Laughter Is Good…

Aril 9th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it is so nice hearing laughter in our house at the farm and for that laughter to continue on when we go back to the Bluff.  It is so nice having the family almost totally together in Pandaria, however, Tahfal is the laggard in getting his studies done so that he can come with us to Halfhill.  I think that he will start hurrying things up in the near future because of the fact that he doesn’t like eating his own cooking.

Having Nahai and Mother with us in Halfhill is delightful, we’re always talking about home and laughing about the things that we did as children.  I know that it makes Mom sad sometimes because I think she still misses our Father after so many years, however, she is just enjoying her new life with us now.

Naton and I have decided that the house is a bit crowded at this point, however, it’s well worth it.  We’re planning on completing the forge area soon and then we can close in the place underneath the house a bit so that we can have more sleeping room.  Of course, Mom and  Nahai are already talking about buying the little farm near us, so, we may not have to go to all that trouble.   It’s just nice having them here with us and I don’t think that I have heard Naton laugh so much in a very long time.  He likes having the family together for the most part.

I understand where Naton is coming from when he tells me that he is living his life through our lives because he can see how we enjoy things and he can derive some pleasure from that.  I know that he sometimes wishes that he could have a wife and children of his own, however, with his condition, that would be impossible.  I think he would have made a wonderful Father and husband to some lucky Bessie.

I can remember how things were before Mom and Dad went missing and were kidnapped by the Grimtotem and Naton went looking for them.   He was one of the most eligible bachelors on the Bluff and the girls would go wild when he was there and attending one of the many events, however, that all changed once he became a Death Knight.  The kind hearted Bull is still there, buried underneath that outer shell though – he spends an awful lot of time making things at his forge for people without charging them, only because they need the items and they can’t pay for it right away or something.   I know that when we go home to visit, he is swamped by the old ladies with their pots and pans that they want him to repair for them.  I’ve watched him talk and play with the little ones that aren’t afraid of him and I know that I can see it in his face, he would love to have a family of his own.  Maybe someday he will find someone that will overlook what he is and love him as much as we do.

We’re actually in the Bluff right now and we’re going to take in the Faire.  It feels good to be home for a while, however, I will have to say that Nahai was reluctant to come back.  After some prodding from Naton and I, we found out why he didn’t want to come back.  Poor fellow thought that once he got back to the Bluff that he would be forced to stay and help out.  Well, with Mom being in Pandaria, I don’t think he needs to worry about that at all – she needs and wants him to go with her  to explore all of Pandaria.   I know I laugh when I see those two sillies riding the air waves in tandem and diving down over the valley gathering herbs – it does remind me of old times.

The only thing that bothers me about having Mom in Halfhill is the fact that she is already trying to do some matchmaking for me.  I keep telling her that I will find a mate some day and I will produce those grandchildren that she is always prattling about.  Right now, I’m just happy enjoying our life in Pandaria and doing the things that I want to do without any worries about home, hearth and children.  That day will come soon enough and when the time is right, I am sure that the Earth Mother will let me know.  Of course there are several young bulls that in the Valley that spark my interest, however, that’s as far as it goes right now.  I know that when I was younger, I would long for a home and family of my own, however, I have that now, minus the mate and children, in Halfhill and I am completely content with that.   Some day Mom will realize that I am just who I am and I can’t make things happen just because she wants things that way.

I brought my a gown to wear to the Faire this time so that I don’t have to wear my armor all of the time.  I think that there might be fun with the dancing and I’ll let the boys go out on their own and do their thing.  I just want to relax, enjoy the Faire.  I am sure that Mom will find some of her old cronies to talk with about how grand farming is in Pandaria – most of the old ladies that she knows haven’t gone there yet and I think that they will enjoy hearing about Mom’s daring adventures that she has already had in Pandaria.

I know I giggle when Mom and Nahai come home from some of their herb gathering with tales of what they have seen – it’s nice to see some of the places through their perspective.  Mom has definitely decided that the Hozen are not her favorite race so far in Pandaria – she got quite splattered by a few of them when she landed in the wrong place to gather some herbs that had caught her eye.

Oh well, I guess I should stop writing in my journal and start getting ready to attend the Faire, I see Naton and Tahfal kind of dancing around because they have challenged each other with the canon ride again.  How they keep doing that every time we go to the Faire is beyond me – silly boys.

Mahamura  Cloudhoof


Having More Fun…

March 5th

Dear Journal,

I am really in a state of shock to see Mom up here in Pandaria.  I never thought in a million years that she would have the nerve and/or courage to make the trek up here, however, there she sits on the front steps of the farm and just soaking in the sunshine. I know that Naton and Maha were surprised when I showed up unannounced, however, I would say that they are more than shocked to have Mom come up as well.  We never thought that she would leave the confines of Thunder Bluff long enough to really make the journey.  She’s been telling us for years that she is too old to go out adventuring, however, I guess that she changed her mind.

