Thoughts and Plans For The Future…

October 12th

Dear Journal,

I know that I am getting back into some old habits of mine that will drive my Sindorei insane, however, I can usually curb that part of my nature when he is about.  There are times that I just can’t sleep at night, the way the moonlight seems to call my name is almost impossible to ignore and I just get up and roam throughout Stormwind and beyond.   Of course, the guards may look at me a bit strange, however, they know that it is not all that unusual for a Night Elf to answer to the call of their nature and be out and about in the wee small hours of the morning.

Just the scents and smells of the dampness in this city by the shore really does make me long for my homeland even more.  It also makes me long for my two youngest boys and to hear that lilting laughter as well as the musical tones of my Mother speaking to me in our native tongue.  Common is a language that I use because I have too, however, it does not have the musical sounds of my own tongue – I oftentimes will laugh at my Sindorei because his language makes me homesick even if the words are different.   I guess that our languages are similar due to the fact that we are elves, he is a Blood Elf and I am Kaldorei, however, the thing that we have in common that isn’t apparent in the other races is our own version of grave and beauty, not to mention, a long life and history with education of our ancestors.   I think that the Tauren may be of a similar ilk with their worship of the Earth Mother and their constant respect for the land and for their Elders.

Anyway, I was wandering through the streets earlier this morning and I couldn’t’ help but notice that there seems to be a certain tension in the air that hasn’t been there for a while.  We have all gotten used to the way that people carry on about Pandaria and their ignorant hared of things that are new and exciting in some ways, however, this tension last night reminded me of the times when I was in Pandaria and you could feel the tension building with the other Sentinels as we readied ourselves for battle.   Call it a sense of foreboding or maybe an early warning of some kind from Elune to make me get my thoughts out of the clouds and back to the reality of this world that we live in.

I had been seriously thinking about talking to my parents again about making the move to the new house in Nagrand, however, with these feelings that I have been having, maybe, just maybe they might be safer where they are now, in their own home.   I know that my Sindorei would like for them to come to Nagrand and stay at that house with the boys, however, I think that I might talk to him again about the feelings that I am having recently in regard to these mysterious omens that seem to crop up sometimes.  It’s always best to listen one’s intuition rather than let my very diplomatic mate talk me into something that I am uneasy about.

I do know that I am getting anxious to get away from Stormwind again too.  I can only stay in the confines of the city for so long and I start to twitch.  I guess it comes from living in the openness of my home as well as any of the places that I have been stationed as a Sentinel in the past.   Stormwind has its own kind of beauty, however, it doesn’t have the grace of buildings like it does with Darnassus. I’m spoiled I guess.  I think that I enjoy the place because that is the place where  Vashlan can study and feel safe as well as where I can do my business the way that I want too without too many questions being asked.    That is the key thing, no questions of what it is that I am doing and with whom I happen to be dealing with.   Employees are easy to come by and as long as they fill their contracts in a timely fashion, they will always have jobs.

I  know that my Sindorei  often feels a bit caged in and trapped with his work in Silvermoon as well.  We just got back from one of our escapes to Nagrand and I know that I should be thinking about leaving again so soon too.  Being there definitely brings back some really great memories for me and I know that it must be the same for him – we’ve had a good life together for the most part.  Oh well, I suppose I need to get my head back into my business and stop drifting off into these other  distractions.

I will have to admit that I was happy to hear from my Mother that Karing has finally started coming into his own.  I will have to admit that I was somewhat concerned about him because he has had to undergo quite a few changes in his life, his biological Father dying , Fnor coming back into his life again and the moves we’ve made.  I know that if I had been a young child, I would have been a bit withdrawn myself – so much confusion and turmoil in a youngsters life is very hard to adjust too.  I know that my parents have been very patient with him and his brother and I was very pleased to hear that Karing is turning into quite the accomplished hunter. I know I laughed when Mom told me that he is insisting that he will be “good enough” to join with the Sentinels as a Scout.  I think that I will have a talk with him about that soon because I don’t want him to have any surprises like his big brother Kal did.



Wandering Ways…Again

August 4th

Dear Journal,

I have been spending some time in Pandaria with my Sindorei and I don’t know what it is that he thinks that he can keep the fact from me that he has been with another woman.   His whole demeanor changes and he is so attentive that it is almost suffocating.  I know that he has been faithful to our wedding vows that we took in the Sindorei fashion before we ever left Dalaran, however, I know that he has been going through some trying times on his own…we need to start being together more often in Nagrand.

I did confront him with the fact that I knew he had been with another and he tried his best to deny it and said that he was just preoccupied with the business and some of his family things.   Well, I might have believed that for a little while, however, he did mention that he had been to Dalaran, even though I had told him to avoid it because it would be too upsetting for him.  Silly man, that was just like waving a flag in front of a bull and expecting it not to charge you.

I know that his trip to Dalaran upset him very much and he was almost in tears when he described what was left of our home and how it had been degraded by the people there now.  To think that all of that time and all those years of working on the building were for naught, I can tell that it really did matter to him very much.  That house was his pride and joy and I knew that even when the boys and I were still living in Shattrath in that tiny little hovel that we had for a time.  I know that to him that the house meant that he had been successful in his own right.  He had been a Ranger and was in business for himself now and had accumulated enough wealth to where he thought that he could surpass anything that he had seen in his beloved Silvermoon.

What was a dead giveaway to me about his being unfaithful was the way that he wouldn’t meet my eyes and the way that he started blushing when I asked him how things were going in Silvermoon.  I asked him if Agatha had been able to find a housekeeper that would be suitable and agreeable to our arrangement in Nagrand.  He acted a bit startled when I asked about Agatha, so, at least I know who the woman is now because the look in his eyes told me so.

