OOC – June 4th – Meandering Thoughts

June 4th

This is an OOC post and one that has been running through my mind for quite a while. It all must do with the fact that I have been playing World of Warcraft for 12+ years almost non-stop.  Addiction?  Maybe that’s true, however, I do take breaks from playing the game, however, that doesn’t mean that I will stop thinking about it.

I was sitting here this morning and was thinking about all the fun that I have had playing the game over the years and it wasn’t all rose-colored glasses in my memories.  I know that I love the game enough to have quite a few accounts and a plethora of characters that I merrily change to play on a moment’s notice.   Logging into the game can give me those warm fuzzy feelings or it might give me that sense of dread because I’m in an area of the game that I don’t particularly care for.   Unlike some folks, I don’t rush madly to the game forums and write a rant about how much I dislike the game or even come here to write how much I dislike something.  One of the things that I have learned over the years is that I do have the ability to “not do” something if I find it is something that I don’t like to do.  Sure, I’m still playing Blizzard money for the game, however, you do have to stop to think that you are paying for more than just Legion.

I’m one of those casual older players and I don’t have an issue getting tagged with that brand if people do stop to realize that I have forgotten more about the game than some people have learned currently. Of course, I don’t raid anymore like I used or if, at all, I just don’t join up with a lot of groups because my hand/eye coordination is a bit slower than I would like for it to be.  Hey!  Age catches up with everyone and no one is exempt from that either.  I even have my AARP card and have had it for quite a few years – we won’t go there.

Video gaming is always an escape from reality, however, you must be cognizant of the fact that your RL is a higher priority.    I use my gaming to keep my mind active and to keep my social skills going sometimes because I don’t get out that much these days.  Once upon a time I was pretty out-going and did socialize a lot, however, due to health restrictions and other issues, I have grown more reclusive in my old age.   I would much rather stay where it’s warm when it’s cold outside and I’d much rather stay where it’s cooler when it’s warm out there.  Love talking to the neighbors now and again, however, it’s not something that is a requirement.  We do have some great people in our neighborhood and we’ve watched it change over the years many times.   I will have to admit that I enjoy the kids running around and seeing them having some fun – yes, grandchildren are great and they get to go home with their parents and leave me here with my spouse and cats.

7 thoughts on “OOC – June 4th – Meandering Thoughts

  1. “You are paying for more than just Legion.” That is an excellent quote. Excellent.
    Sometimes when I hear other players saying they are bored, I´m so puzzled. I will never run out of things to do in WoW, ever! So much to explore and do. Granted, I took long breaks during MoP and Draenor, but still.
    Casual player, does it have a negative “ring” to it, you think?
    Video games and the social aspect they can help us with is just excellent for those of us, who, at the end of the day, want to relax and enjoy company without going out. I cherish it very much when my son is asleep 🙂
    Hah, I imagine being a grandparents must be very great, the way you put it. I heard someone say once “grandchildren are fantastic. When they are here, and when they leave again”. 🙂

    • I definitely play the game casually and enjoy it – sure, it’s not perfect and some of the changes are a bit awkward to get used too, however, I enjoy the ability of being able to interact within the storylines. It’s better than reading a book and you can almost write your own story – which we do a lot. 😀

      • I can imagine that very well 🙂 It is great to be able to be part of it, while at the same time be able to “roam around” in ones own story as well.

  2. There are tons of studies on how video games can benefit us “older” people so I figure 15.00 a month (or $3,000 Canadian lol) is “preventative health care” so the cost is justified. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it lol. Anyway, it’s fun, entertaining and about the only social stuff I get outside of work.

    • Thank you for commenting. 🙂 – I find that gaming keeps the mind sharp and makes me “learn new thing” whether I like the idea or not. It’s a great social outlet for older players too because we tend to stay inside a lot. 😀

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