OOC – Birthdays & Anniversaries

July 1st 2017


Sorry for another OOC post, however, today is kind of special in a lot of ways.  Today is my spouse’s birthday and it is also a couple of anniversaries for me.  I know better than to put out the age too, I’m the older one of the two of us, so, that’s not gonna happen.

July 1st 2005 was my first date of actually playing World of Warcraft and if you want to get right down to the time, I think it was about 3:00 p.m.  Spouse was going out clubbing and I as planning on staying at home and get into this new game.  LOL, should have gone clubbing because here I am all of these years later, playing the game. Wedding Anniversary is next month, so, that’s another milestone.  Odd how they all kind of clump together, isn’t it?

Another anniversary of sorts also just smacked me with WordPress and that is that I have been blogging on here for five years.  Not so much writing during the past couple of years, however, I have tried to keep up with everyone that I have been following all of this time.  I enjoy the blogs and enjoy the people that utilize WP with some of their writing as well as some of the terrific creativity, crafting and just general sharing of information.

I spent some time last night cruising around on the forums in search of old guilds and such that I have been affiliated with in the past and perchance, seeing some of my old friends out there still posting – not a thing did I find that might ring a bell as far as names or even references.   Oh well, that’s okay, I’ll keep going and make some new friends out there too.


3 thoughts on “OOC – Birthdays & Anniversaries

  1. Congratulations on all them anniversaries and birthday 🙂

    No need to apologize for OOC posts – you cannot have IC without OOC 😉

    I too have searched from time to time, in hopes of finding the old friends I used to play with. Even the old WoW forums. I wish they had kept those up and about.

    Oh well. Life only moves forward 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to your spouse, Happy Anniversary, Happy WoW and Happy Blog! Sorry if I missed one lol.
    Yeah, I was checking on some toons on other servers I used to play on and everyone is gone…but I’m always glad to make new friends! Don’t forget to hit me up if you get bored and want some company!

    • Thanks you so much. Hehe, time flies sometimes and I know how that goes all too well. Sure, I’d like to catch up with you sometime in the future – I’m not a real fantastic player, however, I do try really hard not to let anyone get killed because of me. 😀

      I would say that the majority of the people that I played with are gone, pretty much. Can’t find hide nor hair of any of the really old ones, even went on the realms in a couple of cases and pounced around just to see if I could spot anyone familiar – we all have certain RP styles that we have learned over the years and couldn’t spot anyone that looked remotely close to the oldies. Ah well, it was a thought. 🙂

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