June 10th – Life Goes On…Even For Death Knights

June 10th

Dear Journal,
It has been quite some time since I have written in my journal because Ty and I have been busy keeping up with our duties in Pandaria. We haven’t gone to serve our time in Draenor yet, however, we both know that the Horde will be calling us up eventually even with the waiver that we got through my brother’s auspices and political dealings. It’s nice being able to hide under that umbrella that covers the employees of Morningstar Enterprises. I don’t know how he does these sort of things, however, it has been going on for years.

Our little farm is our home and the first one that I have felt comfortable in since my transition to a Death Knight. I don’t care what some people say, we are not truly welcomed among the living regardless of what they might say to your face. There is always that thought in the back of a living person’s mind that this Death Knight in front of them might go berserker at any moment, which is no longer the case. We do control our own thoughts and actions in absence of the Lich King, Arthas.

One of the reasons that I am writing right now is that I think that my sister, Faendra, has been up to no good again. Anytime she walks around with a big grin on her face and gloating about some inner secret, it usually spells trouble for someone. Light, I hope that she hasn’t started manipulating poor Dawnglory again, the poor fellow is suffering enough with his beloved and children missing. It’s been a while since I have seen her act like this and it causes me some concern. Usually when she has been up to something, she gives herself away by her actions and deeds, however, this time, I can’t figure it out.

Ty has been busy with his jewelry making and I swear he gets more creative as the years go by. He has some wonderful pieces that should fetch a good price at the jewelers in Silvermoon City. Very elegant looking with a lot of gold wire keeping the stones entwined in their settings – unique looking. I still love the rings he made for us – all carved Jade that he did himself and they fit perfectly. Elegant, not ostentatious.

Oh, we haven’t turned into total farmers here in Halfhill, we still go to the Rangers’ camp in Krasarang and go out on patrols with them. Of course, there isn’t as much action as there once was back in the day when we had freshly arrived. We still run into the occasional renegades and a few Alliance interlopers from time to time, which keeps us occupied.

I don’t know if we will ever get pulled away from our happy unlife here in Pandaria, however, we own the farm and if we do have to leave there will be people to help us take care of it.

Oh well, I suppose I should stop rambling on here and get busy trying to cook something for dinner, hmmm, my cooking skills have improved considerably and I haven’t blown up the kitchen in the last six months. See, I can learn!

Felaran Morningstar

I Don’t Need This Right Now…

*Some swearing and blunt language – if this sort of thing offends you, please don’t read this.*


June 5th

Dear Journal,

I am so angry with Tylanlor right now that I could just spit.  Well, that made me feel better after I did spit, however, it’s just something else for me to clean up now.

Why in the hell would he think that he was protecting me by not telling me that my sister is here in Pandaria?  If I could get my hands on her neck right now, she’s probably be a corpse because I am pretty angry with her too.   My stupid brother thought that things were settling down and that she was going to be just “fine” in Silvermoon.  I could have and did tell him that he was wrong and I am sure that his wife told him the same thing.

Faendra is not like the rest of us, I don’t care what anyone says.   She has turned into someone that I don’t think that I even want to know but I have too because she’s my sister.  Her obsession with Dawnglory has gone beyond all boundaries of sanity – she truly needs to get her head looked at or her mental deck reshuffled because what she is doing is wrong, totally wrong.  When I do finally catch up with her I do fully intend on putting my plate boot up her skinny arse as well as my fist in her face.  I’ve never struck her before, however, I think that it is long overdue because she has caused this family enough grief with her idiocy.

Dawnglory is happy with Romy and his baby girl.  He doesn’t want some selfish little bitch from Silvermoon to show up and try to ruin things for him.   He has already told Faendra in the past that he thinks of her as a sister, nothing more.   There might have been some flirtation on his part at one point, however, Fae isn’t bright enough to know what being flirted with is all about.  I know she made our last Christmas Veil miserable,  the last time that the whole family was together,  because she expected Dawnglory to ask her to marry him or something or give her  a ring – well, he had no intentions of dong that, I knew that and so did Fnor.  This all took place before she ran away from Orgrimmar – silly stupid girl.

I’m really happy that I am a Death Knight and I don’t have to deal with all of the social bullshit in Silvermoon.   I can do whatever I want and if they don’t like it, they can kiss my cold dead behind, at least Ty likes it.  Anyway, she has killed any of her chances of doing anything for herself in Silvermoon now after running off this time – she’s used goods as far as everyone is concerned or at least too insane for any family of any importance to want to have to deal with her.  I hope she’s fucking happy with that bit of news when it finally registers in her little pea brain.

Well, I hope she’s happy because she’s already causing trouble for people that know her and I haven’t laid eyes on her yet.  I shouldn’t have thrown that bowl of noodles at Ty because he and FuzzButt took off for parts unknown and I should go find him.  He was only doing what he thought was right – he’s still learning things about how to deal with people issues.  I think I saw tears in his blue eyes before he ducked out the door – I know I hurt his feelings badly by screaming at him like some kind of banshee. I need to go find him and apologize and explain to him why I got so upset and let him know that I don’t need that kind of protection – it’s a family thing and I am adult enough to deal with it.

