Learning To Live As A Ranger…

May 15th

Dear Journal,

All I have to say at this point is that I did make it to Pandaria with the Rangers, of all groups.  Anyway, I ended up getting stationed in my brother’s old command, isn’t that just peachy.  I know that I should have used a fake name, however, that costs money that I didn’t have, so, people know who I am, however, they aren’t exactly sure of the relationship.  I did laugh when one of the fellows told me that I must be Fnor’s daughter because I didn’t look old enough to be his sister.

Of course, I’ve been very subtle in asking questions about certain people and have found out quite a bit, my these people do like to talk.   I found out that Dawnglory is in the Valley of Four Winds with his woman and her brat.  I guess he still keeps in touch with some of the fellows here and they said that he is just turning into one of those boring old married types, even if he isn’t married to her.  Well, at least she’s getting him trained for when I take over, he’ll know what to expect from a wife. Shame that the baby looks like him, however, look at how many blonde men there are running around up here – it’s not like a blonde guy is a novelty, you know. I still don’t think he sired the baby, not after all of the philandering that he’s done in the past, there have been no other children that I am aware of.   If he has a problem making babies, I’m sure that we can find a doctor that will fix that problem.

I can’t say that I am all too keen on the accommodations here in camp.  I live in a large tent with nine other women and they aren’t of the social standing that I have been accustomed too.  Naturally, all the chatter is about men, clothes, makeup and the next party they are going too.   I even have gone out on a few dates since I have been up here and wasn’t disappointed  with them too much when all they wanted to do was to get into my pants, which they didn’t.

Well, my brother’s tales of all of the rain in Krasarang weren’t a lie.  I swear that it is raining when I get up, rains all day and then, rains some more if it ever really stopped to begin with.  I do keep getting sent back to the Jade Forest to do some cleanup of the Alliance scum that seem to be trickling in there – they don’t have the manpower that we have from what I can tell.   I will have to admit that the Sentinels seem to keep some very nice looking scouts with them – wonder if I can keep one alive long enough to talk to him.  I can see why women are attracted to them and I bet they aren’t just talented at hunting and scouting.

I haven’t tried to get in touch with my sister yet, I suppose I should, however, I just know that she won’t waste any time getting word back to our brother.  Our adopted brother! I know that she is all involved with some other Death Knight here in Pandaria, some silly guy that likes to run around with a cat with him all of the time.  Figures she’d find someone that is brain-damaged to hang out with.  I’ve met him once and he didn’t say a whole lot, just started at me with those dead blue eyes of his as he sat there playing with his cat.  I know he can talk, he said a few words to Fel and to his cat, however, he just stared at me as if I had two heads when I started talking about the people in Silvermoon.  Oh well, that was their last trip to Silvermoon and I sure don’t know if I want to see them in Pandaria.

Now, I just have to figure out a way to find out where Dawnglory is living in this Valley of Four Winds.  I’m sure he has some little shack somewhere that he is sharing with that woman of his.   I didn’t realize how big the place was until I saw one of the maps in our briefing tent.  It’s huge and I don’t want to let him know that I am here yet because I haven’t finished all of my plans on how I am going to get him off alone and in bed.   He’ll have to marry me because I have been taking those drugs I got in Orgrimmar so that I will conceive a child even if he just looks at me wrong.  As much as my libido has been screaming at me to take a man, any man, I won’t do it because I want to be a virgin for Dawnglory , just to prove to him that I have not been with anyone else and I am sure that he would have to appreciate that because a virgin at my age is something a man would treasure.  I’m sure it won’t hurt when he takes me though because I would think that he wouldn’t be too drunk to realize he’s with a virgin.

