Just Enjoying The Farm…

September 23rd

Dear Journal,

It is definitely nice having both the Bosses back in Pandaria again because it gives Naton and I a break from taking care of their farms for a while.  While I love farming, I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get to do anything else while we were at it.  Of course, Jogu always seemed to be real busy when we went to Dawnglory’s place and the big Boss’s place was always immaculate, I think he has someone come in and just clean the house and make sure that things are perfect just in case he decides to come back with his wife or something.

Naton is real busy at the forge these days because people seem to like the armor that he has been making, he’s even had to turn a few orders down because he doesn’t have enough time to do all of the mining and I’m not real good at it either.  I guess I could try a little bit harder but I’d much rather be out fishing and hunting than pounding at some rock for a few pieces of ore. 

What with everything that has happened in the Vale lately, I am just happy that it hasn’t affected us yet here in the Valley of Four Winds.  I think that we’d all be more than a bit upset if our crops started failing and we were left without food to eat or sell.  Halfhill is the breadbasket for the whole country it seems.  I know that I wouldn’t be none too pleased now that we have the house fixed up and we can actually have some people over without feeling embarrassed by the looks of the place.

I think that Dawnglory’s woman is pregnant because I was watching her walking around the market the other day and she definitely has that waddle that pregnant women get and she was buying all kinds of strange things to eat.  I asked her if she was okay and she smiled and said that she was perfectly fine and that after being in Northrend for so long she couldn’t get enough of the noodles here in the market. Naturally, I don’t know her well enough to pry into her business but she sure does act like she’s pregnant.  Wouldn’t surprise me if all of the things are true, that Dawnglory fellow is a real machine when it comes to women, he can’t get enough of their favors.

It makes me sad to see the Boss walking around with that limp now. He hasn’t lost the spring in his step but I can tell that it bothers him to walk a lot and I think that I will talk to Mom when we go home to visit next time to see if she has something that can help with that.  I mean, he’s a very handsome Blood Elf and that limp detracts from his appearance.  I’m sure that it bothers him too.  It looks very painful sometimes when I see him out working in the fields.

I don’t know how long these two elves are going to be in Pandaria because I am sure that they have to keep the business going.  Somehow they both got out of the summons from their Regent Lord to battle against Garrosh and the company has moved to Silvermoon.   At least Naton and I can have our stuff shipped there instead of having to make the trip because I think we’re both uncomfortable there.  Blood Elves do not know how to make furniture that is comfortable for a Tauren, no matter how elegant the stuff looks, I am always afraid that if I sit on anything that it will give way under my weight and I’m not fat.  The only big things that they have in the city that I have seen are some of the beds and I think that’s because a whole bunch of them might want to sleep together at one time for some reason.

I suppose that I ought to get up from writing here and see what kind of fish I can catch today.  I was having weird dreams about fish last night and some fried fish really sounds good today.  Oh, not nightmares, just strange looking fish that I don’t recall ever seeing and there was even one that talked and acted kind of like a smart murloc.  Who knows where these dreams come from, could have been from the carrots I ate before bed too.




Let’s Have Some Fun…

August 6th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that it has been really hard to keep up with all of the farms even though it is something that I dearly love.  At least I don’t have the duties from being in the military to override the things that I want to get done.  I do find it kind of relaxing to be out there working in the fields sometimes despite the fact that there is a never-ending war going on with the virmen.

Of course, Mr. Morningstar’s farm was the easiest to take care of because he had everything setup just “right”.  I really wouldn’t expect much less from that particular man, he’s just that way.  However, Mr. Dawnglory’s farm is different, not as refined and has some touches that I would have never thought of.  He has a real fancy outhouse that must double as a library at times – it has a door that opens on the top to let the air and light in when you’re in there.  Silly Blood Elves.  Of course, he has a new woman in his life and he wasn’t really paying that close attention to his farm before they left on their trip.

Naton and I had things pretty well under control with all of the farms enough to where we had some friends of ours take care of them for a couple of days.  We both wanted to go home and see Mom and the boys and get our fun in at the Faire. 

Of course, we had a marvelous time.  I know that it probably gets to be boring to some people to keep going and doing the same things over again, however, we all enjoy and it’s fun for us. Mom always meets up with people that she hasn’t seen for a while and that leaves us free to roam the Faire grounds and play the games.  I’ll admit that we do our fair share of people watching too. 

I actually saw quite a few Pandaren at the Faire this time, which shouldn’t be all that surprising.  I wonder what they think of our entertainment.  I’m sure that it must seem a bit strange and barbaric to them.  Yes, we all rush around and try to get to as many games as we possibly can and I just watched the Pandaren stroll around looking at things and taking their time getting to the games.  They really do follow their own philosophy of “Slow Down” and I think we would all learn a few things by doing likewise.

I swear Naton is going to wear that canon ride out completely.  The silly man loves that feeling of flying free like that.  I know it’s unnerving to some to see a plate clad Death Knight flying through the air screaming at the top of his lungs “Steak Tartar Incoming!”  I know that he always immerges from the water laughing and ready to give it another go.

