Struggling and Trying to “Hang In There”…

November 16th

Well, to coin the phrase from whatever movie I’ve seen recently  – “I’m too old for this shit!”

Oh my, after looking forward to getting started on Warlords of Draenor and after sitting in the queues for 20+ hours (closer to 35 hours if the truth were to be told), I have decided that I am too old for this anxiety.  You know that you are too old to play the game anymore when  you sit in the queues and when you finally get in the game, you’re too damned tired to play.  Such is the cruelty of old age and a smack upside the head from reality.   I am completely exhausted at this point and my health issues are not exactly taking a backseat to the stress at this point.

I think that I have spent a small fortune for the fun that I have had in World of Warcraft over the last ten years and I have enjoyed the time well spent.  There have been tears of frustration and anger, there have been happy times and bad throughout those years, however, after the last three days, I think that I have reached my limit of endurance with sitting and staring at a computer screen with zero results for many hours.   I haven’t even reached 92 yet on my main character yet and it’s doubtful that I will make it to the Anniversary celebration in a few days to the prerequisite 100 – even if I did, it’s doubtful that I will be able to PUG the instance.

I currently have roughly eight accounts with active characters on them and I have requested a refund on the last two accounts for the money that I spent on WoD.  No sense in letting Blizzard keep the money because if I can’t play it, why pay it?  I have started closing down accounts that were already set up for monthly payments and will go back to the old timecard thing because if I can’t even get into the game to play, then, I’m not paying it.   Of course, my main account will remain active and I won’t ever close that one down no matter how I feel about things because it has all of my mains and all of my favorites on it to start with – oh the costs of transferring the characters from other accounts to the main account was an expense that I won’t repeat after doing that a year ago.  We won’t even go over the hours spent with Blizzard trying to retrieve my mounts and pets that seemed to take a hiatus with each transfer – that was an experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I have been through all of the expansion launch days for the last ten years and I will have to admit that the WoD Launch was the most abrupt and the worst fiasco that I have forced myself to endure.  Will I do it again?  Sure, if I can get over feeling like I’m death’s door eventually.  Will I ever preorder an expansion again?  Only one copy of it and then I’ll take the wait and see approach to the rest of my accounts.

I have enjoyed what little bit I’ve seen of the game so far, the Garrisons are confusing when you don’t really get to sink your teeth into it and see what is actually going on due to lack of being able to play, however, they seem like they are going to be fun.  Naturally, I’m stuck in the mud huts of the Horde for now until such time as I feel like I can get into the game again for my Alliance main.   Questing has been awesome and I have enjoyed what little I have been able to do, however, if I do take another character in there anytime soon, I hope I get to play it long enough to actually get immersed and make sense of what is actually going on.

Let’s see, I actually opened up my professions somewhat and even got some archeology going on the side just to see some of the artwork and try to get immersed in the game.  Did some questing and liked what I saw other than the first day of standing there and wondering if I was going to be able to finish the intro quests with the correct number of items “killed or retrieved” to progress on.    I did play the Beta, so, I had a leg up on where some of the things were located and breezed through the majority of the Jungle stuff without too much trouble.

From what I have seen so far, it does look like Blizzard did a great job with the artwork, the music is awesome and something that I can enjoy even if I am just standing there getting my backside munched on by some creature or other.  Had a great time running around and doing all of the things that I could, however, I do have to stop feeling guilty about someone getting their butts handed to them by pulling too many things at one time and “helping” them out – one thank you out of how many I helped was okay I suppose.  It’s in my nature to “help” when I see someone getting beat to death because they were either greedy or stupid, or both, in some cases.

Would I recommend the game as a whole to someone new at this juncture.  Oh yes, most assuredly, however, I would recommend that they wait until after the first of the year and maybe, just maybe, Blizzard will have things under control again and it will be a wonderful experience for them.  My heart truly goes out to the returning players and to the new players at this point because this has been a terrible introduction to the game as far as I am concerned.