Am I hurt?  Well, yes, any woman would be hurt if she thought that her man had been with another, however, my hurt comes from the fact that we had both agreed that we would remain faithful to one another after we had taken the wedding vows.  We have been mated for years, we just formalized it to make his friends and acquaintances feel more comfortable with our arrangement.   All of the years that we have been mated in the Kaldorei fashion, he has always had his mistresses, I was one of them I suppose when he was looking for a Sindorei wife.  Yes, that did hurt especially after I had given birth to our two sons in rapid succession, which is almost unheard of with my people.  Yes, my Sindorei is definitely fertile and I was more than willing to carry his children.   I have always expected other children to crop up from some of his wandering ways, however, that hasn’t been the case as far as I know either. I know that I am both hurt and angry with him, yet, there is a part of me that understands the wants and needs of a man of  his sort, I have those same feelings from time to time, however, I have not resorted to taking comfort with another man.

The thought never entered my mind except for the time when we were separated for a very long time and I had taken a Kaldorei male to my bed, bore him two sons as well.   I was very sure at that time that my Sindorei was never coming back and I was wrong.  Did I love this other man? Oh yes I did, sometimes I often wondered what might have happened if he had lived a long life instead of having it cut short in a hunting accident in Nagrand. Was I ever formally mated to this other man?  No, we never took vows, however, we were as committed to one another as any mated pair could be.   My Sindorei did come back to Shattrath long before my youngest children’s Father died and it was rather strange how the two of them became friends.  Naturally, there were the usual recriminations from my Sindorei about my being unfaithful and all I had to do was to remind him of his own indiscretions with his Sindorei women.

Oh yes, Elune knows what a turbulent life the two of us have led and she also knows how much we both love our children.  We have stayed together all of these years because of the love we shared for one another and because of our children as well.

Now, I am wondering if I should just tell him that I know that he has been unfaithful and all of his trying to hide the fact and denying it when I confronted him are not going work?  Should I just tell him that I know what he has done and I even know whom the woman is that he did it with?

Am I angry?  Yes, to a certain level I am very angry, however, the anger does not surpass the initial hurt from this straying.  Why would I think that one ceremony would bear more weight with his conduct than what our vows were previously?  I guess in my mind, it would make him realize that I was equal to these other women that he found so alluring and that I was very much the woman that he loved.  I know that this thing with Agatha is a physical thing for the most part.  Will I ask him to fire her from her position that she has held all of these years?  No, I don’t think that I will because if she is still in the picture after all of this time that they have been together as housekeeper and employer, I will at least know where he has strayed.

Oh why does he do this sort of thing to me after all of these years?  Why does he think that my Sentinel heart will not break as easily as another’s heart?  I am a Sentinel first, however, the woman in me is still very much there and very much feels the pain of these missteps of his.  No, I won’t leave him, however, I will have one those discussions with him that he always dreads, the ones where I let my temper free and tell him exactly what kind of animal I think he is when he does this sort of thing.  How can he even pretend to rear our children and setting up standards for them to follow when he doesn’t follow them himself.  At least I follow the goals that I have set up for myself and I have been more than a little patient with my man.  That’s the problem, he will always be my man, there could never be another that could take his place in my heart and I am mature enough to know this.  He is still my love, my life and my all – even if he is a Sindorei that can’t seem to keep his lust under control.



Reunited With The One You Love…


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 20th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here this morning with a nice hot cup of coffee, a few cigarettes at my disposal and enjoying the afterglow of being reunited with my wife at long last in Nagrand.  Ah yes, we’ve been trying to slip away for the last couple of months, however, my family and the business has been making it rather difficult for us to find the time to do just that.   I know that I keep making myself promises that we won’t keep staying apart this long and that we will be together more often and it seems like life just has a nasty way of putting roadblocks in our paths as well as our responsibilities.

Oh, sure, Amyn is not too happy that I am still smoking, however, I told her that it was either smoking or drinking and the drinking thing made me do stupid stuff, which she laughed at that one and reminded me that there are times that we’ve both had too much to drink together.  At least I am not smoking the cigarettes that used to drive her almost insane and those were the ones that I still occasionally smoke when I’m alone in Silvermoon – the fel-laced ones that just seem to mellow everything out and take the edge off your emotions.  Of course, I know I have to be extremely careful with those because there was a time that I was almost addicted to them, back when I lived alone in Dalaran.

I really am happy that we built the house here at the little lake in Nagrand. It’s secluded enough that it’s not noticed too often by people as they fly through the area on their mounts and it is big enough to where we can accommodate the family without any trouble at all as well as a few guests.  The exterior blends in with the surroundings, however, the interior is definitely all Blood Elf and Night Elf for comfort and the decor blends together quite nicely.  I do miss the great room we had in Dalaran with the fireplace and mantle that were carved so intricately that you could almost forget that you were not sitting in some palace in Silvermoon.  I miss a lot of the things about the house in Dalaran, however, the chances of some government coming in and overthrowing this area are pretty slim, I’d warrant.

I have to laugh because the master suite is very much like the one in Dalaran, the bed is as big with the same kind of black velvet hangings, sheets and bedspread, however, I did notice that my lovely wife has had some of designs sewn into the canopy that are definitely Kaldorei in origin.  I can’t say that I like the idea of Elune watching what goes on in that bed, she might blush or strike us both with a bolt of lightning.

I am happy that Amyn had Vashlan fix the water supplies so that we have the hot water similar to what we had in Dalaran.  Nothing like a long hot soak in the tub that is big enough for two, black marble, silver amenities.  It’s very luxurious, maybe more so than the one in Dalaran.

