Listening and Learning…

June 1st


Dear Journal,

Well, I think my suspicions have been born out when I thought that Felaran’s youngest sister was in Pandaria.¬†¬† I was working with another squad of new recruits today and there was a discussion going on that I happened to overhear.¬†¬† When I am out with recruits, I normally will turn a deaf ear to the conversations because they aren’t applicable to what it is that I am supposedly doing there¬† – I am there primarily to protect the lot and make sure that some of them don’t die of stupid.¬† It’s nice running with some of them, the more experienced Rangers that actually attended the training prior to signing on the dotted line and getting sent to Pandaria.

What really got me interested was the fact that some of the women in the group were complaining about a certain redhead that just seemed to think that the world revolved around her wants and needs and her absolute refusal to do some of the more menial tasks.¬†¬† Then the name came out – Morningstar – yep, that’s what I had been waiting to hear and not be too obvious about it.¬†¬† Felaran is going to be so upset when she gets back from her patrols and I tell her what I have overheard. ¬†I’m surprised that Faendra hasn’t had an accident befall her since her arrival either because her comrades don’t seem to care for her attitude all that much either.¬† Not real surprising there.¬† I think that I will go ahead and tell Felaran when she gets home and let her make the decision as to whether she wants to get in touch with her brother – it might behoove him to step in and have her moved to another camp or to get her removed from the Rangers like he has a few others in the past.¬† Not my decision to make.

I will admit that being a Death Knight at times has some advantages because some people seem to think that it has affected our hearing and our mental capabilities.¬† I’m sure that it has on some of us, however, I don’t happen to be one of them.¬†¬† I ¬†know that sometimes people will talk rather freely in front of me without giving it much thought – I suppose that’s a true fault of the living, they believe that their assumptions of a situation are all that there is.¬† Of course, I know that these recruits talk quite freely around me and I think that it’s because of the fact that some of them are totally ignorant anyway, plus, I sometimes do act as if I were dimwitted. ¬†I think that that I have caught up on all of the gossip that may have been going on with this group when they were last in Silvermoon.

Felaran and I are still diligently working on the farm and with the help of the Cloudhoof clan, our house is very livable.¬† No leaky roof, no issues with things creeping into the house uninvited, which didn’t happen often anyway, they don’t seem to like the coldness that we Death Knights can generate on a moment’s notice.¬† ¬†I know that’s one of Felaran’s favorite things to do as well as letting me know that she isn’t in the mood for any amorous advances on my part, she just turns up the frost a bit.¬† The only one that the cooler temperatures doesn’t seem to affect is FuzzButt, he just snuggles down deeper in the furs or gets in the pillows for that added heat.

Tylanlor  Ravencrest 

Too Many Alts

April 29th

What a busy week it has been for me in-game.¬† Whoa, too many characters and so little time.¬† Actually, too many 90s and not enough time to get to them all.¬†¬† It’s a good thing that I like to quest and like to level as much as I do because I think I would have reached the overload long before now.¬† However, I can now take a bit of a respite and work on a few of my lowbies to get them up to their big people in Pandaria.¬† One more shaman to get up there and I’ll be all set for WoD regardless of what they do with the professions.

I know that I had my original eight 90s in Pandaria that were keeping me very busy and I’ve since added to that with upgrading my accounts to the new expansion as well.¬†¬† I will have to admit that the last upgrade is going to take some time to get just the right one to the point where I can take the “free” boost, which is alright too because I don’t¬† think that will happen until WoD drops.¬† I reopened that account to run up a warlock and that’s still my intent – having a blast learning how to play a clothie after all of the hunters and death knights that I have running amuck already – not to mention Druids.

I honestly did try to keep my factions on equal footing with leveling and whatnot, however, I have been playing Horde for a very long time even if my characters seem to be a bit neutral on their views to the current “war” in Warcraft.¬†¬† When I first started playing the game, I was totally Alliance, went gung-ho for the Night Elves and still have quite a few of them that are all works in progress.¬†¬† With my Horde guild being a Level 25, I do tend to stay within that group of characters with all of the guild benefits, however, my little Alliance guild isn’t doing that badly either with addition of a couple 90s to help out with the stats.

