Time Moves On…

April 15th

Dear Journal,

After spending some time with Amyn Shadowmoon in Stormwind, I decided that I needed to get away from the humanities for a while and head back to my nice quiet forests for a while.  It is almost like you need to heal your mind sometimes when you have been in contact with many people for few days – or that’s just me.

I went back to Darnassus and stayed there a few days to gather my gear and head out for some serious exploration to and to refresh myself with some of my fond memories of different places.  Of course, a lot of things are not as they were in the past after the Shattering, however, I did take comfort in the fact that I could see that Nature was revitalizing itself after those injuries were inflicted by an insane dragon.

Darkshore used to be one of my favorite places to visist as a child with my family, however, there is no more Darkshore as I once knew it.  All of the flooding and destruction has erased that from the face of the planet, however, I still can rely on some of my memories to help ease the pain.   I can remember standing there for countless hours learning how to fish with my Father, looking out over the water and having thoughts that someday I might want to live there.  Luckily for me, those dreams never came to pass, who knows if I would have survived Deathwing’s visit to the area.

I know that I have seen more Horde on this trip than I can recall seeing in the past, however, that was to be expected, I suppose.  My first real exposure to the Horde when I was younger and training with some of my fellow druids was the incursion into the lands was much further across the land in Forest Song.  The Horde were busy taking what they wanted or needed from the forest without much thought for the future, however, I am beginning to realize that it’s not just the forest that they are after – they want the Night Elves to be gone from the lands that we have called home since we came into existence.  Greed is the one motivation that I can see with the Horde, they couldn’t possibly need all of the resources that they are taking from us.

I did wander into the Northern Barrens and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time there gathering a few herbs and noticing that not only were the Horde despoiling my own land, they were busy doing the same to their own as well.  So many encampments, so many soldiers that I was wondering if anyone was still living in Orgrimmar. I almost wept with sorrow when I saw the deep gash in the land left behind by Deathwing – no more are the rolling plains open for miles as they once were, nature has been left in such disarray that I wonder if it can be healed.

I think that my main goal with some of this wandering around was to refresh my memories of places that I have enjoyed many times in the past.  I was not disappointed when I made my way through Desolace and  went traversing through Feralas, yet again.

I was finally able to make my way to where we had all camped as a family many years ago and I am happy to say that there were still signs left there of our camp site.  Naturally, I decided to camp in the same area as we had before and I will admit that I was just enjoying myself completely lost in my old memories of the fun we had there as well as seeing signs of how much the land had changed and grown for the better.

I did make it into Feathermoon to get a few supplies to take back to my camp and I will admit that the Sentinel encampment has grown quite a bit.  I guess that is a good reason that I am not seeing much of the Horde where I am camping and haven’t really seen much of an incursion or signs of them having been there for a while.

Okay, I’ll admit that I was in Feathermoon in hopes of running into that young lady that I had mentioned previously.  I know that her company of Sentinels was sent to Pandaria, however, I do know that they rotate the groups back home as much as possible so that there is no danger of them going native in the new land.   I was just hoping that she might be there.

When I was in Darnassus I did go to Dolonaar to visit my Aunt and Uncle, however, they were busy with  Amyn’s boys most of the time.  We did have an opportunity to talk a bit and , naturally, my Aunt was curious about how things were going with the rest of the family and I let it slip that I was there to find out some information about one of their foster children.   A young woman that I had an interest in and had been too shy to really get to know her as well as I would have liked.  You can imagine my shock and surprise to find out that the girl had been shipped from Feathermoon to Pandaria and was now living with their grandson, the oldest of Amyn’s mixed breeds.

I guess my disappointment showed on my face quite readily and I was reassured that this boy hadn’t taken any vows at the Moonwell with Kae yet.  I know that I was just disappointed that I hadn’t the nerve when she was still in Dolonaar to let her know how I felt.  Of course, she was getting all set to become a Sentinel and probably wouldn’t have had time for druid like myself.  Her thoughts were all about the glory of being a Sentinel and my thoughts were all about how to heal the land where blood had been shed and Nature disturbed years ago, long before my time.

