OOC – April 27th – I’m Still Here

April 27th
I really haven’t been doing all that much in Legion in the last week, however, I have renewed my interest in Death Knights.  I have quite a few of that class and had put them on the back burner because I could move along faster with my ranged folks.
I did bring back one of my DKs from 2014 and got her to 100 the easy way because I was stupid – hehe, thought I’d get a token on her and just play away and transfer her to one of the realms where I have other characters.  Well, the token money was so high that I couldn’t transfer her straight away because she could only take 5K of gold with her. After the boost, thinking that would help the problem, I found out that you can’t transfer a character for 72 hours after the boost.    Yeah, sometimes I’m not too bright.   Anyway, that’s where I’ve been, just playing the game and trying to keep up with RL things.
I’ve always been an altoholic and that will never change because I like diversity and love to skip around and go into different areas of the game and explore to my heart’s content while I’m on various characters.  I do play both factions so I can get the gist of the whole story while I’m playing.  Love losing myself in my fantasy world for as long as I can sometimes.
I have been reading some of the stuff on the forums and a lot of people wailing about being forced into doing certain things to get that feeling of accomplishment.  I’m not overly fond of that sort of thing either, however, I do maintain that if I am having fun that it doesn’t really matter what I do.   Of course, I’m still plodding along on my main in Legion and not really giving two hoots if I get flying in the next month or so because I’m not in the mood to do it. If I want to fly, I hop on an alt and zip around Azeroth or Draenor and have a great time while I’m doing it.
Yeah, I know, I have too many characters and I toon hop way too much and that’s another reason that I am so far behind on things.  Does it really matter?  It doesn’t really matter to me because I play the game for the entertainment and if I my brain skips a beat now and then, that’s okay too.  I still play solo most of the time and enjoy that immensely because there are times that I must break away and go do my chores.
I’m still playing alone in my guilds because the people that I thought might come back haven’t made their appearance yet and I am beginning to realize that their interests are somewhere else or another game.  So, I’ll just keep doing my thing.  I do RP a bit more these days which is always an added incentive to keep playing and I do attend events now and again, just to keep that interest going.
I am trying very hard to get back into writing again and it’s quite the struggle right now.  I’ve had some writer’s block and kind of at a loss as to where I want to go with some of my storylines.  I’ll keep going and maybe start publishing some of the stuff that I have written and not published yet.  Can’t say that it will all be good though or maybe I am overly critical of my own work.  One never knows these days.

2 thoughts on “OOC – April 27th – I’m Still Here

  1. I know that feeling.. actually starting to get the urge to start writing again , which is great because I really missed doing that, and slowly getting back into rp once again. I can’t believe how much I missed WOW,and it feels good to be back exploring Azeroth once again.

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