I know that I have had several people ask me which faction I prefer and I really can’t give a true definitive answer to that.¬†¬† I actually didn’t play Horde until I moved to Wyrmrest Accord¬† a very long time ago and that seemed to be the faction that I enjoyed the most, I will admit that I had more friends on the Hordeside than Alliance due to the fact that I was truly a stranger on the realm and just starting out with RP.¬† However, the times have changed and the majority of the people that I played with back in those days are gone, they either quit the game, changed realms or generally have gone their own way.

Let’s see, I have learned how to play my Druids with some confidence in the last month and my Death Knights aren’t the terrible noobs that they once were.¬† Oh, that grind up to 90 is a bear and I will admit that I was getting pretty apprehensive about leveling them due to the time factor involved.¬†¬† The thing that strikes me funny is that the boosted characters come in better geared than the ones I worked my tail off getting leveled which is kind of disheartening a bit.¬†¬† I will have to say that I am enjoying the ones that I have boosted though because I can jump right into things after I’ve learned the mechanics of the class that I haven’t played for a while and it’s been a lot of fun.¬†¬† Out of all of my characters, so far, I have one that is on the verge of being able to do some Flex Raiding so I might just see the end-game before WoD hits the runway.

I’ve already admitted several times that I am an altoholic big time.¬† However, I’m enjoying the game the way that I want to enjoy it, questing, working on professions, girding my loins to do LFR and LFG stuff plus running on the Lost Isle.¬† OMG, the Lost Isle – nobody told me that my Death Knights would go nuts out there and do things that I didn’t know they could do.¬† It doesn’t matter what race or faction – Death Knights are bonkers.¬† My hunters tend to take the easy approach of “We’ll get the gear eventually” and they take their time going through things, however, the Death Knights – whoa, they just seem to get out there and decide that they may not have the gear that they should and they’re aren’t leaving until they get a few pieces at least.

I know it used to really bother me when one of my characters bit the big one.¬† I would feel like I was bad parent or bad player or something.¬† The psychological impact on me sitting at the keyboard was awful and would cause me to stop playing for a while or until I had some time to do some research on rotations, glyphs;etc.¬† Now – well, let’s just say that I go out and if they die, it’s a few pieces of gold and we’re on to the races again. ¬†I finally got it through my thick head that these are just pixels, they can rez and come back for me, kind of like my old VW that wouldn’t ever die – which I sold to a couple a few months back since I’m not driving again just yet.¬† Soon I will be back on the roads again and I’ll probably buy another little VW – those cars run even if they are broken, at least the older models did.

One of the things that I have started doing is creating alts that I can use to “relearn” some of the game mechanics, especially if I haven’t played the original in quite a while.¬† What with all of the nerfs to some of the classes, I log into the old one and go OMG, how did I even get this poor thing to level 60 or so?¬†¬† I don’t know that I will ever get all of the classes to cap, however, it’s fun to play around with them.¬† I know that some of my RealID friend probably think that I’m crazy as a dingbat, however, I do play solo quite a bit and like to try out different races and different classes, just for grins.¬† ¬†I decided to roll a Worgen druid to see what they looked like and how they differed from my Tauren and Night Elves – it’s pretty awesome, might play that one for a while.

Naturally, I woke up this morning and, is my habit, read what has been posted on WordPress in regard to World of Warcraft as well as check out the latest things that might be making people get their knickers in a bunch on the WoW forums before I start playing the game itself.  I knew that today was going to be one of the long maintenance days for Blizzard, however, woke up early  and here I sit, waiting for another six or so hours for that to be done.   Yes, the addiction is strong and I do enjoy the game, not only for the social interaction, which is minimal these days, and to see what kind of adventures I can get my characters involved in so that I can write something.



