Zippie Takes Some Time Off

April 23rd

Dear Journal,

You know there are just times that you need to get away from all of the mooks and head somewhere to have some fun with your own kind.  While I like living in the big house in Silvermoon, I have to admit that it’s full of elves.  Tall elves, short elves, just elves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like elves and I like working for the Boss, however, there are times that a girl needs to get away from family and other people just so’s they can let their hair down and have fun.  I have been working real hard since we left Orgrimmar and now with the Shattrath thing going on, I’m ready to throw in the towel or get an assistant.  Well we all know who that assistant won’t be, right?

I finally went to the Boss yesterday and told him that I needed a break, I needed to get away before I went nuts like his sister.   I don’t think that I’ll ever go that nutso, however, I know that there are times that I just want to smack someone for no reason – you know, you get frustrated with columns of figures that just won’t add up and you can’t get this part of the ledger to balance out because you’ve been staring at it for so long.  I know that the Boss has a lot on his plate right now with things concerning his family and the business, however, a lot of that weight also rests on my shoulders – I’m the one that makes sure that he has enough money to cover all of this stuff.

I told Uncle Zednick and Dooddah that I was going away for a while and naturally, Dooddah wanted to tag along.  Uncle Zednick just kind of shrugged his shoulders and said that he was busy right now anyway with his mage thing and getting in touch with some of his engineering buddies that are supposed to be over here in Silvermoon.  I had to tell Dooddah that she can go with me next time, I just needed some time away from family and the business.  Sure, she was disappointed and I can understand that, however,  I don’t think I need my little sister following me around especially if I meet a nice goblin fella somewhere in my travels.

The Boss told me to take a road trip, which I did.  He told me that Desolace was different – hated it.  He also told me that Feralas was a beautiful place.   Well, yeah, it’s beautiful if you’re not vertically challenged and all of the bushes and grass happens to be taller than you are.   I enjoyed the peace and quiet when the bears weren’t trying to eat me or some whelpling wasn’t trying to eat my face – yep, that was sure enjoyable.   At least the Tauren had some nice camps there and I got to learn a few new recipes for cooking that I might try out sometime.

It must be that time of year for people to take trips too.  I ran into some other goblins that were taking a break from Orgrimmar and all of those Orcs.  I know that we were sitting around and talking about all kinds of stuff.  Of course, they wanted to know about Silvermoon and I told them about what little bit I knew or had seen since I got there and they kind of frowned a bit – guess the place really doesn’t sound all that fun when you’re a goblin.  Come to think of it, I haven’t had time to have any fun since I got there.

They started talking about this place called Thousand Needles and how there used to be a race track there that had gotten covered over by  the flood when Deathwing came blasting through Kalimdor.  Well, there seems to be a goblin salvage operation going on down there from this big barge-they are salvaging parts from the race cars that were still down there when the flood happened and I guess a bunch of other stuff from the buildings that are underwater .  Seems this barge is run by goblins and the tall people aren’t all over the place either.  Sounded good to me.   It also sounds like a place where a goblin could make some good money too, I’m always interested in making money on the side.

Well, we all grouped together and made our way to the barge and that’s where I am right now.  Kind of got into a bar fight when we arrived.  You know those gnomes throw one heck of a punch when you hit them in the head with a bottle of grog.  I’m kind of sitting here with a bit of shiner, first one I’ve had since I left Kezan, and a headache that would make an Orc cry, I think.

This must be party central or something.  I know that I think I’ll take today off and maybe do some fishing while this headache finds its way to leave.  I think that I saw some of my friends from Orgrimmar working here too, might look them up and see how things are going.  You know, you kind of lose touch with people when you leave a city as fast as we did.

Zippie Prattfall




Walking Headache

March 28th

Dear Journal,

I sure hope the Boss knows what in the heck he is doing with his sister!! Well, I’ll admit that the house is a lot more peaceful since she has been “removed from the premises” as he puts it, however, it sure has made my life interesting at the office.  Of course, she can’t just waltz in there and demand all kinds of things like she once was, however, we’re all sick of hearing about what a dump her brother moved her into.

Man, we’d like something like that – you know, Zednick and Dooddah – they would be able to have a place to call their own and a house in Silvermoon is quite a feather in the cap as far as I am concerned.  She was raging about not having running water all over the place and a steady supply of hot water – well, she should try living in the slums in Orgrimmar.  We got hot water a lot there, even if it wasn’t all that great considering where it came from.  She even got servants thrown in too, that was something that surprised me a bit, although, I can see that they were put there to keep an eye on her Highness too.

