OOC – Musings and Some WoW News

March 16, 2017


It does seem as though I am fluctuating back and forth with World of Warcraft lately and it may well be a burnout issue.  There are days that I just don’t really feel like playing and there are days that I just want to play and try to figure some of this garbage out. Some of the things in Legion are just confusing to me and sometimes I feel as if I have it figured out and they change things.  Blizzard has put tons of stuff in Legion, however, the RNG has got to be at the highest level that it has ever been. Still no Legendary anything for me yet, so, it may get chalked up with the not flying this expansion.

Still stuck with just the one 110 and that’s because I had started my second Main (Alliance) in Warlords and yanked him out of there to start in Legion and I’m just stuck.  I guess I should just clean his bags out and start fresh again. I hate dumping quests because I did that once back in the day and have never been able to recover from that for Loremaster. 

Nope, still don’t have Loremaster yet after these years of playing the game.  Oh, I’ve gotten close a couple of times and had one more area to go before everything got wiped in Cataclysm – I was totally bummed with that.  No, not the expansion itself, just the fact that I had to start the areas over again for them to count towards the achievement.  Of course, we now have a whole lot of stuff to do in Legion to get that one completely cleared out for Loremaster.  Some people say to stay on one character and some say to spread it around on multiples – well, at least the achievements are shared these days.  I’ll eventually get it all done if I can keep playing long enough.

I have started watching Twitch/TV to see some of the dungeons and see how others are playing the game, it’s been very entertaining at times.  At least I haven’t been depressed all the time with the news on television. I know that I’ve been closely watching all the stuff on the medical insurance because I may have to make the decisions if I want to play WoW, eat or take my meds that I need to survive – a lot of Seniors must make the choices if they are going to be able to afford some of the insurance supplements that help Medicare work for us.  It’s been a rather worrisome issue and the not knowing when the shoe will drop.

Just watched the Q&A about itemization and the only thing that I found interesting is that they are going to jump up the Heirlooms to 110 in the future.  It won’t happen in the coming patch, 7.2, because of the changes being made to artifacts and the Broken Shores invasion again.  Sounded a lot like how they did the Garrisons – hell’s bells, I’m not even near ready for the next patch.   At least they are now realizing that people are wanting to play their alts and not being locked into one character for the duration of the expansion.  I have too many alts and accounts to just let them sit there and was seriously thinking about going through and dumping some of them again.

One thing that I do know about myself is that I tend to jump around on my characters to try to avoid burnout in current content.  At least if they put in the changes for the Heirlooms sometime after 7.2 drops (no date was mentioned) it will make the transition a lot easier.  You can also buy the boost up for the artifacts once you hit the 110 level – sounds a whole lot better than having to go through a lot of the same content repeatedly.

They did announce another Q&A for next week and they will have one of the Devs coming on to talk about the patch content for 7.2 – apparently, there is some confusion as to what is going to be done with the “build” mode for the new area.  Yes, we’re back to building buildings and upgrading that stuff again.  Really sounds like another continuation of Garrisons from WoD.  I hope I can catch that one so I can see if I have something to look forward too – no mention of when flying will be added either.  Kind of makes me worry that we’re going to get hammered by the RNG Gods even harder again.  I know that I am personally just about at the limit of how much more I can bust my bum without feeling like things are progressing at all.  I guess my Twitch watching is trying to get myself inspired a little bit too.  Sure, wish I could excited about some of this stuff.  I’ll come toddling along at some point because I am still so far behind that it is going to take me several months to get to where some of the people I know are already.

See you all in-game soon.




7 thoughts on “OOC – Musings and Some WoW News

  1. I think a lot of people have some sort of issue in the game. Certainly there are those having a great time of it. I am in a holding pattern if you will. I have no desire to grind out another 40 million or more Artifact Power to get to level 54. It’s a lot of needing the time to commit to doing a thing. A lot of stuff is attainable, but just that little bit more time involved than I feel like spending. Not the games fault, it’s my issue. Anyway. You’re not alone.

    As for health insurance? My elderly inlaws just found out a downside to the ACA. Their doctor of 30+ years is going to a concierge service. If they want to keep him as their doctor, it will cost them $1650 each. Per year. They talked to him about it. It is a change he, and a lot of other doctors he knows are switching to, because of the billing changes that happened with the ACA. He is getting paid less and would have to see more patients to keep in business. So the practice is changing. They will see fewer patients, but they have to pay upfront. They don’t have $3300 a year to spend. So will probably have to use Urgent Cares, or the ER. Everyone is focusing on who is going to lose insurance. An even bigger problem is going to be who can even afford to have it, let alone if things shift to this new way. Pay to just have a doctor, even if you only get a check up once a year.

    • With so many of us with health issues, this program is causing a great deal of stress and concern. In my particular family, my husband is disabled and his health care is much more extensive than my own. We are going to have to plank out something close to $10, 000 a year to maintain the supplements that we currently have if they suddenly go away. Yeah, we’re deeply concerned that our Medicare will no longer meet our needs.

      • I look at my inlaws, they have cut back as much as they can, with generics, even meds from Canada. Medicaid/Medicare has put them in the donut hole year after year, and now they are being told they need to come up with $3300 just to be listed as a patient at the doctor they have seen for years. I certainly hope they come up with something that works. Because I fear it will only get worse if nothing is done at all.

  2. Heirlooms really won’t do anything to fix the alt problem as I see it, as someone with lots of alts. Leveling isn’t the roadblock, nor even is the artifact now. But the Suramar quest gating, the profession quest gating, and RNG gearing are.

    I just find that I don’t have any interest at all anymore. It seems like they’re developing this game for players other than me. Unless I see major changes for the next expansion, I won’t be buying it. I should have followed my gut with Legion honestly — I knew the artifacts, world quests, and Mythic + sounded like things I would hate, and I was right.

  3. I have to agree with you on what you’ve stated here – my interest level has reached a stopping point, I’m afraid. I had a feeling about Legion too and did not follow my gut instinct, however, I know for a fact that I am not planning on purchasing the next expansion even if they promise the moon – as the kids say “Stick a fork in it, I’m done.” 😀

  4. I can’t imagine leveling an alt this expansion – as much as I’m enjoying myself the thought isn’t appealing!!!

    I found Loremaster fairly easy, BUT I live for grindy achievements like this and the Dalaran coin fishing and rep. I’m not a raider, I need to get my kicks where I can 😉

    I hope you find your WoW mojo soon – I wish blizzard would create cross continent playing. Why can’t we play with you US folk?!!!

    • I’m extremely casual playing these days and if I get fed up with Legion, I do hop on an alt for a while and romp about in the old content. I’m always having fun for the most part. 😀

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