Adventures and Reflections…

June 3rd

Dear Journal,

I know that I have not written in quite some time.  My time has been spent seeing this new land and trying to understand some of the ways of the people.  In many ways they are not unlike my own kin, however, their impatience and anger is what appears to drive them along without much thought for the consequences and the future.  We are taught and trained at a young age how to temper these things by the monks.  I can understand how their intrusion into our lands has wrought the awakening of the Sha.  There is much strife in this land that seems meaningless to me and I am not one to pass judgment on others, however, it does make me curious.

Currently I live in one of the main cities and I can assure you that there are many adventurous young Pandaren that have traveled here, so, over time, I have found many of my own kind to socialize with and have found several monks that are of an age that they can guide me in my meditations.  I know that several of us have regretted leaving our homeland and wish to return, however, that return would defeat the purpose of our coming in the first place.

When the Mist lifted from our land and these adventurers came into the land, bringing their own trials, troubles and tribulations with them, I know that a lot of us wanted to see their lands.  It sounded very mysterious and it was different from how we were living.  Ah yes, they do say that sometimes our curiosity can lead us astray, however, once the decision has been made to set forth to these new lands, you do have to earn the passage back to or homeland.

From what I have learned since I have been in Stormwind is that there have been many wars in the land, not only within the Eastern Kingdoms and  Kalimdor.  There are other places that I have not seen yet in my journey and I am anxious to see them.   This place called Outland where a world has shattered and is attached to Azeroth through some type of magical portal – it sounds very scary and yet exciting at the same time.   There is battling in that world as well, not unlike our past history with the Mogu that still threatens the peace in Pandaria.

So many places I have not seen yet and have only heard tales of from the people that I have met.  Life never seems to be dull for these people, however, the strife would be more than just unsettling if it were a constant pressure.  I know that we have had strife in my homeland, however, we have been able to move it to a proper perspective and let it be a part of our lives without being the main focus.  There are other things in life to give you joy if only you will take the time to slow down and see it for what it is.

I know that I was taught that there must be a balance in your life in order for you to survive with some kind of inner peace.  If there was only some way to make the people understand that balance.  I know that I do not have the education nor the power to make them understand for I am a lowly hunter, however, I know that I will take my time passing through these lands and enjoy the beauty as well as the dangers.

I suppose that I have written enough nonsense and I should close the book and put it away again.  Changwu and Jake have invited me to go with them to the Faire to see the sights and to see all of the different people.   I have been before and spent a great deal of time looking at the strange beasts that are in the zoo there.   Some of them I would like to see in the wild and some of them I hope I don’t see because they might take a liking to Pandaren for a meal.



What A Glorious Day!

May 7th

Dear Journal,

What a glorious day this has been so far!  I’m one happy Pandaren at the moment.  As is my usual custom, to pay the bills and to visit with more people, I went about my daily routine.  Oh yes, I had to go catch fish for the lovely fisherman on the dock and let’s not leave out the cooking.  Oh, the cooking I am a master at already, we do love to eat.  The thing that made my day so glorious was the fact that I have been doing my fishing as is my normal thing with a fishing pole that I purchased shortly after my arrival in Stormwind – I like to fish, cook and eat fish.  It’s a free meal in my book.

Anyway, today, of all days, feeling a bit more homesick than usual because I haven’t seen any of my friends for several days – we’ve all been busy.  I went trudging down to the docks to see what kind of fish was needed for the day and went on my merry way.  Much to my surprise, the fishing went rather quickly and I had what they had asked for in record time – there are days when I am not so quick in getting the task done.  However, today, the fish almost jumped out of the water  to get on my hook.  When I returned to give my fish to the lad on the dock, she handed me the usual bag of coins, a few trinkets and whatnot.  What surprised me was the fact that inside the bag was a glorious glowing beautiful fishing pole.  Not just any pole, it was a bejeweled fishing pole!!  My first thought was the joy of having such a fine pole and the second thought was to sell it for the money.  No, no, no! I didn’t sell it, I kept it to use – oh the way the light plays on the jewels as I stand there fishing away almost boggles my mind.   I suppose I could have spent m entire day just standing there admiring this fine instrument, however, I had other tasks that I needed to do today.

