Learning to Make Changes…Accepting Families

June 25th

Dear Journal,

Kal and I thought that we would give ourselves a treat and head to the Vale for a nice dinner and some socializing away from the Sentinels for a while.  It was a nice change and it wasn’t all that expensive and we didn’t have to cook.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we both like t cook, however, one does need a change of pace now and then so that you can appreciate your own cooking more.

I was sorely distressed when we walked outside and looked over the Vale and saw what the Horde have done to this beautiful place.  I don’t know if I want to cry about it or just want to go kick some serious Horde butt. This place was always tranquil and the beauty was such that it would soothe your soul almost as much as being near a Moonwell.  Now, it has been trashed out by those greedy Horde and their little goblins are scurrying everywhere digging up the ground like there is no tomorrow.  It sickens me not only on a personal level but on a spiritual level as well.

Kal seemed to understand what I was talking about because he took my hand and kissed it as he put his arm around my waist and squeezed me closer.  I think that the destruction of this place upsets him almost as much as it does me, however, he’s seen more of this sort of thing than I have with his experiences in Outland.  I know that the Pandaren have got be upset with this destruction and I hope they kick the Horde out of here.  I know that sounds childish on my part but I don’t understand why the Horde feel the need to destroy the beauty of this land because that fool Warchief of theirs has nothing on his mind except for power and greed. 

I remember the destruction that they have done to our homeland all too well.  The destruction of the forests wherever they thought they could get a foothold and the destruction of anything that was beautiful.  Oh, Ashenvale and the constant barrage from the Horde camps always makes me angry whenever I visit the area.  I won’t even think of the atrocities they’ve committed in Stonetalon.  At least we have been able to keep them under control somewhat in Feralas.

Kal has been talking about taking a trip to Darnassus since his Mother left and going on to Dolonaar to see his little brothers and his grandparents.  Oh, I’ve met his grandparents before years ago and actually lived with them for a few months as I was fostered from one home to the next.  I doubt that they remember me, however, I remember them as being extremely kind and giving people.  I think he wants to “present” me to them as someone that he is involved with.  I don’t think that he has ever done that before and he is acting like a little schoolboy about it. I suppose that I will have to relent and do something like that for him because it seems important to him and it will also give him a chance to speak with his Mother away from his Father, which might not be such a bad idea.

I know that his Father was talking about leaving the Rangers and going back to running his own business again and wants his Mother to do the same, however, I hope that doesn’t mean that Kal will leave too.  I can’t leave the Sentinels, it’s all I have ever known and it’s the only place where I feel like I belong because I’ve never known anything else.  I have no idea how I would act with things just being free to do whatever I want – all I have ever known is my duty, patrols, scouting and the set routines that we have.  I don’t know what I would do if those things were taken away.  Yes, I care about Kal very deeply, however, there is nothing formal between us, we’re not mated and we haven’t even discussed that yet.  I don’t know what to do.  I guess there isn’t any reason for me to worry about it now because nothing has been said outright that Kal would leave his duties with the Sentinels.

I know that Kal is very heavily involved with his family and if I am going to spend any time with him at all, I will have to adjust to that and I can do that.  I’ve still never met all of them yet, however, they seem to be nice people.

I have to admit that I am more than a  little bit worried about the changes that might be coming for us because I don’t know any other life than the one I have had.  I guess that I will have to put my faith in Elune and hope that she guides me down the right path.  I would hate to lose Kal and if there came a time that I had to make a choice between Kal and the Sentinels, I already know which one I would take because my heart has led me to this man.



Living in Halfhill …

June 1st

Dear Journal,

It’s hard to realize that there is a war going on sometimes in Pandaria, however, there is and it’s something that Kal and I need to remind ourselves of occasionally.  We’ve been so happy with the way that our personal lives are going that we’ve kind of gotten away from the fact that we’re here to do a duty to the King in Stormwind.  Oh well, I’m sure that no one has really noticed that we’ve slacked off a bit.

If all of the rumors are true that we’ve been hearing here in Pandaria, the war here should be over soon.  I don’t see how the Horde can fight within themselves and still continue the battles on this continent as well.  Just from a military point of view, the whole thing seems rather impossible.  A rebellion within the Horde to overthrow their Warchief seems t be the new area of concern. With the way that all of these people have been treated, the races other than the Orcs, it just seems like this Warchief is not the brightest anyway.  I’m not overly fond of Orcs to start with because of how they have pillaged the land in Kalimdor and to be honest, if they got wiped from the face of the planet, it would probably be of a great benefit to all. Elune knows they don’t truly belong here.

Kal has been spending more time with those friends of his from Stormwind and I think it is both a good thing and a bad thing.  I hope he’s not slipping around and seeing that Worgen girl again, you never know what a fellow might be thinking and doing.  He has been going back to Stormwind about once a week to take our skins and things back, turns in the contracts that we’ve filled and picks up some more contracts.  Sometimes he stays overnight. You might wonder why I don’t go with him? 

Well, the whole thing is that some of the people he likes aren’t exactly law abiding citizens and he thinks that I need to forget about being a Sentinel when I am on my own personal time.  He doesn’t understand that being a Sentinel is not just an on and off again thing that you can just turn off.  His Mother seems to be able to do that though, I guess I should talk to her about it because she’s adapted a lot of the things in her life to where she’s able to “not be” a Sentinel sometimes.  I guess I should at least give it a try if I am going to fit into Kal’s life more, however, it’s going to be hard to do. What is it he said?  Something about his family being more open-minded and cosmopolitan in their manner of dealing with things – I need to look up that cosmo-whatever-it-is thing and see if I can get my head wrapped around it.  I guess some of that free thinking must come from his being raised in Shattrath with his parents, which is a pretty strange situation when you think about it.

