OOC – October 5th – Yeah, I’m back at it again

October 5th 


I will have to admit that I haven’t been writing very much in the last year, however, that was due to the fact that I have been playing medication roulette with my doctors.  I think they have finally figured out what to give to take without killing me with it.  It’s been a rough year for me in the health department. 

Anyway, long story short, I have renewed my WordPress account and I’m planning on getting back into my usual (other normal) posting in this next year.  The brain is all abuzz with thoughts of projects and what I need to write about.  Hey, my writing isn’t all that great and I know that, however, I do enjoy it and it makes me feel like I am doing something other than playing video games. 

I know that I haven’t even been playing a whole lot in the last six months or so due to the fact that I just couldn’t concentrate on anything for very long before I just got totally lost in thought and confusion on some things.  Over-medicating your brain makes you real spacy and I was really starting to get worried about what was going on.  All manner of thoughts race through your head in regard to your faculties when you don’t feel like you’re doing things quite right or up to your usual standards.  

I never have followed the arena nor the MDI tournaments until this year and I will have to admit that I have spent a great deal of time watching those events.  I know I will never be that kind of player again, however, it does bring back some good memories of days gone by.  I used to be Hell-on-Wheels with PvP and as a raider, however, the reflexes aren’t what they used to be these days.  I had to put some of those things to the side and just get into the questing side more with my characters, which is not all bad at all.  Even though I am not up to snuff enough to really participate in these things but that doesn’t mean that I have lost the love or the interest in it. 

Another thing that I did this year is something that I haven’t ever done in the last twelve years and that was to buy one of the tickets on-line for BlizzCon.   I’ve never done that before and I am very excited to see it here in the comfort of my own home.   It should be fun and I’m sure that I will post other things in regard to that.   

I hope to be playing and writing more in the next few months and rekindle my love for all things World of Warcraft.  I have no great expectations for things, just the ability to enoy something that I have been doing almost daily for the last twelve years.   Hope to see all of you soon. 

Still trying to catch up on the posts that some of you have done and hope to have that caught up in the next couple of days.  Everything that I have been reading has inspired me to get back with the way that I used to be and to carry on with the rest of the gang.   

6 thoughts on “OOC – October 5th – Yeah, I’m back at it again

  1. Welcome back again 🙂 I hope you will find whatever you spend time on enjoyable.

    And have a great time watching BlizzCon too! I wish I could, I would love that.

    And I sincerely hope that the medication roulette will end well for you. It must not be easy to cope with. Press on, hero.

  2. Oh I can totally relate .. medication roulette is annoying .. going through that between me ,and my older daughter .. thankfully her meds are being covered.. especially given the fact that’s she’s been changed three times to medications that do work for her; thankfully third time is a charm… she’s been alot perkier and more like herself these days.Now, if I can only do the same for myself . I hope things work out better for you with the medication, letting you get back to the things you love !

  3. Hey dear, I am in the same boat really, On the health department I am pre-diabetic, and I was diagnosed as PCOS. Also, I am on blood pressure medication. I got back on blogging just last week as you already knew. Im glad you are back now! I took a damn 2yrs i think on and off on blogging and quit WoW then but at least now I am definitely enjoying Legion. Anyway, Hope to hear from you more! Take care hon! ❤

    • Also, I updated a lot of my blogroll I was a little sad knowing that the Retired section on my blogroll has more in the list than in my active one. So I am bringing back the community or should i say we need to keep up with each other and visit the community.

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