Back in the Saddle Again…

October 20th


Woot!  Just renewed my subscription to WordPress and I think that I made the right decision because I have been busy with ideas flying through my head to start writing again.  I know that I haven’t been keeping up with things as much as I should, however, I’ve had a lot of things going on in-game and in RL to keep me from focusing on what I want to do.  I have always loved to write and the problem for the last year has been the fact that I was trying to keep up with progression that doesn’t exactly match up with my playstyle and turning a game into a job isn’t exactly my forte.

Hit the ten-month mark on my quitting smoking, however, I’m still vaping and needing to cut back on the nicotine content some more as time goes on.  I know that I actually quit smoking for seven years and went back to it, which was totally stupid on my part.  This time around it has been kind of interesting because I find myself still craving a cigarette every now and again.  Oh well, I’ll kick the habit completely in 2017 and watch my insurance costs drop some more.

October hasn’t exactly been my favorite month and November usually follows suite with the same kind of stuff.   This year I was on pins and needles for most of October because my son was going in to have some surgery done and he’s never undergone any kind of major medical issue like this before.  Almost two years ago he hurt his shoulder and neck while moving some furniture at his house and has been in pain most of the time since then.  What they found was that he had done damage to the vertebrae in his neck and those needed to be fused.  The surgery was done yesterday and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else – terrible time for a parent when you know your child is having this sort of thing going on.  Oh well, it’s too soon to actually tell how the surgery went, I just hope that he isn’t in pain all of the time anymore when things get healed up. 

November is when I celebrate the fact that I am still on the planet because I had my aorta-femoral by-pass done fifteen years ago on November 2nd.  Two years of staying at home and not being able to work was rather enjoyable when I look back on it, however, at the time, it was borderline maddening because I had always been a workaholic.  Still had a heart attack five months after the fact due to a blood clot and have been fine since then – strange how that all worked out.   Now, if they could only come up with a cure for my chronic vertigo, I’d be a totally happy camper.  Yeah, getting old is a pain the butt, however, the alternative doesn’t sound like much fun.

I apologize for all of the personal information there.  It does help me to cope with things when I can write it down and reflect back on it for a while and consider how lucky I have been over the years.

Now, back to World of Warcraft!

Finally got my main up to 110 and it was truly an adventure.  I haven’t gotten everything maxed out or anything remotely close to that, just plodding along and enjoying the stuff that I am doing.  Of course, I haven’t given up on my alts yet and probably won’t because I know that we have at least two years of Legion to dink around with before Blizzard springs another on us, if they make another one.  I know that Legion has been fun and the storylines have been pretty good although I am a bit confused with some of them – that’s just me, I suppose.  Sometimes if the Lore gets too far off base and my mind starts boggling, I go back and do some research on it to see where I went wrong or Blizzard took some liberties.

I am also playing more classes this time around because I want to see all of the Class Halls and to see how things are so much different.  I have a new found love for my warlocks even if they are supposed to be “crap” as well as my mages – first time I have really spent a great deal of time on my clothies.    I’ve also rolled a gnome hunter and I have never laughed so hard in my life – I thought the gnome DK was hysterical, well, the hunter definitely has that title now.   I was a bit disheartened with my baby druids because they hadn’t reached level 40 yet when Legion dropped and I normally play Balance – well, Blizzard decided that I had to be locked into playing Feral until they hit 40 – let’s just say that it didn’t go well.

I had 25 capped characters when WoD dropped and I have 25 of my characters at 100 for Legion.  Well, I wouldn’t have quite that many if it hadn’t of been for the invasions that they had prior to the new expansion being launched.  Now, I am spending a lot of time backing up into Draenor (which I still don’t really care for) and trying to get them caught up with professions before slogging my way through Legion trying to get things done there.

Speaking of Legion, I don’t think that I have ever seen Professions as being such a pain the arse as they are in Legion.  I usually get my professions maxed out pretty quickly, however, I don’t think that they have had everything so gated before.  It definitely sucks.  Would I recommend WoW to a new player right now with Legion being the focal point – don’t think so.  I always thought that BC was grindy and almost mean-spirited to the players back in the day, however, I think that Blizzard has beaten that down with Legion.  I know that some people have already gotten burned out and quit the game – I’ll keep going until I just can’t deal with it anymore.

Well, that’s enough of my prattling for the day – time to head out and write some stories to add to my group of characters.  Now that I have my computers stabilized again, its’ time to recreate my MRP stuff too – I wasn’t going to keep rewriting them when every time I turned around the computers would die and I’d have to do it all over again.



2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again…

  1. Yeah, sometimes I feel like we are being punished. We complained that they made professions boring in WoD and this is how they punish us. I truly don’t know how you’re supposed to level cooking. No matter HOW many recipes I have they are all gray, sigh.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on your comment – really got busy in RL for a while there.

    Anyway, the professions are definitely on the grind side of things this expansion and I find myself just letting things fall where they may. I normally have my professions maxed out long before I hit level cap, however, that doesn’t seem possible with Legion – lots of unnecessary gating on everything.

    I am so far behind on my professions that I haven’t even gotten to “hate” on Nomi yet.

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