After living with Kal for a while in the truest of senses, I am finding out more and more about him.  He’s funny, he’s young and he enjoys having nice things, much more so than any man I have ever been around before.  He likes his armor to fit perfectly and I have to laugh because with all of the physical activity that we’ve been doing, his shoulders are much broader and his armor is more than a little uncomfortable for him to wear these days.  It’s time for us to do more shopping.

He even tells me about the times that he and his family lived in Dalaran, openly – his Father and Mother used to take walks and meet friends at some of the establishments there. It sounds like he had a wonderful life there before the Purge and wishes that it had never happened. I don’t think that he has been back to Dalaran since then, either, although in his heart it will always be a city where he found that he can be acceptable in any social gathering – well, Shattrath isn’t exactly one of the places for many social gatherings like there appears to have been in Dalaran.  From what I have been able to figure out, his Father isn’t exactly a poor Sindorei hunter as some people might have thought him to be when he first moved to Dalaran – he has come a long way.  He’s still a very good looking man for a Sindorei, even as old as he is, I’m sure the women chased him like they do his son now.

I really have enjoyed getting to know Kal’s Mother.  She is everything that he told me she was and more.  Oh, I can see that she is a good Sentinel, what I couldn’t see is how she was a good Mother to her children, however, you can see her fine hand in his self-discipline and I think that I can see his Father’s influence in how he deals with certain things.  Oh, she does have a temper too, which I haven’t seen directed at me, however, I can see little sparks of it now and again when she is here because she makes no secret in front of us that she is displeased with the fact that she can’t live openly with Kal’s Father even here in Halfhill.  Too many prying eyes and I am sure wagging tongues would make it too dangerous for their relationship to be known.  It would be very dangerous for Kal and I.

Oh, we finally got some more furniture for the house and it really is lovely.  I really enjoy some of the changes that we’ve made with the house because it always seemed like I was a visitor here sometimes even though we’ve been living together as friends for quite a long time.   As Kal puts it, it needed a woman’s touch and some girl things to be shown in the house – like my glass animal figurines being out on the bookshelf instead of being tucked neatly away.  Kal has even found some more to add to my collection even though they aren’t the glass of Kalimdor, the jade tiger and crane that he has added look beautiful.

Oh, my mind is just in a quandary this morning because Kal and I have decided that we will go to the Faire again when it starts.  I know that I had an enjoyable time and I think that this time we will have even more fun because we will be meeting his grandparents and his two youngest brothers.  Meeting new people always makes me nervous and this is no different because it is always important how a man’s family feels about the woman that he is currently involved with. I know that we have the time off and we could better spend it here in Pandaria rather than going off to the Faire, however, Kal is very insistent that I start meeting the people that mean a lot to him.  He even thinks that his Mother will get his Father to join us for a while – I am looking forward to actually getting an opportunity to speak with this fellow that helped produce such a wonderful son.

I’m nervous about meeting these people because even though some people may not think this way, it does matter what a man’s family thinks of the woman that they are involved with.  I don’t need a stamp of approval from them, however, it would be rather disconcerting to Kal if I’m deemed not acceptable.   I guess I need to pack a robe of some sort because Kal is insisting that we go some other places and will be actually going out to dinner in Stormwind with some of his friends.  Well, it’s time for me to learn how to put the Sentinel part of me aside and just enjoy being with other people regardless of the differences.







A Good Day For A Nap

May 11th

Dear Journal,

Oh, what a wonderful day this started out to be with our breakfast “on the bed” because we were both just sitting on the bed as we ate.  Kal is a passable cook and he enjoys puttering around in the kitchen when we get a chance to be at the farm for a while.  It was enjoyable this morning and quite unexpected, I might add.  I usually make it a point to get up before he does so that I can watch him sleep and I usually make the breakfast.  This morning it was different, I was the one being the lazy bones and staying in bed.

I know that we don’t often get these quiet leisure times and this morning was kind of special in its own way.  Of course, it’s definitely a bit different when you have allowed yourself to start really caring for the person that you’re with, I guess.  I think Kal cares for me in his own way and maybe he will get to the point that he feels more comfortable with how things have changed.  I know I’m completely happy, happier than I have ever been in my life.  At least we are both relaxed a bit more now and there isn’t that underlying tension that always seemed to be in our closeness. 

I know that when we got back to the farm last night, the rain was coming down in torrents, the lightning lit up the sky as if it were day that it was all that we could do to get our gear under the house out of the weather and stagger into bed.  We were both exhausted. The rain hadn’t stopped this morning when I awakened except that it had dwindled down to a light rain, just enough to where you didn’t want to go outside and slog around in the mud in the fields.  Oh, we’re not fair weather farmers, however, we both getting tired of constantly having to clean the mud out of our boots and trying not to track it all in the house.  There have been a few times when I thought that we might as well start planting things in the living room when we had been out in the fields in the muck and mud.

It must be the rainy season here in Halfhill, the last few times that we have been able to get back to the farm, it was raining for most of the time that we were here.  Oh well, that could be part of the reason that they have such huge vegetables, the combination of the rich heavy black soil and the moisture. Oh this is starting to sound like some kind of weather report from our scouting trips.

