February 8th – Ponderings

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


February 8th


Dear Journal,

Whew!  I think I have finally gotten the stench of Fel out of my hair and now I’m cleaning my armor of the debris that I always seem to pick up these days.  Luckily, the Fel isn’t as acidic as I’ve discovered in other areas that will slowly corrode the armor and cause it to become somewhat weak at certain points.  I think that Amyn and I both need to start considering getting some replacement armor soon because we’re starting to look a bit more battle worn than usual.  The only good thing about the Broken Isles has been the fact that we can spend time together without people being any wiser – who cares what a Sentinel and Ranger are doing if you have demons breathing down your neck every time you leave your Hall?  It does remind me of the time we spent in Outland all those years ago, when we would venture out together to get things done for the company – it was fun back then, now, it’s just another chore added to our list of things that we must get completed in a timely manner.  I’ve been involved in some messy campaigns in the past, however, with the Legion invading while we were doing our duty in Draenor has stretched my loyalty to the limit. I know that Amyn and I laughed at the fact that we’re just getting too damned old for this stuff, however, we do it for our people and for our children.

Of course, we’re still very discreet when we are in public because one never knows if one might have caused someone some concern with how friendly we appear to be, considering the factions are still miles apart in what they believe is the way to live.  At least we’re not trapped in Draenor anymore with a Garrison full of people that would be all too happy to cause issues for their commanders.  Oh, we still remember all too well how much we both enjoyed some of the more secluded places in Shadowmoon with clear sparkling water with shelter from the weather.  We’re keeping out home in Halfhill like we normally do and enjoy going back there frequently these days.

I enjoyed my time in Draenor for the most part because I could see my wife and our son, Kal, almost as much as I wanted but my heart still goes out to the people that couldn’t ever seem to get the leaves they needed to return to Azeroth.   I know that Draenor cost Dawnglory more than anyone would ever imagine and I hope that he will be able to endure the pain that it has caused him – to lose your woman and your children while you’re off doing your duty must be the worst feeling a man could ever have.  I know that he is extremely lonely and, at times, bitter for the loss even though he tries to keep that hidden.  He is still looking for them too.  He still has transferred to the Broken Isles yet and I think that that is probably for the best because I know how he gets when he is grieving about something.   He tends to take his frustrations out with wild daring actions which will eventually get him killed.

I know that I am really kind of happy that Amyn and I seem to have more time together these days although I will admit that I miss the boys quite a bit.  We’ve talked about setting up some time for the whole family to meet at the house in Nagrand, it won’t be too difficult to get Amyn’s parents down there because they loved the area when the house was finally completed.   Amyn’s Dad likes to visit Shattrath while he’s there and do some shopping for some of the things that he can no longer get in Darnassus these days.  I asked him what was so special and that I could arrange with the business in Stormwind for the stuff to be delivered to him on a regular basis.  Well, he blushed and then I blushed because it dawned on me that just maybe he was out seeing the sights, as it were.  Hell, he’s an old man but I guess he’s not quite ready for the grave yet – I hope Amyn’s Mom doesn’t find out whatever he’s up too because I’m sure that her temper probably matches my wife’s temperament perfectly.  I must admit that some of the Draeni females are very attractive and exotic looking, even to me.  I’m sure that Amyn would do more than shoot me in the backside if she even had an inkling that I was looking at other women – we went down that road too many times in the past.

I was finally able to get in touch with the powers-to-be in New Dalaran and I could negotiate the purchase of the property that Amyn and I owned a few years ago, before the Theramore and Jania Proudmore debacle. Of course, the main house had been used as offices and a barracks – the carvings on the marble mantles in all the rooms had been defaced and take some time to be replaced if I can even find the artisans to do it these days.  The garden and most of the back yard are missing because I guess that that side of Dalaran took a beating when it was being portaled to where it is now due to the Legion trying to destroy it.  The master bedroom and the office adjoining it where pretty much destroyed by the people living there – even the black marble fixtures in the bathroom were destroyed.  They should be easily replaced, I suppose, however, it is going to take a lot of time and money to get things back to where the place is habitable again.  Amyn is still questioning my reasoning behind getting that property back even though she knows that’s where our business got its start and where I lived for quite a few years with friends and family.   If she balks very much about it, I may end up selling it and getting something else, which might be a better plan because the place makes me very depressed right now.  We’ll just have to wait and see – I know that it was probably an impulse buy on my part because you can’t ever relive the past again because things have changed, feelings have changed and the nostalgia is short-lived.

There are times that Amyn and I just enjoy our time together no matter where we happen to be.  I will admit that the Broken Isles isn’t exactly a romantic setting at all, however, we just enjoy being with one another.  We have found a few places where we can go and be alone sometimes and I can honestly say that I have never been as happy or as content as I am right now when we can lay under the sleeping furs and hold one another in our arms – that is what all this fighting is for, to me.


Fnor Morningstar



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