At least we can walk around the house now and not have to worry about stepping on her toes for something that we might have done or not done.  Life is kind of pleasant and the Boss seems more like himself because he doesn’t have to worry about her raging at him all of the time.

She may camp out here at the warehouse to try to catch him and I wish her luck there because he doesn’t come down here that often to start with.  Oh yeah, I can see that she would think that he is avoiding her, wish she’d get the idea that there are a lot of other people avoiding her, not just her brother.

I know that I was about to go downstairs and tell her to calm down some because she was ranting at no one that cared when one of the new guys just told her to shut up.  Oh, you would have thought that he had committed some kind of sin by telling her that.  She went off like a rocket and started screaming at the guy – well, that would have been okay, however, the fellow didn’t know who she was and proceeded to punch her in the mouth.  I think that shocked her and she told the fellow, after she picked her butt up off the ground that she’d make sure he got fired and he told her that he didn’t care, he was a contract worker just like she was.  He gets paid by the contract, just like she does, however, he could freelance if there weren’t any contracts for him.

I did finally go down to explain to the guy after she stormed out of the warehouse and explained who she was and that he didn’t have a thing to worry about in so far as working for Morningstar Enterprises as long as he kept his end of the bargain by filling the contracts that he had been given.  Which, I have to remind Faendra that she has some outstanding and over-due contracts that her brother is not going to pay a penalty on just because she was too busy whining about her living conditions to fill them.  I mean, they aren’t even that hard to fill – just leave Silvermoon and shoot a few animals and skin them.

There are times that I wish that the Boss had never found her at the Faire and brought her back home.  I know that he was hoping that she had changed and is really upset that she has only gotten worse.  One would have thought that she might have learned a few things while she was traipsing around Kalimdor with Light only knows what kind of people.   I’m surprised that someone out there didn’t just kill her off or something.  I do know that nobody cared who she was or who her family was out there and it would have been just another girl gone missing.

I was laughing at Uncle Zednick the other night because he is still wishing that he had done more than sheep her when she made him mad.  The man will never change and I know that he means well with some of the thing that he does, however, I think that he needs to get busy with his engineering friends and come up with some gimmicks for us to sell for our “family fund” because I know that I don’t plan on working my whole life away.

I hope the Princess decides to go camp at the house to try to catch her brother tomorrow because she gave me a headache today that all of the herbs in the city won’t touch.


Hunter IN Charge…errr…umm…NO

March 4th

Dear Journal,

I don’t usually get a chance to say much in my journal these days, however, I think I will just plunk my butt down here and relax for a while.  Zippie and Zednick decided to take a quick trip to Shattrath City to check out the new warehouse and living facilities and they left me in charge of things here in Silvermoon.  I sure hope they don’t stay away too long, I don’t like this authority thing at all, I would much rather be just accountable for myself and Kitteh.

Oh hello there, I’m a hunter, I don’t have a head for figures and I sure don’t know all of the employees that come through the doors of the warehouse – I’m usually out in the field doing my job and I usually travel alone.  I’m not sure what they were thinking when they told me to take care of things here in town.

Sure, I haven’t really minded the offices being in Silvermoon all that much with the exception that I don’t get to see my friends in Orgrimmar very often anymore.  There’s nothing like sitting there in a sunchair, sipping a nice cold one, chatting with your friends and fishing. The fish aren’t bad if you clean them real good and cook them until they are crispy. Sure the gossip is always good and sometimes someone has something to say about the absence of Gallywix trying to lord it over all of us.  We all kind of wonder what has happened to him lately – I’m thinking he’s off plotting about how he can grab more money from the goblins and these stupid mooks.

I sure wish that they had taken the Boss’s dingbat sister with them though.  She’s mean to me when there aren’t other people around.  Oh yeah, now I have to call her Miss Faendra.  There are a few other things I’d like to call her, however, I’m not real good at writing swear words – I can say them much better.

I don’t think that Zed and Zippie had been gone more than an hour when Miss Faendra flounced herself into the office and demanded that I hand over the cash box and open the safe for her.  Well, she got all upset when I told her the cash box was in the safe and the safe was locked.  She yelled at me and told me to open the safe – I can’t open the safe, Zippie never gave me the combination.

