Making Future Plans…Maybe Dalaran

January 10th

Dear Journal,

Well , I am indeed very happy to be back in Stormwind City after the Winter Veil in Shattrath and Nagrand.  As much as I love my family, it is sometimes very hard to hold my tongue when my Father’s sisters are there and they continuously are taking verbal shots at one another and the youngest one is one that I’d love to morph into something that didn’t speak.

She has a mouth on her and she’s not the brightest person that I have ever met, that is a fact.  Stupid, selfish and just plain mean spirited.  I know that it was all that I could do not to just zap her with an arcane blast or something.  I suppose this is what my Mother meant when she said that the Sindorei have a different way of looking at things, however, she acts like she is doing my Mother a favor just by her showing up and letting us all worship her presence.  I know I really had to watch myself because everything about the girl just rubs me the wrong way, no respect for my Father, no respect for anyone or anything that stands in her way or disagrees with her.  She’s just plain rude, if you ask me.  Well, no one asked me but that’s my opinion.

Yes, the weather is letting itself be known here in Stormwind, it’s windy, there are snowflakes in the air sometimes and the wind just seems to tear through every stitch of clothing that you have on and chills you right to the bone.  I know that I am not a winter person at all and it is becoming more noticeable to me.

I wish that my Dad had been able to come home from Draenor for the holiday because I know that my Mother would have enjoyed everything a lot more than she did, I’m sure.  Oh, she enjoyed having the family at the house in Nagrand even if Kal and Dad weren’t there – there was a way that she would look around sigh sometimes that really made me feel bad for her.  At least the grandparents were there and my youngest sibs, I still want to sheep them every now and again, however, I’m old enough now that I don’t think that it would be appreciated.

My studies are kind of bogging down here in Stormwind and I would like to be able to continue on with them in Dalaran, however, I don’t know that my parents would go along with that all too well.  I don’t think that everyone up there would remember the Morningstar name nor the Shadowmoon – they might remember my Dad in some ways though because he was never one to hide anything that he was doing and he was very proud of his Kaldorei wife.    Some might remember the name of the company though and it’s a good thing that I don’t use Morningstar for my surname, good ol’ Kaldorei custom saves the day again.  Anyway, I am doing some checking on what it would take for me to make the move to Dalaran and how much it would cost if I didn’t have a mentor in place.  I might have to take an internship if it is too expensive and my parents won’t agree to it.

I talked with quite a few other mages that were in Shattrath this year and they are all studying in Dalaran, well, not the Horde mages, just Alliance.  It sounds like it would be rather easy to get my foot in the door if I knew the right people.  I did talk to a couple of the instructors  in Shattrath that were on holiday and they told me that to advance my studies in the Arcane, I would definitely have to spend some time in Dalaran as an apprentice to one of the instructors there.  I got a couple of names to contact and I might sit down and write them this week, giving my qualifications and the names of my current instructors so that they know that I am a serious student and not just a social butterfly or something.

One of the things that I did notice was the library in Shattrath is pretty extensive and I found several volumes that I had never seen before and was able to sit down and read them there without anyone being  aware of my presence.

I don’t know exactly how Kal deals with his eyes being flecked with as much green as they have because it is a dead giveaway for our heritage, however, I have been using a glamour more often as not.  One of the things that I am aware of is that as I have gotten older, my eyes are showing more green, which can let people know right away that you’re a half-breed.  I will admit that the bias that was there is not as bad as it used to be in some places, it still exists.    One of the issues that I may have in getting to further my studies in Dalaran is my heritage.  I guess I’ll have to figure something out to hide that so even my instructors may not notice it.  This will require some further research on my part.

I suppose that I will have to broach the subject to my Mother before she leaves for Draenor to see what she thinks about it and to also ask for some financial aid.  I know that it is very expensive to live in Dalaran  and that the costs of just about everything is much higher than what I am used too.  I hope that she approves and will get my Father to approve of it as well, it would make life so much easier for me if I had their support, if not, well, I may have to start selling things off that I own and find some kind of work to pay for my studies.

Vashlan Shadowmoon

Alone In Stormwind

May 20th

Dear Journal,

Since I’ve never written anything in a journal before I suppose I ought to introduce myself to myself or maybe to the person or persons that may read this in the future.  My name is Vashlan Shadowmoon, most people call me Vash for short.  I was born in Shattrath City, you know the place with all the Draeni and Naaru – it wasn’t my idea that was where my parents happened to be living at the time.

My big success in life so far has been that my Father actually delivered me into the world.  I know that wasn’t his idea, however, the healers arrived shortly thereafter to take over the care of the new baby and my Mom.  I can well imagine that it was a scary time for all parties concerned, especially my Dad and Mom.

I’m not your average Kaldorei.  I’m of mixed heritage, my mother is Kaldorei and my father is Sindorei.  That’s one of the reasons that I was born in Shattrath because it was one of the few places on the planet that would accept my parents’ relationship, I suppose.

I guess what makes it totally odd is the fact that I have an older brother, Kaldor, that has grown up to be rather successful in his own right by being the best of the best of the combination of breeding.  He’s big, strong and a hunter, while I am not as tall as he, is not as strong, I’m decidedly different.  It seems that there must have been some High Born lurking in the family tree somewhere and I was blessed with being a mage.  Kal is a very manly man and I’m just…Vash.  I guess I was even different as a little kid, however, no one realized the real reason why.

Oh, I could take care of myself when we were kids and could kind of throw a punch as good as the next fellow, however, I discovered that sometimes if I was angry enough, I could make things happen.  Oh, I know I’ve probably diminished someone’s life a little bit by making them disappear for a while, however, they always came back and always avoided me after that.  I know that I discovered that if I thought about something for a long time, it would happen – like lighting a man’s pants on fire for calling me a freak of nature.  Yes, it hurt my feelings as a little boy and every time I saw this fellow in the Lower City, I would think about bad things happening to him and it did one day.   I guess that was because I was a “wild” mage as they call it – untrained with some natural skill.

The only reason that I am writing in this book today is because I’m lonely, plain and simple.  I’m in Stormwind going to school and I live in an apartment over my Mother’s business warehouse.  How exciting is that?  My parents and my brother are off in Pandaria and my two younger siblings live with my grandparents in Dolonaar.  So, I’m pretty much on my own and alone.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I go out and I socialize with people, mostly other mages in training and we tend to hang out in the mage quarter and go to the Blue Recluse and we talk about magic a lot.  We talk about some of our instructors from time to time, you know, about how old they are and they all seem to be too old fashioned with the practitioners of magic – you know, follow the rules and don’t step outside the box. Oh, we’ve had a few students that bent the rules a bit too far and they are no longer studying with us.

Well, I think the reason that I feel kind of lonely today is that it’s my birthday and I don’t think that anyone remembered except for me.  If there wasn’t a war going on, I’m sure that we would have had a party of some sort, however, everyone is too busy for that right now.  When we lived in Dalaran, yes, we lived there before the purge, we would have had a party.  Now, it’s just me sitting here looking out the window at the rain and wondering what I am going to do with this “special” day.

I wish I could go to Pandaria with everyone else, however, I’m too young and untrained to go that far away from my instructors.  I’m studying as hard as I can so that I can go where everyone else is, however, it’s going to be a while before I make it. No one wants a young apprentice up there messing things up. So, I’ll just sit here in Stormwind and keep studying.