I bet I know where he went because he always goes there when he’s upset.  He’s at the Jade Temple talking to the bears or fishing or watching the training.  I’ll find him and make it right between the two of us – our first argument of any merit and it has to be over my dumbass sister.

I did fire off a letter to Fnor to let him know that we know where Faendra is and that we’re going to go ahead and warn Dawnglory if he doesn’t already know about it.  News travels fast amongst the Blood Elf community up here and I am sure that someone has already been pounding on his door to let him know that some lunatic is looking for him.


Felaran Morningstar 

New changes – cooking with pots and pans…

April 28th

Dear Journal,

Well, this farming thing isn’t too terribly bad and I am truly happy that Ty and I were able to buy the farm.   The house isn’t great, however, it’s better than living in a tent, sometimes.  Sure, we finally got the roof replaced and things aren’t quite so wet inside the house.

I actually have pots and pans now.  Ty came home with a big bag of stuff the other day and in there were pots and pans with other cooking utensils.  Now, that means I don’t have to make do with my armor anymore.   He told me that it was high time that I learned how to cook properly with the right tools to begin with. Poor man has no idea that my cooking is legendary – legendary as in real bad.

Now, we won’t have to wait while I make my helm cuisine – the carrots floating around inside my helm with added bits of potatoes and this and that.  It always tasted good, however, it did take days for me to get the smell out of my helm.   I am real hesitant on giving up on the  shield grill though – that thing really does make some of the best grilled food – fish, meat and yes, occasionally some grilled steaks.  Oh, the shield wasn’t mine, it belonged to an Alliance Paladin that doesn’t need it anymore.  However, the ornate work on the shield was always a bit hard to clean up after cooking on it though.  So, now I have pots and pans – we don’t eat that often but we do enjoy a good meal.

I think my dear brother has no clue about how to deal with our baby sister.  Here he has her living in her own little house in Silvermoon, has given her servants and all of the things that she needs to keep up the front, so to speak, and then, he still won’t give her access to the accounts that she wants in order to “live up to the standards” that she has come to expect.   She wrote me a rather lengthy and scathing letter concerning out brother.

I got a letter from Fnor telling me that he was making inquiries and arrangements to get Fae married off.  I think that is just asking for more trouble and fully intend on writing him back and telling him that.   He knows how she reacted the last time and if she hears of Dawnglory’s upcoming nuptials, I’m sure that she will go off the deep end for sure.  I’m glad that Ty and I are in Pandaria and removed from all of the family stuff.

Ty laughs at me constantly because I know that I do run about how the family is just going to Hell on the fast track with all of the trouble that they cause for each other.  What the hell!!  I’m a member of the family and I’m dead, I know better than to do some of the silly shit they are pulling.   Why would I want to get involved in that shit?

Well, at least Ty and I are doing what we want to do with the farm and just enjoying our time that we get to spend there, which isn’t  as much as I would like to do.   We still have to go down to the Jade Forest and break in the new recruits that seem to still be arriving – why they are being sent here is a mystery to me after all of the trash that has gone down with Garrosh – what a pinheaded fool he has turned out to be.

We were able to slip away and do some things that we wanted to do today.  We actually took some time to sit around the Jade Temple grounds and fish – did some laundry and watched FuzzButt chase some butterflies.  I swear that kitten has grown by leaps and bounds – must be almost completely grown and spoiled rotten.  I swear that if we were able to have children, Ty would still lavish most of his affections on that silly feline.

I know that my brother was being all nosy in his letter and was asking me what my intentions were with Ty – well, let’s just say that I won’t go into any details in that matter because what goes on between us is consensual.  Are we going to get married like the living do?  Probably not, we don’t need too, we aren’t going to have children and we sure as hell don’t need a piece of paper that says we’re together – we’re pretty damned obvious with that.

Felaran Morningstar

Who Are These People?

March 14th

Dear Journal,

I almost feel like what Dawnglory sounds like.  Where the hell are all of these untrained people coming from.  Has that shithead back in Orgrimmar completely lost his mind.  Things were cooling down here in Pandaria and I’ll be blessed if they haven’t sent more new recruits up there that couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel.

Ty and I both are just kind of keeping to ourselves because we’re in a bit of a shocked state of mind.  We see supposed Rangers that have no clue about anything.  Where are they coming from?  I know that there are certain requirements to be met to become a Ranger, however, there seems to be a real open door policy going on right now.   I watched a fellow try to kill a tiger and after missing the beast several times, just politely lead the beast back to where I was standing.  Oh, it was a simple kill for me, however, the fellow just smiled and took off again.  Where are they coming from? He didn’t even stop to skin it, so I did, and watched him scamper off into the forest as if he had an appointment with a lady or his hairdresser.

Oh, I know that a few new Death Knights have shown up and they seem to be surviving okay, however, there is something real strange about them.   They know they are free of the Lich, however, they aren’t real sure why they were sent here either.   The ones that came through Silvermoon and the Regent Lord are at least trained and have some idea as to why they are here in Pandaria, however, they are full of a lot of questions about just basic things.

