OOC – Pets are Great…

June 9th, 2017

Had a great day started with getting myself settled in to start working on some more things in my writing when my big 14 pound kitty decided to do some break dancing on my desk.  That wasn’t so bad because it’s something that I am used too with him – he demands attention frequently.  He hasn’t done anything like this for a number of years, so, I was a little bit astounded at his level of activity on the desk.  He likes to watch the screen when I am typing or when I’m gaming, so, it’s been a happy thing until this morning.

To make a long story short, I ended up wearing my cup of coffee, keyboard was filled up with the stuff as was my desk-top and mouse.  Luckily I was using my keyboard on the tray that is built into the desk, so, the computer was safe.  Oh what a glorious mess it was and I spent quite a bit of time getting things put back together.  Keyboard is working okay even though it took forever to dry it out and the mouse is working.   Luckily, it wasn’t the “new” fancy gaming keyboard, however, it was one that I happened to like anyway.

However, it did put the squish on my mood for writing anything productive today for a while, so, I’ll get back to that later on, possibly.  I did manage to get everything back up and running – had to take a quick trip downstairs from the loft and change my clothes – I was definitely awake after all of that because there is nothing so shocking as to have a full cup of coffee landing in your lap whilst soaking you from chin to crotch along with the aforementioned equipment.

I’m just fortunate that the poor old fellow didn’t hurt himself when he was making his escape because it might have been just as easy for him to leap off the balcony of the loft – I think the hot coffee freaked him out as much as it did me.    Anyway, I’ll try the writing thing later today or in the morning because I did have some ideas floating in my head prior to the misadventures of the feline.


8 thoughts on “OOC – Pets are Great…

  1. Oh, gosh, what a surprise! A nice, cuddly moment can sure turn into coffee mayhem quickly.
    Glad your hardware is ok 🙂 Must have taken forever to dry.

    I only have bottles with a cap (and even a straw!) on next to my computer these days…Don’t ask me why 😉

    Looking forward to hear of the ideas floating in your head. 🙂

    • LOL, it wouldn’t have been so bad but he knocked the cup from the far corner of the desk and landed in the middle of the work area – hehe, guess I’ll go back to “travel” cups when he comes to visit. 😀

      • Haha, of course it had to happen like that. Oh, that is a good idea, travel cups!
        I just bought a fancy glass with a lid and straw, in bright colours, you know, the kind you get at garden parties? It should bright things up a little 😛

    • LOL, well, he’s normally real laid back and he had a senior moment, I guess. He knows he’s in the dog house for the time being, he came up to cuddle and I said “No” – so, he’s off pouting. 😀

  2. Hah, I just got a coffee mug with a lid on now, you know, like those one-timers you get at gas stations etc? Only its reuseable.
    Just to be sure I wont have any accidents like yours 😛 I have no pets, but Im very clumbsy at times, so thank you for making me take the needed precaution!

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