Well, she proceeded to call me all manner of names, insulting my parentage, telling me that I was just a green mental midget.  That one did make me laugh because it’s true – I am green, I am short and because I’m small, my brain has gotta match, right?  I bet I have more great ideas about stuff than she ever has, she’s just a skinny Blood Elf and a lousy hunter. I didn’t tell her about her being a lousy hunter though – which is true, I’ve been out in the field with her once or twice and she’s always worried about breaking a nail or something.  I work with my own rules out there – you kill, you clean it and you skin it – nope, I refused to do her job for her, plain and simple.  Oh, did I mention that she is a skinny Blood Elf that is lazy too?

She stormed out of the office and headed down into the warehouse to raise trouble with the hired help down there.  Apparently, that didn’t work out that well for her when she tried telling one of the Tauren what to do because the fellow started acting as dumb as an Orc peon, so, she got up closer to him to yell some more and he promptly sat on her.  I heard the muffle screams and the laughter up here in the office and had to go down and put a stop to it before the fellow killed the Boss’s sister.  I couldn’t help it, I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.  Let’s just say that she blew outta the warehouse like someone had thrown a bomb at her – now, there’s a thought.

I know it wasn’t nice, however, she’s not nice at all, we all kind of stood there and laughed because the look on her face was classic.  Let’s just say that that fancy hairdo of hers was tangled up  – I did tell the Tauren that he didn’t need to add insult to injury by farting on her while he was sitting on her – we all laughed some more about that.

Hey, we don’t have to treat her any differently than we do each other.  She’s just one of “us” now and nothing special.  If she is going to try to terrorize the help, we can terrorize right back.  I just hope that her brother doesn’t put her “in charge” of anything or we’re all gonna be in some serious trouble.

I know that she is going to be in for one heck of a surprise when she takes her armor out of her locker and takes off to hunt.  Most of us wear our armor all of the time and we take care of cleaning it ourselves.  No, she wasn’t going to clean her armor, one of us was supposed to do it.  Okay, that’s all well and good, however, it kind of fell to the bottom of the list of things to do.

I know that I was a little surprised when one of little Pandaren took the gear out of the locker and started cleaning it – it sure was shiny and you’d could see yourself in it, it was that shiny.  I could never get my armor to look like that and asked him what he did – you know some kind special Pandaren magic trick?  I almost fell off my feet when he told me what he had used to give that armor that shine – boar fat – he rubbed boar fat all over the armor and wiped it off so it didn’t feel greasy.   Oh boy, she is going to attract anything on four feet that is looking for an easy meal.  I know I was cracking up with that idea and just decided that it would be one of those pranks that I would keep to myself.  Well, if she gets eaten by a bear, it’s not my fault.

I wonder if Miss Faendra gets the idea that the rest of us don’t really like her all that much?

Well, Zippie and Zednick got back home and I’m happy that I don’t have to walk around acting like the boss anymore.  That was hard work and I would much rather have been out hunting.  Yep, I was the “Hunter In Charge” and can’t say that I liked it much.  I hope they don’t make a habit of that too often because I’ll be forced to stay busy elsewhere if they do.   Make one of the Tauren or even a Forsaken with a head for figures do it – yeah, that’s the ticket, a Forsaken that has all of their fingers and toes so they can count.


Oh Geez…

February 17th

Dear Journal,

I just knew that when the Princess showed back up that it was going to mean trouble for everyone she came into contact with.  I woke up to the screaming and yelling match that she was trying to instigate with the Boss, it was awful the way that she was screaming at the poor man.

Uncle Zednick was all set to arcane blast her once, just once because he couldn’t stand how she was acting to her own brother.  After all of the things that that poor man has done to make sure she was taken care of.  I know that it scared me with the way that she was yelling and the stuff she was saying about his wife and kids, it was awful.  I’ve never seen this side of her and I’ve never seen anyone talk to the Boss that way.  I kept waiting to hear her scream or something when he should have smacked her – in my honest opinion.

What a way for us to find out that the Boss was back in Silvermoon.

I guess something else happened because Agatha went flying into the Boss’s suite and came back out looking like she was going to cry and then the healer came.  I guess the Boss almost had a heart attack or something.  I know that it scared the heck out of us and we were wondering what to do next.  I guess I won’t get to see him until tomorrow because Agatha said he was okay, however, he needed to get some rest and settle down after that fight.

I don’t know how in the heck Dooddah slept through all of the noise and commotion but she sure did.  Being a hunter, one would think that she would have learned how to be alert to things even when she is asleep.  I hope she doesn’t sleep like this when she’s out in the field alone.