There must be something going on that we aren’t aware of right now.  Why all the new raw recruits are being sent here is a mystery to me unless they are trying a new training program.  If you live through the training here, then, you move onto the next area?  I don’t know, there are always rumblings of things on the horizon with these politicos and it makes you wonder if they have started letting some Village Idiot lead the parade out of Orgrimmar and the Regent is trying to keep pace by releasing some real green kids to come up here to cover his interests.

Well, Ty and I almost have enough money to buy our farm now and I am looking forward to getting there and settling down.  I should say that I am looking forward to getting there and hide out until all of this passes and someone tells us what in the name of the Light is going on.  Did the Sunwell blow up and these are the people escaping from that?

I haven’t heard a word from my brother in the last few weeks and I am getting more than concerned.  Naturally, I am still getting letters from Faendra with all of her complaints about being in Silvermoon and how the living conditions are there.  Poor little lamb is having to work for her money and she isn’t too happy with that.  Naturally, everything is Fnor’s fault and she is going to let him know how she feels – she says he slapped her the last time he was in town.  Well, knowing my sister and knowing my big brother as well as I do, she did something to set the fireworks off.  She’s no innocent, that’s for certain.  I think I will drop a line to Fnor and put the bee in his bonnet about trying to marry her off so she will leave Dawnglory alone.

Oh, I saw the baby, Mirrin, in Halfhill and she certainly is growing and from what I gathered from Romy and Dawnglory, she’s quite the handful.  There is nothing sacred in their house that this little one isn’t either trying to explore or to shove into her mouth.  She’s adorable and Dawnglory certainly can’t deny being her Father with all of that golden hair.   I guess they are getting married, which came as a real shock to me, I never thought that in a million years that any woman would be able to tie that rascal down – he’s always been one to hit any skirt that sat still long enough.  Now, he’s a Father and soon to be a husband, who’d a thunk it?

I’m sitting here trying not to burst out laughing.   Ty is trying his best to teach Fuzzbutt to be an attack cat.  To see this grown man down on the floor and taunting this kitty to attack anything is just funny.  He even tried to get her to attack a moth that he had caught flying around the lamp.  Well, Fuzzbutt was intrigued at first and then ran over and jumped up on the bed and curled up.  Then, the laugh finally had to come out – Ty wanted to know how hunters get their pets to track and hunt like they do.  Well, hello, my almost brain-dead love, the beasts are much larger and the hunters know how to work with them.

Luckily, Ty and I are alone tonight and the neighbors don’t seem to be inclined to visit here in Halfhill quite as often as the barracks where you had no choice but to tolerate people being around constantly.  I think that Ty and I are just happy that we were able to rent this place for a while until we save up our money for the farm.  When Ty heard that Dawnglory was getting married, he looked at me afterwards as if he was going to say something and then clamped his jaws tight and had this kind questioning look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he said “Oh, nothing, I just swallowed a bug and I was wondering what kind it was?”  Oh, likely story that is.


Felaran Morningstar 

Not Real Thrilled…

*Some coarse and blunt language within  – if you get easily offended by that sort of thing, don’t read it.*


February 12th


Dear Journal,

Well, it has been damned long time since I’ve written in my journal, however, I thought it was time to break it out again and write down some of this nonsense, just in case I get hit in the head or something.

Just to back up a bit, Faendra, my dim-witted sister, ran away from Orgrimmar before the rebellion kicked off to its bullshit.  Okay, she ran way because she didn’t want to get married to that silly mage that Fnor had picked out for her, can’t say that I blame her either because sometimes male mages can be more effeminate than us girls.  The real reason she took off was because that she was still carrying the torch for Dawnglory, plain and simple.  We all spent fucking months looking for her when we had the chance, however, I will admit that Ty and I didn’t exactly bust our humps trying to find the little bitch.

I got a letter this morning here in Vale from my brother telling me that he had found her at the Faire.  Well, of all the places that she might go and want to be hidden away – told you she wasn’t all that fucking bright.  Anyway, he’s all thrilled at having found her and has moved her back into the house in Silvermoon City. Of course, that means she’s back in the business again too, which is fine with me as long as she does an honest day’s work. Oh, the sad thing is that Fnor thinks she’s changed, that she won’t be the selfish, self-centered spoiled brat that she once was.  Okay, if that’s what you want to believe Big Brother, that’s fine.  However, I think that the poor fellow is going to be in for a real rude awakening.

If she’s changed, there has to be a magical switch somewhere that got flipped.  Oh, you know the fucking one I’m talking about – the one that flips and “Poof! You’re not a fucking Death Knight, you’re a real live woman again that can shoot rainbows out her ass and have farts that smell like roses!”