I will have to admit that my favorite game is the Tonks – oh, how I love to race around madly hitting the targets and dodging the missiles getting fired at me.  The whole trick to having a successful run in that game is to keep moving constantly and firing at anything and everything – you just have to watch the freewheeling zep flying around.  I guess I really shouldn’t get as much satisfaction from completing the game in one pass, however, it does leaving me grinning ear to ear when I do.

Tahfal and Nahai like to fish there.  Why they think that’s the best place in the world to fish is a mystery to me.  I think they like to fish so that they can be fishing and watching the people as much as we do.  Silly boys, sometimes they actually stop fishing long enough to talk to people and seem to enjoy that quite a bit.  I think they are both a bit shy.

Oh, we had so much fun and it was hard to tear ourselves away and head back to Pandaria.  Of course, we were only gone for a couple of days and a night, which seems like a real short time but it was well worth the trip.  I think that Naton and I both like the freedom that we have to come and go from Pandaria and the farm is really looking nice.  Yes, we’re still planning on staying here regardless of what goes on with the Horde and bring Mom and the boys up here – they would definitely love it.


Caretakers…Farming In Pandaria

July 12th

Dear Journal,

Oh well, I guess that Naton and I won’t be going home for the Faire this time, however, that’s okay.  We had a good long stay the last time and had a lot of fun at the Faire with Mom and the boys, Nahai and Tahfal.  I kind of wish we could go this time too because I’m that much of a child at heart.

The reason we’re not going this time is because Mr. Morningstar has asked us to do him a favor and that is one person on the face of Azeroth that we don’t mind helping out when he asked for it.  Sure, we work for him and he could have made that the reason, however, he said he needed a personal favor.  Well, for a man that proud, that’s a lot.

Seems he has left the Rangers and needs to go back to Orgrimmar to take care of the business there as well as a few other places.  He asked Naton and I if we would keep an eye out on his farm and to watch over Mr. Dawnglory’s place too while he’s away.  I don’t mind, it just means that we will be doing a lot more work at all three farms.  I don’t mind.

Mr. Dawnglory has that fish guy kind of taking care of things at his place, however, Mr. Morningstar wanted us to keep an eye out for any kind of funny business.  The fish guy is nice, however, he does drink way too much, more than anyone could imagine.  I bet he could drink the Pandaren and the dwarves under the table without too much effort on his part.

So, no Faire for us this month, however, we know that we should be able to go next time because everyone should be back in Pandaria by then, I hope.  I’ll admit that the Boss looked a lot better yesterday than he has since he and his wife were attacked in the Jade Forest, hardly any limp from his leg wound.  We’ve never met his wife, however, the Boss keeps his private life well hidden from the employees and I can’t blame him, that little sister of his in Orgrimmar is quite the Blood Elf though, very excitable little creatures.

I can’t believe how busy Naton has been at his forge since we’ve really started letting people know what he does.  He’s one of the few Tauren blacksmiths in the area and there is a lot of business for him.  I wish I could help him mine for some of his ore, however, I’m not very good at it when I do try.  He seems to have a natural instinct for that sort of thing.  At least he has started doing some of his mining at night when everyone else is asleep, he says there are fewer claim jumpers up at the hours that he goes out – I could believe that, Death Knights don’t need to sleep that much.

Oh well, time for me to get off my backside and start checking the other farms and come home to do my own work here.  The crops grow so fast here in Pandaria that it is like an never-ending job of harvesting and tilling the ground.   I hope that one day soon we can get Mom and the boys up here too, they would love the land and the people – there isn’t war everywhere even if you’d think there was with the way that people talk in Orgrimmar and sometimes Thunderbluff.


Life Isn’t So Bad…Even If You’re Kind of Dead

June 27th

Dear Journal,

There has to be a way to annihilate virmen without having to do the two-step dance through your rows of plants.  Honestly, about the time that I think that I am done with my weeding and ready to settle into some real harvesting – here come the virmen.  Oh, I’ve come to expect some of the shenanigans of these pesky little creatures, however, I’m one of those people that like to get up early in the morning and get my field work done before the heat sets in.  So, I’m usually like one of those people that stumbles over everything when they are trying to be quiet – of course, with these little things jumping out of the ground, it goes for making some loud noise.

I know my sister has stumbled to the front door a few times to make sure that I wasn’t killing off the neighbors or some such thing.  Once she sees what I’m doing, she usually turns around and goes back to bed.  Luckily for me, she hasn’t seen me get knocked on my backside a few times because I would never live that down.

Here I am a great big hulking Tauren to start with and then add the Death Knight business and I should be rather formidable, however, these virmen creatures are no respecters of height or girth.  I know I shouldn’t notice getting knocked down, however, after getting tangled up in my own tail a few times, I’ve taken to tucking the thing in my belt loop for safe keeping. 