I’m still kind of chuckling at Uncle Zednick because I don’t think that he realized when he put on his robe and ran out into the hallway that he hadn’t fastened the thing.  There are some things that the eyes can see that you wish you could forget.  There was Zed standing there filled with wrath in his purple robe and clearly wearing a pair of heart covered boxers – that’s what started me giggling.  Where in Azeroth did he get a pair of boxers like that? Now I am going to have to push that image to the back of mind every time I see him because I don’t want to start laughing.

Well, the one good thing that has come out of all of the trauma this morning is that we haven’t seen the Princess step out of her rooms.  Maybe she left?  Oh, we couldn’t be that lucky could we?  I knew the fertilizer was going to hit the wind machine when the Boss got back, however, we don’t know what the results of that argument have been.  I hope that the Boss didn’t do anything foolish, like give into her demands.

I had planned on going to Shattrath next week to start hiring more people for the warehouse to get things set up, you know, shelving and things like that we have to have made.  Also, I’ll get a chance to see how much room we will have there.  The Boss had told me that there was an apartment setup on top like there had been in Orgrimmar, however, I’m not sure that we are going to stay in it if we can find another place, even if we have to pay for it.  Besides, we haven’t ever been in that part of the world before and we might want to branch out a bit. Uncle Zednick says that once he’s been to Shattrath, we won’t have any trouble traveling back and forth because he will be able to set up a portal, which will be freaking great – that’s a huge benefit for all of us if he doesn’t get drunk. We’ve ended up in some pretty strange places and situations when he’s drunk portaling.

Well, I guess I’ll get to talk to the Boss tomorrow when he’s feeling better, hope he feels better. I’m sure that he will be happy with the work the rest of us have done despite being saddled with the Princess.





Trying Times In Silvermoon…

February 4th

Dear Journal,

Well, I figured I’d better write this down because when I try to verbalize it in my mind, I just get a stream of cursing, which I’m good at.  I told Zippie that this damned girl was nothing but trouble and she is sure trying her best to prove me right.

When I first heard the news that the Morningstar girl was home again, I thought, okay, Zed, better watch your step because you know she don’t like goblins in any way shape or form.  Trust me, with the way that she acted when she as managing the stuff in Orgrimmar, you’d a though we were dirt under her feet.  She’s real lucky I didn’t get real mad because I would have turned her into something uglier than a Kodo’s backside. Oh the way she used to treat my nieces real awful until she kept finding strange things in her coffee, her desk drawers and my high point was the snake in her bed. Hey, a fellow does what he has to do, right?

Anyway, when she stole all that money and stuff from the office and ran off, I was kind of hoping that she had run far enough away to where we never had to see her prissy butt again.  I know that’s mean and all that, however, she’s really mean spirited.  Sure, we all spent some time out there looking for her and we might have stopped after a few days, however, after her brother found out that she had taken a hike, he offered a sweet reward for her return.  So, we were all still looking for her kind of half-heartedly and her own brother found her butt at the Faire, of all places.  Dumb girl goes to the Faire and thinks she won’t be seen by anyone or maybe she was trying to be found so she could come back to torment the rest of us.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Her Highness goes to the office here in Silvermoon and starts raising hell with Zippie and some of the workers.  I think what is going to set her brother free is that she took off on one of his prized mounts and brought it back lame.  The stableman is afraid that he is going to lose his job over it but he says that she told him she had permission to use the mount.  We’ll see what happens.  I know she was probably using her bossy tones to get the fellow to give her the mount to start with – she ain’t never nice about wanting stuff, she demands it as if it were her right.

I was sitting in the parlor, reading a book with my feet propped up on the  coffee table because these damned couches are too tall and I wasn’t in the mood to sit on the floor to read.  Besides that, if I wanted to take a quick siesta, it’s easier to just throw your feet on the couch and head off to dreamland.  I was just sitting there, minding my own business, comfortable and happy when the Princess comes roaring in and screaming at me about how we shouldn’t even be in the house and that she wanted us to leave.  I told her I didn’t have any trouble in leaving the house at all and was making ready to do so.  Well, she decided to throw a vase at me and I lost it.  Sorry to say, I sheeped her.  It’s not something that I’ve done for a long time to anyone that I know, however, she was asking for it.  Agatha, the housekeeper, heard all the racket and came in and just busted out laughing.  Well, at least I didn’t hit the little wench with an arcane blast or anything that might have killed her – I guess I could have said it was an accident, right?