I haven’t seen Changwu in several days and come to think of it, I hadn’t seen his human friend, Jake, for quite a while either.  I decided that it was time for me to go calling on them, not only to talk and catch up on the latest news, I wanted to show them my new fishing pole.  It may seem like a little thing to some, however, to me, it was like a dream come true.  I wandered over to the house that the two share and it appears that they had already left for the day, I left a note for them that I wanted to see them soon.

I have been roaming the countryside in and round Stormwind for quite a while and I am starting to find it rather boring, so, after talking to a few people that I met at the Inn, I decided that I would start making my way further south.  Stranglethorn Vale – what a marvelous name, almost sounds like a place one would find back in Panderia.

However, after making my way South, the more I was reminded of my homeland with the exception that there appear to be quite a few more ruffians on the area than what I would normally find at home.  Humans are indeed a strange breed.  I can see why they are angry all of the time, there never seems to be enough money, food, places to live or even a joke amongst some of them.  They need to slow down and enjoy what life has been able to offer them – not always wanting more.  Sometimes more is not always good because it seems to make them want even more.  Silly humans.

Oh, I’ve heard about pirates and the like back home, however, I had never actually seen any up close and personal until I came to Stranglethorn.  It was really my fault because I was lost in thought and entranced by the beauty of the jungle and I stumbled into an encampment of them.  What a nasty bunch of people – I did my best to explain and tried to leave without causing any trouble, however, they would have none of that.  Oh no, I wasn’t going to give them my money to buy my way out of there and I surely wasn’t going to give up my new fishing pole although their eyes had already seen the glimmer of the jewels in my bag.  I suppose I should have left some of my bags and hides back at the Nessingwary camp, however, I wasn’t too sure about the dwarves either.

While it wasn’t a great battle nor one that lasted for a long duration, I am sure that these fellows will think twice about attacking a lone Pandaren hunter ever again.  Moshu did a wonderful job protecting my back – these humans tend to try to come at you in groups – there is truly nothing fair about war or fighting for your life with ignorant louts.  Nothing like having a turtle to offset the odds – he’s mean sometimes and is very easy to care for, eats anything that I offer him without complaint, not like some of the pets I have seen others have.

Stranglethorn reminds me very much of some of the parts of my homeland, however, there always seems to be something sinister hanging in the air here.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe it’s the anger that some of these people have.  No, they aren’t angry at me or anything, I think that they are just angry at their own circumstances.   So far I haven’t seen much of the Horde in the area yet, however, I am sure that they are near – maybe that is the change in the atmosphere.  Who knows?  I’ll do some more exploring for a few days before I return to Stormwind.



My Questioning Mind…

March 16th

Dear Journal,

I have been in this strange land of Orcs, Blood Elves, Trolls, Tauren and Goblins for quite some time, however, I have never felt compelled to write anything down since I arrived.  I thought that today I would remedy that.

My name is Leiluna Sungmoon and I am from Pandaria.  Yes, I’m one of those chubby little furry things with the strange accent and the weird ideas that seem to amuse some of my fellow Horde.  I will have to admit that some of their names are rather amusing as well, although, they seem to think that they are perfectly normal, silly beings that they are.

I could say that my life has definitely changed for the better since I left Pandaria, however, I’m not real sure that it has in all ways.  I am learning so many things since I left home that my mind is oftentimes spinning when I finally take the time to actually think about all of the changes that I have undertaken.

My life in Pandaria was probably much as it was for those of us that chose to leave our homeland. I had a family that I truly miss and hope to see again in the future and friends, I do miss my friends most of all. My parents were farmers and they would till the soil from sunup to sundown every day and go on as if there was nothing more enjoyable in life, well, having a good brew was one of the things that they enjoyed too.  I do miss those times and I do miss the warmth and support of my family.

The reason that I left Pandaria was because I wanted more out of life.  I wanted adventure, excitement and most of all, I wanted to find someone, a fellow, that I could call my own.  Our village was small and all of the eligible bachelors had been taken by the time I pulled my head out of the earth to notice that.  I was bound to be one of those old ladies that sits around and talks about the best way to brew a curative or the best way to brew a special beer.  I was young, I didn’t want my old age to be lonely and have no children to call my own.