Yes, I play on a high population server and I had no desire to roll on another sever so I can experience the leveling process from 1-100 with the current game experiences being nerfed to the ground without access to my BoA gear.  Sad thing is that I have tons of gear and can’t get to them to mail out to a new toon because of the queues.

Oh well, there is always next week when I can actually feel like playing again, I suppose.  I might try to play some today, however, I am going to take it easy and not get stressed to the max again, it’s not worth it.  I was actually afraid to log out once I got in yesterday and really pushed myself beyond my physical capability to stay and play longer.  Nope, not worth dying over, that’s a fact.   At least my mixed emotions have been validated many times over since the launch and know that I am truly not an old fool, just a fool for thinking that it might be an enjoyable experience at this point.

Good luck and see you all in Azeroth and Draenor.



In-Game Bugs Make Me Sad…

February 19th

I’m just sitting here today kind of saddened with the latest patch foul up.  At least I could log in and wasn’t FUBAR – we’ll see how long that lasts.  Is it me or is it just something I am imagining?

With the advent of the realms merging, there have been some strange bugs that have happened that seem to unresolved for the most part – missing items, characters; etc for some of the poor people that have undergone that kind of thing.  Luckily, Blizzard hasn’t gotten crazed yet and decided to try to merge Wrymrest Accord with anyone, we’re already Full and add in the CRZ people, we’re really crowded in some areas.

I was online yesterday when the realms came back up and things were peachy for a short amount of time until I logged out to do some more RL chores.  Came back and got in-game to discover that I had oodles of missing mounts and pets. My RAF mounts were missing, however, they seemed to have come back again, for how long, I have no clue.

I had started a weird habit last year in January to keep my store purchased mounts on an action bar in-game.  I know it’s crazy but I do – just paranoid.  Anyway, I had done several character transfers from one account to another and every time that I did it, the purchased mounts and pets would disappear, seriously. I would put in tickets and spend days with GMs trying to get the problem resolved, which stay fixed and might not – I’m counting at least six times it was fixed and five failures.

So, I went to the forums to see what was going on and sure enough, there was a huge thread in Customer Service in regard to the matter.  I followed the instructions to the letter and nothing happened – after the restart this morning, still, nothing happened.  Now, you have to list all of the Mounts/Pets that you are missing. Okay, that’s not much of a problem unless you’re a collector of said pets and mounts.  Not only are the purchased pets missing, some of the collected pets are gone as well. I had tons of pets and was in the process of clearing out the duplicates last week and selling them, donating them and just flat giving them away in some cases.  I was nearing the limit – does Blizzard have any idea how much time it takes to go through these lists?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am somewhat cranky and to top it all off, my MRP was fine yesterday and everything was as it should be, however, this morning, it’s not.  To a role player that MRP is like the bible, you have to have it filled out;etc. in order to get into some serious RP sometimes without having to tell your story in whispers to others.

So, back to the Mounts/Pets thing.  I hope to heck that I don’t have to start keeping a ledger of pets and mounts and do a monthly inventory to make sure they are there and the books “balance” because that would be too much like work and I’m retired.   I’ll admit, I do keep a roster of my characters because I have too many, my bad, and I track what they’ve done, what profession levels they are and weird stuff like that.  Now, if I have to do that with the pets and mounts too – OMG.

I hope that they can get this “bug” fixed in the near future. There are a few other bugs out there floating around that need to be addressed, however, they have been there for months and years in some cases and they haven’t been resolved yet.  With the way that the game is starting to become a bit more of a hassle to play with the “bugs” I am truly questioning my intelligence in returning to the game full force.  Am I going to purchase the expansion? Three days ago, I would have said “yes”, however, I’m not so sure right now.

Can you imagine if you paid for a Level 90 boost and you log in to discover that that particular character is now missing?  I’m not planning on buying one of those, however, you do know that some people with more money than intelligence will do it.