rather sensitive about delaying things lately.  I guess I need to sit down with her and have a long talk and find out what is bothering her.


I know that one of our neighbors isn’t happy with the situation in Halfhill right now because his family disappeared and he has been spending most of his time trying to find them.  I know that we are all involved in finding out any information that we can about Romy and the two kids – we even have some of the people from the two companies looking for them too.  Poor Dawnglory has never looked so bereft and old in his life.  Poor man is just devastated.  Of course, Romy’s family is trying to find her too.  The last thing that Dawnglory heard from her was that she was going to Northrend to spend some time with the family up there and no one has seen or heard from her since then.

Well, looks like Kae and I are going to head out to one of our favorite places to do laundry – that’s the one thing we don’t have on the farm, a proper place to wash clothes.  I don’t mind that it though because it gives us an excuse to get away from people for a while, fish and have a picnic amongst other things.




*Some Language – if you are offended easily, please do not read*


October 20th


Yo Book!

I will have to admit that I haven’t written in this damned thing in a while and that’s because I have been busy with my duties in Draenor and trying to figure out a way to get home to see Romy and the kids in Halfhill.  Well, the Legion kind of helped that out because the Horde leadership has decided that it’s military needs to address that situation rather than maintain a peacekeeping force in Draenor – huzzah!!

I know that it has been close to a year since I have been home and it has cost me dearly.  Fnor kept telling people that we needed to be focused on what was happening in our own timeline and his warnings just kept falling on deaf ears.  Damned bureaucrats – now they have their hands full and we are supposed to clean it up.

All I can say is that Draenor has cost me dearly – I’ve lost my family or they are hiding from everyone, I don’t know what is going on.  Romy had written me that she was taking the kids to Northrend to spend some time with the family up there and that’s the last I heard from her.  I have checked with her family and have even gone to Northrend – no one has fucking seen them.  How can a woman and two small kids disappear off the face of the planet without anyone having ever seen them?  To say that this is a nightmare is putting it lightly – I’m scared, I’m angry and I’m heartbroken.  All my hopes and dreams have been trashed and here I am wandering around trying to put all the pieces together again.

I tried drinking myself into oblivion more than once since I got back to Halfhill and there didn’t seem to be enough booze to drown my heartache.  I couldn’t get drunk enough to stop thinking about my family, my love, my life and my children.  What has fucking happened to them?  Are they safe?   Are they even alive?  This is totally unlike Romy as far as I know and I know that she loved me as much as I love her – where did she go?  Did she try to take the kids and make the trip to Draenor to surprise me?  So many fucking questions and no answers from anyone.

Fnor and I both have sent out search parties from the company and we’re paying the people dearly to see if they can find any trace of them.  I’ve cried until I have no more tears and have gone without sleep to the point that there are days that I have lost wandering around in a fog.  Where are they?  My son was born while I was in Draenor and I haven’t even held him or seen him – why did this have to happen?  All of my life I have wanted a family – now the Fates have taken away from me.  No, I won’t give up and I’ll keep looking for them.

Fnar Dawnglory


Back in the Saddle Again…

October 20th


Woot!  Just renewed my subscription to WordPress and I think that I made the right decision because I have been busy with ideas flying through my head to start writing again.  I know that I haven’t been keeping up with things as much as I should, however, I’ve had a lot of things going on in-game and in RL to keep me from focusing on what I want to do.  I have always loved to write and the problem for the last year has been the fact that I was trying to keep up with progression that doesn’t exactly match up with my playstyle and turning a game into a job isn’t exactly my forte.

Hit the ten-month mark on my quitting smoking, however, I’m still vaping and needing to cut back on the nicotine content some more as time goes on.  I know that I actually quit smoking for seven years and went back to it, which was totally stupid on my part.  This time around it has been kind of interesting because I find myself still craving a cigarette every now and again.  Oh well, I’ll kick the habit completely in 2017 and watch my insurance costs drop some more.

October hasn’t exactly been my favorite month and November usually follows suite with the same kind of stuff.   This year I was on pins and needles for most of October because my son was going in to have some surgery done and he’s never undergone any kind of major medical issue like this before.  Almost two years ago he hurt his shoulder and neck while moving some furniture at his house and has been in pain most of the time since then.  What they found was that he had done damage to the vertebrae in his neck and those needed to be fused.  The surgery was done yesterday and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else – terrible time for a parent when you know your child is having this sort of thing going on.  Oh well, it’s too soon to actually tell how the surgery went, I just hope that he isn’t in pain all of the time anymore when things get healed up. 

