OOC – 2020 – What’s Next?

I know that the last few months have not been exactly what I would refer to as being wonderful, however, I think it might get better one of these days. I’m hopeful even if it is hard to maintain a positive attitude. I have been battling depression on so many levels.

I actually let a bunch of my World of Warcraft accounts die a horrible death because I haven’t felt much like playing. Just call it health and mental reasons that I don’t seem to have any control over at the moment.

I guess I could say that being cooped up in my house all of the time is really starting to tell on me and I wish that I could feel happier about it than I do right now. Well, I do feel better about it because I was finally able to replace my furnace and my air conditioner – there’s nothing like sitting in your loft trying to write or use your computers with sweat running down your face and body – nope, it wasn’t fun and it did make me quite ill because I couldn’t keep myself hydrated.

I’ve cried, ranted and raved and run the full gambit of emotions when one feels like they are totally trapped in something that they have no control over. I don’t want to go outside and talk to people because I can’t stand wearing the masks – haven’t even gone out on the patio to enjoy the fresh air because it makes me feel even lonelier. It’s really hard to stay up-beat when you watch the news and see all of the stupidity out there – “hey, we’re not ashamed of our mentally inadequate people – we elect them to office or sit them on the front porch with a can of beer.” No offense intended but I have low tolerance for “stupid.” I had a neighbor go outside and scream at some children for making too much noise – they were just being kids and not even loud – they were in front of my house and they weren’t bothering me.

I’m sure that Kindle Books loves me to no end at this point because I’ve read roughly 50 books since the start of the year and Amazon has got to love me with the way that I have been streaming their movies – Netflix is my go-to for the more adult movies and such. I mean, watching Henry Cavil running around in tight pants and killing monsters snaps me out of my depression pretty good. Hey, I’m old but that doesn’t mean I have lost my imagination. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I have been binge reading a bunch of romance novels (bodice rippers) that seem to keep me occupied quite nicely.

The plan is still to get some discipline back in my life and start writing again and playing WoW – you never know, I might make it this time.

See you in Azeroth!!