OOC – Special Projects and Ramblings…

November 26, 2017


I’ve been having a blast with all the things to do in-game currently.  Anniversary stuff as well as the killing turkeys event.  This is probably my favorite time of year for gaming and I do enjoy it quite a bit, however, I still have too many characters to deal with and that’s my fault.

At least I have a fully functional keyboard now because my son gave me another gaming keyboard that I can use without feeling like I’m trying to type on a Navy Carrier.  The last one was huge, had all the bells and whistles but it wasn’t for me, I’m not that great and when you can’t find the keys to use, it’s really crippling. Oh well, at least I now have something that I can use easily without any trouble at all.

I’ve been running around trying to do a few of the things that I want to do today, however, last week was a bit tough when trying to level up on the Moon Guard realm with the Project 60 running – not so much the disruption of RP sessions as it was in just general leveling.  Oh well, that’s how it goes, and I can understand why the realm was chosen by the streamers.  Now, this week I am on another realm for Project 70 to disrupt a bit, same issues – just leveling in general in the lower brackets.

I know that some of the forums have been raising all kinds of noise about the projects using RP realms for their adventures, however, it is primarily because the RP realms have special sharing and CRS abilities that are not available to the general realms or even PvP realms.  You have a few rotten apples in the barrel that try to deliberately upset people just like you do at any time you’re doing MMO gaming.  On a personal level, I choose to leave the people alone and let them do their things.  I’m all for embracing the thoughts of Classic Servers coming back to WoW, however, trying to live it this far in advance with all the changes in the game since it’s inception really is kind of silly – if they are having fun and not truly disrupting things, I’m all for it.   I’m sure that all of this will die down eventually, and we can all just kind of relax before the next expansion is released.

I know that I have gotten spoiled over the years with the advent and the ability to utilize my heirloom gear and I don’t know that I would enjoy reverting all the way back at this point.  I remember Classic and I remember what a pain in the backside it could be for those of us that weren’t affiliated with a progressive raiding guild.  I had multiple characters back then too and only played on one realm and there was no RP to be had, I don’t think.  All I can remember is that we (where I lived at the time) were only allowed to go onto one realm – lovingly referred to as IceDown (Ice Crown) and it was down quite a bit with maintenance and all kinds of server issues.  Oh, those were not fun days, however, Blizzard did reimburse us for time lost from not being able to play.  I know that I will be trying out the “new” Classic when it comes available, however, I know that I will continue to be active on my retail version more.



This is one of my many characters just cruising around with the rest of them, trying to get the Anniversary gifts from killing the World Bosses in Azeroth.  First attempt at posting pictures like I used to do – needs more practice.

4 thoughts on “OOC – Special Projects and Ramblings…

  1. What is Project 60? I haven’t heard anything on this (although, I don’t play on RP realms so I’m not very connected to that part of WoW).

    Also, you reminded me, I still need to check out the anniversary stuff before it goes! There’s just too much going on at this time of year, haha

    • Project 60 was an event that a group of people put together to “relive” the Classic version of leveling in the current retail game. They had chosen to do the first section of it on Moon Guard, which is a pretty full server most of the time (there really are people that RP there too, not just the stuff in the Inn). I had a few characters over there previously and just hung around when the project started. The realm people were not real happy with it because some of the folks were interrupting the RP events a bit – just a few bad apples.

      This week the Project 70 is running on Sisters of Elune and the same type of thing is going on although I am not seeing all that many complaints on the forums for that nor have I seen a whole lot in the chat about it. I belong to a guild on SoE and also Cenarion Circle is merged with SoE – so, I get a double dose of it. I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary and I have a lot of lowbie characters out there playing along in full heirlooms. The Project people can’t use heirlooms or stuff of that nature and they do have some rules posted on the General Discussion forums as well as a list of the recognized guilds for that purpose.

      RP servers don’t have sharding in the major cities and the CRZ supposedly isn’t as bad as it can be on a regular server and that’s why they were chosen for these groups to have a project. Of course, they usually only stay for the project and move on afterwards, however, I know that some of the people have finally gotten exposed to RP and are planning on staying with the realms for their own fun.

  2. Dealing with too many characters during holiday events make me burn out really fast.

    As for those Projects. I like the idea, but I am so sad that those rotten apples ruin the RP for those that enjoy that. And it pains me, that the Classic Community gets another “mark of taint” onto them, because of it. Those streamers and some of their followers /grumbles, I guess they are all quite bored, hyping up the Classic servers already. They are still a while away 🙂

    Meanwhile, some of us never run out of things to do, right 😀

    Very nice pose screenshot 🙂

    • I know that I never end up with “nothing to do” because I have so many characters and totally enjoy the game when I can sit here and play. Just in my own personal opinion, I can see where some of the people are getting irritated with the Projects, however, just looking at the areas where most of the people congregate, special events and so forth, I really haven’t witnessed too much in the way of grieving of RP folks. Oh well, I just ignore things that aren’t right in my face though.

      Yeah, trying to get used to the camera shots now and having some fun with them. Thanks for the compliment.

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