My study or office is right off the master bedroom just as it was in Dalaran with a balcony that overlooks the lake and the plains  – it really is beautiful to be able to stand there and look up at the floating islands and at night, the stars are even more beautiful than they were in Dalaran. Amyn has her sitting room on the opposite side of the bedroom and I think it looks remarkably like the one she had made in Dalaran with the Kaldorei furnishings and she also has a small balcony that faces the lake too

So, yeah, I think that Amyn and I did a great job with the house and we didn’t care about the costs either because this is going to be a home for the family for years to come.  I hope it is going to be for years to come, I’ve learned that nothing is truly forever, however, I hope that this house will be around for as long as we want it.

Everyone has their own rooms just like they did before with the exception of the youngsters, they are going to be staying in their suite of rooms together.  I honestly thought that Amyn would have wanted them to be separated, however, she insisted that they share the area.  Who am I to judge her decisions when it comes to the two youngest boys.  Kal has his own room here and let’s just be honest, it’s big enough to accommodate him and Kae when they come to visit and, yes, I did think to add a little bit more space just in case they ever decide to have children.  Vashlan already likes his room and has great plans for putting in more bookcases, however, we’ll see how things work out.

Yes, Vashlan is the only one of the family members that has seen the house since it has been finished and we’ve started planning on being here more often as a family group.  He’s installed the wards and has everything pretty much in shape for us, so, I’m happy and contented with that.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to finally be able to escape from Silvermoon once Zippie got back from her adventurers.  Oh yeah, she definitely needed to get away for a while, however, I think that I almost gave the poor thing a stroke when she got back.  I’m not too keen on paperwork to start with, however, I am great at having organized stacks of paper – you know, current contracts, new and approved contracts and then the ultimate, collections and contracts that I have turned down.  I know exactly where everything is and I don’t see the need nor have the desire to file that stuff.  So, let’s just say that she is going to be filing papers for a while and I did tell her to draft someone or even hire someone to help her in the office.

The business here in Shattrath is just booming.  It seems that there are quite a few people down here that need what we have to offer and they want the services that we can render.  I will admit that I was really surprised at how fast things come in, the employees that we have here are definitely go-getters and they want to make sure that they meet the contract dates even more so than the group in Silvermoon.   With all of the people that came here from Dalaran, I suppose there weren’t that many jobs around for them to do and Morningstar Enterprises has filled part of that gap.  Amyn always laughs when we meet at the warehouse because we still have to be careful how we act there because of the employees, you never know if someone will try to turn us in for being traitors to our political factions, you just never know.  One of these days, I hope, that there will come a time that we can just be ourselves and not have to worry about things concerning factions.  Wouldn’t that be grand, to have peace in Azeroth.

Agatha has  her youngest sister staying with her in Silvermoon for the time being.  Guess the kid wanted to see the big city and she also wanted me to try to talk Agatha and her parents into her becoming a Ranger.  I have no problem in putting in a good word concerning the Rangers, it was a great way for me to make a living for quite a few years.  This is the first time in all the years that Agatha has been with me that she has brought any of her family to stay at the house with her, it seems odd, however, I trust her judgment in things like that.   The girl is absolutely beautiful  even if she has a wild quality to her that kind of reminds me of myself at her age, however, I’m sure that Agatha will be able to keep her in check.  I’m also happy that Dawnglory already has a woman because I have a feeling that he would be all over this girl without much trouble, he does like an attractive woman and this one is definitely not ugly.

Well, I do know that my sister, Faendra , is definitely in Pandaria and is having trouble fitting in with the lifestyle of the Rangers.  Hey, it was her choice to go that route, I could have helped her somewhat, however, I will not tolerate her trying to muck up Dawnglory’s life.  I have gotten several letters from the people that are still in service up there and they have told me that she is quite the little problem child, she hates taking orders and being made to do things that she feels are beneath her.  I did respond to her Commander’s letter and told him to treat her as he would any recruit that wasn’t quite willing to fit in with the rest of the group.  So, I’m sure that Fae is finding the military life a bit hard to fathom.  It was her choice to leave what I had set up for her in Silvermoon and she can deal with what she has now.

I can’t begin to put down in words how I felt when Amyn and I finally got to Nagrand.  It was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could finally just relax.  Just having Amyn with me is like finding that part of myself that always seems to be out of kilter when she isn’t with me.   I know that when I was lying in the bed, holding her in my arms that I felt like we had been “home” here in the new house forever and it was never going to change.

I don’t know exactly how long the two of us will be able to stay here right now because both of us have our hands full with the businesses.   I know I am planning on staying for at least two weeks if not longer and I assume that Amyn is planning the same, she hasn’t said.  I did hint that she ought to bring her parents down here with the boys because I haven’t seen them that much since we left Dalaran and to be quite honest, I miss the kids.  I know I had to laugh at her when she smiled at me and told me that she’d like to spend some time alone with me before we started getting “guests” to come stay for a while.  I have to agree, we do need this time alone too.

Fnor Morningstar





Trouble On The Horizon…

May 11th

Dear Journal,

I haven’t seen m husband in over a month and I will have to admit that I am more than anxious to join him in Nagrand for a few days as well as getting back to Pandaria to look at some of the sites that he has visited as a placement for the warehouse up there.  Of course, anytime that I spend with my beloved is time that I will always cherish, even after all of these years.

One of the things that is causing me some concern at the moment is my eldest son, Kaldor.  I don’t know what must be going to through his mind right now because I am afraid that he is going to do as his Father did for years and lose the only thing that actually means anything to him other than his farm in Halfhill.