Now, my brother and sister have two tourists to contend with as well as two crazy druids.  Mom really likes the flying up here in Pandaria as much as I do, we can just catch the air and float for a long ways without being tired either.  I taught Mom how to swoop in when she sees an herb and she’s got the hang of it pretty well now – she did do a few snout smashes the first few times but nothing makes you learn faster than pain sometimes.

I think Mom and I both have fallen in love with the Jade Forest so far because of how green everything is and how many herbs we have been able to gather.  Of course, Mom is having more fun making new inks that she got the recipes for in the Vale and creating new glyphs and inscriptions.   She keeps telling me that she is old, however, when she keeps learning things, it makes her feel young and won’t let her mind drift away into senility like some her old friends had happen.  I can see her point, however, she acts like she has found some kind of amazing youth serum up here.

Oh, the embarrassing thing is that my Mom loves to hang out in the market in Halfhill just talking with people and I even caught her flirting with one of the Bulls up there.  That was embarrassing to see your Mom act like she had the intelligence of a gnat when she was trying to be girlish at the same time.  The Bull seemed to like her a lot and that has me worried now – what if?  Well, what if she decides that she likes someone up here and decides to hook-up?   Oh my, that really kind of makes me more than nervous and I can imagine that Naton and Maha would have a raging fit.  I suppose that I ought to think about it differently, however, it’s always been Mom and us – to add another adult into the mix would really make for some interesting times.

I hope that Tahfal isn’t too upset with being left alone in Thunder Bluff with the responsibility of taking care of the house and Mom’s garden.  I don’t think that she will stay here for a long time, however, I suppose if she goes back home, I should go with her to help out too.  I can’t have my baby brother thinking that he’s an orphan since we’ve all taken off like this.  He has his studies to keep him busy and I think that he will be fine for a while, however, I know how I felt when Maha left and then, shortly thereafter, Naton went too.   It was lonely and the Earth Mother knows that I have always been the real friendly one of the group.   I like people and I like to play pranks.

Mom says that we ought to help Naton and Maha more around the farm and we should be the ones that take the trips to Silvermoon now and again too, just so that Naton and Maha have some free time to get to know some more of the people up here.   Well, I can get where Mom is going with this too – the more people they know, the more people that we’ll get to know too – I like that part.

I saw a girl in the market the other day that I’d like to get to know a bit better too.  She had the most beautiful blue eyes and the way that she walked just had me mesmerized.  Sure, I might have met her a long time ago in Thunder Bluff because she looked real familiar.  I would have introduced myself to her there in the market but I was so busy staring at her that I fell over a bunch of barrels that were stacked next to one of the stalls – I didn’t think it too wise to introduce myself to someone after falling on my face and getting soaked with what I hope was beer – it smelled like some beer, however, it also smelled like something else.  Nothing like making a fool of myself, yeah!

Nahai Cloudhoof

Through These Old Eyes…

March 4th

Dear Journal,

I will have to say that I certainly surprised my children yesterday with my unannounced arrival in Pandaria, however, it does me good to shock them silly now and again.  I know that I kind of surprised myself with my quick change of plans – you know you’re not getting any younger I was told by some of my friends that are older than I am.  So, with that thought in mind, it’s never too late to adventuring.

Of course, I was sad to leave my home behind in Thunder Bluff under the care of Tahfal, however, he’s a good boy and I am sure that he will take care of things nicely while I am away.  Of all of my children, he is by far the most quiet and the most studious of the lot. I do wish that he would take care of himself better and get out with the other people on the Bluff more often.  He really needs to find something to occupy his time, maybe find a young Bessie to fall in love with.  That wouldn’t be so bad, being a grandparent – all of my friends are grandparents, however, my children have been too busy earning their way in life to settle down with another and have children.  Poor Naton would have been a great Father, he reminds me so much of my late husband.

I haven’t seen much of Pandaria yet, however, what I have seen has left me more than a little bit awestruck by things.  Just the farming area alone has me in a state of shock.  I have never seen so many vegetables that were so large that one turnip could have fed half of my old tribe when I was younger.  My, my, the children have been busy on their farm and I can see why they are loathe to leave it to come back to the Bluff to visit because there is a lot of work here and the house is beautiful.

It is nice to be up here in a new place and I am almost ashamed to say that I am very invigorated by all of the things and places I have seen so far.  Of course, I am not going to press the children for a guided tour right away because I know that they have other duties.  However, I am going to get with Nahai for a while later today or tomorrow because I want to see all of these fantastic herbs that he keeps talking about.  Just like everything else in Pandaria, things are plentiful and things seem to be much larger  – I should be able to see these herbs much better.

The Pandaren seem like such a happy bunch of people, it’s too bad that Hellscream had to spoil some of the land to help his greed and his delusions of having the perfect Horde.  Well, I’m happy that I am not really worried about his Horde, I am worried about my people and how they are going to survive with the next few generations.  I know that if this perfect Horde were to take complete control of Kalimdor, even the Earth Mother can’t cure stupidity which seems to be in abundance within the Orcs. If cooler heads prevail, Baine should be able to keep our people safe, just like his Father before him.