A New Journal – New Beginnings

April  7th

Dear Journal,

It has indeed been a while since I have written in any kind of journal and while I know that it is something that I should be doing in my travels across this vast land of ours, it hasn’t been of any importance to me.¬† ¬†Amynlarae, sweet cousin that she is, gave me this book and told me that I should start writing down my adventures because she would love to be able to share them with her younger children and someday, her grandchildren.

While it has been a few years since I have written, much has happened, however, I won’t attempt to write it all down in one sitting.¬† I suppose that I ought to write down who I am, I suppose – nothing like reading a letter and getting to the very end to find out that you didn’t know the person.

My name is Basaric Shadowmoon, I hail from Kalimdor and any lands beyond that I so choose to travel.  It is my goal in life to see as much of this world as I possibly can and try to make amends with Nature for the things that the people have done to her.  Elune knows that there are vast stretches of land that were destroyed by Deathwing and his rampage, however, I have seen signs of healing in my travels Рnew forests starting to emerge and more people moving into those lands to try to help the land heal.  It does my druid heart good to see these things.  We have much to make amends for with Mother Nature and Elune.

While the Horde tries to destroy as much land as they can for the betterment of their people, we, the Kaldorei and others are trying to heal the land as fast as we can.  I will always think that Thrall was the better Warchief than this buffoon that now sits in his stead.   I have heard stories of the things that he has done in this new land of Pandaria, however, I have not seen it with my own eyes as of yet, however, I know there will come a time when I make that journey, it is one of the goals that I have set for myself.

I had to laugh at Amyn when she gave me this book because I asked her if I should write about the camping trips that we used to have in Feralas which caused her to blush and then to laugh.  Oh, the good times that we had growing up under the tutelage of my Father.  She has him to thank for the way that she handles her bow because he was a great hunter and I, well, I have to thank him for teaching me the ways and skills in herbing.  He was a truly wonderful man and we all still miss him terribly, however, Elune must have needed him in her service more than we were aware.

Of course, my life might have been a bit different if I hadn’t followed in the steps of druidism.¬† It was my calling from birth and I knew it even if my parents were very apprehensive about it.¬† It was something that I was born with as are most druids – we don’t just wake up and decide to be able to shape shift into different beasts, it is a blessing that we receive from Elune and we are truly blessed to be one with nature. ¬†I think my Father was disappointed that I would not be following in his footsteps as a hunter, however, he understood finally that it hurt my very soul to take an animal’s life without thought for the future.

I did make the journey to Stormwind to see the big city there and I know that the humans, dwarves, worgen and others may find it an exciting place, it just hurt my ears and made me long for the peaceful sounds of the forests.  Too many people in such a tiny place makes for quite a bit of noise.

I hadn’t seen Amyn for quite a while so I was very surprised to see that she was in Stormwind and that she was a business woman.¬† Yes, she apparently served what time she felt she needed to do in Pandaria and came back to run this import/export firm.¬† Well, who am I to say anything, however, I did think that the Sentinel life suited her and even though she is a mother to some beautiful children, I think in her heart of hearts, she misses the wildness of being out in the wilderness.

I won’t go into my opinion of her liaison with the Sindorei, that is her business and I just hope that the authorities in power never hear of it.¬† It would bring destruction to the entire family, I think.¬† ¬†I try not to get involved with politics, however, this is one case where I think that a closed mouth will be my best bet.¬† Her oldest boys look very Kaldorei except for their strange green flecked eyes and sometimes I think that they aren’t as much the Night Elves that they appear – they like the sun way too much for my tastes. ¬†¬†Oh well, they are nice kids and the two youngest boys are definitely all Kaldorei and they are a handful from what she was telling me.¬† I haven’t seen them since they were infants and it sounds as if they are almost grown now.¬† Ah well, time does have a way of passing even if we’re not taking note of it.

It was nice getting a chance to talk to Amyn again after so long and I will cherish this gift that she chose to bestow on me. Of course, I will also have to make it part of my plan to write in it as well.