I guess that he is at the stage in his life where he wants to go out carousing and drinking with his friends even though he has Kae waiting for him at the farm most of the time.  He has no idea where she is right now and the only thing that I can say is that she is in Stormwind for the time being.

I guess he has gone out adventuring with his friends quite a bit in the last couple of months and always promises Kae that it won’t happen again.  He won’t come home looking worse than as if he had been in some battlefield excursion or worse.  Torn clothing, damaged armor as well as some damage to himself that needs proper nursing and care from Kae.  He really must be taking the girl for granted although he hasn’t made any kind of commitment to her yet.  Of course, I can’t let him know that I have spoken with Kae about some of their problems because he was furious the last time that I interfered with things.

He may look Kaldorei, however, underneath that physical appearance is a Sindorei attitude about things.  He is very much like his Father and I don’t know that Kae will be able to tolerate the years of waiting for him to grow up and realize that he has everything he ever wanted or needed waiting for him at home.  I’m not sure that Kae’s feelings for Kal are as strong as mine were and still are for my Sindorei.   I hate to see him make a mistake or the two of them make a mistake by his last flings at youth.  He was always mature beyond his years and I think that he is taking a rebellious route now to make up for all of the years that the was the one that was always so serious and steadfast – it happens.

I suppose I should sit down and write a letter to him or even just stop by the farm and see what he has to say for himself.  I’m really rather anxious to see him and to talk with him about the matter, however, I do have to be extremely careful to make sure that there is no backlash on Kae.  I can honestly say that she hasn’t told me a lot of the details of what has been happening, however, I’ve been around a long time and I can tell when there is trouble brewing between a couple.

The other thing that has me disturbed is that I got a letter from my Mother telling me that one of my cousins has returned from the wilds.  Basaric, the youngest of my cousins, that always seemed so much older than his years.  Of course, that may well be from his calling in life, he is a Druid and from what my Mother said, quite a good one at that.   I trust my Mother’s judgment on the matter of his skills because she has had enough experience dealing with some druids in her past.  She says that he has grown into quite the handsome fellow.

The thing that disturbed me was the fact that he had made some inquiries about one of my parent’s foster children that he had met years ago.  Of course, that would happen to be none other than our own Kae.  It appears that he was quite infatuated when he was a youngster and that infatuation hasn’t waned over time.  I guess my Mother told him about Kae and that she was involved with my son Kaldor.  Great, why didn’t she just give the man the address while she was at it.   I suppose that there could be some trouble looming on the horizon if Kal doesn’t get his act straight.  It really could cause some issues within my own family, not only with Kal, it could cause problems with my parents as well.


Amynlarae Shadowmoon

Home and Family…

March 27th

Dear Journal,

Life is finally settling down and I think that I may have finally gotten my children convinced that there is a wrath from their Mother that they do not want to raise.  Vashlan is acting as humble as I have ever seen him – I think I shamed him enough to where he will be a bit more discrete in his new found pleasures of the flesh.    The two little boys, well, Karing is always the one that is quiet and I think that he is going to be fine, however, I will have to keep a closer eye on Volardan because he, of all my children, seems to have the more devious mind set of any of them.

Oh, poor Kal, I know that he is having a terrible time with the way things are going between he and Kae.  I have tried to explain to him that sometimes it is much easier for women to talk together about problems than it is for them to speak with their companions or mates.   I tried to explain to him when he was in Stormwind last week that there was no reason for him to be upset with Kaelendra because she came to me with her problems concerning him.  She wasn’t being a tattle-tale, she was trying to figure out what it is that she is supposed to do to try to convince him that he can be wrong sometimes with some of his actions.

Oh, that prideful Sindorei blood will rise in Kal now and again – this is one time that I have to agree with Kae, he does need to be more careful with the things that he becomes involved in.  Plus, Kae has never had a family, she didn’t have the bonus of having a close-knit family such as we have.  Her life has always been a communal kind of thing, foster parents as is our custom with future Sentinels as well as being shuttled from family to family to avoid that weak spot of having a family to tug at one’s heart-strings.

Our family is the first family that she has ever been heavily involved in.  Poor thing is trying so hard to please Kaldor and trying to put aside her feelings that she still has for the Sentinels – once a Sentinel, always a Sentinel – this I know from my own experience.   I’ve learned how to hide that part of my personality rather well and put my family first these days.  There are times that I truly long to be back and a part of that organization because it was a huge part of my growing up and has been a mainstay in my life, almost as much as my Sindorei.  Poor child is having to go through a lot of changes in her life and I hope that Kal is reasonable enough that he will see that she is struggling with fitting into the family as well as into her new lifestyle with him.  No, they haven’t declared themselves as mates and they haven’t taken their vows yet, however, I do see that coming in the near future.  Her love for him is almost as great as my love is for my beloved and I do hope that he is intelligent enough to recognize it.

There are times that I have to remind myself that our children will never learn from our experiences before them, they have to experience everything for themselves, or so it seems.  All you can do as a parent is to advise them of things and try to make them aware, however, they have to learn it the hard way for themselves in certain circumstances for them to realize that their parents are not doddering old fools.   I was the same way with my parents.

I do see a lot of my Sindorei in our two sons and I also see how some of his ideals and things have also been absorbed by my two youngest boys.  You can say what you will, blood will tell as well as the environment that the children were raised in.

Oh, I am being so philosophical this morning that it’s making my head hurt.   I was just sitting here at my desk and overhearing some of the conversations from the warehouse below.  We definitely have a diverse group of people working for us here in  Stormwind, however, their loyalty to the Crown and to our company is almost shocking.   Seems they all weigh their actions to cover both bases.

