OOC – Technology is Fun?!

May 15th

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there!!

I was rather busy yesterday with the holiday as well as getting a new keyboard and mouse – A Logitech keyboard and Razor Naga mouse.  Well, long story short, decided to upgrade my video card and power supply.  Everything was going along wonderfully until we discovered that one of the connectors was missing that we needed for the power supply, so, the computer that I normally play on is down until we can get the connector.  Oh well, it was a good try to get it done and I suppose you can say that the disappointment was felt when the task wasn’t completed.

Had a blast with the new keyboard and new mouse though, which helps a lot too.  Now I will just wait to get the other part for the power supply and I will be off to the races again.  I haven’t been playing a whole lot of Legion in the last couple of months due to burnout and the fact that my potato was not able to keep up with things comfortably.  I’m looking forward to playing on the computer after the upgrades.  I know that it is really is going to be nice to be able to at least see what I need to see.  Nothing like bouncing your way into an area and discover that it wasn’t an empty spot, the mobs start showing up and I get my behind handed to me – not my idea of fun.

I have been busy in-game running up some of my old characters and getting them to 100 to grind out some of Draenor before heading into Legion.  I don’t know what it is but that sense of accomplishment is awesome when you can see that “ding” coming up.  I know that there are times that I wish that I wasn’t so addicted that leveling thing, however, I’m not going to fight it because I’m still having fun.

All in all, had a great Mother’s Day and enjoyed myself despite the frustration of not being able to just plug and go on the upgrades, stuff happens.  It was nice having the family around and being able to laugh and joke with them about the fun of technology.

See you in the game of WoW and hope things are going well for you all.


2 thoughts on “OOC – Technology is Fun?!

  1. oh yes, technology can be so much fun… when it works . I can’t count how many times my beast gave me fits but she’s purring right now, after I upgraded her last year. So far so good.. though I think I may end up looking at getting myself a new keyboard as well. Good to hear your computer is getting upgraded and ready to rumble !

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