Oh, I know that my sister, Mahamura, is very happy with the idea of keeping the farm going here in Pandaria along with the new found freedom that we have, however, there are times I do miss charging into battle and letting my Rune Blade sing it’s song.  Oh yes, I do get away from the forge now and again and take part in some rather heavy duty fighting because I know a few Death Knights and we do like to stick together sometimes. At least people don’t act like they are absolutely petrified of a Death Knight up here in Pandaria, a few even act as if they are pleased to have us around.

We did get home long enough to go to the Faire with Mom, Nahai and Tahfal.  I will have to admit that I had more fun this time because we had no set schedule to keep and we didn’t have to scurry back to Pandaria so we could dance to some Orc’s tune.  Nope, we stayed several days and I got to work with some of my old friends at the forges for a couple of days. Yep, I’m still the A-Number One fellow for fixing the cookware that people just refuse to replace. I turned out one good set of armor for one of the Light Walkers in Thunder Bluff and I think that the word will get out that I do come back to visit now and again. 

It was fun at home, it was relaxing and I felt more like myself than I have in years.  Of course, I’ll never be the same fellow that I was before the change, however, I just felt good about being there.  At least I didn’t hear the whispers that were real common when I first came back – you know, people actually praying to the Earth Mother to protect them from the demon walking in their midst.  Guess, they got over that or that particular group has moved on to another place to live. 

I know that my Mother always tries to spoil me with her “special” treats when I’m there.  I have told her countless times that I don’t eat food like I used too, however, she doesn’t want me to lose weight.  Fat chance of that ever happening and I won’t age either – she just thinks I’m still her oldest son.  Pine nuts, she can make the best pine nuts in the world – cakes, ground pine nuts to put over your other food for extra flavor and her best yet are the baked ones that she lavishes plenty of oil and salt over.  Yummy! Yeah, I’ll eat those even though I know that there is a price to be paid eventually for overindulging in that sort of thing when you don’t have the best digestive tract in the world anymore.   Maha has tried to make them a few times but they just aren’t the same as Mom’s food.

I know that I am enjoying being able to use the forge here at the farm and I’ve actually gotten a few orders for new armor as well as doing some repair work on some other stuff.  Honestly, one would think that some of these people would at least know how to clean their gear better.  I do charge extra if I have to clean gore and other unknown substances off the stuff before I can work on it.   I know I’m “dead” in the true sense of the word and carry my own brand of diseases with me, however, you never know what you might catch from some of this stuff I’ve dug out of the armor.

I do get to see more of Mr. Morningstar since we’ve been staying in Pandaria and I will have to say that I never realized what a nice fellow he can be either.  Oh, yeah, he’s the Boss and all that, however, he didn’t have to set us up the way that he did here.  He got us out of the service and he could have left us with our own devices as to how we were going to make a living, however, he chose to make sure that we were well settled here in Halfhill.  He knows the rest of our family and he probably realizes that we’ll have the rest of the clan up here before he even has a chance to realize it.   Yep, he’ll have the whole herd up here before he even knows it.  I know Mom would love it up here and she can sit on the front porch all day if she wants, or go visit with the people in the market too.   She’s a sociable old thing and I know that she will make new friends up here – she thinks the Pandaren are just too cute, even if they are fuzzy and they talk funny.

I don’t know why I am so damned happy today but I am.  Even if my day did get started off on the wrong foot, getting rolled around in the dirt by a little fast vermin is just a small thing, pardon the pun.  At least I didn’t hurt myself and the scarecrow is still in an upright position.  I wish if we were going to have the darn thing that it was sturdy enough to hold someone upright that is my size when you grab it.  I’ve put a few extra braces on it and done some other shoring up on the foundation a bit to see if it will hold my weight.  There’s nothing like losing one’s dignity to little virmen first thing in the morning.

I am looking back in my journal; it’s been a while since I’ve written anything down in it.  My how my life has changed for the better since I got away from Hellscream’s bunch and have a life to live as my own again without anyone trying to give me, of all people, orders to do anything.  I’m here with my sister, she’s happy with things being the way they are.  No one realizes what freedom really is until they sign up with a bunch of Orcs running the show.  Yup, there are a couple of those Orcs that won’t be yelling at anymore Tauren or anyone for that matter and my blade seemed to be well-fed for quite a while.  I doubt that anyone would miss a few more Orc roaming around the countryside; however, I’ll have to keep that to myself because I’m sure the authorities might get a tad bit upset about it.

Well, its daylight enough to where I can fire up the forge and start “banging away” as my sister puts it.  I have quite a few pieces to work on this week and I’ve promised to have them done – plus, I need to get off the farm and do some more mining.  Wish that Tahfal was up here to help with the mining, that little fellow can sure gather ore like no one I’ve ever seen amongst the living.