Oh, Fnor, I wish to hell I was close enough to you geographically because I would fucking shake you like a tambourine until you realized that Fae isn’t going to change, she’s just learned how to hide things better.  I know that girl, she’s my sister and for her to change would be like Dalaran falling from the sky in Northrend.  Nope, she’s not changed.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my sister almost as much as I love Ty and Fuzzbutt, however, after the stunts she’s pulled in the past, I can’t say that I like her much as a person.  Part of the reason she is like she is was because my dear brother just spoiled her rotten by giving her everything that she ever wanted in her life.  Why?  She got the best education that money could buy and she never lacked for the material things and they always had to be the best.  No, I’m not jealous, far from it, I’m sad for her because she has never learned the true value of anything.

Of course, he also mentions that he is leaving for a few weeks to spend some time with Amyn in Nagrand and to expedite the business in Shattrath which will be our main base of operations, I guess.  He says that he will be keeping the business open in Silvermoon, however, it will be a secondary front to the one Shattrath.  Well, honestly man, why in the hell would you leave Fae in Silvermoon while you go off and take care of business, both personal and professional?  He really must be living in a fool’s paradise to have left her on her own in Silvermoon.  Does he think that she is just going to go back to her life like it was there after all of the shit she has done?  I hope to fuck that Zippie keeps everything locked up at the office and warehouse because I’m sure that Miss Thing will get a case of “I want” and will clean the cash out.

I suppose that I should be jumping for joy at the idea that my sister is back in the fold, however, a part me is happy that she is safe and sound and part of me is just groaning inwardly.   Life was just starting to settle down again after she took off and now, she’s back.   I guess that Ty and I should fucking pack up and head to Silvermoon to see her, however, it ain’t gonna fuckin’ happen. Yes, I would like to see her, however, I just want to slap the shit out of her for what she put us all through.  She has no idea that her taking off like that at the time that she chose had our brother damned near sick to death with worry.

Ty knew I had gotten a letter from my brother and was curious about what was going on since we rarely get written correspondence from him.  I told him about Fae being back and all that, he just rolled his eyes and looked at me and chuckled.  He knows as well as I fucking do that my brother is being a twit and that things are going to get interesting with the family again.   No, he doesn’t  want to leave Pandaria anymore than I do because we’ve got shit going on, we have our own lives up here and we’ve finally saved enough money to where we can get a farm in Halfhill and build a house.  Nope, we’re not going back.

I’ll just cool my heels here and wait to hear from the Princess herself.  If she wants to renew our relationship, she’s going to have to work for it, even if she is my sister.  I did everything in my power to help her before she took off – I explained to her multiple times that her infatuation with Dawnglory was just that and nothing more – the man does not love her that way, he thinks more of her like a sister because he’s watched her grow up just as he has his own sister, Felessa.  Why can’t she just fucking see that and get on with her life?

I hope that I run into Dawnglory the next time I go to the market or I might even stop by his farm to make sure that he knows that Faendra is back in the picture.  Damn, the news is probably going to sit him down his ass because she made his life a living hell to where he actually started dispatching his contracts and materials in to the shop instead of carrying them in because he didn’t want to see Faendra.   Oh, besides, I want to see the new baby, she is just so small and she looks just like Dawnglory, he’d be hard pressed to try to deny her parentage.  I like his woman too, has a good head on her shoulders and doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Well, it’s time for Ty and  I to head back to Halfhill and finish up the negotiations on the farm.  Hopefully, by the end of today, we’ll be proud landowners.  Oh yeah, it’s going to be great to have a place to call our own and one where we can just relax and be ourselves.


Me…Nursing…I Kill Shit

June 10th

Dear Journal,

Well, I think the world has come to an end and someone never sent me the freaking memo. Ty said he didn’t get a memo either, however, he’s just as damned shocked as I am that I got a letter from my brother and two from my sister. Wonder what in the fel she’s wailing about now?

Seems Commander Morningstar and his lovely wife were attacked in the Jade Forest and injured.  Okay, if they weren’t doing that horizontal dance, they might have realized that they weren’t alone – silly things. I feel bad that Amyn got hurt, she’s a good sort for a Kaldorei and she did give the family some lovely kids that I can play Auntie too, as long as they behave themselves and I don’t want to lock them all in the closet – including the bigger ones too.

Anyway, Fnor wants me to come to Halfhill to help him take care of Amyn.  Must be pretty damned serious if he wants my nursing skills involved – I give nursing care like I grow plants, shit dies.  Oh well, I’ll go check things out.  How in the Light is he living with Amyn in Halfhill?  It’s supposed to be a neutral zone, however, I didn’t think it was that freaking neutral – oh well, it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

Ty and I both have some leave coming to us since we’ve been stuck forever here in this hellhole with a bunch of ignorant Orcs, trolls and few very questionable goblins.  I’m not surprised that Fnor and Amyn got attacked down here though – there is still plenty to do.  Lots of Alliance just wandering through like they were on a vacation picnic or something. 

Oh, we’ve heard all of the rumors about the crap going on in Orgrimmar with Hellscream and the Trolls, which is a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Just kill the bastard and get it over with already.  I really think that the next Warchief should be a Death Knight – we don’t let our emotions rule us like these mortal silly folk do – we just keep the Rune Blades fed and we’re good to go.  Oh, Light! None of those arrogant imbeciles from the Ebon Blade!  I still think that a lot of them have their heads shoved up their hind parts.