I don’t know what it was with our trip this time, we’ve usually been going to Kun’lai, however, this time we were tapped to go to the Jade Forest.  It must be some kind of new roster rotation that they are playing with or maybe some of the Commanders have realized that if you’re constantly scouting in the same area over and over, you tend to get complacent and not as observant as you might be in a different area.  Kudos to the person that grew a brain then.

We have always liked the Jade Forest area, not only was it the first place that we encountered for any length of time when we first landed, it was also our introduction to this new land.  It still has that magic and mystery for me every time we go there, even when we go to the Jade Temple, you can feel the stress levels drop a bit.  I think that Kal and I will be a bit more cautious in our trips to the Jade Temple after what we observed on our scouting trip this time.

I’ll be very honest, we were both being very casual in our scouting and almost stumbled into a group of foot soldiers near the Arboretum that were just leisurely strolling the area, or so it seemed.  That’s where we also starting noticing the a buildup of Horde troops.  Strange that they have traveled that far North in that zone, however, they are there.  Maybe it is just a new strategy of theirs, who knows, we’re out there to gather as much information as we can.

I know that Kal and both had to keep ourselves from getting noticed a few times, however, the grunts we were following around for a while were totally oblivious to their surroundings other than to complain about the forestation. Of course, Kal and were definitely making use of the foliage to keep ourselves hidden.  I think what astounded us more than anything was that these soldiers were talking about things as if they were still strolling the streets in Orgrimmar – Kal was able to understand that there were a lot more Orcs about to descend upon our shores, just from listening to these people talking. We actually got closer to a larger encampment and waltzed up very close to what appeared to be their command tent – the Sentries must have been sleeping on the job because it was so easy to get close enough to overhear a lot of things being discussed.

When we arrived back at our own encampment in Krasarang, we spent some time giving our debriefing to the Commander even though there were others in the tent, we were told to speak freely, which we did.  Unfortunately, I think that we drew some attention to ourselves from the people that were visiting from Stormwind.  I mean, it isn’t every Kaldorei that can speak fluent or close to fluent Orcish and Kal was explaining to the Commander what we had overheard.  There are times that I wish that the man wasn’t so honest when he’s asked a question even though he tried to evade it a bit this time.  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to worry about that now.  Yes, he speaks Orcish amongst a smattering of a few other languages, however, that is due to his family and his heritage – he’s not a Horde spy.  Naturally, the Commander made it a point to let them know that Kal was of mixed blood.  Just another worry to add to our already full plate of concerns.

Oh well, the rain is still falling and I am just trying to keep myself occupied until it stops, Kal has the right idea though, he’s gone back to bed to take a nap.   It was nice to have that breakfast together, seemed a bit like old times with an added flair. I think I will go join my man and take a nap too, maybe we can slip out of Halfhill for a while and go out scouting for some new skins – we do still have some more contracts to fill for his Mother’s company and it means more gold for us.




What A Difference A Day Makes…

The soft fog was lifting from the valley floor as the young couple lay in their bed, the covers pulled up to their chins as if they were more than cold.  Kae stirred slightly as the chill air touched her face and gazed longingly at the young man lying beside her. He always liked to sprawl over the bed, one leg pinning hers as well as one arm wrapped around her holding her close to his chest. All she could do was to try to slip from the grasp of the man lying there with her without waking him.

Kal had returned to the farm late in the afternoon the day previously and to all that knew him, they would be able to tell that he was suffering from exhaustion as well as some form of depression.  Gone was the prideful bounce in his step and gone was the way that he held his head high in the air as he gazed around the farm. This was a man that was at the point of physical exhaustion and emotional collapse.

Kae rushed down the steps of the farmhouse to take him in her arms and welcome him home. The argument that they had had prior to his going back to the camp to serve his punishment duties was all but forgotten with her relief of seeing him again at the farm.  At first, Kal didn’t respond and when he did, she was taken aback by the ardor with which he kissed her. This wasn’t  the warm friendly kisses that a man would give a close friend, these were the kisses that a lover might give another.  As they stood there in the front yard of the farm, a decision had been made – their relationship would take a higher step than it ever had before.

As they held hands entering the house, Kal gave Kae a long searching look as if he wanted to talk to her about what had happened in the camp.  There was really no need, she already knew the details.  If not anything else that the Sentinels did, the women loved to gossip and the news that her man had been pressed into the more intimate side of his service, the news had traveled swiftly.  Of course, Kal had been lucky, he had been chosen by the strange girl from Dolonaar that never wanted the men to do anything with her, just touch her intimately with their hands and to talk to them.  She knew that Kal was probably confused as all the other men were with this particular woman, however, it was part of their duty. Kae was just happy that it hadn’t been that bitch of a female, Phaendra, that had drawn his number for service, which gave Kae some pleasure in the knowledge that the woman was probably furious that she hadn’t gotten the first try-out of the over-sized Sindorei as she always bragged about her intentions.

She knew that Kal had always taken stubborn pride in the fact that he would refuse to go along with this activity that the other men just took as a matter of course.  Kal hadn’t been raised like the other Kaldorei males, he had been raised by his Sentinel Mother and his Ranger Father.  The prideful side of him was definitely something that she did attribute to his Sindorei side.  Of course, Kal’s pride was more than likely damaged somewhat by spending an entire week digging and cleaning latrine pits – that would have been demoralizing to anyone with his upbringing. Punishment or not, she knew how cruel some of the women could be in the camp as well as some of the men.