Naton “Sadheart” Cloudhoof


Enjoying Pandara…

June 21st

Dear Journal,

Oh, I wish that the war would just stop here in Pandaria.  I know that Naton and I are very happy with the situation that we have with the Morningstar’s and we don’t have to worry about doing any kind of military service any longer, however, it still makes me feel bad for the ones that are still stuck in the war machine.

I know that today after I did my chores here at the farm, I had time to go down and visit with my baby dragon.  Oh, she’s growing up so fast and it hardly seems like yesterday since I hatched her from her egg.  She’s so blue and her eyes just seem to glow and swirl around madly when she’s happy.  I just enjoy standing there watching her over the fence. 

Today was really exciting for my little girl and for me.  Well, I think she’s a girl; it’s so hard to tell. We actually got to take a couple of short rides for our training, which means that it won’t be long before I can take her out for longer periods of time.  I go down there almost every single afternoon and spend a couple of hours with her when I can.  Naturally, there are always chores down there to be done too because it seems like they don’t have enough people in the area to get everything done.  That’s okay; I don’t mind a little extra work.

I know that since we got away from the military, Naton and I have really enjoyed being in Pandaria a lot more.  Oh sure, we work hard on the farm, however, we also get to go wandering around the countryside exploring.  This is truly a beautiful land and I hope the war stops before they ruin it all.

Oh, we never forget the dangers that can still be lurking out there and sometimes we have stumbled upon Sha-infested beasts that we have put out of their misery.  At least the hides are good although we carefully dispose of the meat so that nothing else will get touched with the taint.  Poor animals act so miserable and not like they normally would behave.

Oh, we’ve gone fishing; hunting and have even tried some of that archeology stuff that Zippie was so crazy about back in Orgrimmar.  It’s a good way to bring in extra money that we can use to fix up the farm.  The faster we get the farm fixed up, the faster we can get Mom and the boys up here to live too.

I know that it felt good to be able to go home to visit for a few days and I did run into some of my old friends there and I think that everyone is upset about how things have happened in Orgrimmar. Well, it never was a great place to start with, however, since the Kor’kon have started standing guard over everyone and everything, it sure doesn’t make you want to stay there for very long at all.  Supposedly all of the construction is finished and it is still just as nosy and dirty as it ever was.  Naton and I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there at all even if we did stop at the Inn for some mead before we headed over to the Bluffs.

What is really weird about the whole thing is that everyone knows that there is a rebellion going on and some of the people act as if there is nothing happening and then you have the groups that are speaking openly of overthrowing Hellscream.  Well, we just stay away from the people talking about that sort of thing because we don’t want to end up in one of those prison camps that I am sure are out there somewhere.  Yes, Mom is right, if we don’t say anything and keep our heads tucked down, we can get through the city fairly quickly and avoid any trouble, which is what we will be doing anytime we go through there again.

At least now we can come and go as we want and we’ve even seen Mr. Morningstar a few times in the market place and he is always nice enough to stop and chat with us a bit even though he is a busy man.  The last time that we talked he said that he was thinking about opening an office here in Pandaria, which wouldn’t be a bad thing from my perspective because that means that we could get our contracts and deliver our goods here in Pandaria instead of going back to Kalimdor.  I think it would be awesome although Naton kind of wrinkled his nose at the idea.

I can’t say the last time that I recall things being so pleasant for us because it was so long ago.  I just hope that we can avoid the troubles here in Pandaria and just enjoy our lives as the Earth Mother intended.  I know that I am thankful every day that we are free from having to fight this fight that none of us really believes in.  From what I can see it’s one man’s greed that is driving the whole thing and with the people around that want to remove him from power, I’m sure that it will end soon.  I know that pray fervently every night that the war will end and our people can be as they were – I don’t even care who the new Warchief might be over the Horde, I just pray that it is someone that has more intelligence and isn’t one that feels compelled to kill everything that isn’t an Orc.

Oh well, time for me to get started on the farm chores so I can go see my little dragon this afternoon.  Oh she is going to miss me for a couple of days because Naton and I are going to go do some mining for ore so that we can open up the forge full tilt to all the people in Halfhill.  I know that Naton is anxious to get busy with that – he enjoys working at the forge and he enjoys talking to the people that happen to stop by for business or just to talk.  He really is very sociable for a Death Knight and people don’t seem to fear him like they used too in the past.


Happy Farmer, Fun Times…Not Homesick Anymore

June 9th

Dear Journal,

I can’t say that I have been happier in a while. It’s nice going back to the old ways of doing things and I think that Naton is happy with the situation too, even if he won’t admit it. Since the Boss got us released from the military, we can actually have a life worth living and we don’t have to try to please some Orc with a grudge against Tauren.  I so wanted to grind him beneath my hooves, however, two things prevented me from doing that – one, I didn’t want to stray from the teachings of the Earth Mother and two, I didn’t want to have to spend the time cleaning Orc slime from my pretty hooves. Enough said!  I know I feel so much better just getting away from that fellow and I don’t have to worry about Naton taking the guy for a walk and only Naton coming back. Questions would have been asked, I’m sure.