I think Ty and I can afford to go to Halfhill for a while and help out, it’s the least we can do and I want Fnor to meet my fellow.  Yep, it’s official; we’re more than just best buds.  We finally figured out how things work and everything.

Oh, shut up, we were both virgins before we got changed into what we are now and we both were curious as to what all of these idiots were talking about.  Once we figured out that Part A went “into” Part B, it was smooth sailing although I’m not sure we did it right the first time because we were at it for a couple of hours before things happened – oh, how they happened!  Now, that we know what we’re doing, it’s pretty awesome.  We decided that things are a bit different for Death Knights with us being dead and all.

Now, I read the one letter from Faendra and really got pissed.  She’s still carrying a torch for Dawnglory and I wonder if she hasn’t got drop-kicked in the head or something.  If he was going to do anything with her, all she had to do was plop down and open up the shop and he would have taken to that like a bee to honey.  Oh no, she wants him to marry her and all that crap.  I have told that girl so many times that that is never gonna happen, not in this lifetime and it’s doubtful that she’ll get turned into a Death Knight, so move the hell on.  She also told me that Fnor has made arrangements for her to get married to some little twink mage in Silvermoon – well, if Fnor arranged it, there must be something in it that is good for the family business and family name.  So, I can’t see why she is being such a little bitch about it.  I hope she didn’t call Fnor some of the names she called him in this letter either because she would be spitting teeth if she talked to me like that. 

Oh yeah, and this bullshit about him not being our brother.  That’s exactly bullshit.  He’s been a brother to me all of my life and if it weren’t for him, I’d still be sitting in the mud in Zangarmarsh with my head up my ass. Nope, I think I’ll have a nice long talk with her and remind her of all of the things that he has done for us.  She wouldn’t have been able to prance around Silvermoon all dolled up and going to school there if he hadn’t of paid for it after our parents were killed.  Not to mention, he moved her scrawny ass to Dalaran where she had the best shot at the cream of the crop of men up there and all she did was hang out with Dawnglory’s sister and moan about how Dawnglory didn’t love her.  Kiss my butt!! Fnor may not have the same blood in his veins as we do, however, he is the only family that we have – not to mention, he dotes on her happy ass. He’s spoiled her rotten and I think that’s why she is acting like it now too.

I think after I get finished with my nursing duties in Halfhill that Ty and I will drop by the office in Orgrimmar to see Miss Thing and set the record straight.  Oh, not to mention, Ty has been making jewelry like there is no tomorrow and we could sell some of it off while we’re there – lots of jade crap. Well, I hope she’s in Orgrimmar and Fnor hasn’t shipped her butt to Silvermoon for all of the social shit that goes on before the wedding.  If she’s in Silvermoon, guess we’ll go over there so I can have a Felaran-to-Sister talk because I am going to set the record straight with that little girl if I have to break her neck to get my point across.

I didn’t even bother reading her second letter either; I just threw that in the fire.  I was already pissed enough with her that I didn’t need to read another whole letter about how her life is horrible and what a bastard our brother is and all the rest of the bullshit.   I just want to shake her and tell her to try being dead for a while and starting over again.

Oh, Ty is cracking up because I just broke my pen and had to get another one.  I told him what was going on and the only thing he asked me was if he could bring Fuzzbutt with us to Halfhill.  Shit! There are times that I think he cares more about that cat than he does me.






Let’s Go That Way…

March 28th

Dear Journal,

Oh, I think we’re going to be slogging through this Jade Forest forever. I keep looking around and I think I have been going in circles because things are starting to look familiar to me.  I can see why the Rangers mounted up and ran through like they had their pants on fire.  Nope, I have to be one of the foot soldiers that gets the pleasure of seeing every inch of ground.  I am going to put a mark on one the trees near a path that seems to be well trod by these plate-shod feet of mine and if I pass that way again tomorrow, I’ll know it. Are we in some kind of holding pattern?  I know I have killed so many Alliance and Hozen that I know Stormwind has got to be a ghost town by now.

I think I’m grousing about stuff because I think that Ty and I want to move further afield and not see the same things every single day.  How many Hozen do I have to stomp to see the other side of that particular hill?  Besides, one would think that the Alliance would stop parking that big barge in the sky and having their people parachute in every single day if they know we’re just waiting down at the landing zone to stomp their butts?

I can see a big Temple off in the distance and I want to get there and see what the rest of it looks like – the spire is like a beacon for us to work towards.  Nope, we fight all day, get recalled back to the same village and we do it all over again.  Hello!  Are we going to spend the entire war in the Jade Forest?

Ty and I are both becoming rather disgruntled with the Inn at this point.  Okay, we have to share the sleeping accommodations with a lot of other people and to be honest, I never have been one to like the barracks life.  There is always some fool that has to put his stinky boots where the air hits them and the odor wafts under your nostrils all night long until all you can smell is “stinky freaking feet”.