I did send Magdamia off to Pandaria and she should be returning from there in the next few days.  I am anxious to hear her report about whether she thinks it would be feasible for us to put another warehouse in Halfhill or possibly the Jade Forest for our business.  It would definitely cut down on the travel time and distribution of the goods if we had a place up there to use as well as Shattrath and Stormwind.    Of course, I’ll have to discuss this with my Sindorei because it will be part of his business plans as well as my own.  I suppose we ought to look into hiring more people and gather more contracts up there as well as in Outland.

Speaking of my beloved, I wonder how his time is being spent in Silvermoon?  I know that we both have been extremely busy trying to get things in order with the business, however, I know that he had the added burden of dealing with his spoiled baby sister.   Poor man was very distraught with her actions when we last discussed them in Nagrand.  If there was something that I could do to make him feel better about things I would, however, it is going to be something that I can only advise him on because, it is his sister and my sister-in-law.  I do hope that he listened to my advice.

I will be happy when we have things settled enough in Shattrath to where we can spend more time together.  I don’t care what other women may say, I miss my mate and I miss his physical presence in my life more than I can decently mention.  Oh, to feel his arms around me and those caresses that only he can give me or part of the reasons that I love him so much.  We’ve been together for many years and we have been through so many trials and tribulations, however, the passion has never dimmed or died in our private lives.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon


Getting Back In Control…





Amynlarae Shadowmoon_crop

March 20th


Dear Journal,


Well, I think that I have finally put the fear in Vashlan, if that is even possible.  At least he understands that what he has been doing as well as being totally immoral.  He couldn’t even tell me the number of women that he had slept with in the last month, much less the last week.  I told him that not only was he ruining his reputation, he was ruining his family’s reputation as well.  That seemed to hit a vein in his mind and I think he was ashamed, he blushed just like his Father does when he’s done something that he’s ashamed of.  Anyway, I don’t think that Maggie will have to worry about him making anymore overtures to her in Stormwind.


I went home and saw my two youngest sons and read them the riot act as well.   Karing was just being himself for the most part, however, his older brother is the one that I am going to have to keep my eye on.  As slick as he thinks he is, he’s been caught stealing things and people will talk about that.  Volardan is the one that seems to be the instigator in getting the two boys in trouble. His little mind seems bound, bent and determined to cause as much mischief as possible. I would take him back to Stormwind with me, however, I think that he might get into the wrong kind of crowds there, at least here, my parents can somewhat control him.


I honestly think that trying to keep one’s children walking the straight and narrow is more difficult than being a Sentinel.  At least you kind of knew what you were dealing with in those situations. I’ll admit that my parents must truly have all the patience in the world while they are raising my two youngest – yes, I admit that I need to change that and start taking them with me instead of relying so heavily on my parents.  They should be enjoying life at their ages and not being constantly tied down with my two youngest.  I’ll have to see how things work out in Shattrath, they might be okay down there since they already have a group of friends that they spent their early childhood with already there.  I’ll talk to my Sindorei and see what the thinks about that solution, it’s always best to discuss things with your mate before you do some of them.


I know that my time in Dolonaar wasn’t nearly as long as I liked, however, I needed to get back to Stormwind and run the business for a few days while Maggie took some time off.  She wanted to go visit her family and to see what was going on with them.  I know that she seemed excited when I told her that I needed her to go to Pandaria to see if she saw any potential up there of opening another office for us in Halfhill.  She’s never been there, however, I do trust her judgment. Oh, I’m sitting here kind of smiling to myself because I think she has found a fellow here in Stormwind that she hired on the spot, another Draeni.


I do hope that things are going well for my Sindorei in Silvermoon.  I know how much he was dreading going back there to deal with his sister and his business.  I did put forth the suggestion that he put Faendra in another one of the houses that he owns to get her away from the rest of the people that he has staying at the main house.   I hope he listens to me and will do what I suggested.  Naturally, I did suggest that there be set limitations on what she could do or couldn’t do while she has the run of a residence and that Agatha could keep an eye on it for him.  Just a thought, mind you, however, I think it was a good idea.  Also, I suggested that we both go back to Pandaria so that we can put all of the business and family troubles behind us – there is a certain peace of being able to sit in Halfhill and just watching the crops grow.


Amynlarae Shadowmoon






A Mother’s Concerns

March 10th

Dear Journal,

Well, my Sindorei had an enjoyable time in both Nagrand and Shattrath, however, we both knew that we had to head back and face our responsibilities.  Him to deal with his youngest sister and his business and me to deal with my second oldest son and my business.

Yes, word did reach me in Shattrath of Vashlan’s behavior of late and I was shocked, appalled and then I had to laugh.  You know what they say about the quiet bookish types.  Well, he’s discovered what women are at long last, however, I think he has discovered the wrong kind of women, in my opinion.  No, I don’t expect him to find a nice Kaldorei girl and settle down, however, I don’t think that  it is good for his reputation to be taking a different woman to bed every night, he apparently doesn’t care what race they are or chances that he might be taking with them.  We are going to have a Mother-Son talk that I wish his Father would be the one handling instead of me.

I told Fnor about the letter that I had gotten from Magdamia in regard to Vashlan’s current behavior and he just laughed.  He told me that boys will boys and when they grow up to be men, their interests change.   He also told me that from what I was telling him, Vashlan is showing all the signs of his Sindorei breeding- which I don’t know whether to take as a given or try to combat it in some way.  I don’t want my son running around Stormwind, drinking and womanizing because it’s in his blood, he’s Kaldorei and he’s a special kind of Kaldorei. No, he’s not pureblood but he was born with a natural talent for the magic which could have only come from his Father’s heritage or mine.