When the Mists opened and revealed our land to these strangers from far away, life changed for most of us.  They spoke of these great lands far away and I could feel my imagination taking flight as I heard these tales.  They brought many strange customs and many strange languages to our homeland, some things were good and some things were bad.  One thing that they did do, all of them, was to reawaken the Sha that hadn’t been seen in our lands since the last Emperor.  I’m sure that most of us younglings thought that it was just a myth, a boogeyman to scare us when we were little, however, the Sha was real and once again was running rampant in the land.

These strangers with their strange ideas and strange ways of doing things not only awakened the Sha, they brought their own brand of greed and avarice with them.  There were two different factions and at first we thought that they would bring enlightenment with them, however, sad to say, that was not the case.  Some were here to explore the country and some were here to rape the countryside of all of its wealth and natural resources.

I grew enamored of the Horde because they seemed to be very aggressive in their endeavors to gain wealth as well as to feed their growing population, not only in Pandaria but in their homeland.  Little did I know where this would lead me. I thought the Blood Elves were so elegant and educated, that surely had their ideals were different than what I had heard of the rest, they knew how to fight not only with their physical abilities, they knew how to fight with their education.

Okay, I was a silly girl.  I saw these Rangers and they seemed so assured of themselves and they struck a romantic chord in my soul.   I was so sure that I would find a home with them and be able to be enlightened as they were.  I should have listened more closely to my teachers about how these strangers had no true enlightenment of “self” – they were the here and now people in both factions.  They had been at war for many centuries in their homelands and like a silly fool, I thought that I could take some of our teachings to them and make a difference.  I am not a monk, nor a teacher, I am but a lowly hunter that wanted to make a difference.

After much meditation, and much foolishness, I chose to travel to Kalimdor to see this land that was spoken of with much love.   I thought that this was a place that I could fit in and grow.

Upon my arrival in this city of Orgrimmar, I was presented to their great Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream and was surprised at how he reacted towards me.  I tried to explain why I had come and he just told me to get to work.  Well, okay, that wasn’t exactly a warm welcome and I did as I was told.

Once I got over my feelings of misgiving, I made some friends with a few Goblins, Tauren, not the Orcs so much because they scare me.   I found out that the goblins were treated pretty much the same way as I was when they arrived.  However, unlike them, I have a home to return too, their homes were destroyed by a natural catastrophe. Poor goblins are forever bound to the Horde for they have nowhere else to go.  I told them about Pandaria and told them how life was there and some of them seemed anxious to make the transition.  Someday, we will all go there, me to my home and them to go on to more adventures.

Luckily, I have been able to find some more people from my country and we have banded together to continue our own learning and teachings.  I know that we all spend a great deal of time in meditation trying to regain that inner peace.

I wanted excitement and adventure in my life and I definitely have achieved that, however, the cost has been dear.  I thought that some of my dearest friends were coming with me to Orgrimmar, alas, they chose to join the Alliance which seemed too passive to me.  Oh well, some day there will be peace and we can all be friends again.



Life is to Be Savored…

August 15th

Dear Journal,

It has been quite some time since I have taken the time to write anything in my journal.  My masters would be very displeased with my lack of discipline, however, in this strange land there are so many distractions. Of course, one can be swayed by ones environment and that is what I am find happening to me upon occasion.  I will have to meditate and cleanse my mind of these things to regain my inner peace and calm.

Stormwind is a huge city and there are so many people here that it is oftentimes very confusing.   Yes, they are still battling with the Horde in Pandaria, however, rumor has it that this Horde is fighting within its own group.  A very strange people indeed.  I know that it is made up of many races, very much like the Alliance, however, the dominant race seems to be much more warlike and more inclined to be infected by the Sha of Anger.  I have not seen these people that they call Orcs, they  sound as though they are nothing more than a group of warring people that are a plague upon the continent of Kalimdor. 