Naton and I love the farm and I think that we are slowly making progress with it.  We can plant some vegetables and pull more weeds than I can ever recall having that many.  I think they must just sprout up when we are sleeping – Naton doesn’t really sleep, however, he has learned to keep his noise down to a minimum. I just know that I am pleased with how things are coming along in a short amount of time. We got the roof fixed after my fears of it leaking were realized – I know that I got some weird looks from passers-by when I was on the roof – it isn’t often that you see a Tauren on a rooftop doing thatching.

We did decide that we would make a trip home to see Mom for a few days and take in the Faire.  Yes, it’s time for that again and this time we can stay longer than just overnight.  It’s nice having time that we can call our own again. 

We did get Mom and the boys to the Faire in record time.  Of course, Nahai and Tahfal had a lot more fun than they should have, in Mom’s opinion, however, it was great just having the family together again.  Yes, Naton just had to go on that canon ride multiple times because it makes him laugh because it isn’t often that you see a Tauren flying through the air like that. At least he acts more like himself when he’s away from Pandaria – he talks more now and actually laughs more.  If it weren’t for the eyes, you wouldn’t even realize that he’s no longer amongst the living as we know it.  I love my older brother and it doesn’t matter to me that he is a Death Knight; he knows how to contain that hunger after all of this time.

I know we spent hours at the Faire, eating, drinking and just having fun like the old days.  Mom found some other ladies that she hadn’t seen for a long time and they had a good time just sitting around discussing the tribes, children and how silly the war is in Pandaria. If it weren’t for the idiot in Orgrimmar, none of us would still be there unless they have a nice farm like we do.

I know that I had a lot of fun just wandering around and watching people having fun.  It makes me realize that there are real people out there that like to have fun too.  It’s not all about money, the war and why we are fighting; it’s about just living and enjoying life.  The Pandaren definitely have the right philosophy in that regard.  Family is the reason we fight – to protect and to live. Its funny how, at the Faire, people can seem to forget their differences and just have fun.  I know my favorite people to watch are the little tiny gnomes – their quick little feet and the giggles – I love to hear them laugh.  Oh, I know the standard joke about the punting of these little guys; however, I have never felt compelled to do that. I really don’t think that the gnomes are any worse than our goblins; they just aren’t as money hungry.

I know that Mom and Tahfal still talk about their trip to Dalaran and how amazing that place was to them – the lack of Tauren being in the city at the time was a bit disturbing to them though and the lack of Tauren-sized furniture.  I know Mom still talks about the giant rats up there and being chased by one, which always makes us laugh.  If you knew how speedy Mom can be sometimes, you’d be amazed at her age.  I wish I had gotten a chance to see the city before the entire Horde races were driven out – it does sound like a real fantasy of someone’s mind rather than a real place.  I did get to eat some of the sweets that they brought back with them from their trip and Mom is still working on the recipes to see if she can recreate them. I hope that she can get that figured out one day, those cupcakes were amazing and just the thought of them now makes my mouth water.

Naton wants to stay in Thunderbluff for Story Circle this time.  I suppose the farm can take care of itself for a couple of days and it might be fun to visit with some of our friends if they are here and not in Pandaria.  Yes, a lot of the people that are our ages are in Pandaria, which has made it kind of sad when you don’t see them mingling on the Bluffs.  I am hungry for some girl talk – you know the right kind of dress material to use for a real great looking outfit and how to keep your mane from tangling up so much with what kind of brushes to use – I miss that.

I also miss a certain young bull too.  Yes, even I have crushes on bulls now and then. This one fellow caught my eye before I left for Pandaria and Mother says that he is up there somewhere too.  I know the girls used to tease me about flirting with him sometimes because he is one those fellows that seems to be very quiet most of the time, however, he would wink at me and smile sometimes. I won’t write his name down for fear that a certain little nosy brother of mine, Tahfal – yes, I know you read my journal when you think I’m not looking, you little sneak – might get his hands on my journal and blab it to half of the population. It isn’t like he and I have ever been on a date or anything, we’ve talked now and then – however, he is a very handsome fellow, at least in my opinion. I was hoping to see him on this trip, which I still may, we have a couple of more days here.







Mahamura Cloudhoof

Mahamura Cloudhoof

Mahamura Cloudhoof

Mahamura Cloudhoof – Happy to say that she made it to 90 yesterday and I was indeed very pleased with myself.  She just happens to be my second oldest character that I have on Wrymrest-Accord and my very first Tauren that I ever rolled.   Got to admit that there was some sentimental reasons as to why I had to get her up there.

I currently have six 90s in various stages of gearing, rep grinding and whatnot – I may never have the best gear or have every single rep that there is to exalted, however, I’m having a blast with the game after eight years.

One Happy Tauren…

May 30th

Dear Journal,

Yesterday was indeed a wonderful day for Naton and I.  We finally made the trek through the Jade Forest and came into the Valley of Four Winds – what a beautiful place this has turned out to be.  It reminds me very much of the rolling hills in Mulgore and makes me even more homesick than I was before.  Naton seemed to be very pleased with where we had gotten.