Well, we’re still here in the house and the Princess is taking all of her meals in her room so that she doesn’t have to deal with or see the riffraff that her brother has allowed in the house.  I can hardly wait until she sees the Forsaken that stay in the apartment over the stables- that’s gonna be awesome. Well, she can do that and I will sit down and eat every meal that I can that Agatha has cooked, she’s a good cook and it’s free.  Which brings up the reason why we’re still here in the house, it’s free to live her and the Boss said that we could stay as long as we liked.

I guess that Zippie is going to take that job in with the company in Shattrath which means that we’ll all be moving down there to help her out with that.  Can’t say that I am overly fond of going to Outland, however, you go where the money …errr, the family is.  Zippie says the Boss will be back in Silvermoon in a few days so I am going to sit here and wait to see what kind of explosion goes off on my head for sheeping her.  Probably won’t be anything at all and if I know the Boss, he’ll probably laugh.   It was funny watching her run all over the parlor and bleating like a sheep – she never shuts up.

Zednick Prattfall

Things Have Not Changed…

February 1st

Dear Journal,

I should have known that the Princess hadn’t changed one iota since she’s been gone, she just hasn’t let her brother see how she is now.  I think that she has learned  how to be a bit more subtle with her rants and raves, however, they are still there.

I was sitting in my office going through the invoices and trying to balance the books out for my monthly report to the Boss when I heard the familiar footsteps of Her Highness come in the office.  I just kept working because this is the time of day that I think better and I really didn’t want to deal with her this morning, to be honest.

She wanted to know what kind of work and contracts I had lined up for her and she wasn’t even nice about it because she was too busy trying to read my ledger upside down.  I closed the ledger real quick like and told her that her contracts and any other work that I had for her should be in her employee mailbox slot outside the office door.  The Boss had told me to treat her just like I would any other employee and I was going to do exactly what he told me to do because I just had a feeling that things weren’t going to go as smoothly as he thought they might.

Well, let’s just say that the noises she started making when she got her stuff out of her box were between a growl, a few Blood Elf oaths, and then she stomped back into the office to let me know that she was going to talk to her brother when he got back and “Oh, where is he, anyway?”  I politely reminded her to look at the due dates on the contracts and the list of things that she needed to do in the warehouse and she just went off like a rocket. As for where her brother was, I told her that he was in Nagrand for a while – which really upset her.

I don’t think that I have been called that many names in such a short space of time since the last time I had to go bail Uncle Zednick out of jail for mooning Garrosh. I am very proud of myself because I maintained my composure although I would have loved to let loose with some chained lightning on her backside, however, I didn’t. She then asked me for an advance because she needed some equipment and I told her to look in the locker at the base of the stairs in the warehouse because there was all kinds of equipment there and she still needed money to come back up and I would give her some.

Let’s just say that she hasn’t been back in the office and I doubt that I will see her for the rest of the day. One of the guys came up and told me that she had been in the locker and hadn’t taken anything out, however, she threw everything on the floor and stormed out.  So, that was another mess that someone else had to clean up because of her.

As for the money that she was going to ask for, I was going to give her what I would give any “new” hire that asked for an advance and that would have been twenty-five gold.  When people turn in contracts, they are paid and if they need any advances, I always decide how much they can be trusted for by the history of their work with the company.  She has no history with the company yet, so, a minimum amount is all that I could give her.   These are the rules that her brother and my Boss has had implemented with the company for years and I’m not going to be the one to make special decisions for her and change that.

Apparently, the Boss hasn’t’ seen fit to give the Princess a new communicator unit and she didn’t ask for one either.  Guess she isn’t going to talk to him unless she tries to find him in Nagrand and I don’t think she is that stupid. She wouldn’t have access to the warehouse or living quarters in Shattrath because the Boss had Uncle Zednick change all of the wards there and I don’t think that Zed would have included her in the setup because she was still missing when that work was done.

All I know is that I am going to have to sit here and hope that she doesn’t go on one of her rampages until after her brother gets back and from what I just got in the mail tells me that he won’t be back until the end of next week.  Everyone knows that when he goes to Shattrath and then on to Nagrand that we are not to bother him until he contacts the office – the man needs to have some space to himself once in a while. The ones that have been with the company the longest and have been very close to the Boss know that he is married to a Night Elf – I don’t see anything wrong with that and if it makes him happy, it’s his personal business.

