Equipment Changes and Other Things…

October 2, 2016

I will have to admit that September hasn’t been one of the best months for me personally.  I have always had two desktops so that I could bounce back and forth while playing World of Warcraft and they have both died.  I knew that they were having to work exceptionally hard after the second update with Broken Isles and they finally just gave up the ghost.  They weren’t new machines, however, I was hoping to make it through the next year without having to purchase a new one – didn’t happen.

I definitely feel like I got my money out of them because they were both about six years old or a bit older and had gone through upgrades to keep up with the game, however, hardware can only be upgraded so much without finally just giving up the ghost.  May they both rest in peace.  So, I’m down to my laptop and a very inexpensive desktop that isn’t the greatest but will allow me to play somewhat until I can do better.   FPS rates aren’t that great but it has a wonderful graphics setup.  I don’t raid and such, so, I guess I can be happy with just romping around in-game and doing some RP from time to time.  Seems to run okay for the most part and I guess I should be happy with that.

I’m definitely developing my own playstyle with this expansion because I know that it is going to be here with us for the next couple of years.  Of course, I’m not racing to “end game” and actually, I might be lucky if I make it that far.  I’m still enjoying the game overall, however, I am not getting the feeling that I normally get with a new expansion – kind of reminds me how I felt with Draenor which was actually very close to forcing me out of the game.  I actually had beta for Draenor and Legion although I didn’t play very much in the Legion Beta because I didn’t want to get burnout nor did I want to feel like I wasted my time putting up suggestions to the developers.

I’m definitely enjoying the Lore and the questlines for the most part.  I think the professions are probably my least favorite right now because they are borderline impossible to do in some areas.  That’s just my opinion because I love to grind out professions on my characters – can’t really do that with Legion at the moment.  My personal opinion on the armor for the characters is that the Legion gear pretty much sucks for hunters – it looks like a recolor of the gear that we had in MoP without the flare – just kind of meh.  The invasion gear looked a whole lot better and that’s my go-to transmog when I’m not just out in the wilds running about.

I did end up with quite a few characters at 100 from the invasions and I am actually backing some of them up and putting them through some of Draenor because I don’t see how you can run multiple alts in Legion and make any kind of decent progress or headway with them.  Definitely not an expansion for alts it does appear.  Hell’s Bells, I’m still running around on a few of the 90s that I had stashed away in MoP that I never got around to finishing up because I was trying to get Pathfinder in Draenor.  I still don’t like Draenor all that much, however, it does appear as though you need some of the stuff in Legion from the previous expansions.  Oh my word, it does look like they really screwed over the Engineers in Legion because a lot of the cool convenient stuff we could make is only good in WoD now – what a rip-off.

I hope everyone is still having a good time and that they will continue to play and enjoy themselves. I know that I may not be playing as much in the future, however, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed the time that I have spent in Azeroth.




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