Oh, another thing, I hate some of the things that they make us do.  I never have been one to clean my own armor, I have someone else do it for me and, now, if I don’t do it myself – I get put on some of the worst details – no, I haven’t been put on the latrine duty yet however, it has been promised if I don’t start doing some of the menial tasks here in camp.  I’m a Ranger, I shouldn’t have to take care of things like trash or grooming mounts or something like that – there are enough people out there that need the money that I could pay to do it for me.  I haven’t had any real time off since I got here because I refuse to do some of this stuff – I had servants that took care of the laundry and I don’t think it’s right that I have to take all of the bedding to be washed with the other girls – it’s just beneath me.

Money, that’s another thing!   I am having to live on what I make as a Ranger, which isn’t much, and then, if I happen to take money from a corpse or something, I have to split it with all of the others in my patrol group.  That just doesn’t seem fair.  I’ve been trying to sell some of the hides that I have gathered, however, the competition is pretty heavy and I’ve all but given away some of the stuff I had gathered.  My leatherworking is just as good as some of the others here, however, I had one fellow tell me that if I spent more time curing the hides properly, they wouldn’t make my leather goods smell moldy.  As if I didn’t know what I am doing?  Rude fellow!!

Well, it appears that duty calls and I have another black mark on my record for not cleaning my boots properly when I got inspected.  That means another week without any time off to go scouting out the Valley.

Faendra Morningstar

Farming In HalfHill…


Farming in Halfhill - Okay- virmen, birds - what more can I ask for


Just thought I’d post this really quickly today – still experimenting with the “media” portion and getting my screenshots going again.

Faendra Morningstar is one of my newest boosts to Pandaria and I have to laugh because the poor girl is definitely not a farmer – looks like every time she plants a set of four – at least three out of four have surprises for her.  I don’t think that the screenshot shows it clearly enough, however, she has this total look of bewilderment on her face as she gazes into the three spotlights on her crops – why me?  It always makes me giggle when I see this happen, however, I will have to admit that she doesn’t have to work as hard to eliminate the problems on the farm with the “gear” that she came with to the New World.

Poor thing is probably wondering why she was rescued from the Fel Reaver and the Hell Boards in Outland so that she can be arial attacked by huge birds, ankle biting things that pop out of the ground at a moments notice – not to mention, getting butted off a cliff by an angry goat, just because she wanted goat steak.  LOL, considering her attitude and personality, cant’ say that I blame the goat either.  😀

Running Away Again…

May 3rd

Dear Journal,

Well,  I am sure that my brother is going to be upset with some of the changes that I have made, however, I don’t care how he feels about things at this point.  Now he will have an empty house in Silvermoon that he probably won’t realize until he gets my letter.

Yes, I got fed up, got fed up with dealing with the same crap that I had to deal with before with the exception that I have no money or not much anyway.   I was bound, bent and determined to find a way to get to Pandaria so that I can be near the man that I love, not waiting for things to happen the way I want.  I will make things happen.

I was fine until last night when one of the toadies that Agatha has working over here at my house mentioned that I must be excited about the pending marriage.  What pending marriage?  Mine? I asked her what she was talking about and she started stammering and stuttering about marriages in general and I think that she realized that she had made a mistake by mentioning it to me.  I guess my brother is at his antics again, trying to make an “arranged” marriage for me.  He might have had the courtesy to talk to me about it before he started doing his two-step campaign in getting me married off.

There is only one man that I want to marry and I know that it is going to be fairly easy to convince him of that fact when I get to Pandaria.  I’m sure that he is probably disgusted with the woman he is living with right now and having to change diapers like some nursemaid.  He can’t be happy being tied down with a brat and a woman that doesn’t do anything other than take care of the baby, which might or might not be his, who knows?

Well, I hope my stupid brother hasn’t signed any contracts or anything binding with this new marriage scheme of his because he’s going to have a hard time finding me this time.  I won’t get stupid and go to the Faire like I did the last time, this time, I am going further afield.

I know where the mercenaries usually camp in Kalimdor near the gateway to Uldum.  I am sure that they will be willing to let me travel with them this time.  My gear is much better than the last time that I tried to go with them and I have some gold with me too.  No, I won’t barter a travel pass with them with my body either, there is no need.  I am so close to leaving  everything behind me and finally getting my boots to touch the earth of Pandaria.