Apparently the two boys in Dolonaar are giving their grandparents a fit and it’s time for me to go there as well to see if there is a remedy for that situation as well.  They are reaching those turbulent years where they are starting to aspire to get into a different kind of mischief.   I’m not surprised at Volardan, however, I am truly surprised at Karing being involved in some of the trouble as well.  They are in an extremely rebellious stage right now and my Mother has said that I need to get home and address the problem before my Father kills them.  I wonder what all they have been doing or should I think about what they haven’t been doing.

I feel like our parenting of our children has always been good.  We’ve spent a great deal of time with all of them, however, those years that my Sindorei was out chasing skirts all over Azeroth, maybe that was a real problem that has only appeared now.   The last couple of years have been rather pleasant because we haven’t had any outside influences to hinder our relationship and now, the children have all decided to rebel.    It seems that I even need to have a discussion with my eldest son, the one that usually never gives me any trouble.

Apparently, he’s been out carousing when he comes to Stormwind with those friends of his and has caused some trouble between he and Kaelendra.   Kaldor knows better, I brought him up better than that.   I guess his last trip to Stormwind, he got wounded with his friends when they went into the Hinterlands to investigate some kind of troll uprising against the dwarves – well, Kal, son…that stuff has been going on for eternity, what is your problem?  Trolls are Horde and they aren’t your friends.  Anyway, I will talk to him about his recent misbehaving as well as try to get in touch with his friends to see if there is something that, as a company, that we might be able to do to assist them in some manner.  I will talk to the leader of the group and find out what is going on, not only for Kal’s sake but for the sake of the other people involved.  You’d don’t take five or six people to fight a full tribe of trolls no matter how good you think you are, silly people.  All the strategy in the world won’t help if you don’t have the manpower to back it up.

I need to get Magdamia down to Shattrath so that she can get accustomed to working with Zippie at the warehouse.  I know those two better not have any trouble working together.  There are two entrances for the factions, however, behind that, it’s one huge warehouse that is used by both.  I know Magdamia’s first reaction when she saw Zippie for the first time was to ask what “it” was.  Luckily, Zippie doesn’t speak Common, or she acts like she doesn’t  – Magdamia and I had a discussion about her calling Zippie a green frog, I had to explain to her that Zippie was a goblin and that her people had been displaced from their homeland, similar to her circumstances, and that she was going to have to tolerate and get along with her regardless.

Elune!! I swear that the moons must be out of alignment or something.  To have my children all seem to have been taken with a bout of stupidity and then, to have Magdamia get up on her high hooves and get all cranky about working with a goblin.  I hope my Sindorei is having an easier time with his sister and his business in Silvermoon, I have my hands full right now.

I suppose we’re both paying for that time away that we selfishly decided that we needed to have together before we both went mad with loneliness. I am in Stormwind at the moment and haven’t been able to get in touch with Vashlan yet, he is going to get such a talking too that he might not ever look at another woman again.  I will not tolerate him turning our apartment into his own private brothel. Not to mention, he’s been making passes at Magdamia, she’s old enough to be…well, she’s a lot older and more experienced and she’s a Draeni – I have no idea what kind of pairing that might produce and I’m not sure that I want to know.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon


Not A Divided Front…

February 24th

Dear Journal,

My Sindorei finally made his appearance in Shattrath late last night and I will have to say that he looked a little worse for wear, more exhausted than I have seen him quite a while, however, it was understandable.  Apparently, the business side of his life seems to be doing fairly well, however, his youngest sister has almost driven the poor man to distraction.

We had all hoped that she would have changed, maybe matured a little bit while she was off on her adventures after running away from Orgrimmar.  She may have matured, however, it sounds as if she is just as demanding as she has always been and maybe a bit more devious, if that were even possible.

My poor Sindorei has come to the conclusion that Dawnglory and I were correct in our assumptions that she is just using him for her own gains.  She may love him in her own way, however, it’s not that visible to the rest of us that know the man so well.  I know that we talked about this quite a bit last night after we enjoyed a nice warm welcoming from one another.  I know that Fnar is heartbroken at the thought of how things might end up going with this sister.

Apparently, the poor darling laid down a whole plethora of rules and regulations for Miss Faendra to follow and he feels now that those rules are going to be broken one by one.  He doesn’t like the ultimatums that he delivered to her and is afraid that he might be forced to enforce them. Oh, I can understand his concerns there because I have been around the girl quite a bit as she was growing up and I can assure you that the once sweet child that he adored has definitely become a very selfish young woman.   

Oh, enough of that, we will deal with the issues as they come up because he knows that he won’t have to do this alone.  I will support him in anything that he decides to do or is forced to do in regard to his sister.  He told me about the physical difficulty that he had in Silvermoon and that did frighten me somewhat and I will try to shoulder as many of the burdens that I can to help him.  He needs to start thinking about the fact that he isn’t still that young debonair Sindorei that strode the Barrens as if he owned them. At least he came to tell me what was going on and didn’t flee to the arms of another woman as he might have done in the past.

Since we were married in the Sindorei fashion, I will admit I know for a fact that the man has not strayed from his marital vows to me.  Oh, he’s had opportunities, as have I – we both don’t even feel like looking at another anymore, or if we do, it’s just cursory glance.  We can look, however, I don’t think that either one of us will cross that line.

We talked about my visiting the boys in Dolonaar and he is trying to convince me to bring them to Shattrath soon because he misses them as much as I do.  I don’t think we’re quite ready to bring them here though, he doesn’t seem to remember what a handful they were in Dalaran anymore.  If I brought them to Shattrath right now, my attentions would be very much divided between my children, the business and my loving husband.  I can multitask with the best of them, however, I don’t think that I want to stretch myself that thin just yet.  I know that the little guys still have some of their friends living here in the city as well, which means, that the mischief could reach new heights.