Yes, I have been daydreaming about this young woman for quite a while and I guess that I should start dismissing those thoughts from my mind, however, if this boy hasn’t committed himself yet to her, there might still be an opportunity for me if I can get myself to Pandaria.  Elune knows that there will come a time when I will be able to make that journey.   I am old enough now to know better, however, I will admit that my heart was set on this young lady a long time ago and I don’t think that I will give up the thoughts of settling down with her – be it here in Kalimdor or possibly in Pandaria.  Time will tell.

Basaric Shadowmoon


A New Journal – New Beginnings

April  7th

Dear Journal,

It has indeed been a while since I have written in any kind of journal and while I know that it is something that I should be doing in my travels across this vast land of ours, it hasn’t been of any importance to me.   Amynlarae, sweet cousin that she is, gave me this book and told me that I should start writing down my adventures because she would love to be able to share them with her younger children and someday, her grandchildren.

While it has been a few years since I have written, much has happened, however, I won’t attempt to write it all down in one sitting.  I suppose that I ought to write down who I am, I suppose – nothing like reading a letter and getting to the very end to find out that you didn’t know the person.

My name is Basaric Shadowmoon, I hail from Kalimdor and any lands beyond that I so choose to travel.  It is my goal in life to see as much of this world as I possibly can and try to make amends with Nature for the things that the people have done to her.  Elune knows that there are vast stretches of land that were destroyed by Deathwing and his rampage, however, I have seen signs of healing in my travels – new forests starting to emerge and more people moving into those lands to try to help the land heal.  It does my druid heart good to see these things.  We have much to make amends for with Mother Nature and Elune.

While the Horde tries to destroy as much land as they can for the betterment of their people, we, the Kaldorei and others are trying to heal the land as fast as we can.  I will always think that Thrall was the better Warchief than this buffoon that now sits in his stead.   I have heard stories of the things that he has done in this new land of Pandaria, however, I have not seen it with my own eyes as of yet, however, I know there will come a time when I make that journey, it is one of the goals that I have set for myself.

I had to laugh at Amyn when she gave me this book because I asked her if I should write about the camping trips that we used to have in Feralas which caused her to blush and then to laugh.  Oh, the good times that we had growing up under the tutelage of my Father.  She has him to thank for the way that she handles her bow because he was a great hunter and I, well, I have to thank him for teaching me the ways and skills in herbing.  He was a truly wonderful man and we all still miss him terribly, however, Elune must have needed him in her service more than we were aware.

Of course, my life might have been a bit different if I hadn’t followed in the steps of druidism.  It was my calling from birth and I knew it even if my parents were very apprehensive about it.  It was something that I was born with as are most druids – we don’t just wake up and decide to be able to shape shift into different beasts, it is a blessing that we receive from Elune and we are truly blessed to be one with nature.  I think my Father was disappointed that I would not be following in his footsteps as a hunter, however, he understood finally that it hurt my very soul to take an animal’s life without thought for the future.

I did make the journey to Stormwind to see the big city there and I know that the humans, dwarves, worgen and others may find it an exciting place, it just hurt my ears and made me long for the peaceful sounds of the forests.  Too many people in such a tiny place makes for quite a bit of noise.

I hadn’t seen Amyn for quite a while so I was very surprised to see that she was in Stormwind and that she was a business woman.  Yes, she apparently served what time she felt she needed to do in Pandaria and came back to run this import/export firm.  Well, who am I to say anything, however, I did think that the Sentinel life suited her and even though she is a mother to some beautiful children, I think in her heart of hearts, she misses the wildness of being out in the wilderness.

I won’t go into my opinion of her liaison with the Sindorei, that is her business and I just hope that the authorities in power never hear of it.  It would bring destruction to the entire family, I think.   I try not to get involved with politics, however, this is one case where I think that a closed mouth will be my best bet.  Her oldest boys look very Kaldorei except for their strange green flecked eyes and sometimes I think that they aren’t as much the Night Elves that they appear – they like the sun way too much for my tastes.   Oh well, they are nice kids and the two youngest boys are definitely all Kaldorei and they are a handful from what she was telling me.  I haven’t seen them since they were infants and it sounds as if they are almost grown now.  Ah well, time does have a way of passing even if we’re not taking note of it.

It was nice getting a chance to talk to Amyn again after so long and I will cherish this gift that she chose to bestow on me. Of course, I will also have to make it part of my plan to write in it as well.

Basaric Shadowmoon