Good luck at finding me this time, brother dear.  I’ll write more when I have the chance and no, I won’t be stupid this time and get everything stolen from me.  I’m smarter this trip than I was the last time – that girl hadn’t a clue of how to manipulate things.

Faendra Morningstar


This Is So Not Fair!!

March 26th

Dear Journal,

Of all of the nerve of some people.  I get back from working my behind off and find out that I’ve been “moved out” – no notice, just one of those things when you go into your room and notice that everything you had is gone.  Some more of my brother’s brilliant ideas, I suppose.  I guess I’m supposed to just take this sitting down and he’s not even home for me to scream at.

Agatha just informed me that the living arrangements had been changed and that I had a new house to go too.  Well, isn’t that just peachy!   It isn’t bad enough that I had to share this house that has been my home for quite some time since we left Dalaran and now, I find out that the goblins and whomever else might be staying here are more welcomed than I am.

At least the new place is habitable even if it is very small and very old.  I bet this place is older than my dear Brother.  The furniture is terrible and I suppose that I won’t be doing any kind of entertaining here for a while unless Mr. Morningstar is going to refurnish the place, I would be too embarrassed for my friends to see this house like it is.  I suppose I should be thankful that he at least let me have a couple of maids and a junior housekeeper.

I wonder who is going to pay for all of this, I don’t have that kind of money.   Agatha told me that all of the arrangements had been made and that my brother felt that I would be happier living almost on my own, since, I was a young lady of some means and needed a home of my home.  Well, that was almost like a slap in the face, wasn’t it?

I suppose the next thing that he will do is set up some kind of marriage thing for me and I won’t have it.  I have one man that I will marry willingly and he’s too far away for me to get to see him.  Yes, Dawnglory is the only man that I will marry.  If my brother thinks that he can stick me with some old stick of a man and I’ll stay in the confines of that marriage, he has another thought coming, I won’t do it.  If it’s not what I want, then, I’ll just do what I want with it.

My new bedroom is about the size of my old closet, speaking of which, all of my gowns and things had to be stored down the hall because there isn’t enough room for them in here.  It’s awful.  The color of the room makes me look green.  Oh, and the bathing area, that’s something that I can’t understand, we don’t even have hot water out of the tap, at least I have running water, which I suppose I should be happy about.

At least it’s in Silvermoon, I guess I should be thankful for that, however, I am going to be talking to my brother again real soon about these changes, if I can catch him now.  I suppose I’ll have to go camp out at the warehouse here in town to catch him and listen to that little tramp, Zippie, talk about how great business is.

Oh, the real corker is that I have keys to this house, there are no wards on anything, so, I’ll have to rely on locks, I can’t say that I have ever had that happen before.  Locks and keys for everything.   I don’t know that I can live here, it’s almost like camping out in the wilds except that I have lumpy mattress to sleep on.

I checked out the kitchen and I am just not happy at all.  The larder is filled with everything that I need to live on, however, the dishes are older than anything I’ve ever seen.  Oh my, there is a hand pump in the kitchen to fill the sink and still no hot water.  The stove, well, it’s worse than the one than anything I have ever seen, well, maybe it might have come from some hovel somewhere but it’s not anything like I’m used to having.  It looks like I have to burn wood or coal in the thing to make it work, I don’t know how to cook on something like that!

I suppose I should be happy, however, I’m not.  There isn’t even a letter here from Fnor telling me that he has given me any extra money to live on.   No accounts to shop with and now, I have a house to support too.

I’m going back to the main house tomorrow and I am going to stay there until my brother sees me, he has a lot of things to answer for.  I won’t be shuttled off like some misbegotten person that he felt like he needed to give some charity too.  Well, even the apartment above the stables where the Forsaken are staying is better than this place.