The best thing that happened yesterday is that we were finally able to make it to Halfhill.  It is a very large farming community and I have never seen such huge vegetables.  My Mom would be so pleased to see all of the growing things in the valley and the herbs that she could gather are very plentiful.  We, meaning Naton and I really were happy to see a farming area – it is going to make our lives a whole lot better.  Oh, we had good food while we were traveling, however, it isn’t the same as the fresh produce that we will have here.

We were wandering the market and looking at the fare that the vendors were selling and wondering if we should splurge and buy some of the items when we ran into Mr. Morningstar.  He really seemed very happy to see us there almost as happy as we were to see him.  He had the biggest smile on his face and invited us to his farm.  Yes, he even has a farm here in Pandaria, who would have thought that a rich Sindorei would be interested in having a home here and actually having to work the land like the rest of us?

Anyway, Mr. Morningstar was full of all kinds of good news and surprises for us both.  First of all, he gave us some money, which will make life much easier for us and then he gave us a deed to a little farm not very far from his – it isn’t much but it’s a start and a place that Naton and I can call home when we are here in Pandaria.  I think the best news of all was that Mr. Morningstar got us released from the service – that means no more orders to follow other than what might be handed down from on High and we have the right to choose whether we want to do it or not.  At least we won’t have to hear some Orc screaming at us anymore to hurry up, which is like being released from a prison. Of course, we will honor the Oath that we took to the Horde when our Chief sent us off to fight the war, however, the way that this has been arranged, it’s almost like being normal again. He gave us some papers to carry with us in case we are ever get stopped and questioned about why we aren’t in the army – well, we’re mercenaries now and we work for Morningstar Enterprises, just like before when we would take those kind of contracts.

Now we can go home and visit Mom whenever we want and for as long as we want.  This was very good news because I know that Naton and I both have been very worried about being this far away from our family in the Bluff- Mom isn’t a young cow and we always worry that she is going to get ill and we aren’t going to be able to take care of her although Nahai and Tahfal are there with her all of the time. I don’t know about how Naton really feels about it but I feel like I have had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

Well, it seems that the rumors we had heard while we were traveling through the countryside were true and that the Orcs and Trolls are fighting one another.  It’s a rebellion against the Warchief – which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Of course, now we will have to watch our backs not only from the Alliance but we’ll have to be careful around people in our own faction.  Mr. Morningstar said it was very serious and the we should be cautious and not talk to anyone about what is going on unless we really trust them.  That shouldn’t be too much of a problem for Naton and I because we don’t usually talk to many people anyway other than a few other Tauren that we’ve met since we’ve been here. I don’t think that they would say anything because they hate this war as much as we do.  I guess there is actually fighting going on in the Barrens with the Kor’kon – that doesn’t surprise me all that much because of the fact that they are just robots controlled by their Orc Warchief.  I never have trusted the Orcs, even when I was home, because they are always mean and they smell bad.

We were both shocked about Dalaran and the things that went on there with that Lady Proudmore and how she has driven all of the people out of there.  Well, I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised with that bit of news because Mr. Morningstar moved his offices from there back to Orgrimmar a while ago because he felt that it was safer for his family to be away from that city.  He’s a smart man, always has been since I’ve known him.  It’s not true what they say about the Blood Elves because Mr. Morningstar has always been good to us and never has treated us unfairly since we’ve been working for him.  Now, he’s the next best thing to being our Chief as Baine is, in my eyes.  I know that he is the one that has always made sure that we doing okay and we were able to take care of our Mother the way that she should be.

Naton and I walked over to our farm after we got finished talking with the Boss – it seems funny to think of him as the Boss again.  It isn’t much and the house is going to have to have a lot of work done on it before it’s really livable, however, it’s ours and we have the deed for it in our hands.  Naton was really smiling when he saw the new forge and anvil there already, another present from Mr. Morningstar. I know that we have worked for him for a very long time, however, this generosity has really surprised us both.

I’m actually sitting in the house right now as I write in my journal.  There isn’t any furniture and the roof looks like it might leak, however, it’s ours and it’s going to be home for us.  After we get things fixed up a little bit more maybe we can get our Mother up here too – it would be a nice change for her and maybe it might help her live a much longer life.  Of course, I’m sure that Nahai and Tahfal will want to come with her, they really aren’t going to get too far away from her.

I just know that I am one happy Tauren.  I have everything that a girl could want up here in Pandaria with the exception of a mate, which will happen in time and I’m going to be real picky about that.  I’m a Tauren of some means now, not just someone plodding along.  I know Naton was already banging away at his forge last night until I yelled at him and reminded him that some of us have to sleep.   I guess I should get up from the floor that I am sitting on and start doing some work outside so we can get this place ready to live in. Praise the Earth Mother for all of the bounties that have been given to us!


