OOC – Happy Holidays

December 22, 2016


Whoa!!  Going through my usual thing for the Holidays.  It always seems like I get depressed this time of year anymore because my family has dwindled down to just a handful of people and we’re scattered all over the country.  Ah well, that’s what happens when you just kind drift apart in more ways than just the physical thing.

Luckily, I still have our son and grandchild living in Colorado, so, we still celebrate things even if they are somewhat low-key.  This year is going to be a bit different though because we are going to wait until after Christmas to celebrate because we are all not feeling that great physically and we don’t want to share the wealth.  I’m the only one that got a flu shot this year and it appears the rest of them should have followed suit.  I must kind of laugh about it a bit because we went through this same exact thing about four or five years ago – ended up having Christmas on New Year’s.  Santa had delivered the gifts to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, so, we had to take them to the kids.   It all worked out well even if it did feel real weird.

I haven’t been playing all that much of late since my doctor decided to change some of my medication doses and I think the sucker damned near killed me.  So, this last couple of weeks have been real interesting and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m halfway human.  I know that I am not feeling all that great yet, however, I know that I’m too stubborn to keel over too.  I was already far behind everyone that I know in the game, however, I’m so far behind now that I feel like I am tracking them.  Oh well, the expansion is still new and I’m not in a major-league hurry to get to end-game either.  I was getting a tad bit concerned because I was having short-term memory issues, nose bleeds and the whole lot, thinking I might have had a stroke or something – anyway, made a mad dash to the doctor and found out that my dosage on blood thinner was too high and I needed to make some changes real fast – so, been resting, sleeping and just generally laying around and I admit that I do feel somewhat better.

I did spend some time reading the World of Warcraft forums for a while and I must say that if I had to go by some of the stuff on the forums, I would have quit the game entirely.  My goodness, I can’t remember things being quite that negative about “everything” you could even imagine.  After reading a bunch of that stuff, I wasn’t real motivated to log in all that much either.  We all know that class balancing is horrendous this expansion, however, it seems like everything else is messed up too, per the forums.   I’m one of those casual players too that seemed to be the driving force behind the design of the game – can’t say that I have benefited from having all that power.

Anyway, I really wanted to let some of you know why you haven’t seen me around in Azeroth and to wish you all Happy Holidays and my best wishes.  Hope to see some of you soon in-game.

2 thoughts on “OOC – Happy Holidays

  1. Ha! You and me with the flu shots! I had the flu about six years ago and thought never again. Hope you’re feeling better. My mother was on blood thinners and she had to be taken off. Then they started trying different drugs and that was scary. They doubled her beta blockers and she went bonkers. Said people were looking in the window at night (second floor) and where was that nice man that was just here? Scary stuff.

  2. LOL, I’m feeling somewhat better since the meds have finally leveled out after being put back at the dosages that they were initially. I was getting a tad bit concerned with things because sometimes I’d be sitting in-game and wonder how I got to an area, didn’t remember going there but hey! – there exclamation points there for quests, let’s do those. I should get Fnor’s quests all sorted out soon – what a mess they were in, no rhyme or reason to them, just picked quests up like they were candy. 😀

    Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better too. Have a Happy New Year too!!

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