November is when I celebrate the fact that I am still on the planet because I had my aorta-femoral by-pass done fifteen years ago on November 2nd.  Two years of staying at home and not being able to work was rather enjoyable when I look back on it, however, at the time, it was borderline maddening because I had always been a workaholic.  Still had a heart attack five months after the fact due to a blood clot and have been fine since then – strange how that all worked out.   Now, if they could only come up with a cure for my chronic vertigo, I’d be a totally happy camper.  Yeah, getting old is a pain the butt, however, the alternative doesn’t sound like much fun.

I apologize for all of the personal information there.  It does help me to cope with things when I can write it down and reflect back on it for a while and consider how lucky I have been over the years.

Now, back to World of Warcraft!

Finally got my main up to 110 and it was truly an adventure.  I haven’t gotten everything maxed out or anything remotely close to that, just plodding along and enjoying the stuff that I am doing.  Of course, I haven’t given up on my alts yet and probably won’t because I know that we have at least two years of Legion to dink around with before Blizzard springs another on us, if they make another one.  I know that Legion has been fun and the storylines have been pretty good although I am a bit confused with some of them – that’s just me, I suppose.  Sometimes if the Lore gets too far off base and my mind starts boggling, I go back and do some research on it to see where I went wrong or Blizzard took some liberties.

I am also playing more classes this time around because I want to see all of the Class Halls and to see how things are so much different.  I have a new found love for my warlocks even if they are supposed to be “crap” as well as my mages – first time I have really spent a great deal of time on my clothies.    I’ve also rolled a gnome hunter and I have never laughed so hard in my life – I thought the gnome DK was hysterical, well, the hunter definitely has that title now.   I was a bit disheartened with my baby druids because they hadn’t reached level 40 yet when Legion dropped and I normally play Balance – well, Blizzard decided that I had to be locked into playing Feral until they hit 40 – let’s just say that it didn’t go well.

I had 25 capped characters when WoD dropped and I have 25 of my characters at 100 for Legion.  Well, I wouldn’t have quite that many if it hadn’t of been for the invasions that they had prior to the new expansion being launched.  Now, I am spending a lot of time backing up into Draenor (which I still don’t really care for) and trying to get them caught up with professions before slogging my way through Legion trying to get things done there.

Speaking of Legion, I don’t think that I have ever seen Professions as being such a pain the arse as they are in Legion.  I usually get my professions maxed out pretty quickly, however, I don’t think that they have had everything so gated before.  It definitely sucks.  Would I recommend WoW to a new player right now with Legion being the focal point – don’t think so.  I always thought that BC was grindy and almost mean-spirited to the players back in the day, however, I think that Blizzard has beaten that down with Legion.  I know that some people have already gotten burned out and quit the game – I’ll keep going until I just can’t deal with it anymore.

Well, that’s enough of my prattling for the day – time to head out and write some stories to add to my group of characters.  Now that I have my computers stabilized again, its’ time to recreate my MRP stuff too – I wasn’t going to keep rewriting them when every time I turned around the computers would die and I’d have to do it all over again.



I Hate To Admit When I Am Right…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


October 3rd


Dear Journal,

I am sitting here in my garrison in Draenor after spending a great deal of time in the battle with the demons in the Broken Isles.  I keep shaking my head because I had this gut feeling that something horrendous was going to happen at home while we were away assisting the people of Draenor.  I even mentioned more than once at our meetings that we were forced to attend – no one seemed to think that anything was going to happen at home.  Well, here we are, up to our necks in demons yet again.

The whole time we were fighting demons in Tanaan, didn’t anyone think that someone on the side of the Legion might realize that we had left our homes unguarded while we attended to Draenor.  Of course, I was considered an “old soldier” and that my gut feelings were just that and nothing more – I felt vindicated somewhat when all Hell broke loose, however, that didn’t make me feel better about being right.

These demons are somewhat different, bigger, stronger and definitely more decidedly vicious.  Of course, their leaders have had more time to study us and get their strategy in order.  Being the foolish mortals that we are, we thought that after beating them once and forcing them back into the nether that we were finished with them – silly people.  Oh well, at least I know that I will never suffer the fate of growing old and dying in bed – I will probably die as I have lived.