I will have to admit that I am enjoying sitting here in Maha’s kitchen and enjoying the delightful smells of the swirling mist soup simmering and smelling all of the spices in here.  It is much larger than mine in the Bluff and she seems to have everything very well organized.  She’s even gotten Naton to eat a bit more than he usually does.

I am also sitting here feeling very good about things and taking pride in my children.  They have done well in this new land and they definitely are showing that they came from good stock.  Of course, the Cloudhoof tribe was never big, however, we were a good people and caring.

Mooma Cloudhoof


Our House Is Not Big Enough…

April 2nd

Dear Journal,

Well, I think that half of Morningstar Enterprises has moved to Pandaria in the last few weeks.  I’ve run into quite a few of the people that I used to see in Orgrimmar frequently when I had to go there to drop off the stock we’d accumulated and to pick up more contracts.

I’ll admit that I was really surprised to see one of Forsaken here in the market at Halfhill.  Seems she got shanghaied into the service when she was trying to deliver her stock to Silvermoon.  Well, I know how that can happen because Maha and I both were surprised at getting sent to Pandaria for our military service.  It all turned out well because we were able to get out of the military and buy a farm.   I told her to get in touch with the Boss and he would do the same for her, maybe.  I know I was really kind taken aback because her sister wasn’t with her, however, I guess she has stayed behind in the Undercity.   Those two were like bookends, you never saw one without the other.

Maha and I are really enjoying having our younger brother up here with us in Halfhill.   You would think that he had died and gone to heaven with the way that he carries on about Pandaria. We have both had to temper our laughter when we stop and realize that he has been stuck in Mulgore with Mom and Tahfal while we have had a chance to see a bit more of the world than he has.  He’s never been to Northrend, which we will try to remedy so that he can see what we are talking about when talk about Dalaran.  When Mom went to Dalaran that one time, she had gone with Tahfal to meet some girl’s friend up there.

Well, I can scrap that last paragraph and start anew.

Guess who showed up at the house in Halfhill unannounced?  Mom!!  Guess she just couldn’t stand the thoughts of all of us having so much fun and she could only hear about it from what we told her.  I know I was more than pleasantly surprised when she came knocking on the door.  I was busy at my forge and had just taken a short break or I might not have heard her.   I know that she was really laughing hard when I came poking my head out from under the house where I have my forge and anvil for the moment –  I’m still working on the building where it will reside permanently.

I think the poor old soul actually had tears of joy in her eyes to see me.    I know that my sister is sure going to be surprised when she gets home because she now has a roomy to share the bed with until we can make some other changes.  I think we just need to add on to the house to be honest because it’s like people come to visit and they kind of forget to leave.   Of course, I know that it is going to be fun having Mom here.  The poor thing was exhausted when she got here, that was one heck of a journey for her to take all by herself, however, she said that she didn’t want to ask Tahfal to bring her here and then have to go back.  He is still working on his studies as a Paladin and she didn’t want him to miss any of his training or classes and fall behind the other Light Walkers.

Luckily, I was able to scrounge up some food to feed her before I sent her off to bed.  Maha had made some wonderful soup and left it simmering on the stove.  I even sat there and had some while Mom and I talked.  She is just as amazed and bewildered at the side of Pandaria.   She really hasn’t gotten out of Mulgore that much either so she and Nahai are going to be making Maha and I a bit crazy wanting to do the tourist thing, however, I’d much rather do that than to let them get into any kind of trouble on their own.

Ah well, I suppose I ought to clean up the dishes and get back to my forge.  I have so many orders for armor that it’s a good thing that I don’t have to sleep much, however, I will have be even more cognizant of the hours that I keep now since Nahai and Mom are staying with us for the time being.

Naton “Sadheart” Cloudhoof



Just Being A Tourist …

March 19th

Dear Journal,

Well, after hearing Maha and Naton talk about the farm in Pandaria and hearing all of their tales of adventure, I decided to take them up on their invitation to come to visit them in Halfhill.  I think that I have been walking around with my mouth hanging open for the last week.  The vastness of the land is almost overwhelming, so many places to so, so much to do – not only on the farm, just getting away from the Valley of Four Winds and exploring.

Oh, I should say something here.  My name is Nahai Cloudhoof and I live in Thunderbluff, although that might change in the near future, if I can tear myself away from my Mother and my little brother, Tahfal.

Oh, the farm is beautiful and I will have to say that Naton and Maha have really worked hard and the place is more than I expected.   I think that if we ever get Mother up here, she will never want to leave again.  The crops are enormous and always very plentiful even if you do have to fight the virmen for them sometimes. Oh, I’ve tried my hand at herbing up here and I am just astounded at how plentiful they are even with the influx of some of the new people coming into the area.  Mother would be out of her mind with joy because the herbs are plentiful and are large enough to where she will be able to see them as she flies over it in her flight form instead of always taking the physical route.