As Kae slowly extracted her body from the grasp of her lover and slid neatly from the bed without waking him, the cold air hit her nude body which caused to gasp sharply and shivered as she grabbed for the nearest robe hanging over the screen that was beside the bed. She padded on her bare feet into the kitchen to prepare herself some hot tea and was being as quiet as she could as she prepared her drink.  However, she couldn’t help but grin to herself and almost purred with happiness as  to what had finally transpired between the two of them.  Oh, it hadn’t been the very special moment that she knew that Kal had wanted to happen for them the first time, however, it was a man needing a woman desperately and his passions were almost more than she could handle.  She rubbed her hand over the love-bites that were on her neck and her breasts and almost winced at the arousal that it brought back to her. 

Yes, they had taken each other with a great deal of passion and she knew that they were going to be feeling those little nibbles for a few days not to mention, they had used muscles that they hadn’t used in quite some time. Yet, for all the passion that they were both exhibiting, she had never been with a man that was as gentle and kind as Kaldor Shadowmoon – it was definitely worth the waiting that she had done in her mind.  She finally had captured the heart of this large man.  It didn’t matter that he was a mixed breed – he made love with such passion and gentleness intermingled that it had made her head spin with the pleasure.  She had never been with a man like this before.  Sure, there had been passion in her life in the past, however, nothing in comparison as to what she had experienced the night before.

She quietly gathered her ink and pen from their little cubby hole and pulled her journal from its place on the shelf that was “hers” as Kal put it.  She always chuckled that the book was always as she had left it before, the little things that she did before she left the book there were always in place, which told her that Kal had never touched her journal, hence, that meant that he had never read it.   It almost made her feel ashamed that she sometimes would read a page or two of his…she needed to stop that, however, her curiosity sometimes got the better of her. She turned and went to the table, gazing at the sleeping man in bed and just smiled softly as she started to write.


April 28th

Dear Journal,

Oh, Elune!  It finally happened after all of these months of waiting and wanting it.  I know that I was really taken by surprise considering the argument that we had had before Kal had to go back to camp and serve out his “punishment” for taking that extra time off without permission.  He’s just lucky that he wasn’t killed outright, since he is always suspect with his heritage. 

I can only say that I have never been with a man that was so gentle and kind when they were making love.  He had his fierceness showing from time to time, however, he had the most gentle touch of anyone I have been with.  Maybe it’s the difference between the Kaldorei and Sindorei or maybe it was how he was taught by the women that he has been with before me. I am still sitting here remembering all of the things that surprised me and I am a very happy woman.

When he first got back to the farm yesterday afternoon, it almost broke my heart.  He was so exhausted and I had already heard about the involvement with the other woman, although that didn’t bother me because we all know how weird she is.  I knew there wouldn’t have been anything “real” in their physical activity if there was one.  I just know that Kal looked rather broken in his spirit when he got home – the way he didn’t hold his head high, the way that he wouldn’t really look me in the eyes like he always has had the confidence to do before. Pride!! Male pride is a very important thing for a man to have and when that is taken away, they feel that their worth is less.  Silly men.

I know that I raced into his arms like a giddy schoolgirl or some desperate woman seeking the arms of her man, however, I was not even remotely prepared for the response that I got.  I thought that he would still be angry about the fight that we had had before he went back to the camp.  With the way that he kissed me back, there was no anger there, there was just pent up passion and other feelings that he had never shown to me before. It didn’t matter to me that he still smelled bad from the work he had been doing at the camp, he was in such a hurry to get home.

We just let our emotions get the better of us.  It didn’t matter to either one of us that he didn’t smell the best in the world because our own passion just pushed all of that aside.  It will be one thing that I can tease him about at a later time.  How our first time together was so romantic, the way he smelled slightly of the pits that he had been digging and the way that he just smelled very musty as a man does when they have been sweating profusely.  Stinky Lover – I think that’s what I’ll tease him with.  I know I will make him smile that smile of his.

I know that I almost feel like dancing and singing right now.  I want to shout it to the rooftops that I have slept with the man I love, however, that wouldn’t be prudent considering they already think that we have been sleeping together.  It was all a lie until last night.

I know that it was just a one night thing, however, I have a feeling that it will be different now between us.  He may not realize it, he has cared about me as a person for a very long time and has finally started caring about me as a woman.  It will change some of the things in our friendship, I’m sure…I hope it doesn’t change too much.  I still want the old Kal, my best friend and now, as my lover.

We will have to be very careful not to let the others see our feelings though because I know that they will try to hurt us with that.  We will still have to act like the Sentinel and her scouting partner, no matter what the others do. 

No, I don’t look at Kal like some of the women look at their male partners as being beneath them.  I know that Kal is my equal in all things and in some things, I know for  a fact that he is superior.  He can control his temper better than I can.  I have never seen him hiss or show his teeth to anyone other than an enemy, I can’t say the same thing for myself.  He laughingly told me one time that he knew when I started acting like our pets, then he knew I was a Sentinel because he had seen his Mother do the same thing.  I guess we’re more alike than I ever thought about.

No, I don’t know that this relationship will ever get to the point that we will want to be mated.  I know that I am willing to take it one day at a time at this point.  We’ve overcome so many obstacles since we’ve been together and now all we have is time to build our relationship on.  Would I want to be his mate?  Oh, Elune, it’s the one thing that I am dreaming of.

There are several mated pairs in our group of Sentinels and they seem to do quite well with things.  No, the women that are mated do not willingly share their mates and the men definitely do not stray away from their women.  That is one thing that I would like to have with Kal.