I know that my thoughts and dreams of having a peaceful Azeroth are pretty much dashed.  I had hoped that once we finished the cleanup here in Draenor that I would be able to head to my home in our Nagrand in Outland with Amyn where we could retire in comfort and peace.  Well, that could still happen if I chose to leave the Horde, lose everything that I own and everything that I have worked for my entire life.

Oh, we had a peaceful time there for a while when we still had the house in Dalaran and our family could live a somewhat normal life even with the faction differences.  Things were peaceful and we could enjoy our family and friends until the event with Theramore happened and Jainia Proudmore went on her rampage.

I still laugh at the memories I have of my life in Dalaran.  Oh, the joys we had there – the friends that are now gone – the parties and the warmth of having a home with my wife and our sons.  I know that some of those people are no longer with us, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my memories to cling to for the better times that we all had together.  I also remember the things that happened that weren’t quite so nice and the lifestyle that I used to live that caused so much pain to my family and my beloved wife.  I was trying so hard to live a double life where my Sindorei friends could accept things and in turn, was hurting my wife and sons beyond belief.  Such a selfish man I was back then until I learned what I wanted had always been there with Amyn and the boys.    It was a hard lesson to learn, however, I value what I have now more than anyone could realize.

Your lessons in life can sometimes have a horrible cost attached to them, however, once they are learned, you never repeat the same fallacy again if you’re even remotely intelligent.

I apologize, my mind is wandering quite a bit this morning and that has to do with the fact that I am bone weary and I can’t get the stench of the burnt Fel out of my nostrils.   The stench of burnt Fel and the stench of demon blood is not a combination that will increase your love of battle.  At least with all of this happening back on Azeroth, we are free to travel from Draenor to Azeroth as needed – finally.

Fnor Morningstar


Equipment Changes and Other Things…

October 2, 2016

I will have to admit that September hasn’t been one of the best months for me personally.  I have always had two desktops so that I could bounce back and forth while playing World of Warcraft and they have both died.  I knew that they were having to work exceptionally hard after the second update with Broken Isles and they finally just gave up the ghost.  They weren’t new machines, however, I was hoping to make it through the next year without having to purchase a new one – didn’t happen.

I definitely feel like I got my money out of them because they were both about six years old or a bit older and had gone through upgrades to keep up with the game, however, hardware can only be upgraded so much without finally just giving up the ghost.  May they both rest in peace.  So, I’m down to my laptop and a very inexpensive desktop that isn’t the greatest but will allow me to play somewhat until I can do better.   FPS rates aren’t that great but it has a wonderful graphics setup.  I don’t raid and such, so, I guess I can be happy with just romping around in-game and doing some RP from time to time.  Seems to run okay for the most part and I guess I should be happy with that.

I’m definitely developing my own playstyle with this expansion because I know that it is going to be here with us for the next couple of years.  Of course, I’m not racing to “end game” and actually, I might be lucky if I make it that far.  I’m still enjoying the game overall, however, I am not getting the feeling that I normally get with a new expansion – kind of reminds me how I felt with Draenor which was actually very close to forcing me out of the game.  I actually had beta for Draenor and Legion although I didn’t play very much in the Legion Beta because I didn’t want to get burnout nor did I want to feel like I wasted my time putting up suggestions to the developers.

I’m definitely enjoying the Lore and the questlines for the most part.  I think the professions are probably my least favorite right now because they are borderline impossible to do in some areas.  That’s just my opinion because I love to grind out professions on my characters – can’t really do that with Legion at the moment.  My personal opinion on the armor for the characters is that the Legion gear pretty much sucks for hunters – it looks like a recolor of the gear that we had in MoP without the flare – just kind of meh.  The invasion gear looked a whole lot better and that’s my go-to transmog when I’m not just out in the wilds running about.

I did end up with quite a few characters at 100 from the invasions and I am actually backing some of them up and putting them through some of Draenor because I don’t see how you can run multiple alts in Legion and make any kind of decent progress or headway with them.  Definitely not an expansion for alts it does appear.  Hell’s Bells, I’m still running around on a few of the 90s that I had stashed away in MoP that I never got around to finishing up because I was trying to get Pathfinder in Draenor.  I still don’t like Draenor all that much, however, it does appear as though you need some of the stuff in Legion from the previous expansions.  Oh my word, it does look like they really screwed over the Engineers in Legion because a lot of the cool convenient stuff we could make is only good in WoD now – what a rip-off.

I hope everyone is still having a good time and that they will continue to play and enjoy themselves. I know that I may not be playing as much in the future, however, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed the time that I have spent in Azeroth.