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table and watching my Sindorei slumber his life away.  Poor man really does need to start thinking of himself a bit more and not allow his sister to get him so upset anymore.  I know he loves her, however, he needs to start loving himself more.  His family, his sisters primarily, have always had a priority in his life, however, they are probably not too happy that the roles have changed and his own children and his wife are now the front runners in the race for his attention.  We will muddle things through, my Sindorei and I – we will do this thing together.



February 16th

Dear Journal,

I awakened from a very troubled sleep with tears streaming down my checks and I must have been crying quite a bit when my Mother came into my room and asked me what was wrong and if I was okay.  I could only tell her that I was okay and that it was only a bad dream…it would pass.

She doesn’t usually sit down on my bed and stroke my hair like she did this morning, however, she wanted to make sure that I was truly okay.  I guess that was more than I could bear, I finally just broke down and started weeping uncontrollably and I’m not usually that emotional.

My dream was about my Sindorei and something was terribly wrong with him.  I couldn’t tell if he had been injured in some type of battle in my dream, if he had been attacked by some unknown assassin or if something else had transpired. It was just a very bad feeling that I had that something was wrong and I wasn’t there to protect him.  Since we are forced by circumstances to be apart a great deal of the time, I always have worried about him.  Silly man thinks that he is invincible and that nothing can harm him, not the rough and tough Fnor Morningstar.

I know that my parents haven’t always felt the way that they do now about my Sindorei and our marriage, however, they have recognized the fact that he and I are truly mated for life.  Nothing will change that, not all the politics in the world can keep us apart.  No, he can never come and truly visit where I grew up or spend all that much time in the area for fear that someone might see him and report the fact that there is a Blood Elf in the vicinity. My love for my Sindorei has no boundaries and I know that my parents have come to accept that fact.

My Mother told me that the little guys have been wanting to go to Shattrath so that they can renew their friendships down there and they wanted to see their Step-Father, they missed him.  They have talked about their biological Father quite a bit lately and my Mother is worried that they might eventually resent my relationship with Fnor.  I don’t think that is going to be an issue at all because he has always treated them as if they were his own children as much as he has treated his true sons.  I know that they worshiped their real Father and were completely lost for a while after his death, as was I.

Things have not always gone smoothly for my Sindorei and I and even though we were mated in the eyes of Elune, there was a time that I thought that he had abandoned Kal, Vashlan and myself when he would leave for months on end and we would be there in Shattrath without word from him.  In my heart, I still loved him, however, in my mind I knew that I had to provide a home and family life for myself and my children.  That’s when I met my second mate.  I know that my Sindorei was shocked and very hurt that I had replaced him in my life with another man, however, he was never replaced in my heart.  When my mate was killed in a hunting accident, I was in mourning for him for a very long time before my Sindorei came back into my life. I don’t think anyone will ever know how my emotions were very mixed about going back to him – things had been extremely hard for my children and myself.  To step back into that relationship would either make or break my children’s hearts.

I chose to take my Sindorei back into my life and I have not regretted that decision.  Oh he still has his moments when I think that he is showing himself to be what he is , a true Sindorei.  We’ve had our battles and we’ve made up, we’ve told one another that we didn’t care about the other anymore – we knew in our hearts that it was all lies.

The way that things have been for us in the last few years has been wonderful.  The children, the grown ones as well as the little ones has been undeniably a happy time.  My parents even started caring more about my Sindorei when they got to spend some time with him in Dalaran before Jaina Proudmore went insane and drove everyone away.  Even now my Father talks fondly of the talks that he and my Sindorei had together – you know those man to man talks that only the two of them know exactly what was discussed.  They were astounded when Fnor and I got married in the Sindorei fashion, however, they knew that it made the two of us very happy.

I know that I am going to feel very anxious until I set my eyes on my Sindorei again in Shattrath in another couple of days.  Yes, as per usual with him, he was going to be delayed by a few things that needed his attention in Silvermoon.  He didn’t go into any details in his message but I felt like there was some underlying things going on that he didn’t feel comfortable writing about.

I’m glad that things in Stormwind had been going along nicely with the business.  It appears as though things were being kept under control by Magdamia.  Naturally, nothing would do but to have me sit down and look at the books, we’re showing a substantial profit from our contracts, which is always a good thing to see.  That means I can keep paying my employees and I can keep getting more contracts for them.

I did get to spend some time with Vashlan and I can tell that something has definitely changed in him, however, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. He says that he is coming along nicely with his training and that he is looking forward to continuing his studies, however, he did mention that he would like to go back to Dalaran for some advanced studies.  I am very reluctant to see him set foot in that particular city because I know how much it has changed. It’s not the Dalaran that he remembers of old, it’s much different without the other races outside of the Alliance.  I told him that I would take some time and the two of us would go visit the city together.  I know, I’m over-protective of my children sometimes but it is a Mother’s prerogative.  I will also do some checking around to see if there are any other advanced mages in Stormwind or even Shattrath that might be willing to take on another student. I just dread the thought of having Vashlan being too far away, he has always been much more naive than his brother Kaldor in dealing with other people, he’s far too trusting and easily hurt.