Well, I’m not going to deal with this sitting down, no I’m not!  I wanted to move out and get away from him, however, I didn’t expect to live in a dump.  No, he will make this right or I’ll figure out a way to really make him suffer.  I bet the authorities would love to know about his little family of half-breeds and his Sentinel wife.  No, if I do that, there might be some fallout there that might make things worse for me.   I’ll think of something.  This whole thing is not fair and it’s not right!!

Faendra Morningstar

There Is Treachery …and Then

February 27th

Dear Journal,

I am so angry with my brother that I wish I could just pack my bags again and leave, however, I’m not going without some money in my bags to make sure that I can live the life that I want. He actually had the audacity to slap me, his own sister, when I was just telling him the truth about how his life is. Of all the nerve – well, he’s not even really a blood relative and I should have pointed that out to him again, he seems to forget that his bloodline is very sullied, even if his biological Father acknowledged him before he died…and left him a lot more money and another house here in Silvermoon.

How dare he give me all of these silly rules to follow, has he lost his mind completely?  Unless he’s changed his Will since I’ve been gone, I get part of the properties here in Silvermoon, which is five houses now. One I swear is haunted by his old Sindorei fiancée – now, there was another shady side of Mister By-the-Sunwell, holier than thou.  Yes, he was no angel and Amyn knows it, if she hasn’t lied to herself enough to think that he’s always been hers.  No, she’s had to share him and she was his mate, in the Kaldorei fashion, and she was just his mistress with his two bastard sons. Who is he to think that he can pass judgment on me? I’m a true Morningstar, not him.

Well, if he died and he hasn’t changed his Will, Felaran, even though she’s dead really, will inherit a portion of the houses as well as a large percentage of the company.  Doesn’t he realize that he is worth more dead than alive right now in my eyes. No, not even I could stoop that low, however, the thought is there that I might be forced into something like that.  I’m tired of him telling me what to do, I’m not one of his precious Rangers to jump when he beckons either.

Yes, he told about the fact that he almost had a heart attack when we had our argument.  Well, there is a difference between “almost” and actually having one.  He didn’t have one.  He should of had one with the way that he treated me because it was uncalled for.  All I was asking for were things that I have a right to have and I am entitled to them.  If he wants me to get back into the Silvermoon society, I have to have access to money and nice things.

Now, I am not going anywhere anytime soon due to the fact that I don’t have enough money and secondly, I do know that Dawnglory will come back to Silvermoon eventually. He has to come back because he has obligations that he has to fulfill here as well as this is where the main part of the company is for the time being.  When he does come back, I’ll be here waiting for him and hopefully he will leave that whore of his in Pandaria with their bastard child, if it is even his.  I fully intend on getting him alone and telling him what I think of his treachery and then, possibly slip him a philter that I have to make him love me…not her.

I’ve heard some interesting gossip when I finally did run into one of my old friends that would still talk to me.  Oh, I heard all kinds of things about who is sleeping with whom, who is playing around on their spouses and lastly, a real juicy piece of gossip.  I heard that there is a young Ranger here in Silvermoon that has been asking about Dawnglory, yes, a young Ranger that people have told me looks exactly like Dawnglory.  Now, could this Ranger be one of his by-blows that he left here in the city when he went off to war?  I’m going to check this out and try to meet this fellow, if my suspicions are correct, there might be a way that it would work to my benefit in gaining Dawnglory’s heart again.

I know he loves me, deep down inside.  The way he flirted with me in Shattrath was not just a mild flirtation and I even let him kiss me.  I know that he was very drunk and he even tried to do more than kiss me, however, I think he was just too drunk to do anything about it. He even invited me on a trip to see some of the sights in Outland, however, the trip never happened because he was too drunk to remember it when he sobered up.  That would have been a golden opportunity to have put him into a very compromising situation and the Fates didn’t let happen.  There will be other times and I have to think that after two years, he might still remember some of the things he said to me.