I have talked often with my friend and fellow Pandaren, Peiling, and we have decided that these people know no other life other than warring amongst themselves.  It’s a shame because I have met many that have very good qualities that are being distracted by these other things. I have met the young fellow that Peiling has partnered with and he seems very likeable for a human, even if his temperament is sometimes on the negative side.  We have all seen hard times, however, there are some of us that can take this in stride.

Peiling and I both think that Jake has been through some very hard times in his young life so far and it has molded him into the young man that he is today.  He is in such a rush to make his fortune that he is missing the beauty of life.  We both have told him that he needs to slow down and savor what life has to offer instead of grabbing what he can and rushing onward.  I know that this is the Pandaren way, however, it has stood us in good stead all of these years while our island home was hidden away in the mists.  Of course, Jake gives Peiling and I a wave of his hand and tells us that slowing down will not keep money in the bank nor in our pockets.  Gold seems to be a huge driving force for these people.

Of course, we have the knowledge that without money, one does not eat or have a place to sleep. I sometimes wish that I was back in my village where life was much simpler and we didn’t feel driven to do things as they are here in this land.  We could savor each moment of life and enjoy what we had and didn’t feel the need to let our greed force us onward.  It does appear as though it is not so much survival of the fittest, just the survival of the one that holds the most gold, tis a sad thing to acknowledge.

Ah well, all of this writing and all of this thinking will not put food on the table as Jake has pointed out nor will it allow me to buy some more beer.  I miss the beer from home, the dwarves do put forth a fine brew, however, it does not measure up to the standards of the Stormstouts, I’m afraid to say. I am no expert when it comes to brewing, however, I know what tastes good to me and my opinion would probably not be appreciated if it were voiced aloud.

I suppose that Peiling and Jake are going to be out hunting for most of the day and I should get busy and start mining some more in order to get the gems that I need to ply my craft. The people here in Stormwind seem to appreciate the gems that I sell.  I wish that we had an open market like we did at home, it did allow us to socialize with one another instead of standing in a large building and bidding on things being sold.  I am almost sure that some of these people have not taken a bath since they were babes – ah well, that is another story for another time.



A Pandaren Hunter Walks Amongst Us…

June 5th

Dear Journal,

My name is Panmoshu and I come from the Wandering Isle – it seems so long ago, however, my cousin Chang Wu has assured me that it has only been about a month. Chang is finding his way around this strange land and I decided to follow him, although he did forbid any of us to follow him.  I chose to follow him anyway because why should he wander this land alone without family with him.  I wanted to have adventures too even if I am a girl.  Girls like to have fun too, Chang.

He’s the one that suggested that I write this journal to keep a written track of my adventures here in this Eastern Kingdom.  There are many places to see and many people to meet. I know that some of the humans seem to resent us being here in Stormwind, however, I can see why they have awakened the Sha in Pandaria – so much anger, so much violence and so much mistrust.  Chang says that this is how these people were raised, they have only known war. 

If they would only learn to share things, there would be no war – there is no need to punch someone in the face for the apple that you saw fallen from the tree – you can cut the apple in half and share it together.  I think that’s an easy thing for even these people to understand. One does not eat the whole apple if another hungers, that is what I learned at the temple when I was younger. I think my old master at the temple would call this greed – it seems to be very common amongst these people.

I know that I wish that I could spend as much time meditating as Chang does, sure does seem like he spends a great deal of his time doing that.  I, on the other hand, have discovered that it is more fun to go out and do the things that I did in my homeland.  I always loved to hunt, skin the beasts for their leather, sell their meat at the market and make things.  I can still do this here in this land, however, I do have to watch for others that will not share.  They do not have a market like we did at home, so, it takes a bit more time to sell my wares – they have this big building that they call the Auction House where they sell their things.

I like how we did these things at home much better.  At the market, you have time to talk to people while you’re selling your wares, it isn’t this constant shouting and pushing to get your bids in so that others might compete with you for the few coins that you get.  We would haggle with the people in the stalls some times over prices, however, we never got violent about it – we would even sit down and share beer – things are different here.