I had met quite a few Pandaren long before I came to Pandaria, however, seeing them in their native land is amazing.  I don’t think that I have ever seen a happier group of folks, maybe it’s from all of the beer they drink, however, I don’t think that I have seen people work as hard as they do to keep a positive note on things.  I have spent many hours just walking in the marketplace in Halfhill, talking to people and listening – yes, I am a people watcher amongst other things.

I know that the Earth Mother had to have some kind of design in this land too.  It’s beautiful and everything is as it should be.  I can imagine that there are struggles here that I have yet to see, however, the tranquility of where I have been has me totally mesmerized.  Of course, I haven’t strayed too far without either Naton or Maha along with me – there are dangers in this land, it’s not rainbows and sunshine.

My big sister and my big brother like to scold me for taking flight and leaving them in the dust, however, I’m a Druid and that’s how I roll.  I love to see the land from above and feel the fresh air flowing through my feathers and the wind drafts that I have found to flow with, are just amazing.  Hardly an effort to fly  here in this land.

I know that I must sound like a fool with the way that I am carrying on at the moment, however, I have never felt the freedom that I have felt since I have been here either.  Of course,  I will be going back to the Bluff to check on my Mom and my Brother, however, I will be coming back here to Pandaria.  I feel like I have a place here and Maha and Naton need help with the farm too.  One day, when I can save up the money, I will buy a place of my own.  I know that Tahfal and Mom would definitely love it up here if I could convince them to leave Mulgore and see a bit more of the world.

Nahai Cloudhoof


Exploring Pandaria…

February 10th

Dear Journal,

Which way doesn’t the wind blow in Kun’lai?  I think I was trying to convince myself that the Spring was coming faster than it really was and paid the price for that.  I must remember that it doesn’t matter what the calendar says, it is always going to be snowing on the Peaks.

I had done all of my chores on the farm and Naton “Sadheart” was busy at his forge with more orders for armor and I decided that I was going to go out to fill some of our contracts that I could and do some exploring.  There are always more places for me to see in Pandaria because when we were in the service, it was the Jade Forest and Krasarang where we spent most of our time, so, there’s plenty more for me to see as long as I am careful.

Sure, the war up here is supposedly winding down, however, I don’t think that some of the Alliance have gotten word yet on that because they have given me a merry chase a time or two when I’ve stumbled into areas that I shouldn’t be.  You’d be surprised how fast my hooves can fly when I get into things like that and I am sure that Naton would be roaring with laughter after he dispatched whatever it was that was chasing me.

I thought that I could easily start my adventures at One Keg and carry on from there for a while.  Naton said there was some great areas for digging for artifacts and he’s right about that, I’ve had some good luck with that too. However, the one thing that I wasn’t counting on was being asked to escort a group of travelers from One Keg to bases beyond that – they should only allow people with really long legs to go the way that we went because these little fellows were slow and easily intimidated.  Poor little grummels were really afraid for most of the trip and we made it safely from One Keg to The Burlap Waystation – that was only one leg of the trip it seems because I had to lead them on to Kota Peak.  Good thing I am quick with a bow and was able to dispatch any trouble we ran into, however, my hooves were tired when we got to Kota Peak.

Well, let’s just say that I had enough adventuring for one day and decided to return to the farm in Halfhill.  At least I could thaw out there without much trouble.  I never realized how much the wind could blow when you’re at the base of the mountains, it did remind me of my visits to Northrend that weren’t all that frequent because I was always happy to return home to Kalimdor in a few days.  I guess I’m just not a cold weather kind of girl.

Naton asked if I was able to get what I needed to fill some of the contracts and I laughed and told him that I did and some really strange berries. I’ll have to get some more of those to share because I was hungry on the trip back and ate them all without realizing it.  Tasty, tangy and sweet, what more could a cow ask for?  It was fun getting out of the Valley for a while, however, next time I think that I will remind myself to bring more clothes and a heavier cape with me – I was one frozen Tauren.

We got some mail from the family in Thunder Bluff and I’ll have to admit that it sounds like Mom and the boys are doing rather well for themselves.  Nahai says that he took Mom out herbing and she did really well this time and didn’t put the wrong things in her herbing bag, I suppose those new glasses helped her a bit too.  I know that sometimes she really couldn’t see and would have all kinds of things her bags, which, I’m sure the people in Orgrimmar at the warehouse were thrilled with – the best thing that she had in her bag one time was a very angry little squirrel.  Apparently, her mind must have been elsewhere when she went to turn the stuff in and didn’t hear it because I’m sure that squirrel was not just taking a nap in that bag.

I know that when we get letters from home it sometimes makes me homesick a bit.  I miss Mulgore and I miss some of my friends that are still there, well, most of them are still there because they survived that nonsense in Orgrimmar.  No, I’m not a real happy person when I have to travel through Orgrimmar and see the conditions there.  It’s a shame that we’re not worthy of the Horde anymore with this stupid Warchief driving everyone away in droves.  I did miss seeing as many of the elves that we had there at one point and I don’t think that all of the goblins are present and accounted for unless you count the ones making money hand over fist.