Basaric Shadowmoon

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I will have to admit that I have been more than a bit remiss in the last few days in writing or even making an appearance in-game. However, I got a gift for Christmas that I wouldn’t wish on anyone at this time of year.

The gift was a cold that seems to like to torment me quite a bit by just staying in the cranial region, runny nose, fuzzy feeling and ears that seem to echo mindlessly when you aren’t really paying attention. Naturally, my spouse has decided that I shouldn’t have this gift alone either, so, we’re sharing it.

It seems like I can get up for a while and then end up going back to bed because nothing makes any sense with the meds we’re taking.

Here it is New Year’s Eve and our plans are pretty simple. We have a nice bottle of champagne, however, we may not partake of that tonight as is our usual wont. We may just go to bed and wake up tomorrow and say Happy New Year.

Speaking of Happy New Year, I do wish all of you the best and hope that 2013 will be a good year for all of us.

Stalking The Prey – Part II – Finale

July 26th

((Due to the lack of interest on the part of the participants on this particular level of this story, I have decided to discontinue it. 99.9% of the participants were actually my characters in-game. It had great potential to go a lot further than it did, however, I am less inclined to utilize my creativity on something that no longer interests me.))


We waited patiently on the hillside with the Rangers. I think that we were all overly anxious to get the job done and end this charade. I was certain that we could handle almost anything with the people that we had in our group. Fnar and I were just anxious to end this, get his sister back in one piece and put this all behind us.

I’ll admit that our friendship has taken some damage from this adventure and will someday get back to where it once was. I was stubborn and blinded by my own ego to think that I could handle this whole ordeal alone. It has caused a lot of friction between us all that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

We were standing there, waiting, after Amyn had given her signal from the woods that we should withdraw to a safe area. Now, I could see a strange light emanating from what would have been the basement and saw Angel emerge slowly. It was almost as if she were aware that there were others in the area, however, she continued further away from the house. Here was the opportunity that we had waited for, the time that the thing would be away from its source.

The paladin, priest and warlock were ready for the assault as were we all. I could hear some chirps and trills from the woods as Amyn’s group moved in for their attack on the animated body that we were calling Angelese. I heard a shot from the woods and could tell that the Kaldorei were in pursuit of our prey, or at least this portion of it.

The Rangers rushed towards the basement entry and descended the stairs with Fnar and me following closely with them. What we found in the basement was horrific enough that it did cause us to pause in the assault.

A large glass container was sitting on an altar surrounded by a glowing light and the contents seemed to be aware of our presence. It was a malformed child floating in some fluid that seemed to be very much a sentient being. Before I could even take a moment to think things through, the jar crashed to the ground and the “thing” within it was hacked to bits.

Fnar saw his sister huddled in a corner of the room, her arms wrapped around her knees with a very vacant looking face. The body was there, we weren’t sure that Felessa’s soul was still intact. He scooped her up and headed back outside and I could hear him as he fled, calling her name with no response.

I could hear some of the shouts from outside of the confines of the basement, the pop of spells being cast, the glimmer of magic in the air as it sped on its way. I could also hear the cries from the Kaldorei contingent and see the flashes of light from the direction that Angel had taken.

When the Rangers and I headed in the direction of the sound of conflict, we saw what was happening. The Stormwind warlock was busy trying to get the soul shard of the creature as the Paladin hurled his powers at the same time. I watched as Angel’s body crumpled to the ground, a light of a very odd color seemed to emanate from her…something searching for another body to inhabit perchance. I heard the warlock shout out and the light disappeared.

((And so ends this chapter in the Morningstar/Dawnglory saga of the raging thing called Angel.))






Stalking the Prey…Part I

We searched for days; it seems like and finally found the old abandoned building, just as I remembered it. Of course, the years had eaten away at some of the things that were left behind, pieces of old furniture lay rotting in the rooms, drapery hung at the windows almost as sheer as the cobwebs that had joined with them. The house smelled of rotted age and it smelled of old death – a fresh kill has a much fresher scent, almost metallic as it wafts under your nostrils through the air.

