OOC – Still plodding along…

November 28, 2016


Well, that’s one more Holiday behind us and two more to go for 2016. I know that we had a very quiet Thanksgiving Day and were very grateful for it too.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there!!  I’m always a day late with things this time of year because it seems like there are even more distractions for my poor brain.

Black Friday!  Oh my, seems like there are quite a few people daring the roads and the shopping malls these days, however, it does appear as though the online folks are getting hammered as well because not all of us enjoy the pushing and shoving that Black Friday normally brings along. I’ll be happy to wait in the queue for online shopping rather than getting out there and getting trampled and pushed around – I’m kind of nervous with crowds anyway and that makes the shopping experience a major nightmare for me, personally.  If I do much of anything for Christmas, it’s all going to be delivered to my front door because I just don’t have the stamina to run around the stores anymore.

I haven’t been playing as much lately because my attention span seems to wander off on its own when I log into Legion areas right now.  I am so far behind right now that it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m not playing for hours on end anymore.  I kind of like the change of pace and have enjoyed playing on a few of my alts because that’s why I made them – I want to enjoy the whole game and not just the Broken Isles.  At the rate that I am going right now, I may not even finish Legion before the next expansion drops – this is the first time that I only have one character at cap level so far, I’m usually rambling about and leveling multiple characters at one time, however, that doesn’t work all that well with this expansion.  I already know that I won’t be getting the next one because I’ve been playing this game for eleven plus years and it’s starting to wear thin on the entertainment side of things.

I am going to admit that World of Warcraft is my escape from things and there is no getting around that.  I used to watch a lot of television and read, however, World of Warcraft does give me the opportunity to socialize with people occasionally.   I’m not RPing as much either because most the people that I had things going on with as far as storylines have already bailed out on the game – guess the RNG is hitting all the casuals hard these days.   I know that you must play to get the stuff, however, that can be quite tedious at times and there is little to no direction as to what you should really be doing.  Scaling has taken a toll on me too because some of my character are above what they should be when they start an area and their gear reflects it – I think I have a lot characters twinked at this point so I can play them when I want and where I want for the time being.  So, that does mean that I am soloing this expansion again too because I haven’t gotten into the group thing at all this time.

At least I did get a cheap computer that seems to be working “okay” with all the unannounced changes that Blizzard has made that cooked my gaming machine quickly.  I wonder how many people are leaving the game because of the changes that will no longer allow them to play the game after these changes?   FPS really stinks on the new machine; however, I am moving around okay and I can do a lot of things without the stuttering and the incredible lag that I had for a while.  Loading screens?  Hehe, well, if you took a drink for every minute that you sat at your computer waiting for the things to load, you’d be too drunk to play after you got in there.  I’m at that age where I am not going to plank a ton of money on the purchase of a computer because most retirees don’t have that kind of disposable income and I happen to be one of those people.  Back in the day, there was no question that I would buy the best of the best and keep going, however, I can’t do that anymore and I have reconciled myself to that fact.  All my computer money went to replacing a broken hot water heater – the joys of home ownership.  I’ll be happy that I can romp around do the things that I want to do – kind of worried about dragging this potato into a dungeon with a crowd of people, however, I will get around to it one of these days.

I have been reading quite a bit on the forums these days to find out what is going on in the game and it really is amazing that so many people seem to really hate the game and they continue to play and pay for it.  I like seeing the bug reports and some of the quests that I have had trouble with being solved, slowly but surely, and seeing that some of the people are still plugging along and enjoying things.  I have enjoyed the various storylines that have been introduced in Legion – I’m wondering how much of the Lore has been kind torn asunder with some of the changes though.  If I have questions about stuff, I’ll hop on an alt and head back to the area and see if the quests have changed or what – sometimes they have, most of the time, they haven’t changed which sets up some conflicts.

Well, I suppose I should stop running off at the mouth and get back to some of the stories that I have been working on – yes, I know I need to write more and post more often if I plan on getting my following back.


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