I suppose in another week or two, I’ll have to make that trip to Silvermoon to the warehouse there and get our money from these contracts.  It’s not like we need the money right now and Zippie knows that we have a lot of work to do here in Pandaria.  She always makes sure that she gives us contracts with plenty of lead time on them.  I do miss seeing her as often as we once did, she always made me laugh when we talked.

With all of the talk of moving the main warehouse to Shattrath City, I’m a bit concerned with that because that is one long trip.  I hope that they keep the warehouse open in Silvermoon because that would be easier to get too since I’ve found out that the zep still runs to the Undercity on a regular basis. I’ll have to ask Zippie about that when we take the contracts in for payment and pick up our next batch.  Naton better get on the job and do some more mining, those are the only ones that we haven’t completely filled yet, however, he’s been so busy at the forge that I hate to nag him about it.  Yes, I do nag him now and then because he gets lost in his creations sometimes and forgets a lot of things.

Well, I think that I am going to go take a nice hot bath and make some dinner, plus, I’ll have to see if Naton is in the mood to eat tonight too.  Sometimes I forget and end up with a lot of leftovers that have to be stored away, it’s not like they go to waste though because I’m one eating machine sometimes.


Death Knights Can Have Fun Too…

February 5th

Dear Journal,

Well, yeah, finally found my journal buried amongst all those things you’re going to take care of in a few days and it turns out to be months later.  I know that if Maha had found it, she would have scolded me for not taking care of it correctly.  She’s the one that normally keeps up with her journals and likes to read books – I’m the one that likes to do blacksmithing.

Mahamura and I decided that the farm could take care of itself for a couple of days because we both wanted to go visit Mom and our brothers in Thunder Bluff.  I suggested that we head to Orgrimmar so that I could check in on a couple of things for my blacksmithing, definitely wanted to talk to the smithy and find out what he thought of these new fangled thermal anvils and were they worth the effort of hauling them around.  Yes, I know that she was really kind of hesitant on going to Orgrimmar again and voiced her opinion which I quickly told her that I didn’t think that Garrosh was that stupid to alienate our people entirely.

I know that Maha stayed so close to me the whole time when we were in the city that I think I trod on her hooves a couple of times by accident.  When you’re my size and bulk, people need to know that we take good strides and aren’t real careful where we put our hooves – the way I see it, if you see my hoof coming in your general direction where you might get injured, move your butt.

I found out what I needed to know about the anvils from the Orc and decided that it needed further research in Thunder Bluff.  When we got to Thunder Bluff, it was raining just like it does in Halfhill.  I know that Mom was real happy to see the two of us and was all a dither wanting information about the redheaded female elf that stayed at her house.  Yes, she wanted to know that she hadn’t figured wrong and that the woman was indeed about to give birth.  You could see the relief in her face when I told her that Dawnglory’s woman had had their baby and everyone was fine.  Poor thing has been taking a lot of teasing from my brothers, which, I will be talking to them about that.

I know that we had only been in the Bluff for maybe two hours visiting with Mom and the boys and people started knocking on the door asking for my services to make repairs.  I told them that I would be happy to repair the pots that they had brought to me, however, I wasn’t taking any new orders for armor on this trip.  A lot of the old ladies like the fact that I can still fix their pots that have really outlived their usefulness and are really worn out – they don’t want to spent the few copper to replace them – sentimental value I guess.

Yes, I think that Maha and I need to step up our renovations on the farm in Halfhill and get Mom up there pretty soon.  She’s not as young as she used to be and I think that it will do her a world of good to make a change like that.  Oh yeah, she scolded both of us, Maha and myself, for not coming to the Bluff and paying homage to our Elders as we should.  I suppose that we will have to go and visit Carine’s grave and my Father’s.  It will please the old dear and will make me not feel so guilty for not paying attention to the calendar and not being here for some of the celebrations.  I know when you get older, those kind of things are a lot more important.

Bless the Earth Mother!! We had a great time at the Faire and I don’t think that Mom has laughed that much in a very long time.  She even tried a few of the games although I think she was more comfortable sitting with some her old friends and discussing their herbing and midwifery. Of course, she kept looking at Maha when she started talking about the fact that she didn’t have any grandchildren yet – I’m real damned happy that she didn’t look at me because I would have had to tell her that things didn’t work that way for me anymore.