Oh well, enough, I have things to do and people to see.   I still don’t have access to the accounts for my shopping needs.  Yes, my brother left again and still didn’t change that.  I even went to the bank to try to withdraw some of the money from the company account and they wouldn’t let me do either.  I am really getting tired of being treated like a second class citizen because my brother is an idiot.

Faendra Morningstar 



Oh, Just Plotting and Planning…

February 11th

Dear Journal,

Well, I certainly hope that my brother gets his behind back here to Silvermoon soon.  Of all of the times for him to decide to take off and go spend time with his Night Elf wife, this was not a good time at all.  Here I have just returned home and I’m trying to get my feet back under me and he takes off. I think it’s pretty inconsiderate on his part.

I am just furious at how I am being treated in my own home. I am also extremely furious at how I am being treated by this so-called manager of our company as well.  I know that when I left Orgrimmar, I had planned on going on to Pandaria to try to get together with the man that I truly loved.  I left Orgrimmar because I was unhappy and now, I think that I am even more unhappy.

Okay, let me start by saying that I was going to try to do my part for the company that is owned by my family and I was insulted when I walked in there.  That nasty little goblin kept giving me all of these menial tasks, like doing an inventory on the warehouse, clearing out a few lockers that the previous owners had disappeared and never returned after several months.  I mean, really, these are things that someone of lesser mental talents could have done. I went to ask for some money to replace my very worn gear that I had been using the last few months so that I could better accomplish my tasks out in the field for the low paying contracts that I was given. She told me to go look in a locker down in the warehouse because there were plenty of discarded items in there that I could use until I made some money – what?  Just who does she think she is?  I’m Faendra Morningstar, a family member of the person that started and owns this stinking company.  I was so angry that I just walked out after dumping the contents of that smelly locker on the floor, I don’t care if someone else had to clean it up, I wasn’t going to lift a hand to do it.

The icing on the cake for the day was that I decided that I would do some shopping.  I knew that my brother had all kinds of accounts set up all over Silvermoon for that purpose so that he and members of the family would not have to carry large quantities of gold on their person.  I wanted some new dresses, shoes and jewelry – I had lost all of my jewelry when I got robbed a few days out of Orgrimmar.

I walked into the shop and the tailor and seamstress were just standing there talking and I thought that I would ask them to help me.  Silly me, how dare I ask them to work.  Naturally, they wanted to know who I was and I told them.  I had already explained to the seamstress what I wanted, how many gowns that I needed to have made as well as the appropriate foot gear to go with them.  I guess the tailor was curious because as the seamstress was starting to take my measurements, the tailor came back and told me that I wasn’t authorized to use the Morningstar Enterprises account. I only had a few pieces of gold in my purse, not even enough to buy one of the blouses that I had been looking at previously, it was all red and gold with lace frills on the sleeves…I really liked that.

I know that I blushed to the roots of my hair and I could feel the tears of anger welling up in my eyes when the tailor and the seamstress just stood there and smirked at my discomfiture.  In my haste to escape the most embarrassing moment in my life, I know that I knocked over several displays as I was making my escape from the situation.  I’m sure that I broke a few things because I could hear glass breaking as I went out the door.  I don’t care, they had no right to treat me that way.

As I was standing in the middle of the Bazaar, I spied some old friends of mine and decided that I needed some socializing, plus, they would listen to my complaints about what just happened.  I was sure they would take my side in regard to the bad treatment I had received.  As I walked up, I noticed that they all stared at me as if I had two heads and turned away.  When I tried to talk to them, they looked at me again like I was a total stranger and told me that I hadn’t been invited into their conversation and would I please leave. Some friends, right?  They hadn’t seen me in months and I would have thought that they might have been a bit more welcoming and curious to hear about my adventures, but, no, they didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

When I got home, there was that nasty little goblin sitting in the parlor with his feet all propped up on the table reading a book.  That was the icing on the cake.  How dare he even be in there to begin with and how dare he be reading one of my brother’s books from the library?  I know I yelled at him and told him to leave because he and the rest of his family didn’t belong in the house, they weren’t invited to live there.  I know I was angry as can be when he told me that he was planning on leaving and that they had been invited to live there by my brother.  I was so angry that I picked up one of the crystal vases from Dalaran and threw it at him. He turned me into a sheep!! How dare he treat me that way, he knew who I was and that my brother was going to boot him out when he heard what he had done to me.