Dawnglory and I both knew that Felessa was here in this building, the tracks led here and the cats seemed to know she was here, however, they were very nervous about crossing the rotten threshold as if there were some kind of barrier there stopping them.

I know that as I was standing there, the thoughts of time passed raced through my mind. The first time that I had been to this building with my beloved Noble Lady, M’Lady was what I called her all of the time, it was a game we played with one another. I know that my reverie was disturbed by the trill of a night bird and the soft hoot of an owl which caused me to almost jump because of the nearness of them.

My loving wife was not far away with her little band of people from Stormwind. I will have to tell her how dangerous this was at another time for her to bring her people so close to a full complement of Rangers here in Tranquillien, so very close that I could almost think that I could see their shadows in the brush, I couldn’t hear any footsteps or any other sounds, they moved like ghostly shadows in the darkness.

I know that there have been many comparisons to Sentinels and Rangers in the past; however, I have never seen a Ranger moving as stealthily as these Kaldorei will do in a wooded area; they almost become one with the forest. It is a second nature to them, these creatures of the night forests. I can remember my younger years before I was seasoned enough to know that these Kaldorei can make a kill without making a sound and blend back into the forest, without a trace or any sound before you even realize that they have breached your perimeter. Rangers can move with as much stealth as these Sentinels, however, I don’t think that we were granted with the grace that these beings seem to possess.

I know that Paladin with our Ranger group was already starting a part of his ritual prior to our going any further into the old dilapidated building, the priest was joining in with soft incantations, the warlock was already preparing her runes and had her soul shards at the ready. We would be moving soon, to start the final assault on this being. This was not going to be a full frontal assault because it would forewarn Angel of our coming and she might have a chance to shift her power to another source.

Dawnglory and I had discussed this with the Rangers and we all agreed that it would be advantageous if I removed my necklace, opening myself to the powers of this being, as a distraction. Possibly bring her out and away from the source and away from her latest victim, Fnar’s sister. We were just hoping that she hadn’t done anything to Felessa, such as some kind of conversion for a new resting place. We were gambling with not only our lives but the lives of everyone involved.

I really wish that I had had a chance to notify Felestrien of what it was we were doing; however, I knew that he had his own issues to take care with his wife and children. He at least was able to discern what we might be dealing with and gave us all some idea of what it is that we needed to do. I don’t trust this strange Paladin from Silvermoon; however, the Rangers seem to think that he is one of the best in the region. However, he’s not my friend and the trust is just not there. If he makes one mistake, it could spell doom for all of us. I’ve met the warlock before and she is good at what she does, however, I’m fighting with myself and trying to tell myself that I have nothing to fear from her, the thing I fear is in this building.

Dawnglory says that he can hear a faint humming sound beneath our feet, as if someone were chanting something very low and very methodically. He said that the voice sounds like his sister’s, although, it’s changed and he can’t make out what the humming actually is. Could be that the person is indeed chanting a spell, or something; you can almost taste the danger in the air.

I know that I was upset with our warlock because she is saying that she will grasp the being known as Angel and force her into a soul shard as well as pulling Felessa’s soul into a shard as well. I don’t understand, will that be the end of Felessa as we know her? Can we get her soul back into her body undamaged?

I hear a click from behind me as if someone was notching an arrow into a bow and then I hear a call of the owl from tree line again. This time, the call is one that Amyn and I have used a lot…withdraw, the time is not right. I hand signal Fnar and the bowman with us and we slowly start retracing our steps back out of the building and crossing the threshold.

I know that when we crossed the road and came to a stop on the hill where the other Rangers had gathered, you could almost feel the tension leave the air. The time was not right; our prey may or may not be aware of our incursion into their territory. For all of sakes, I hope that she doesn’t know how close we are.

So, we wait.

(To Be Continued)