Sometimes…it makes me bonkers

I don’t know if anyone else is having issues with the publishing on WordPress, however, there are times it takes me three times as long as it should to get everything to look correctly.  I realize that you have to use the HTML when you pull documents in from Word, however, I have found that if I use my old version of Word, I don’t have the same problem.  Is this a WordPress thing or is it a Word thing?  I’m sure I don’t know.

Anyway, I do hope to start writing more as time goes on because it helps me to flesh out my characters with role playing, which is what I do a lot and why I started writing stories for them.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do playing them In-Game.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes…it makes me bonkers

  1. It’s WordPress – that’s my theory lol. Nothing but problems since the “new improved” editor. It sucks. I want the simple one back.

  2. LOL, it’s always a crap shoot when I post something as to whether the “new” editor is going to like it or not. One of these days I’ll dig in again and start trying to put in screenshots – it was fairly easy in the old editor, haven’t even looked at the new one for that. 😉

  3. Omg don’t get me started on importing pictures…LOL. The WP app is really bad on my iPad – cursor jumps all over, can’t position it anywhere, just a mess. And I have the big 12″ iPad so it’s not a little screen problem. Yeah WordPress…bring back the old editor!

    • I’m doing my best to adapt to the new editor. Why on Earth did they make something that was comfortable to use and to get this thing going – I know that it’s all for change and we’ll have to adapt but it sure isn’t something that I am going to like for a while. 😀

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