Everyday Is An Adventure…

May 5th

Dear Journal,

Well, I’ve been romping around Stormwind for a while and I think that I’ll stay here to live for a bit.  It’s not like I have whole lot of choices, being what I am.  When I’m in my human form, I still have a few people that are a bit standoffish with  a Death Knight, however, when I let the Wolf out, it seems like some of them forget what I am first and foremost.

Oh, I’ve made quite a bit of money in the last few weeks with my mining and was able to get a job with the smithy in the Dwarven District.  Yes, I’m just an apprentice, however, it does give me the chance to learn how to forge things properly while I still make a bit of coin in the process.  I get some odd looks every now and again because I usually stay in human form while I’m at the forge and I guess there aren’t that many woman doing that kind of work in the city.  One of these days I’ll be a real expert at it and get to enjoy the looks from my very satisfied customers.

I’ve met a few more people from Gilneas since I’ve been in the city and I’ve met a few more jerks too.  There is always someone that has a bigger mouth than they have common sense anywhere you live, however, there seems to have been an influx of these types of people here lately.  I suppose they will get weeded out eventually with the dueling and the “accidents” that seem to mysteriously erase some of them when they leave the confines of the city. I won’t say that I haven’t had a hand in erasing some of them myself. One must feed the needs of a Death Knight, after all.

I happened to run with a couple of different packs since I’ve last written and it is always the same story.  I think that it is my scent that gives me away and the eye color.  Of course, one Alpha male was all for putting me in my place and apparently he wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box even if he was the strongest of the group. Things didn’t go well for him when he realized that the female he had challenged was more than just your average wolf – being a Worgen and a Death Knight does have its advantages.  I wonder why he didn’t catch my scent before he got all hot and bothered with me?  Like I said, he wasn’t the sharpest pencil. Oh well, at least the fight didn’t last to the bitter end, I penned him to the ground and did my threat and he acquiesced to his defeat.  No, I didn’t even bother to stick around after that and went on my merry way alone.  I suppose he’s still the Alpha over the pack, however, I’m sure that some of the others saw the error of his ways which means his reign might be a short one.

I’ve actually made enough money to where I could buy myself a couple of dresses so that I could go to some of the events here in town dressed as a woman instead of wearing my armor all of the time.  I may be a worgen and I may be a Death Knight but there is still a woman lingering inside here.  No, I’m not interested in romance or anything of that nature although a good friend might be an option I’d consider. I enjoy a good conversation as much as the next person and a male companion now and then, however, if things were to get physical, I’d surely disappoint them with my lack of enthusiasm.  Light! I don’t even know if I did that sort of thing before the Curse and the change – that shows you how thrilled I am at the prospect even more so now.

I even found a nice room over in Old Town to stay in for a while.  The landlady must be blind as a bat and has absolutely no sense of smell at all or she just might like getting the money more.  I’m sure that some people would notice the smell even though I have found ways to mask that, however, the one overriding scent is the smell of the Wolf when I’ve been out a few days in the field.  I suppose it doesn’t matter if she does realize what one of her boarders might be.  At least I’m paying full price for my room and I don’t have to share it with others like some are doing here for financial reasons – I suppose that’s a good thing.

I’m still learning how to control the Wolf and there have been a couple of times that I must have been having some interesting dreams because I wake up in the morning and I see paws instead of hands.  I know it’s not funny but it does cause me a few chuckles until I get myself back into my human form.  Can you imagine some poor bugger breaking into this room and finding a Wolf and not some supposedly defenseless female behind the door – or for that matter a Death Knight human woman?  I guess I’m being cynical but I do have to find some humor in that.

I will have to admit that I am starting to enjoy what I am more and more every day.  Since the constant litany of the Lich has stopped in my head and I have the ability to think for myself again, it’s actually not all bad.  I still have some flashbacks to what my life was like before the Curse and the change, however, they aren’t that disturbing if I compare the two sets of memories. Who or what I was prior to all of this, only the Light knows and I haven’t exactly gotten any feedback from that quarter. I’m learning a new kind of life and every single day is an adventure.