OOC – Trying to take it all in steps – I’m still here

May 21, 2020

 Well, I can honestly say that 2020 has been the worst year of my life – I have never been through anything like this in my entire life and that is a lot of years.  Just hit Level 71 yesterday and that is a lot of years to have lived through in this world.

I think that everyone is trying their very best to get through everything and trying to put a positive spin on things for the most part, however, I will have to admit that it is not an easy thing to deal with.  I think that I have had more mood swings than a menopausal woman with this lockdown – let’s not even go where I get so depressed that I want to curl up in a little ball and not move for days.  Nope, I am not in denial of the realities of the events going on, however, I do not want to deal with it sometimes.  I guess I could be denying things a bit because I have stopped watching broadcast television and avoid it like the plague because it just makes me angry.  I know that sounds irrational, however, it is how I get when I start watching the news.

Still trying to play a little bit more in World of Warcraft and reading my Kindle eBooks and just trying to keep my mind busy with things.   Yes, I still miss my family terribly, but I know that they are safe and healthy where they are, I could not say that would be a thing here in Colorado.  Of course, I live in Denver and that is a crowded Metro area.  Oh well, we are all just trying to survive at this point and trying to remain as optimistic as we can. Yes, we weathered the toilet paper hoarding crowd and now we’re going to be dealing with the folks trying to buy as much meat as they can – hope they have freezers that are going to endure the electrical outages that we get here in the summer months.

My health still is not all that great due to long-term illnesses and my vision is what it is until I can get them taken care off – it’s an elective surgery and I am going to have to wait a while before I venture near a hospital at this point.

I just wanted to drop a few lines here to let people know that I have not kicked the bucket, just not as active as I have been in the past.   I am trying to get things organized again because I had to do a total reboot of my game machine after I started having multiple problems – needed to dump some of the garbage anyway.  Got some new headsets that help with my tinnitus and vertigo, so, I hope to be using my computers more now.  Wish me luck.

I do hope that all my fellow gamers are doing well and hanging in there. I know that we have been in training for social distancing for most of our lives, however, I do not think that we knew how handy it would become for us to survive this hot mess.

See you all in Azeroth!!