Oh, we’re doing our jobs and we’re doing what we are told to do, however, I can see the rebellion building up in Ty as much as I feel it in myself.  We want more, we want to see more and we definitely want to get out of this village.  Oh, the people are wonderful, however, I am starting to recognize the kids because I think they wear the same clothes every day or maybe they are different kids with the same clothes.

I think the reason our group is stuck here is because the Orc that leads us is getting laid by the Innkeeper, that’s my thought and the ugly bugger hasn’t ever been laid that much in his life.  Nope, I’m not going to become a settler in this Valley – I want out!

I want out of Jade Forest – I want to see what we’ve been told about.  No, I’m not bored, I’m just pissed.

Oh, I have to say that Fuzzbutt is getting to be a real fixture with Ty.  He likes to sit outside at night and plays with her. I wanted to make sure that he has something to care about if something should ever happen to me.  We really have become quite dependent on one another and I would think that he would miss my sarcasm a lot if something went wrong.

Oh, Light be praised  or whatever.  We’re going to be going in a different direction tomorrow.  Woot! We have a new Orc leading us too, wonder what happened to the hump happy one that was here before?  Oh well, it’s not my job to question things – I’m just getting kind of all giggly inside to think that we might see something different and get to kill something different.  Oh yes, my Dooker has been well protected all of this time.

Great! Now we have a new group of grunts coming in to try to find a place to sleep.  Oh, this place smells to high heaven.  One more fart in the room and I’m lighting a match to see if the building blows up.

I have to laugh, I didn’t realize that I make noises when I’m writing and Ty just told me that the growling was start to grate on his nerves a bit before he reached over and gave me a peck on the cheek.  Well, that was nice.  You growl, I’ll give you a kiss, the kitten purrs, I’ll pat you some more.   He’s learning.


Protect Your Dooker…at all costs

March 13th

Dear Journal,

Well, I will have to say that this is a different kind of war or battlefield.  Strange things trying to eat you and even stranger talking things that want to do things to your body that they advertise when they run towards you.

“I’m gonna Ook you in the Dooker” must be a battle cry or something for these things that look like giant hairy apes that are need of a good grooming.  Well, I wasn’t too sure what a Dooker was but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stand around and let that happen.  I may be a Death Knight, however, I’m still a lady and I think I know what a Dooker is. It will be a cold day in hell before I have some hairy thing take liberties with me.  I’m proud to report that my Dooker is quite safe and secure.

There aren’t that many Death Knights with the group I’m stationed with at the moment, however, there is one that has caught my eye.  His name is Tylanlor Ravencrest.  Odd name I’ll admit, however, I’m sure that it was one that was given to him after his rebirth. He has a ready laugh and can fight like nothing I’ve ever seen. This is the first time in quite a while that I have interested in a man since my last error in judgment a while back with that mage.  We’re becoming good friends and have decided to partner up a bit here in Panderia.  I know we were laughing and talking about families the other night and he just grinned and said he knew he had a family because he didn’t think he was hatched by some bird somewhere.  He’s good company and sure does make a lot more sense for us to be together than trying to partner up with some simpering fop from Silvermoon. At least he’s Sindorei.

Panderia!  Well, I can see why that tick sitting in Orgrimmar wants a chunk of it for his own, however, I’m more inclined to go along with the Pandaren and their philosophy. Slow down, savor life – in my case, slow down and savor unlife.  I’ll do what I have to do get through this crap and then, I’ll disappear into the landscape.  People seem to be a bit more hospitable to my kind up here than they did in the rest of Azeroth.  They recognize what we are and accept it.

Oh, I did try out some of my cooking the other day and Ty even said he liked it.  He might have been just being nice but he ate some of it and didn’t hurl.  No, I didn’t blow up anything because I’m back to the basics again.

 Yep, how to cook using a campfire and pieces of your armor.  Made some great helm stew the other night – yep, caught the fish by jumping in the river and gathering up what accumulated in my chest piece – no, the boobs haven’t gotten any bigger and the blacksmiths always make the chest pieces too big unless you have them custom made.   Caught a few of those little gold fish things, popped them in my helm with a few veggies and let it cook away while I was taking a bath.  Yum!! Good stuff and it went well with some of the bread that I bought from the Innkeeper.

I have to laugh because this almost seems like old times to me.  Living off the land a little bit and fighting like there was no tomorrow.  I know that it makes my heart sing to see some idiot’s head go sailing off threw the air after he’s insulted me by calling me a “girl” – I’m not just any girl, I’m Felaran Morningstar – Death Knight – and your worst nightmare, hairball.

I don’t think I’ve been this happy in years.  I can be who I am and be what I am  without any worries of someone trying to take my head like they did years ago in Silvermoon.  I am definitely getting into this thing up here. 

Yeah, we had another group of Rangers go galloping through here a few days ago.  I can imagine that Silvermoon is getting kind of empty with all of these men up here now.  Wonder how the social atmosphere of that place is faring.  Probably the same drunks and the same whores wandering around because they couldn’t volunteer or maybe pass the physical to get into the battle.