I know that I was very happy to be able to escape Stormwind and head to Dolonaar to see my parents and my two younger sons for a while.  That’s where I am currently and where I got my Sindorei’s message.  I am assuming that the messenger went to the warehouse in Stormwind and that’s how he found me.  My mother said that he was a strange little man and seemed quite anxious to deliver his message and be gone from the area. Considering the source of the message and the fact that it was hand delivered is what has caused me some anxiety – we always try to keep our correspondence down to a minimum when it comes to using couriers.  My mother said the messenger was dressed in the latest Kaldorei fashion, however, he never would look directly at her and kept his hat pulled down over his eyes – that tells me that the messenger was probably a Sindorei in disguise, that means the message was extremely costly to deliver.  Normally Fnor would have had his messages smuggled into the warehouse in Stormwind and Magdamia would have sent one of the employees with it.

I think that I am going to cut my visit with my parents and children a bit short and head back to Shattrath. There I can at least work on getting my part of the business settled in and ready to operate while I wait for my Sindorei.  I know that we are planning on opening everything up and start advertising our presence in the city again within the month.  I am sure that some of our old clients will be happy to hear that we are back in the city again.   There are so many new people in the city after the Purge in Dalaran that the competition is going to be fierce – these are indeed desperate times.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon

Meandering Thoughts…

February 6th

Dear Journal,

It’s so beautiful down here in Nagrand that my Sindorei and I are having a terrible time trying to decide to leave.  He wants to stay another week and I am willing to do that, however, I do need to get myself to Stormwind to check on a few things, stop by Dolonaar to make sure that the boys aren’t driving my parents insane.

I think that Fnor is avoiding going back to Silvermoon for any reason, however, I reminded him that it was unfair for him to stay gone for extended periods of time without checking especially since his sister is back in the picture. I know how she was before she ran away and he thinks that she might have grown up more and changed.  Honestly, I think that is absolutely impossible for that girl, she’s too self-absorbed to realize that what she is doing might have a detrimental effect on others.

So, to make a long story short, we’re both going to make a quick trip back to Stormwind and Silvermoon and return here to Nagrand for another week unless something has truly gone amiss that can’t be dealt with swiftly.  I know that neither one of us wants to leave at this point, however, it’s our responsibility to our families and our businesses that we do so.

Oh, it’s been heavenly here in Nagrand, the islands floating in the skies are just perfect for those quick getaways that we’ve always been fond of. If I didn’t realize how many years we have been together, I would say that this had truly reminded me of why I fell in love with my Sindorei.  There is never a dull moment and he is constantly moving from one thing to the next.   The house is remarkable and I think that with a few changes here and there, it will be a small replica of what we had in Dalaran.  However, I do think that we need to start thinking about staffing the place as soon as possible because neither one of us wants to do household chores, although, we have been doing them anyway.

I think that I am going to talk to Magdamia and see what she can do about expediting the transfer of some of the goods to Shattrath a bit faster, which means, I’ll have too for a new manager down here or in Stormwind unless Magdamia wants to try to run both – she probably could do that although I know that she truly does need to work on her people skills.

I know that I sometimes wonder how old my Sindorei is, I mean really, he’s always seemed very young and yet there was a maturity about him when I first met him that made me think that he was quite a bit older.  It could also be from his education and the burdens of command that he has always held so willingly too or it could be from the fact that he had to grow up very fast when he had to take on the burden of raising his sister, plus, searching for his sister that became a Death Knight.

I just know that while we have been here in Nagrand, eating properly and getting a well deserved rest, I have watched him get even younger in appearance.  When we first got here, he was looking quite a bit worn and quite a bit older, now, he looks like he did when we lived here in Shattrath.  Yes, yes, I know that he had some work done to have the scars removed from his face and his ears repaired after his ordeal of torture when he was captured by some Sentinels, however, that wouldn’t explain how he almost seems to be ageless sometimes. Oh, he does have some silver strands in his hair here and there but it just makes him look more distinguished befitting his rank.  Oh, we’ve laughed about the fact that we’re both getting older, however, when we are together it does seem like the clock takes a roll back and we act and feel as we once did all those years ago.  I know I feel a bit older because the roads haven’t always been smooth for the two of us and I had the children to raise when my Sindorei would decide to be flighty for a while – he’s not strayed since we got married in Dalaran.

Oh, I’m not silly enough to think that somehow the Fates have given us eternal life or anything, especially when I look at my boys.  Elune’s Blessings!! I look at Kal and he has definitely grown up in maturity and his body has definitely increased in its bulk.  I think that Vashlan is always going to be thinner of the two because he forgets to eat and I think that he got a good dose of the Sindorei heritage there – always the fancy dresser, his hair is always immaculate as well as anything else about his personal things.  My two sons with my Sindorei are as different from one another as night is to day.  Oh, the two youngest boys, they are definitely all Kaldorei and as mischievous as can be, I don’t know how my parents and I have survived their rearing.

If Elune smiles on us before I get too old, I do want to have another child and would like for it to be healthy and a little girl. I know that Fnor would dote on a little girl because he’s had past experiences being raised with his two sisters.  He regales me with tales of how they grew up in Silvermoon and some of the things that they did.  It’s mind boggling how different the two societies can be and yet, very similar.  No, if we had a daughter, I would definitely try to dissuade her from joining the Sentinels, maybe take up something in the priesthood.  Oh, it’s not that I think the Sentinels are bad, I learned my skills and earned my way for quite a few years and my heart and soul are still part of that group.  However, I would want something different for my daughter.

Oh, I’m just getting crazy with my thoughts today.  They seem to be jumping from one thing to another as quickly as a firefly blinks it’s light.  My Sindorei informed me that he is going to take a nap because it seems I wore him out last night – that did make me giggle because I’m not the one that kept things going. Oh my, I just got the eyebrow waggle there, guess that’s a hint that he’s not really all that tired and I think that I shall take him up on his invitation to join him for that nap.