OOC – Being Lost Is Not All Bad…

January 5, 2017

I think that we can safely say that 2016 is finally behind us and that 2017 has started.  Who knows what this New Year will bring?  I don’t think that many of us have an idea of what is going to happen in RL or really in some of the games that we play on-line.  So many changes and so many things to feel a tad bit apprehensive about.

I think I spent more time in November and December of this past year feeling unhealthy – constant issues with medications and then battling with the depression of not feeling well adding the icing to the cake.  What a miserable two months it has been, however, I think that I am on the mend now.  Still trying to get used to my “new” computer that I had to buy after my gamer bit the big one – it’s not as good as my old machine but I can still do what I want to do on it in-game.

Naturally, I start feeling like a human and Colorado being the type of place that it is, we have snow and arctic temperatures to deal with.  I don’t mind the cold as much as I do the snow and ice because I usually end up slip-sliding outside only if I must do so.  Forget about driving anywhere, ain’t happening. This is the first real measurable snow that we have had in the Metro area all season, however, it isn’t something that most of us city slickers like to deal with if we don’t’ have too – hence, we live in the city and not in the mountains with the ski resorts.

I’ve started getting back into playing WoW a little bit more and all I can say is that at 110 and trying to get caught up is really hysterical.  I feel like I know less about what is happening in the game than I ever have before.  Areas I need to go, how to dump Ancient Mana since I haven’t quested enough in Suramar to increase my mana pool yet – it’s been crazy.   I did a lot of exploring initially on my Main and picked up quests as I went along which lead to constant Quest Log overload – now, I’m paying the price of going back and getting things picked up and cleaned up.  I know that’s why things are so confusing for me right now.  I know that on my next character that I take to the Broken Isles is going to take it one area at a time.  I haven’t even gotten to the point where I can do the actual dailies yet – yeah, I know, I’m going real slow.  If I got any further behind everyone else, I’d still be in Draenor.

I can see why some people are saying that Legion is not real friendly to the alts that a lot of us have, however, I am still playing mine and if they happen to be in Draenor, that’s okay too because I still have a bunch in Pandaria. Of course, I use my alts to play when I opt out of my Main and the frustration levels in Legion.  I have enjoyed Legion quite a bit when I apply myself to it, however, there are times I need to run completely away from it while I get some of my confusion organized a bit better.

I am still playing on Wyrmrest Accord primarily, however, I did branch out and have quite a few characters on Sisters of Elune.  Naturally, there happens to be a bit more open RP on Sisters of Elune because the population isn’t as large and people seem to have more time to RP with a total stranger.  I just ran up a little Worgen hunter yesterday and I have been having quite a bit of fun with her so far and haven’t had much of a chance to RP just yet.  Oh yes, still primarily Horde on Sisters of Elune for the most part although I must admit that I am enjoying Alliance just as much there too – I just can’t limit myself to one faction.

I hope to be blogging a bit more here in the future because while I have not been writing as much in the last few months, I still enjoy it and the fantasy it helps me build with my characters. Hope to see you all in-game.

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