I’m always afraid that he will leave me for someone else or just leave me behind when this war is over and it makes me feel very afraid.  I’m being silly, we’ve just started this part of our relationship and I am so afraid that this happiness will be snatched away from me.






More Trouble

April 21st

Dear Journal,

Oh Elune!! I wonder if Kal even realizes how much trouble he is in right or how much trouble that I am in because of my association with him?

When he got back from his little side trip that he took for three days, we didn’t have time to talk before we were called into the Commander’s tent to discuss his absence without leave problem.  Oh, they don’t mind if we disappear now and again for a couple of days as long as we don’t have duties that were assigned to us.  No, they probably wouldn’t have noticed under normal circumstances.

He told me he was going to Iron Forge and I assumed that he was going to go drinking with those dwarves again, which is okay, they are his friends and I’m sure that he needs a break from Pandaria now and then too.  He’s young, well, I’m young too, however, I tend to want to stay at the farm when I have time off.

Well, I guess that he had forgotten that he told me that he was going to Iron Forge and told the Commander that he was in Dolonaar and that his Grandmother was thought to be on her deathbed, however, she recovered and was expected to live.  I felt like such a fool because I had told the Commander that he was in Iron Forge, which is what he had told me.  I have no idea where in the heck the thing about Dolonaar came into his mind.

Oh, the Commander was right on that with her comments.  “Oh, Kae told me you were in Iron Forge and you tell me you were in Dolonaar at the same time.  That’s a neat trick to pull off and I’m sure that Sentinel Nightshade wasn’t mistaken with her information.  However, if you know how to be in two places at one time, perhaps you could share that information with our mages, it would be a great benefit to the war effort here in Pandaria and our troop movements. Imagine being able to be in two places at once, we’d have double the manpower on the ground. Please report to the duty officer, Shadowmoon, you’re on latrine duty for the next week where we can keep an eye on you, we need more pits to be cleaned out and new ones dug.”

They wouldn’t have even known he was gone if it hadn’t of been for Phaendra sending word to the farm that we were needed for scouting duty.  Damn that woman!!  I know that she still has it in for me after that fight we had about Kal already.  Now, I almost suspect her of spying on us when we are in Halfhill, which really wouldn’t surprise me.  She still tells the women that she wants some time in the sack with that extra large Sindorei. Oh, she makes me so angry!!

I had to report back to camp for the scouting duty without Kal and was questioned as to where my partner was and I told them he was in Iron Forge to visit with some friends while we were off-duty and I hadn’t wanted to tag along. So, there you have the beginning of the lie and I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was not telling the truth because that’s what he had told me.

We’ve since talked about what was going on and I am very upset with him.  I think we’ve had our first argument and he went out and slept under the house rather than stay inside with me.  He shouldn’t be getting involved with stuff like that.  A group of people forming a rebellion and he was happily guiding them along to drop off supplies for the Horde?  No, I don’t think so. The Sentinel in me tells me that I should report back to the command post and tell them about his involvement and the woman in me tells me to keep my mouth shut.

Now, he’s going to be stuck at the camp for the next week and I’ll have to go out on patrol with that guy that just thinks about how many women he can service for extra time off.  No, I don’t want to go scouting with someone that just wants to get in my pants so he can get a day off from duty.  From what I hear, he’s not even that good.  If I want to sleep with a man, it’s going to be Kaldor Shadowmoon and that’s just how that is.

I really want to go back to the camp and scratch Phaendra’s eyes out and kick her into one of the latrine pits that Kal is going to be cleaning.  That would definitely make me feel better.

I hope that when all of this is over that he will see the error of his ways and start sleeping in the house again.  It’s embarrassing enough to think that that bitch of a woman is watching us and for her to spread the word around the camp that he’s not even sleeping with me anymore.


Fun At The Faire…A Visit to Stormwind Too

April 9th

Dear Journal,

Oh, what a wonderful time we had last night at the Faire.  I had never been before, well, not since it supposedly has changed so much and I was pleasantly surprised.  Kal and I just walked the fairways, laughed and ate as much of the food as we could manage. I’m not surprised that we were able to get away from our duties for a while because I’ve never taken any time off since I’ve arrived in Panderia other than to spend the time on the farm when Kal is visiting his family.

I guess you could call this our first date.  Oh, he was very attentive and held my hand the whole time we were there,  when he could. I don’t think that I have had this much fun for a very long time and never enjoyed a man’s company as much as I did Kal’s.  Maybe it was because of the fact that I felt like I was with someone that cared about what I liked and didn’t like.  Oh, he almost choked at the face I made when he insisted that I tried the pickled Kodo’s foot.  Oh, that was nasty and the texture was like trying to chew on a dried jelly fish. We drank, talked and laughed the whole time we were there – the war was away from us and we could afford to forget it for a while.

We played on the carousel like a couple of little kids, trying to see who could race to the Murloc mount first.  Darn long leg of his, however, I’m sure that he did let me “win” a few times so that I wouldn’t feel bad or something.  Of course, he is a gentleman that way.  We even sat and ate near the food vendor for quite a while and had a few of the special Faire drinks.  Oh my, I know that we had to sit there for a while when we drank some of the Dark Moon Special Reserves.   I know that my head was spinning when Kal decided that we needed to go further down the fairway and I ended up having to lean against him for support to keep from falling over.  Oh, he teased me unmercifully about being a drunken Sentinel.  Oh, nothing would do that I had to try out the canon ride – it scared me half to death, I’ve been shot at with a canon before, I’ve never crawled in one and been shot out over the water like that one is set up to do.  Oh, it took me several tries to finally hit the target in the water and I was definitely starting to look like a drowned rat.