Thoughts In Pandaria

May 10th

Dear Journal,

Oh, I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with the family, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month ago.  A whole month and yet it only seems like yesterday.  It was nice to see my brothers again and especially my Mother, poor Mooma.  She is definitely getting older, although there are times that she still surprises us all with the things that she can do for the tribe. She and the two boys at home will be fine while Naton and I are here in Pandaria, honoring our allegiance to the Horde, although we would both much rather be home.

Naton and I were taking our meal in Honeydew Village when I heard someone calling for “Sadheart” – my brother’s name that was given to him by the Lich King.  The look on poor Naton’s face was indeed a visual display of that name. I sometimes think that he almost forgets his time under the control of that evil monster and almost thinks of himself as just being Naton Cloudhoof, hunter for the tribe and eldest son of Mooma Cloudhoof.  I think he misses being at home almost as much as I do.

I know when we took our time away from Pandaria, he spent most of his time at the forge, helping the small group of people there that sought him out.  You could almost see him smile as he worked and chatted with some of them.  Then, we had to report back to do our duty and he was reminded once again that he is a killing machine, a Death Knight, not of his own choosing. Oh well, we all have burdens to bear and with the blessings of the Earth Mother, we will both survive this too.  At least we have one another here in the Jade Forest.

We were discussing the people that we had met so far since we have been here and how closely the Pandaren philosophy seems to be very similar to our beliefs with the Earth Mother.  If it weren’t for the family back in Thunderbluff, I think that Naton and I would be very happy here.  The land is rich and the game is plentiful.  Naton says that he’s never seen so many rich ore veins to mine and the forges here are always running hot with the work being done day and night.  Good thing that Naton likes his blacksmithing trade as much as he does.  He does say that it’s not nearly as fulfilling here in Pandaria as it was at home because he knew he was helping our tribe and its people.

Yes, there is a war going on, as to why that is, I don’t think that I understand the reasoning behind it much less why our Chief had us come here to help that Orc Warchief, the murderer that he is.  I know I must find it in myself to put those thoughts behind me and do my duty, however, I do question the real reason as to why we are here.

At least the Pandaren are a peace loving group of people that we have met so far.  Yes, they have taken up the fight to protect their homes and families, although they aren’t sure which group is actually here to let them live their lives as they see fit.  They fight for home and family, we fight because our Chief is supporting the Horde as he sees fit.  Oh, I’ll quit grumbling, I just don’t agree with the politics of the Horde.

I have seen many deaths since we have been here in Pandaria, however, the one thing that I have also seen is that our people are returned home for a proper burial in Mulgore.  I would hate to think that our remains would be left here in this strange land and not have the proper mourning and burial when our souls have gone to be with the Earth Mother.  No, at least our dead are given the proper respect.  I did make Naton promise that if something happened to me that I would be given the proper rites and burial amongst our people.

I think I must be feeling sad today because my mind keeps going home to my family and loved ones while my body must be here in this land. I miss the rolling hills of Mulgore, the mountains, the lakes where I once frolicked with my friends.  I miss my friends, the way we would all laugh and try to decide what we were going to wear to our next Story Circle gathering by the fire.  Oh, those were fun times and very much an educational time for us all to remember and learn the traditions of not only the Tauren but the other races as well.  Yes, I remember those times with a certain amount of sadness.

One of the things is that I miss being able to get together with my female friends and we would just laugh and talk about the handsome young bulls and which flowers made the best perfumes.  I may be a huntress by trade, however, I am still very much a female.  I remember our planning a trip, just us girls, going to Un’Goro to take mud baths because we were told that it would make us more beautiful – all I ever found that it did for me was to make my hooves a bit more glossy, however, the smell was unbelievable. Oh, that sulphur smell took days to get out of my coat.  Yes, we were all young then and really didn’t have a care in the world, although there were times that we thought that we had the all of the burdens.  We were young then.  Oh what am I saying, I’m still young, there have not been that many seasons that I have seen pass that I can’t take joy in the changes.

There are many of our people here in Pandaria. We have shown ourselves to be very strong in battle and have also shown some of the other races here that the Tauren have a bond amongst ourselves that will make it very plain to the Leaders of this new Horde that we are a power to be reckoned with.  I have seen so many different races here, however, I feel that we as a people will stand strong for our people and the Tauren will not be forced into being nothing more than cannon fodder for this Warchief.

Ah, well, there is no reason for me to question these things.  The Earth Mother guides my path and if is her will, so be it.









April 10th

Dear Journal,

I am certainly happy that Maha got word to me about the Faire because I was just going to show up and surprise them all.  When she went home on leave, I thought that it wouldn’t get quite as lonely as it did.  I definitely missed her.