I have met many people of many races in this land. It’s like looking into a bowl of soup and seeing all of the vegetables floating around in the steaming water when you walk out the door of the Inn where we are staying.  I have seen the Gilneans that sometimes will change into a beast – that was scary the first time that I saw that and I did scream and run away. Since that first encounter, I have talked to a few of them and they seem to be likeable even if they do have two different personalities.  This wolf that they turn into isn’t very nice and I am afraid that they would want to eat me. Chang says that they were Cursed by these other people called the Forsaken – the skeletons that wear clothes and run around as if they were alive.  I have seen such things in the wilds outside of Stormwind and I usually run away – they might want to eat me too.

The Night Elves are a strange group of people, they live for Nature and take great care of the land, especially the trees.  They are very tall and some of them are very warlike in their demeanor with tattoos on their faces. Most of the ones that I have seen are females and they seem to be the ones that do a lot of the warring against other people – the males seem to be less impatient when I ask them questions.  Their homeland is across the sea and they call it Kalimdor – another big place for me to explore with Chang.

Maybe when Chang has learned as much as he can about these people in the Eastern Kingdom, we can go to this Kalimdor too although I have heard there are some very mean people that live there called Orcs.  I have never seen an Orc. Many people say that they don’t belong in this land – wherever they came from must be much larger than this.   Chang says that we mustn’t judge people, however, I think I can do that because I grew up on a Turtle swimming the seas until the mists lifted, we knew no other peoples.

I know that I miss the rest of my family sometimes and would like to go home.  Chang tells me that that is when I should meditate and talk to the other monks.  It seems like it is very expensive to go home now anyway and getting back there would take a very long time.  I should find peace within myself and endure the life that I have chosen – well, I did want to be an adventurer and I guess this is part of it. 

I can see why these people are warlike too.  I met their King the first day that I arrived, while he told me of many things of his land, I was very surprised when he wanted me to fight him.  Why would a man of his stature and station in life want to fight a lowly Pandaren hunter?  It might be a custom or their way of welcoming people to their land.  I did fight him although I was afraid that his guards were going to kill me so I didn’t hit him as hard as I could have because I am very strong and didn’t want to hurt him.  I won, he welcomed me to his city and that was the last time that I have seen him.  I guess Kings do not go out in their city very often.  This is indeed a very strange land.

I am sitting here waiting for Chang to come back from his meditating, smelling of beer again, I’m sure.  I have made other friends here in Stormwind and have found a few other Pandaren too.  I think I will go out and walk around and see some more sights – this city is big and I am sure there are places that I haven’t seen yet and many people to meet – I just hope I don’t run into any rude ones, they do seem to be rather plentiful here.







Slow Down…Life Is To Be Cherished

March 15th

Dear Journal,

This is indeed a strange land that I have brought myself too.   I can also see why these people have awakened the Sha in my homeland.  As I wander the streets of Stormwind, all I see is a constant rush and press of people – their emotions are raw and fully exposed at all times.  Is there no one here that tries to control themselves in the manner of my people.

I saw a group of little children fighting with one another on one of the bridges about a dolly.  Oh, they fought fiercely for something so trivial and you could feel the anger in the air.  Even their children let their emotions fly out into the atmosphere without any thought of the consequences. 

My Masters would be appalled if we had acted like this as cubs and I am sure that our parents would have been quick with their own discipline. 

I am filled with wonder and awe at the city and its people and saddened at the same time. They have no thoughts of taking things in moderation.  They rush like ants from an anthill to gather what they need to carry back to their homes where I am sure there must be fighting there too.  Our teachings of taking things at a slower pace must be lost on the ones that are in my homeland. How do their leaders keep control over such mayhem?

There is a beauty to this place though.  It is different and everything seems to have to be made of stone and wood to make it last.  I found their place called a Cathedral and I will admit that I stumbled a few times as I entered the door.  From the outside the building is huge, however, on entering the building, it is even larger than I expected.  I did not get the feeling of inner peace in there as I would have felt upon entering one of our temples though, which is what I was searching for.

I know that I am holding fast to the disciplines that I was taught although it is rather difficult.  The constant pressure to rush from one place to the next is almost palatable. I find myself even starting to hasten my pace from one task to the next and spend many hours meditating to alleviate the stress that builds up in one’s mind after several hours of exposure to this.