Oh, I had a pleasant surprise while we were at the Faire when we ran into Felaran Morningstar and her companion, Tylanlor Ravencrest – just Fel and Ty, however, I don’t think that I had mentioned them before in my journals. I hadn’t seen them in months and I will admit that it was nice to be able to sit and talk with a couple of other Death Knights.  Oh sure, I love being with the living, it never feels as comfortable to me as it does when I can talk to a fellow Knight. We were all sitting in the food area laughing and reminded each other how things had changed and that people weren’t as willing to insult us as they once did not that long ago. Of course, Ty and Fel like being in Pandaria almost as much as I do, it’s much easier to blend in up there than it ever was in the Kingdoms. They have promised to stop in at Halfhill and see the farm that Maha and I are building up, they seemed like they were as happy as I think that I have ever seen them.  Odd thing that, Felaran is the Boss’s sister and she never has been one to act like “I’m a Death Knight, be afraid” kind of person, she’s accepted it as much as I have.  Now, Ty, that’s another matter, he lost a lot of his memories of his family and is starting to relearn some of the softer sides of humanity, he’s one heck of a fighter though and that’s what has kept him alive this long.  It was great fun and I do hope they do stop at the farm.  We all drank quite a bit and decided that it’s okay for Death Knights to have fun too.

I know that Mom, Tahfal and Nahai had a great time at the Faire too. I think that we ate and drank way more than we should have, even Mom.  It was great that we didn’t have all that far to travel when we got back to Mulgore.  I’m not sure but I even think I slept for the first time in years – or I just had way too much to drink because I missed a few hours while everyone else was asleep.

I got all of the old pots done real quick and returned to their owners as quickly as I could because Maha and I needed to head back to our farm. It was nice being home for a while and I think that we are going to start making this happen a bit more frequently until we get Mom and the boys to Pandaria.

Naton “Sadheart”  Cloudhoof


Oh My…Poor Orgrimmar

January 22nd

Dear Journal,

I don’t know why Zippie sent a parcel to us here in Pandaria that needed to be delivered in Orgrimmar, however, I am going to let her know that it makes me very uncomfortable to go there. She could have sent one of her goblin friends that work for the company or her sister or Uncle, however, she chose to send it all the way out here to us and wanted it delivered quickly.  She babbled on in her letter that there was no one else that could do it for her right now and it was for a good deal of money.

I didn’t even know that we were still making deliveries or even doing business with the people that are left in the city considering all of the things that have happened. I know we closed the business and now it’s in Silvermoon and what isn’t in Silvermoon is in Shattrath. I hope that she doesn’t get some wild hair and decide to try to send me to Dalaran because that is one place that I know that I won’t be welcomed with open arms.

I told Naton about the letter and the parcel and he said that he thought that I would be okay.  He said that he has done some business there with his armor, however, things have changed quite a bit since we were there last.  He told me to not meet anyone’s gaze, keep my head down, make my delivery and collect the money and get out of there as quickly as possible.  Okay, I did follow his advice although it was very hard for me to do.

I had heard that Garrosh had the Trolls under guard in their quarter, however, I didn’t know that it was as bad it was.  I had wanted to pick up some wild rice from there because it would be good with some of the dishes that I have learned to make here in Pandaria.  I was shocked that the poor Trolls are under lock and key and have Kor’kon guarding them all of the time.  They are prisoners and are only allowed to do a minimal amount of things.  I tried to buy some rice and a Kor’kon guard told me that I could be arrested for consorting with the enemy.  Well, I didn’t make my purchase because I didn’t want to get locked up there in Orgrimmar.

I decided that I would try to buy some rice from the Tauren quarter because I was almost sure that I had seen some there before I left for Pandaria.  I was shocked to see Kor’kon guards everywhere in the quarter.  It’s not as heavily guarded as the Troll area, however, it did make me realize that it would be very easy for Garrosh to order a full scale slaughter of our people in the city.  It almost made me cry when I saw how things were – our people are not happy in Orgrimmar and I wish they would leave before it’s too late.  I know that I was very frightened the whole time I was there.

I can’t believe that Zippie had me deliver a parcel to the goblin engineers.  It would have been so much easier for her Uncle to deliver that stuff or even her sister. I have no idea what was in the package, however, the goblin engineer seemed very excited to have it and even tipped me a copper.  Well, you know how goblins are, at least he gave me something to go along with his thanks.

Even though Naton told me to keep my head day and not meet anyone’s gaze, I wanted to see some of my old friends in the Tauren quarter, my old teacher,  for example.  I went to where he usually stands and I was surprised at how empty the place was.  Where our people would normally gather to talk and to tell stories to one another and some of the younger bulls would go to show off their new armor, there was no one there.  No one was enjoying the sunshine and no one seemed to be very sociable.  I did find my teacher and he was very happy to see me although he told me that I should get out of Orgrimmar as quickly as I had come in.

Now, I got another errand to run while I was there talking with him. He took a carefully concealed letter from his belt and told me that I had to deliver it to Baine in Thunderbluff.  I was really worried when he gave me the letter because I didn’t want to get arrested by the guards for something and have them find it on me, they might think I was some kind of spy.  I took the letter and left – I did go to Thunder Bluff and I did deliver it without seeing Mom and the boys.