Every single store that I have tried to buy things on the Morningstar accounts has turned me away because I’m not listed as one of the people authorized to use it.  I guess that my brother hadn’t counted on me returning and was in such a big hurry to go to bed with his woman that he didn’t have time to let people know that I was back.  He and I are going to have a long talk when he gets back and he had better make more than a few changes so that I can live my life the way that I have been accustomed in the past.  How dare he think that I am going to be wearing last year’s gowns when I go out?

I was so angry about how things were going that I decided that I needed to clear my head by taking a ride.  I went out to the stables and looked at my poor hawkstrider next to all of my brother’s mounts and she looked just as shabby as I felt.  I told the stableman to saddle up one of Fnor’s mounts for me, the big black hawkstrider.  I wanted to at least look the part of being a wealthy noblewoman, however, the stableman refused at first until I threatened him. The only thing that I am going to get in trouble for since I’ve been back is that I rode the beast too hard all the way out to the Ghostlands and ended up walking him back home because he pulled up lame.  It was very late when I got home and I was very tired, so, I just put him back in his stall and left, the stableman should take care of him, not me.

I know that my brother and I  are really going to have to talk about what things are going to change for me in this household.  I’m not some little chit that he picked up on his travels, I’m his sister and I should be respected as such. It’s definitely all his fault that I ran away to begin with and it’s truly his fault that I’m not married to Dawnglory by now too.  I’m not going to sit in Silvermoon and be miserable and he’s going to make that right, he just has too.

Speaking of Dawnglory, I think that I will sit down and write him a letter to let him know that I still love him and that I forgive him for taking up with that pregnant whore of his. I know they are living together and I’ll remind him that if he wants better than that, he has to reach higher.  I know that I am younger than that woman of his and I can give him as many children as he desires and it won’t be a trap and I’m sure that Fnor will cough up another dowry for me, so, that means more money for him too.

Well, I’m going to stop writing in this journal and clear my mind so that I can write that letter. That woman is probably good in bed, however, I’ll remind him that I can learn the things that please him and he doesn’t have to pay me for the services rendered.  No, maybe I should be more diplomatic and subtle with him this time, I can still trick him into going to bed with me with enough booze and exposed skin.  Okay, I need to plan this out more carefully this time, I’ve learned that he’s not the kind to fall into things very easily.  I wonder if my brother will take me to Pandaria on his next trip so I can get to know this woman of Dawnglory’s, find out what her weaknesses are.

Faendra Morningstar

I Will Change Everything Back to What I Want…

January 29th

Dear Journal,

I woke up this morning to the sounds of children playing and the pitter patter of little feet going down the hall outside my room.  Now, I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decision or not because the little feet inside the house were little goblin feet, I guess my brother decided that they could stay here at the house in Silvermoon – he should have put them in the apartment above the stables unless he has someone else stashed away up there. Knowing my brother, he probably has an entire family of Tauren staying up there or even some Trolls that had a pitiful story to tell him.

My room was pretty much the way that I left it with the exception of the bridal gown that I threw in the fireplace last night and burned.  I am going to have to go to the dressmakers and get some more current gowns since the ones I left here no longer fit me correctly since my body has changed so much with the physical activity that I did while I was gone. I wonder if my stingy brother will loan me some money against my earnings or something so that I dress befitting a woman of some rank in Silvermoon should dress?  I don’t have that much money of my own right now and if I were staying at an Inn, I’d be on the street in a few days.