I know that when I leave the office in a little while, I am going to lock the door and make sure that the petty cash is locked up in the safe. I just hope that she doesn’t cause any trouble for us at the house because Uncle Zednick was already unhappy with the thoughts of us being there to start with – he thought we should find someplace else.  We get to live there for free and it really is a beautiful place, we’ve never had it so good.

I could call the Boss, however, I don’t think that this is an emergency situation just yet unless she sets fire to something.  I could write a letter real quick and mail it out, however, he wouldn’t get it until a few days before he comes back and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news and spoil his time off.  No, I’ll handle things her as I see fit and hope that I don’t do anything wrong, which I doubt that he would get upset because I put Faendra in her place. As the manager of the office here, I have the authority to do that and if I see fit, I suppose I could even fire her.

No, I don’t think that I will fire her anyway unless the items that she got out of her mailbox aren’t completed in a timely fashion.  I’m sure that she has gone off to cool down and will be back, not today maybe, however, I’m sure she will be back.


Well, Look Whose Back…

January 24th

Dear Journal,

I know that I definitely haven’t had any time to write in this silly journal since we left Orgrimmar.  The Boss has no idea how much work that move was for me and how crazy things were for us here in Silvermoon for a while.  Oh, he had made all of the preliminary things happen, a warehouse, offices and a place for me, Dooddah and Uncle Zednick to stay.

I think that he wanted us to stay at the big house here in Silvermoon, however, that wasn’t going to happen because we need time to ourselves and there are just too many Blood Elves there.  Sure, it’s not so bad, could have been worse, I suppose.  He could have left us to our own devices in Orgrimmar, however, that’s not his way.  Besides, I worked my butt off getting everything out of there before Garrosh’s people came in to take what we hadn’t gotten out of there yet.

Stupid Orcs that came to take over the warehouse were more than just a little bit dumb.  Their overseer asked me how we had kept the doors open all of these if this was the quality of stock and not much of that.  I just kind of smiled and told him that we were about to go under and it was just as well that they were taking the place, they could clean it up and kill the rats that were infesting it.

I know that all of us that were still in Orgrimmar had been working twenty-four-seven  getting the stock out of there.  What the Orcs didn’t realize is that we had been getting the stuff out bit by bit once we heard all of rumors and saw that pin-headed Warchief come back to town looking like he was crazy or something.  I did hire a few extra people to help haul the stuff from  there to Thunder Bluff and it went pretty well.   I had told them “not” to join up with the caravans because they were being attacked on a regular basis, however, not everyone listened.

I’ve already started shipping a few items to Shattrath and I am looking forward to that move because it will be our last.  I guess that I am going to be the one roving back and forth between Silvermoon and Shattrath for a while until someone suitable is found to take over one of the shops. I have already been told that the operation in Shattrath with be twice as large as the one in Orgrimmar since this is the last free city and that we will be handling stock for the Silvermoon and Stormwind operations.  The Boss has already told me that I will get to choose which one I want to be based out of and I can tell you right now that even with the workload increasing, I will probably take Shattrath since that is where most of the  action will be.

You could have knocked me over with a feather a couple of weeks ago when the Boss showed up with his sister.  Yeah, the one that stole the money and anything else she could get her hands on and ran away from Orgrimmar before the siege. The one that was nasty and hateful to almost everyone that worked out of Orgrimmar and the one that lorded it over all of us as if she were the owner and not her brother.   When she came in the door she was already smirking at me and I could see that she wanted to say something but didn’t dare because her brother was standing there.

I was informed that she was back and that she would be working for Morningstar Enterprises as a contractor and that she would not be taking over where she left.  I know the relief swept through my body like a torrent.  She would be working for me and would have to answer to me just like any of the other contract people.  Well, that definitely wiped the smirk off of her face because she knows that I will be watching her like a hawk.

I don’t trust her at all and I will definitely be watching her like a hawk because she made me look bad the last time she was her by her theft and giving us all the slip.   I would have thought that she at least apologize to me for her actions when she was there in the office, however, she just stood there like she was rooted to the floor and didn’t say a word other than she was happy to be back.

I know that I will start her very slowly with some of the more menial things that need to be done, low end contracts for everything until I see that she is capable of handling that.  I’ll treat her just like any other “new hire” and she will just have to like it or leave.   My guess is that she won’t stay with us for very long because she won’t be able to handle being just one of the other people.  The first thing I am going to do is to have her inventory the stock that we have on hand right now, although I just finished doing that myself a couple of days ago, at least I will be able to compare the two inventories and see if she can even count.