As I was starting to wonder about how I was going to make the trip to Silvermoon without being gone for several days I happened to see a Forsaken with a very familiar gait and a very familiar lion.  It was Hazey Smythe.  We never had socialized all that much when we were in Orgrimmar, however, I’ve always considered her a good sort and one that could be trusted.  I asked her how she was doing and she looked at me like I had lost my mind and replied quite succinctly “Still dead” and we both laughed.

I told her of my problem with getting the money back to Zippie in Silvermoon and she said that she would take it for me because she had planned on taking a trip to the Undercity to visit with her sister and it would be very little trouble for her to continue on to Silvermoon to make the delivery for me.  She had a few things that she needed to deliver herself, so, it wasn’t inconvenient for her.  At least she was able to take care of that problem for me and I trust her with the money because she’s been with the company for quite a long time too. She laughingly aid that she thought that Garrosh was afraid of the Lady and that he wouldn’t want to step on her toes. So,  the travel from Orgrimmar to the Undercity is still open and it’s just a short portal from the Undercity to Silvermoon.  Whew, I’m glad she was there because I was really afraid to make the trip myself, I’m not your warring kind of cow, I like farming.

When I finally got back to Halfhill, I told Naton of all that I had seen and he just shook his head and looked sad.  He said that he had seen the guards in the Troll quarter, however, the last time that he had gone to the Tauren quarter, there were no guards.  We both think that things with Garrosh have gotten even worse than they were when we were in the service to the Horde.  Let’s just say that we are both happy that the Boss was able to get us released from that and we are working for Morningstar Enterprises.  Now, we just hope that nothing goes awry with the Regent Lord and the Blood Elves.

Oh, I had better get busy and make dinner for Naton and I because he actually said that he was hungry.  He doesn’t eat much but when he does, he makes up for all of the time that he hasn’t.  At least he’s trying some of the new food that have been able to get at the market, he says he likes Jogu’s chicken and dumplings and wishes that it wasn’t so pricey.




Visiting The Family…

January 16th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve last written in my journal, however, things have been a bit on the busy side of things with the farm here in Halfhill.  I think that Naton and I have finally recovered from taking care of the Boss’s farm and Dawnglory’s as well.  That was the longest month that I think I have ever seen.  I don’t think that I can complain too much though because we were well compensated for our time and I think that it was sincerely appreciated that we were able to take care of things for them while they were gone.

No, Naton and I didn’t make it to the Faire this month, however, I think that we are going to plan on going next time because we do enjoy our time in the Bluff with Mom, Tahfal and Nahai.  Besides, we get to see some of our old friends and catch up with some the things that are going on.  Most of the people that we know are still in the service to the Horde but are slowly working their way out of that business too.  I know we have lost a few friends over the past year and it saddens my heart to think that we will never see them again at Story Circle nor be able to talk with them again until we join them with the Earth Mother.

I guess that Mom and the boys had some exciting times recently when the Boss and Dawnglory stopped by for a visit after they had gone to the Faire.  Poor Mom thought that the one red-headed elf was ready to have her baby when they came to her, however, all they wanted was a nice bed to sleep in since the woman seemed to be in an advanced state of pregnancy.  Oh well, at least Mom didn’t have to deliver a Blood Elf baby, it’s been a while since she’s done that and I’m not sure how it would have all gone.

Mom mentioned that the Boss had a red-haired woman with him too, which is kind of odd because he’s already married to his Night Elf and I haven’t ever known of him to stray.  Well, you never know with Blood Elves anyway because they seem to be a randy bunch of little fellows.  I wonder who this other woman was because Mom didn’t seem to be overly impressed with her, said she was real thin and kind of arrogant.

Only one person that I know of that might fit that description has been missing for the last few months after she stole the money from the office and ran away from Orgrimmar – another reason why we had to move the offices from there too.  Poor Zippie was just frantic about the money more than she was about the fact that the Boss’s sister had flown the coop.  We have all spent months looking for her although I will have to admit that it wasn’t at the top of my list even with the amount of money that the Boss was offering for information or even  bringing her back.

I guess they only stayed the night with Mom, Dawnglory and his woman, and headed back to Pandaria.  I suppose they want to get back there quickly because they want their baby to be born in Halfhill and not anywhere near their own people.   The Boss had just left with the other red-haired elf right before I got back to the Bluff.  I wonder if it is his sister?  If it was, it’s going to get interesting for the rest of us if he decides that she’s to be trusted again with the business, I don’t think he’s that stupid but you know that blood is thicker than water and people will look after their families first and foremost.

I guess that I’ll find out one of these days if it was his sister, although I will have to say that if it was, I don’t want to work with her.  She’s mean-spirited and she wasn’t very nice to any of us when she was in charge of things in Orgrimmar.

Oh well, I know that Mom and the boys are wanting me to go with them today to do some herbing because they always need a good hunter with a boy when they go to some of the places for the best herbing.  I told Mom that I had only come back to check on things and to visit for a couple of days before I got back to the farm.  Mom was a bit upset that Naton hadn’t come with me this time and I had to explain to her that he was very busy with the armor orders that he had gotten in Halfhill.