One of these days, I’ll get somewhere where I can take a quick side trip to Orgrimmar and see how my baby sister is faring.  Yeah, even with all of her whining and all of her airs, I miss the little shit.  I did get to see Fnor for a few minutes the other day, he was in the area and actually took time out of his scheduled rounds to spend some time with me.  I forgot how much I missed that laugh of his and how much he feels like he has to pass on “fatherly” advice.  He met Ty while he was here and they talked a bit and I think he approves of my new friendship.

Oh well, time to put the armor back on and head out again.  Seems it’s time to protect my Dooker again. 



A Death Knight Starts Adventuring in Panderia

March 9th

Dear Journal,

Okay, I’m a Death Knight – okay, we cleared that crap up straight away.  I didn’t start out that way but things happened that were beyond my control and from my own stupidity.  There, I admitted it, it’s no one’s fault that I am a walking, however, very attractive corpse.  I had to start out that way because I’m furious!  Some ignorant lout thought I was one of those “fun times” that he could enjoy – no, and he’s out there in the forest pushing up daisies or feeding some animal at the moment – damned fool should know better than to grab a Death Knight.

I guess I shouldn’t start my journal out like that today since I haven’t written in forever.  Okay, it’s been a long time at least.

We got our butts booted out of Dalaran because some crazy human wench decided that all Blood Elves were bad news.  I could have told her there were a lot of bad humans, I suppose but I wouldn’t be sitting here writing in my journal, I’d be locked up in some cage somewhere or maybe really dead.

Luckily, my big brother decided that things were getting a bit too dicey in Dalaran and we all needed to immigrate to Shattrath.  I guess that’s the new safe haven for Blood Elves unless you count Silvermoon and I can’t guarantee how safe that place is either.  What a cesspool that place can be.

Okay, I went to Shattrath like a good little sister and I thought I was going to lose what is left of my mind.  I was fortunate that I had most of my memories still intact and the family has helped me to fill in the gaps here and there.  Shattrath is full of whining Blood Elves…I can’t stand whining any things.  I’ve lived in Shattrath for a short time earlier in my unlife and always thought it was a bit odd – it hasn’t changed.  Nauru trying to poke around in your head when you least expect it – I think I gave one an x-rated view one night – well, nosey thing didn’t need to know that I had those kind of urges once in a blue moon.

I know about Theramore.  No, I’m dead, just not buried under a rock somewhere.  When my brother and his son talked incessantly about Panderia, I’ll admit that I was intrigued.   I hadn’t seen Fnor since we had left Dalaran, so, I was really interested in what he was doing because he went back to the Rangers and took that friend of his with him – that Dawnglory.  Yeah, then I had to hear Faendra whining about her “lost love” until I just wanted to slap her.  Luckily, she left to go back to Orgrimmar to run the family business before I got a shot at her.

He asked me to help his Kaldorei wife take care of the property and the kids.  Oh Hell No! Ain’t gonna happen, Big Brother.  My idea of babysitting is to put the little monsters in a closet and let them out when they are grown-up.  Things were just going along at an even pace until he thought to ask me to watch the kids – the property, maybe I can do that and maybe not.  I’m used to having my freedom and I’m not in any way ready to get tied down with someone else’s responsibilities.  They’re my step-nephews anyway.

Amyn, the Kaldorei wife/mistress, got real antsy after Fnor, Dawnglory and my nephew, Kaldor left to go back to this new place called Panderia.  Oh yeah, I’ve seen the big snuggly furry things running around and they seem harmless enough.  Yes, there is a war going on, I’m not an idiot.  Well, she up and decides that she is going to shut everything down here in Shattrath and even the new house in Nagrand and takes off to join up with the Sentinels.

Nope, I wasn’t going to stay in Shattrath and have to park my butt at the Inn every night.  I can only kill so many animals to feed my Rune Blade and to be honest, I don’t think it was too thrilled with that either.

So, off I went to Orgrimmar, swore my allegiance to the Horde…AGAIN! Got put on a flying ship that took my happy butt to Panderia. 

Now, I don’t mind sailing and I don’t mind flying, however, the combination of those two was a bit hard on my brainpan.  Now, when they told us to jump off a perfectly good flying ship over a battlefield, I thought that I wasn’t the only one that had a few damaged brain cells, however, I don’t think they gave me much choice because the ship was going to crash.  Burn with a crashing ship or go kill some Alliance nitwits that got in my way?  Oh, that didn’t take a goblin engineer to figure out which choice I was going to take.  Have you ever tried to parachute down from a burning ship in full plate armor?  Not even remotely fun when it feels like every tooth left in your head got jarred when you hit the ground.

Fighting was something that I get my mind into and I did just that.  Almost stomped a couple of Orcs until they started yelling at me.  Well, I was letting my “true” nature run the body.  I don’t think I’ve had this much fun since the Lich King bought the big one. Finally made it to the little village that I was told to head for and it was nice to put my axe down for a while.

Yep, I’m in Panderia.  The Rangers landed and took off like they had a fire up their bum and the ones of us that are not as swift of foot have to slog our way through this mess.  I like the country, the Panderian seem to be nice enough with all of the bowing, scrapping and smiling.