Slow Down!  I was trying to explain this to one of the people that I had met and they looked at me not only as a stranger in their land but one with diminished reasoning power.  I was trying to explain that it takes hardly any time to stop and look at a flower – see how the petals are attached, see the way the veins in the petals are feeding it from the roots to make the flower grow and live a longer life with its beauty.  Slow Down!  Enjoy and savor life – do not rush through for you may never see it again. Take joy from the small things in life, it isn’t always a good thing to have a better thing than your neighbor – at what cost will it take from life to have these things.

Ah well, I have found another monk here in Stormwind and we try to rationalize the things that we are seeing and are finding that we need to seek out higher wisdom.  We are both rather baffled at the urgency that this people seem to crave or need in order to exist. 

I have found several places here in the city to take some time to rest – there is a place where their mages go for learning and  a small park there.  I rarely see one of the citizens take the time to look at the beauty and to admire the trees.  It is truly beautiful and if you get away from some of the buildings, there is a certain kind of natural peace that will envelope you for a short time.

This is indeed a strange land and very much unlike anything that I have ever seen.  I will study these people and try to understand what drives them so intensely.


Changwu’s Adventures

March 10th

Dear Journal,

My name is Changwu and my native land is Panderia.  I am a monk trainee and I have decided that I need to have more knowledge of my land and the world in order to become the best that I can be.  One cannot meditate without the proper knowledge of what one wishes to meditate on.  I have lived a very sheltered life here in Morning Breeze Village.

I think that I would have been content with my life if we had not heard tales of these strangers that have landed on our shores of Panderia.  Strange people they surely must be and they seem to be very angry with one another.  They have some misguided idea that they are here to rescue us from our way of life, this surely must be a misguided error in their way of thinking – we are not the ones that invaded our lands – this has been our way of life for centuries.   They have brought many strange new things to our land and new ideals.  These ideals are not the Pandaren way and I have heard that they have awakened the Sha that have slept for centuries – there is no harmony with these beings.

My family was not very happy with the thought of their eldest son wanting to take to the roads and travel.  In my heart, I was saddened by leaving them behind; however, my mind was excited at the thoughts of gaining more knowledge.  One of my younger siblings, Panmoshu, wanted to travel with me and I told her that she needed to stay home with the family; she was too young to go into the lands where I planned on seeing for myself.  I know that she was very upset with me for telling her that she couldn’t go, however, she is very strong minded and I would not be all that surprised if she followed me in a few days time.  She is a hunter with abilities and skills that have stood her well – however, she needs to find her own inner peace and harmony.  She and I have spoken many times of her strong will and I have told her many times that she needs to spend more time with Master Shang Xi and learn how to calm her spirit.

I have already seen many things on the Isle and my mind has been very enlightened.  In my travels I have met others that have had the same adventurous spirit and we have traveled together for many hours.  I suppose that we are the younger generation that is seeking out a new direction for our lives. 

We all have spent many hours with different Masters and have learned many things.  We heard more tales of our beloved Shen-zen Su – at first we scoffed at some of the tales.  How could it be that we have lived our lives on the back of a giant sea turtle – we have farms and villages that we have maintained for generations?  Now, I can tell you that this was not a myth nor a tale made up by our storytellers to amuse us. I have seen this with my own eyes.

I had heard of these strangers from their strange lands before I left my home, however, I had never seen them.  I can now say that I have seen them and experienced some very interesting things.  I now know that these strangers are of many different races and many different philosophies – this could be the reason that they have no harmony in their lives. One group call themselves Alliance and the other call themselves the Horde.   The Horde group seems to fight for Strength and Honor – I can tell you from my own experience that these things alone cannot a belly fill. The Alliance group seems to have come to explore our lands and to gain knowledge of our people.  The Horde seem to have the mindset of only taking what they feel they are entitled to have – taking things from others to only gain power is not good.  It only brings hatred and strife from those being attacked and will only awaken more evil in the world.

I met more adventurers in my travels, however, I never dreamed of the things that I would see or experience.  I will always remember the times that I spent with Asa, Ji and Jojo – I will always remember the enlightenment that I experienced with them.  This is where I found that Shen-zen Su was not a myth and not at tale.