I know that Naton and I both are working ourselves crazy with the farm because we are trying to get things organized enough and the farmhouse fixed up enough to where we can bring Mom and the boys back there with us.  I know that Mom would love the farm and she would definitely love the fact that the herbing in Pandaria is a whole lot better than it is in Mulgore right now.  I know Mom will never give up her home in the Bluff, however, I don’t think that she would mind being in Pandaria in the winter months because it never gets as brutally cold there as it does here.


Nice to Visit…Nicer To Get Back Home

December 8th

Dear Journal,

Well, we were able to escape the farm for a few days and head back home to visit with Mom and the boys.  Oh yes, we definitely spent some time at the Faire again and a good time was had by all.  I know there are times that I feel guilty when we do this because there is so much to do in Pandaria.

At least the Boss is in residence for a while at his farm so we don’t have to take care of his farm and Dawnglory is at his farm most of the time these days with his pregnant elf.  I know that Naton and I giggle constantly about what a homebody this fellow is turning out to be these days.  He won’t stray far away from his woman and even if he did scowl when I suggested that I bring Mom to Pandaria for the birth of the child, she’s delivered a few babies in her life.  I guess he has found a Blood Elf midwife to attend to that task.  At least I offered.

Naton and I are just as happy to attend to our farm to fill the contracts that we have here in Pandaria and I guess we’ve been lucky because the Boss has always taken our goods back to Silvermoon when he goes and sends our money to us.  I have only been to Silvermoon once and that was long ago.  It was almost like Dalaran with the way they furnish everything with those delicate little chairs that a normal size Tauren would have trouble sitting on.  Naton says that most of these elf cities are not prepared to accommodate the likes of us, so, we did camp outside of the city.

We’ve been worried about Mom with her age showing the way that it is, however, this last trip kind of eased our minds a bit.  What with the battling going on over and around Orgrimmar, she seems to have found the spring in her step again, which was nice. Tahfal says that she has been going over every day to help with the wounded and left most of the cooking to himself and Nahai.  I can well imagine what they’ve been cooking, however, Mom stayed home and cooked for Naton and I, at least.

The one thing that has stayed consistent with all of us is our love of going to the Faire.  It’s the one place that seems to stay the same and never changes.  People seem to leave their troubles at the door and we all just relax and have a good time.  Well, that’s not entirely true, there are a few that try to bring their political troubles into the Faire to rand and rave about things, however, normally, they are shut down rather quickly by the other patrons.  There seemed to be more families there this time than usual.  I was happy to see more Blood Elves with children in tow, maybe the race won’t die out the way that we have feared in the past.  Naton says they aren’t a large group in number still, however, he was happy to see all of the children.

I wonder if there are times when Naton wishes that he could marry and have children like a normal Bull, however, even if he doesn’t have children of his own, he seems to draw them to him like a magnet.  People seem to be more trusting of this huge Death Knight and have no problems with their children spending time in his company.  There are always one or two kids at the farm while he is working at the forge and he is always chatting away with them, telling them stories of our people.  They don’t even seem to notice that he’s a Death Knight these days.

I had brought some new ribbons with me to tie in my mane when we were at the Faire and in Thunderbluff, and the raves that I got on them was amazing.  Yes, we may be at war a bit, however, women still like to look nice and we’re always trying to find ways to make ourselves more attractive. Mom had actually found some material that I could use to make myself a dress when we go back to Pandaria, it was almost like Father Winter had paid her a visit before the season even began.

We had missed the Harvest feasts, however, Mom had been able to save back a couple of pies and a few other things that Naton and I really made pigs of ourselves eating.  The time has been passing so quickly in Pandaria that, to be honest, I think that Naton and I lost track of the season.

We keep working away on the farm and adding things here and there to make it seem bigger so that we have plenty of room when Mom and the boys come to stay with us.  We’re both looking forward to the day when the Cloudhoof Clan can make their home in Pandaria.  Oh, we’ll never stop going to our home in the Bluff, it’s a huge part of our lives.   I did notice that Dawnglory has kept his tent next to our family home even if he doesn’t get back there very often. Mom seems to think that he’s going to be bringing his little one back to visit a lot after it’s born.  She’s even made a few little toys for the baby, a doll and she did make this beautiful blanket , just the right size for a Blood Elf baby. I asked her if she wanted me to take the things back to Pandaria to give to them and she said “no” because she wants to give them to Dawnglory and his woman herself.

I know that it is very quiet at the farm tonight, even Naton seems to be taking a break.  I think he ate too much at the Faire and is paying the price.  For one that doesn’t eat very often, I think he probably ate enough to keep him for the next six months, plus, you add the food that he had when we were in the Bluff and you have a stuffed Death Knight.   I suppose I ought to go to sleep myself because it is going to be a busy day tomorrow, the weeds and virmen didn’t take any time off while we were gone.