Okay, we’re here to take the country over before the Alliance do it.  I can get that, however, these people didn’t ask us to come here, we just kind of barged in.  Sure, I swore my allegiance to the Horde and all that, however, some of this is just stupid. I will have to admit that old Garrosh was kind shocked when I winked at him in Orgrimmar  – not that it meant anything – eww, he’s butt ugly even for an Orc.

Well, time to clean off my armor so the stench doesn’t make me throw up and make people think that I am one of those rapidly deteriorating Death Knights.  I hope to catch up with my brother and his Rangers here in the near future, however, I have to follow orders – well, damn, I could move faster if they’d just let me be myself.



I Think I’m In Love

February 11th



I know that I haven’t written in you in a while but I have been rather busy. All kinds of things going on in my life right now, not to mention, I do so want to throttle my brother , Fnor. He’s an idiot sometimes but he’s my idiot.

We have had three holidays all rolled up into one week and a bit beyond. I’m ready to tell the Elders that they can take care of themselves, that’s why they are Elders – no, I’m not visiting you on top of some bloody mountain somewhere that only you know about. Dark Moon Faire, well, I still have bruises on my arse where I hit the dock after allowing myself to be fired out of a canon to hit a target out in the water, I’m done with you too – at least for this month anyway. Oh yes, Love is In The Air, that one I can kind of deal with because I am of that mindset at the moment. However, all of that perfume in the air is enough to gag a person, even if you’re not supposed to be able to smell it.

I met someone, yes, I did. His name is Geio and he is definitely the love of my life. A mage that is a bit older than I would have thought would ever be interested in the likes of me. A Death Knight is not known for their body warmth, you know. He’s very formal and very old fashioned, which is kind of nice – so much the gentleman. We have had several dates so far, he’s even been ballsy enough to ask Fnor if he can court me – yeah, he’s seen something in me that I can’t fathom.

We even went fishing in Uldum. He likes to fish as much as I do, if not more, that’s not possible. It seems that we can talk for hours on end, his interests are a little bit different in mine but I think that we both want the same thing. We’re even discussing moving in together – separate bedrooms for the time being. Neither one of us has ever been with anyone, which probably makes us both the oldest virgins on the face of Azeroth.

He’s loving and kind. Ahh, he really has got a way about him. Makes me feel like I’m almost normal. I even got to cook some of our fish when we were in Uldum and he didn’t die nor did he complain about the fact that the fish was a bit overdone and he almost lost a tooth while eating it. He did tell me that he thought we would get a housekeeper for our little apartment, when we find one, because we’re both too busy to have to deal with those domestic chores like cooking. That makes me wonder if my cooking really is that bad. He is going to talk to Fnor about our living arrangements and get his permission for that too – silly man, I don’t think that I need to check everything out with Fnor, for Light’s sake.

As for Fnor, he’s going through some kind of midlife crisis or emotional upheaval. Things are not going as well for him as if he would like everyone to know – I think that he’s having second thoughts about his fiancée , however, he’s not allowing things to be discussed about that very much. He’s not as happy as he once was though – he’s lonely.

He had us all worried last weekend because he came up missing or we couldn’t get in touch with him. He always goes to the rave in Shattrath to be with Poetica and spend some time with his friends, however, this past Saturday, he says he lost track of time – I wonder if it’s not something else going on in his head though. He acted all embarrassed about it all when he told us all that he had turned off his comlink when he was in the Basin doing some fishing and swimming – I’m not buying that either. That’s like telling me the LIch King is back and ready to take over again – I call bullshit, my brother.

What he doesn’t seem to realize is that I was in the Basin all day long, doing my own thing and I never saw him or Pan out there romping about. I know his haunts down there and he wasn’t in any of them, although I wasn’t looking for him specifically either. At least Fnar got the satisfaction of punching him in the jaw , I wanted to plant my boot up his arse when I saw him Sunday afternoon.

He really should realize that he can talk to me about things. His personal life isn’t all that private with the number of people we have living with us in Dalaran, it’s like living in an Inn. I will admit that my privacy hasn’t been intruded upon though, I learned how to lock my door a long time ago.

I suppose I ought to mind my own business and keep my mouth shut but I think there is something amiss with Fnor at the moment. He’s acting rather secretive about his absences from the house and that bothers me. I can remember a time when he would disappear for weeks at a time and suddenly pop up like nothing was wrong. I know that business is brisk, maybe that’s it, he’s working extra hard. He works like that when he is trying to avoid things too. Silly man, he just needs to sit down and tell me what is going on.

I wish Geio would hurry up and find an apartment here in Dalaran so that we can start living our own lives. Not to mention, I want to find out what is so great about this sex thing too. I’ll admit that I have seen Geio almost naked when we were fishing, he has scars from some mishap in his past but they aren’t noticeable to me. I wonder what it will be like when we finally do get around to actually doing that thing?

Oh, I guess I had better go, seems like I am being paged by Fnar for some reason or other. Doesn’t he know that I am a busy woman, I have my own things to do.