We even got to see quite a few people there at the Faire, both Horde and Alliance people.  Kal saw some of his friends from Shattrath and we had to stand around and have a good long chat.  They acted kind of surprised to see Kal with his girlfriend Sentinel – oh yes, he called me his girlfriend, not just his roommate like he normally does which usually causing a few raised eyebrows.  One little girl, a child of one of his friends kept tugging on Kal’s tabard that he had worn to keep his clothes a little bit cleaner – oh, nothing would do than for him to plop down in the dirt and talk to her.  I could hear some of what he was saying and he was reassuring the little girl that she was still is best girlfriend but he needed another grown-up girlfriend too.  He is such the heartbreaker, it seems.

I had never seen him just sit down with a little child before and I think I was more than pleasantly surprised at how he just knew how to say the right thing to her.  I guess that comes from having younger siblings too – he just made that little girl’s day when he kissed her on the tip of her nose and told her not to run off with some other guy while he was away.

We went and looked at all of the strange animals that were from all over Azeroth.  I told Kal that I hoped that I never ran into such a large elephant when we were out in the field and he just started laughing.  He said that his Mother had the same reaction too.  Oh, we rode the ponies all over the Faire too, jumping fences when we could and just racing around.  I know there were two very tired little ponies that we took back to the vendor.  Poor little things having to lug us around had to be hard on them, however, we had a great time.  We even rode on those little sandbox mounts too for a while and stopped and had some more to drink.

I was all for skipping over a trip through Stormwind, I didn’t want to run the risk of our running into Kal’s little Worgen friend.  However, Kal told me that we had to stop in Stormwind because he had promised that he would help the people from Fool’s Company put on their monthly show of “Ask the Dark Moon Guru” or some such thing.  It was a carnival trick thing, I suppose, although for the time that I stood there and listened, the fellow was able to come up with some very good answers to the questions.  Oh, Kal doesn’t take any money or anything for doing this sort of thing – he just likes to spend some time with some of his friends that he made while he was spending more time in Stormwind.

The whole thing with the Guru is that he has people ask him different questions and he will give them an answer, plus, his assistant will give them a prize afterwards.  I know that for the time that I stood there, I didn’t hear the fellow give any “wrong” answers to questions that he was asked, no matter how silly or trivial some of them were.  I was almost laughing out loud when a young lady asked him about a love interest that she had – something to do with mixed races getting together and loving one another.   I watched Kal’s face to see what his reaction was to the question and all I saw was a grin and rolling of his eyes. The Guru told the young girl that she should be with whomever she desired – hmm, I do hope that it wasn’t as bizarre of a match as it is with Kal’s parents, that could be troublesome if there are children involved later on.

I guess there was a market going on while the Guru was trying to do his show, so, rather than stand there and miss out on the rest of the stuff going on, I took a walk around the stalls to see the wares that were for sale.  I bet that Kal and I could make a fortune with the leather goods that we make and I know my herbs would sell like mad.

I was getting very tired by the time that the show was over with the Guru and was really ready to head back to Pandaria – I even suggested that we stay overnight in Paw ‘don.  Well, Kal just looked at me and laughed and told me that we could spend the night at the apartment over the warehouse that his Mother owned here in Stormwind.  Well, I have never seen so much stuff in my life – I now know where all of the leather is being sent when Kal and I ship it to Stormwind.

Oh my, the apartment is huge and has several bedrooms and the bathrooms – I was astounded at the bathrooms. They have huge bathtubs that you can almost lay down in and there is plenty of hot water thanks to Kal’s brother, Vashlan.  I guess being a mage, he could throw an enchant over the cisterns where we had instant hot water whenever we wanted it – that’s how they did it in Dalaran, I guess.  Oh, I could see the mixture of Sindorei tastes mixed in with the Kaldorei tastes of Kal’s Mother in that apartment.  It was very luxurious.

I did get to meet Kal’s brother, Vashlan.  He was quite the shock.  All done up in his mage robes, his hair is a very dark blue and he has a beard. If I wasn’t already interested in Kal, I would definitely give his brother a go.  Oh my, the robe he had on made him look so…regal.  He seemed a very nice fellow and he is a bit younger than Kal and I.  I guess he lives in Stormwind so that he can study with the mages there.  Kal mentioned something about High Borne blood running in their veins and that Vashlan was the family throw-back.  I was really surprised that they talked so openly about that.  Anyway, Vash’s eyes are more noticeably green than Kal’s and he said that it was from working with some Fel magic that had left a residual effect on them.  I just looked at Kal and he had a frown on his face.  I’m sure the brothers will be talking about this a bit more when they have the chance.  I don’t know much about mages, Vashlan is one of the few that I have ever met and he’s just a trainee, I guess.

Oh, Kal’s room is almost as big as our whole house in Halfhill.  I was really shocked at the furniture and the things that he had there.  He had moved quite a few of things from Dalaran to keep here in this apartment when they left.   I have never in my life seen such a bed – it was big enough for five or six people if they had to share that space. Yes, we both slept in the same bed and I will have to admit that the size of the bed had me pretty intimidated and I kept scooting over to get closer to Kal because I didn’t want to get lost in the bed.  I’ve never slept on silk sheets before either, I don’t know that I like them all that much, it feels too slippery.  Not to mention, the sheets kept making my nightgown ride up in the most embarrassing manner, I sure hope that Kal wasn’t taking any peeks during the night because when I woke up this morning, long before Kal did, my nightgown was almost completely off.  No, we didn’t do anything although it might have been a bit more difficult in that bed.