I am going to make arrangements to come home more often in the future too.  Mom is definitely getting older and I had better enjoy the time that I still have with her.  She’s a bit slower in her step and I can see that her eye sight isn’t exactly the best in the world, however, her mind is just as sharp as it ever was.  It was great seeing my two brothers as well, Nahai and Tahfal.  I think that Tahfal is going to end up being larger than I am by the time he finishes growing and bulking up – I was amazed at how much he had grown.  We’ve been gone a while and I know that I sometimes think that things will stay the way that they were when I was last there the last time.

We did go to the Faire last night and I will admit that I haven’t had that much fun in a while.  The crowds weren’t as heavy as I remembered them, however, that didn’t diminish the fun factor at all.  I suppose the crowds are probably bigger during the daylight hours too.

Oh we enjoyed all the rides and I know that I had Mother just doubled over with laughter when I would try out the canon ride.  Just imagine a Tauren flying through the air and screaming out “Steak Tartar – Incoming!” as they fly through the air.  That was me!!  It might annoy some of the people that are there, however, I really don’t care, I’m having fun.

Even Mom tried out a few of the more tame rides and seemed like she was having a good time.  I know that she talked about how much Father would have enjoyed things like this if he were still alive.  That’s how I know her age is telling on her because she mentions a lot of the people that have already gone on to join the Earth Mother.

Of course, when I initially arrived back in Thunder Bluff, the word must have spread like wildfire because the next thing I know there is a bunch of people standing at our doorway wanting to see me.  I guess they missed my services at the forges.  I know that several of the people that came to the house were wanting me to repair some of their old weapons and pots.  Oh, some of those old cauldrons I have been repaired many time already at a cost that would have been enough to purchase a new one, however, I suppose that isn’t the same to some of the people.  I’ll have to make arrangements to do some work at the forge while I’m here for a few more days.  I didn’t think anyone would miss one more Death Knight standing at the forges and working, however, they did seem to miss me and my work – it actually made me feel good.

We all ate like we were starving to death at the Faire.  I know that I ate a good portion of the pickled kodo as well as the fish.  Hmm, all of that fried food just seems to scream Faire to me!  I normally don’t eat like I did last night, however, it is going to be another month before the Faire returns again and who knows what may happen between now and then.  My big weakness is the desserts – I think I ate so many of those fried cakes that I must have about eaten all that they had.  Mom kept telling me to “slow down” and I started laughing – she sounded like the bears in Pandaria.

Oh, I’ll admit that Maha and I had a great time telling the family about our adventures in Pandaria so far.  I know that I thought my Mother was going to choke on her fizzy drink when we told her about the Hozen and the “ook you in the dooker” thing that they always yell out.  We also told them about our farm in Halfhill and they really seemed interested in that.  Mother kind of looked sad for a moment until I said that she could live with us when the war moved further afield.  She said that she would like that because she would like to see this new place and all of the wonders. For her to even entertain the idea of leaving Thunder Bluff made Maha and I both feel good – that means that she is still interested in exploring new areas and the boys seemed to like the idea too.  We did explain that it would be several months before we were able to bring them there yet because there was still a lot of work to do and we only got to the farm when we weren’t busy with other things.

Ah well, it’s nice being with the family again.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss them this time.  I know that when the change was made, I spent quite a long time searching for the family that I had had and now, that I have been with them and gone away again, it makes me treasure them even more.  Not all Death Knights have been as lucky as I have been and I know it. Their families couldn’t accept what they had  become.  At least my family and tribe seem to accept me more now because they know that I am not going to turn into some kind of killing machine while I’m in their midst.

I guess that Maha and I will be staying through Story Circle this coming weekend before we head back to Pandaria again.  I haven’t been to the gathering in quite some time and I think that it will be fun to show up as a family group. Oh, it’s not nearly as much fun as the Faire, however, I enjoy hearing the tales that are told as well as listening to some of the elders talking about the days gone by.  It’s almost a traditional thing anymore – I know that there are more of the Tauren attending these days along with a few other races.

Oh, my Mother made me laugh really hard when she started asking me about women.  Did I have a female friend and if so, what were their names.  You know the kind of thing that a Mother would ask a son if he were a normal living Bull instead of what I am.  I told her that unless a girl wanted to cuddle up with an refrigerator, it was doubtful that I would ever have a girlfriend,  which kind of made her sad.  I think she forgets what I am sometimes. I did let it slip that I thought Maha was seeing some young fellow on the sly and that caused Mom to go in search of Maha with that Motherly frown on her face – Mom’s always like to protect their children, you know.

Oh well, I suppose I ought to get out these blankets and head down to help fire up the forges and put in a good day’s work.  I had talked with a couple of the blacksmiths already and they were all running behind.  I guess that it won’t hurt me to help them get caught up a bit, however, I won’t be here long enough to make a lot of stuff – I would hate to leave a set of armor unfinished when I have to go back to the Jade Forest again.

I still dislike being Sadheart the Death Knight, no matter how much you try to put a spin on it, however, here in the Bluff, I am still Naton, the Blacksmith. I know that I will enjoy today working at the forges because I can do my work without constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure that I don’t have something sneaking up on me out of the jungle.