I know I was shocked when I ran into my brother at the Faire, even more astonished when I saw Dawnglory there with a very pregnant woman.  Oh yeah, my feelings for him haven’t changed that much and I just felt like this woman was just some whore that he knocked up and felt like he needed to make sure that the baby was his. They aren’t married and they, apparently, aren’t planning on making their relationship legal which means that their baby, if it is his, will be a bastard.  She must have been very pretty at some point though to keep my man interested and now, with that big belly sticking out there, she’s lost her looks for a while.  Of course, we were introduced and she gave me such a look that I almost laughed out loud.  I guess that might be some kind of threat to her or something, however, time will tell.  I know Dawnglory well enough to know that he’s going to lose interest and will be off womanizing again.

My brother told me that Dawnglory was very much in love with this woman and that I had better get any ideas that I had in my mind about him forgotten because this woman could kill me very easily.  Oh, I don’t think so, big brother, I’ve learned a lot in these last few months and I think I can handle anything that she might try to do. I guess she was a Ranger under my brother’s command and worked alongside Dawnglory – well, more than alongside but more underneath.  Oh well, guess she got pregnant and Dawnglory left the Rangers, as did she.  I hope he didn’t get kicked out for dallying with the subordinates because it will be hard for him to go back, if that was the case.

Felessa got married while I was gone and she’s pregnant too.  I have my doubts about whether her baby was her husband’s or not because he’s kind of old.  She was really smitten with this young Ranger that is still in Silvermoon and I have a feeling that it’s his.  I know that her marriage contract is set up that she has to produce an heir to the family and she’s doing that, I don’t think it said that it had to be a legitimate heir.  Oh, she’s so busy making baby clothes and getting as big as house that I don’t think that she and I are going to be socializing with one another that much.  She did promise to throw a party in the near future to welcome me back and to reintroduce me to some of the people that I haven’t seen for awhile.  She’s probably going to try to find someone for me so that I can get fat and pregnant just like her.  I like the idea of a party, however, finding a man to sleep with isn’t on the top of my list unless it’s one particular man.

I did meet quite a few men in my travels and I’ll admit that one young Blood Elf caught my eye and I often think about him and how it might have been to go to bed with him. He was the polar opposite of Dawnglory, he was dark haired and a monk.  He basically threw all of the things that he had learned in Silvermoon away and started a new life for himself.  He apparently is from a very good family here in Silvermoon, however, he abandoned them along with all of the other things in Silvermoon.  He was kind, considerate and very well educated – one would think that he still had some of his Silvermoon connections because he didn’t seem to want for much.  In fact, he helped me out a few times with gear and weapons when I didn’t have any money.  I know that we spent a lot of time together and I am sure that he is wondering where I am right now.  I’ll have to write him and let him know where I am and that I am still planning on coming back to Kalimdor in the very near future if things don’t work out the way that I want them too here.

Well, I guess that I should see if my brother will let me go with him to the farm in Pandaria so that I can try to befriend Dawnglory’s woman after she has her brat.  I’ll also try to figure out if there are any chinks in the relationship that she has with my man so that I can get him back where he belongs.  No, she isn’t going to keep that golden haired man out of my bed if I have anything to say about it – he was mine long before he ever met her.

I really need to get a bath and go get my nails done, they are absolutely horrid and I suppose I need to go talk to Zippie and find out what kind of contracts she has for me. I hope she doesn’t think that I am going to be doing all of her grunt work for her either, not without some recognition and money from my brother.  Besides, if she goes to Shattrath to run things down there, I can run things here in Silvermoon without any trouble at all and without her nosy interference.

I hope my brother left word with the stableman that my mount needed to be properly groomed and outfitted with new tack.  I would hate for anyone to see me riding my hawkstrider the way that she looks right now.  Oh, maybe I can take Fnor’s black hawkstrider out, he’s a much better looking animal and the gear that he wears is very rich looking.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll take one of my brother’s mounts.

Faendra Morningstar