June 15th, 2017 – OOC – Patch Day and Beyond…

June 15, 2017

I will have to admit that I was looking forward to sitting here and enjoying the game quite a bit more with the advent of the new patch 7.2.5 – well, patch day was more than a little bit exciting than I wanted it to be. Of course, I’ve been kicking around in this game long enough to know that it isn’t always a good day to play when we have patches. I never go into current content on the day of a patch because I know that there will be bugs galore and I heard that I wasn’t too disappointed with that plan either.

Lost my mounts for a time on my main account (the one that has all the achievements coming from it and all the mount collecting) which really set me off on a tizzy until I figured that the patch had changed the filters on my mounts – fixed that and it was on with the show.

I will have to admit, again, that I am totally an altoholic and love playing my lower levels, not in a big rush to hit end-game at all. I rushed quickly to the Under City and got my heirlooms all maxed out. Even did the weapons to be on the safe side and had been saving my gold up for said purchases since they mentioned the upgrades in a Q&A. I love my heirlooms because it allows me to have the time to level up at a good clip and not worry about my professions nearly as much. Yes, my big guys do make stuff for the little guys, however, I don’t mind going back and farming for mats on the little ones either. I’m weird that way because I enjoy running around on my hunters and doing the hunter thing.

Discovered that there had been a bug with World Quests and went in this morning and found that I finally had them showing on my Alliance alt. Why I have been holding back on running any other characters around on the Shore until I was able to figure things out a bit more. I hadn’t been able to do archeology of any relevance on the same alt too because it would not show up on the map – now it does. Weird bugs that have been plaguing me since I started playing the Legion content. Too bad that there isn’t a real “guide” on what you need to do with this expansion because I’ll willingly admit that I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure things out – that isn’t nearly as much fun as actually getting play the game through.

Still no flying for me yet in Legion because I have been dragging my feet and going at a snail’s pace due to mechanical malfunctions with my computers as well as not feeling well physically. Now, I can move along and do what I want to do and just take my time. So far, my intent is to finish up my gaming career with Legion unless they come up with a super awesome expansion for the next one. Legion started out pretty good and has dwindled off to the RNG gods too much and I just run around and do things hoping that I will be able to better equip my characters – no luck for me on getting any of the goodies that everyone has been raving about. I’m not complaining about the fact that I haven’t played enough to get even one of the Legendary items, however, it does seem like I am wasting a lot of my precious time trying. I don’t like the amount of RNG for everything in the game – glad that it doesn’t control my bathroom privileges because we might have real issues then too.

With the Summer kicking in, finally, I don’t know how much time I will be spending in front of my computer because I enjoy being outside without looking like the little kid from “Christmas Story” where he is all bundled up in his Michelin Man winter clothing. If it’s too hot, I don’t go out there and stay in the A/C as much as possible although my loft where all my computers and drawing materials are located gets a bit toasty because of the skylights. Hehe, love the natural light, don’t like the heat.

5 thoughts on “June 15th, 2017 – OOC – Patch Day and Beyond…

  1. Yeah…rng…sometimes I think we should just have a “Roll the Dice” button on the Battlenet screen – click it and it will tell you what you’ve won today. No need to actually log into the game lol.

  2. Wow, ok I would have to deep breathe too, if I discovered mounts suddenly went missing. How did they change the filters?

    Well, I totally forgot about the heirloom addition in the patch, thanks for reminding me (clearly I have no alts… :P)

    Ah I don’t think its weird, farming mats, every now and again, it can be a nice change of scenery 🙂

    Hm, Im with you on that; this expansion is so “open”, which is both good and bad.

    Im sorry to hear you are not feeling well physically. If you ever need it, I can carry you around on my bag for a quick speedy WQ run from time to time, to help with the reputation gain.

    RNG and Legendaries should never have played such an enormous part as they have. I hope it’s a lesson learned for Blizzard. I have no idea about future expansions at all, and have tried not to speculate on it too, want to be surprised 🙂

    Hah yes, nice with the light, not so much with the heat, precisely! Here it gets very humid which is just…Yuk.

    • As for the mounts – you can go into your listing and see the filter toggle at the top of the list area that allows you to pick and choose how your mounts are displayed. For some reason, the toggle had been changed – I would assume by some sort of “bug” – one never knows.

      Thank you for your kind offer, however, I am going through the process of running the WQ as frequently as I can – RL keeps me busy sometimes and there are times that I am just not in the mood. I’m slowly building up my reps as I go and it doesn’t bother me that I am behind at this point. I’ll get it all done eventually.

      Thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated. 😀

      • Ohh, ok I see. I had not noticed at all, thank you for clarifying 🙂

        It’s all good, just thought I’d offer a lift if you wanted! All in good time.

        Likewise! 😉

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