I met Magdamia while I was there and everything that Kal told me about her is true.  She’s a Draeni and very matter of fact as to how she wants things run in the business.  Kal told her that we would be sending some leather back when we got back to Pandaria, we hadn’t planned on coming to the Faire or we would have brought them with us to drop off.  I guess she is in charge of the warehouse and some of the contracts that are given out there for the employees to fill.  She even handed Kal a sizeable stack of contracts to look over and pick the ones that he thought we would be able to work on in our spare time.

I even saw weapons that were being sold there that were better than the gear that Kal and I have.  I wonder if we can get a discount if we buy any of it? Or if we can buy any of it?  It was kind of scary to see that there were weapons from the Horde as well as the Alliance being kept there. I haven’t ever asked Kal about his Mother’s company, however, after what I have seen in the warehouse, I think that I do need to start asking some questions.  At least I know how his family gets their wealth somewhat.

I also saw quite a few boxes that were partially covered with tarps in the back that definitely had the Horde symbol on them.  I wonder what was in those and why they are being kept in Stormwind or do the two companies run things back and forth between the two.  Am I involved with people that are smuggling goods to both sides?  I’ll have to be careful how I phrase my questions to Kal when we get home to Halfhill.  This worries me.  Is this the stuff that I should report to my superiors – I’m in a bit of a confused state of mind because this is a place that isn’t in Pandaria and I’m not on duty either.  It has nothing to do with us in Pandaria and its Kal’s personal family business.

Well, I guess we’re ready to pack up our things and head back to Halfhill now.  Breakfast was very enjoyable and Kal ate like there was no tomorrow.  Of course, he likes the food in Pandaria, however, he says that he still likes the food here in Stormwind.  We had some little tea cakes that were very delicately made that I knew weren’t anything like I’ve ever seen before.




Happiness Can Be Fleeting Moments In Time…

Kae was sitting quietly at the table in the house at their farm in Halfhill, gazing at the pages in her journal as she sharpens her quill and opens her bottle of ink.  So many thoughts racing through her head and so many doubts as to her own place in this house. With a soft sigh, she pulls a blanket over her shoulders to help keep the dawn chill from penetrating her shoulders too deeply.

Kal is sleeping soundly in their bed, his body stretched out full length with one arm over his head and the other holding on to a pillow that Kae had placed in a strategic location so that his sleeping mind might think she was still there – he did like to hold her when he slept and was extremely tired. He was almost like a small child with the way that he would hold onto her as if she were a stuffed animal that he held for some kind of security – she truly loved this huge man when he exhibited some of his childlike habits like this.

Gazing around the house, she could see all of the love that the two of them had put into it.  The way that each picture frame was set so that they could view them with just the natural light coming through the windows, the way that Kal had placed the statue of Elune next to the very tiny replica of the moonwell that they both loved.  It was a house that reflected the people that lived in it. This was a home, not just a place to sleep as so many others treated their abodes.

Lying on the table in front of her with the candlelight flickering was her journal, bottle of ink and a broken arrow – it was a Sindorei styled arrow, the fletching was rather intricate and some of the work put into making this arrow reminded her of the way that Kal would make his on occasion. There were tiny strands of silver wire wrapped around the notch, nothing that would weigh the arrow down nor inhibit the flight of the arrow as it was released from the bow.  Just someone’s unusual taste and care when they were making this arrow, someone that had a lot of experience with fletching. The black feathers were ruffled a bit from the handling they had received from the person that had retrieved the arrow from the battlefield in Kun’lai, however, she could still see the black feathers were neatly trimmed and placed in such a manner that would make it fly swiftly through the air – the black feathers were what concerned her the most.  She had only seen one quiver of arrows like this before in the market on the back of a man that she had admired – Kal’s Father.

There had apparently been a skirmish with a group of Rangers scouting the area outside of Binan Village shortly after she and Kal had passed through there. Sentinels had been killed and a few of the items retrieved after the battle was rather curious – this arrow was a prime example.  Allia had picked the arrow up whole, she had only wanted the silver tipped arrowhead so that she could sell it – she felt that it would be worth some money, more than your average arrowhead that would have been attached to another shaft and reused.

The other unusual thing that Kae heard the Sentinels talking about was the fact that the bodies of the fallen Kaldorei were laid out and covered with rocks, almost as if a burial ceremony had been held to honor the fallen.  The bodies had not been defiled in any way – which was very unusual with the Horde. No scalps or ears had been removed, the bodies were laid to rest as if there was some care involved and not left out to where the carrion could feed on them as per usual.

Kae knew that she and Kal had missed being a part of this skirmish by just a matter of minutes and they had taken another route due to the fact that they had seen so many Orcs in the village filtering out to the plains.  They had been very lucky.

She gazed over at the sleeping Kal and starts writing in her journal. A journal that she had only recently started keeping on any kind of regular basis because she felt comfortable with this man and knew that he would respect her privacy and not read it if he happened to find it.  He kept a journal too and admittedly, she hadn’t returned the courtesy of not reading it from time to time before they had had their disclosure talk – she was curious about the man and wanted to learn more things about him – the journal had proven to be a treasure trove of information.  It gave her a deeper insight into the man, his feelings, his wants, his desires, his dreams and most of all into the type of person he truly was, not the persona that he presents to those around him.