It appeared that an Alliance vessel had crashed into our beloved Shen-zen Su causing him great injury, he was dying. I won’t bore you with all of the details however; this was the first time that I had met any of these strange people – the Horde and the Alliance.  Asa, Ji and Jojo were a large part of this adventure and we were able to help rescue and heal our Shen-zen Su.

I have fought in many battles in my travels so far.  I had never struck anything in anger before leaving my home.  Now, I can see the how this can be a part of any world.  I will have to admit that I would fluctuate from fear to anger as if I had no control over my inner being.  I will have to mediate for many hours to regain the balance in my mind – there is no harmony with these feelings and they must be taken into proper control.

I know that when all of the battling appeared to be finished to save our Shen-zen Su we retreated to the Temple of Five Dawns.  Walking back into the temple filled me with such peace, the calming atmosphere and the harmony of the people gathered there were as refreshing to me as a cool breeze.  I was trying to calm myself and regain my balance of harmony before traveling onward.  However, this was not to be.

My companions and I were approached by one of the Masters.  In order for us to travel further, we must choose which of these new people we would accompany.  Always there are choices in life and there are times when you must choose things that are not in agreement with your friends. After a great deal of discussion and soul searching, I decided that I would travel on with these new Alliance strangers. They seemed to be seekers of knowledge and not as warlike as the Horde.  In my mind and my heart, I wanted knowledge more than I wanted material things.

Climbing into the air balloon to travel to this new land was exhilarating and frightening.  My dream of being an adventurer was coming true rather quickly, faster than I ever imagined that it would. We arrived in a city called Stormwind.  It was huge and nothing remotely similar to the temples and villages that I had seen in my own land.  It was also very noisy and crowded.

Asa and Jojo had decided to accompany me to this Stormwind and we were all standing at the gates to this massive city and were told that we had to report to the King.  I think that we were very frightened by the sound of this; we drew on our inner strength and started off to see this King.

So many buildings and cobblestones on the streets that hurt your feet surrounded us as we made our way through the city.  Noise everywhere, people talking and rushing hither and yon to whatever destination that caused them to rush by us without a cursory notice of our being strangers in this city.  I will admit that we were intimidated by all of this and had to stop to ask guards on our way through the city to find this King.

The structure that we were directed too was very impressive, almost as huge as some of the temples that I had seen in my travels so far.  However, there was not the feeling of harmony that I would feel on entering a Temple.  I saw this rather large man standing on a dais and was told that this person was the King.  King Varian of Stormwind. 

I was very nervous when I approached this man of great importance as were Asa and Jojo.  The man was much scarred from his years in fighting, we assumed, however, you could almost feel the power emanating from him.  Yes, this man was truly a King.  I know that I was very relieved when he welcomed us to the city and actually smiled.  He also told us that he wanted to talk to us about Panderia as he stepped down from the dais and started walking away – we followed meekly and we were filled with curiosity.

I know that what happened next still has my mind in a whirl.  This King wanted me to hit him.  Was this going to be the end of my life and the end of my adventure?  I knew that striking a King was something that people would normally be killed for.  He just wanted to see how a monk could match up to “his” fighting skills.  I was very frightened and admittedly I was trying not to hurt him – Asa gasping didn’t help my emotions either.  Whatever happened with this fight could determine if all three of us were going to die in this garden where we had walked so peacefully with this man.

This King can hit very hard and he kept taunting me to hit him harder.  My fear of dying was almost overpowering my skills and I could feel that anger boiling up and clamped down to focus on my skills. I don’t know how long this scuffle lasted, however, it seemed an eternity to me.  The King and I traded many blows and I still can feel the ache in my body where his blows contacted.  I don’t know what happened – I know that I stood there with my jaws open as the King seemed to fly through the air in slow motion and landed on his back.  I didn’t know if I should try to run away or just wait for a guard to come up and strike a blow for their King.  The King started laughing; I have never felt such relief in my life when I heard his booming laughter.  After complimenting me on a battle well-fought, the King started to return to his throne room after welcoming us to the Alliance again.

This is definitely a strange city filled with strange people and there is much to learn and to meditate on.