March 29th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here this morning starring at a broken arrow that one of the women had brought back to camp from a skirmish in Kun’lai.  Apparently there was a conflict within a matter of minutes after Kal and I had left the area, which we barely escaped being involved in.  Rangers versus Sentinels.  The women that were talking about it were not from our group; however, they stopped at our camp to let us know that they had defeated a large band of Rangers and to brag about it.

I actually suspect that their group ran into the usual band of Rangers that we’ve seen up there that could be counted out at about fifteen to twenty men spread out over a large area of ground.  No, it wasn’t the fifty men that they were bragging about.  If there had been fifty Rangers out there against the twenty Sentinels and their companions – there would have been more Kaldorei casualties.  I did notice that not one of these people were brandishing around any of the usual trophies that they take, the scalps and things that just turn my stomach when I see them. A few trinkets, a belt, a bow, some arrows and yes, even an empty money pouch that was decorated with simple jewels – not worth much if you sold it.

I know they were all full of themselves because they were bragging that the Sindorei fled in such haste that they didn’t have time to loot the corpses of the fallen like they normally do.  One of our senior Sentinels called foul on this and called them out for it.  The truth came out then, they had escaped from the encounter and went back to the area after the Rangers had left to find the four corpses of their comrades respectfully covered with rocks and marked so that they could be retrieved.  So, there really was no epic battle as they were trying to spin the tale for their own glory.

I’m glad that Kal wasn’t in camp last night; he had opted to stay at the farm rather than have to go into the camp and have to listen to the usual derision that usually greets him.  Questioning his manhood and his loyalties to the Alliance to inflict personal pain on him like the spiteful children that they are.  It gets old after a while, however, I will admit that it isn’t as harsh as it once was because I lied to our Commander and told her that we were, in fact, sleeping together and I am positive that she told a few of the women that, just to get the gossip curtailed.  Oh, I hear the remarks made about me – Horde lover, Horde whore and the like.  It hurts sometimes, if they only knew the truth, then, they would really be the fools, not I.

I saw one of the women in the other group with a few arrows sticking out of her quiver that weren’t the usual Kaldorei design and we started talking about what the differences were.  She and I had met a few times before when we first landed in Pandaria and were in Paw ‘don.  Her name is Allia Stormstrike, a few years younger than Kal and I.  She said that the fighting was pretty intense and was extremely happy that they had been able to withdraw with so few casualties.  I was admiring the arrows that she had retrieved – some were more for show than they were for damage, leave it to the Sindorei to add flair to a thing that should be more for utility than appearance.  I was looking at one arrow in particular, black feathers, black shaft and a black arrowhead with a tip covered in silver.  It was really beautiful.   I offered to buy it from her because I was curious about it and thought it would be a nice trophy to add to our growing collection at the farm.  She said that she wanted to sell the arrowhead because she needs the money from the small amount of silver that was there and quickly broke the arrow and handed me the rest.

I brought that broken arrow home with me and compared it to some of the arrows that Kal had made recently and almost started to cry.  Kal had made up a few “dress-up” arrows as he calls them to put in his quiver for when he went into town all dressed up – places like Stormwind and Darnassus. Yes, he does like to look the part and wants everything just so, that’s the Sindorei showing up in him.  Silly man.

I had wanted to show Kal the arrow to see if he thought the same thing that I did, however, he was already asleep.  Now, I don’t think that I am going to show him the arrow at all; I’ll just put it away where he won’t find it.  I know where his Father has been disappearing too now – am I going to report that we have this Sindorei neighbor that is a high ranking officer in the Rangers disappears frequently and is gone for several days and reappears?  Why would a Commander be out in the field like that, it’s not uncommon, however, one would think that he would have had a larger contingent of men with him than what was indicated once the truth came out.  No, I’m not saying anything to anyone – the Rangers are shifting their people around just like we are.

I know that some of the officers in camp have been talking about finding Horde officers and holding them hostage for either money or the release of captives.  Kal hasn’t heard that talk and I think that I am going to tell him about it so that he can warn his Father that there might be other dangers lurking here in Halfhill than what he might want to think about.  Halfhill is supposed to be a safe area for both factions, however, that doesn’t mean that things don’t happen because they do.

I just had to write all of this down so that I could clear my thoughts a bit.  I was torn as to what I should do.  Tell my officers about this fellow that lives next door, although, I’m sure they are already aware of him being here and to show Kal the arrow to prove that his Father wasn’t sitting in some base camp somewhere giving out orders from behind a desk.  His Father is out in the field just like we are.

I definitely don’t want Kal to start hesitating when we’re involved in a skirmish with any Rangers out there because one of them might be his Father.  That could be “death” very swiftly for the both of us.  I’m sure the thoughts flash through his mind anyway; however, I don’t want to feed those thoughts.

I already know that I am more than just falling in love with Kal and I don’t want to see either one of us inhibited by the thoughts of someone in his family might be on the receiving end of an arrow when we fire it.  Its war and we’re both aware of it; there will be casualties and death on both sides.   I wish that Kal’s Mother would hurry up and get to Halfhill or the base camp in Krasarang with her group of Sentinels.  If anything would happen to either of his parents, it would destroy the man that I love.  Why does there have to be a war right now? I have finally found a home and a man that I would be more than willing to call my mate.  Does he feel the same way?  I’m not sure.