OOC – Just Some Thoughts and Observations…

January 27th

Not much going on here for me in World of Warcraft at the moment due to just physically not feeling well enough to park my butt in my chair and play a whole lot.  It’s nothing real serious and I don’t think that it’s terminal or anything, just not feeling up to snuff.

I know that I seem to be spending more time reading the forums than I do actually playing the game at the moment which is more than just a little bit sad when you think about it.   I used to go to the forums to see what was going on and possibly pick up a few tips on things that were going on in the game, however, I ‘m not finding much of that right now other than a wall of negativity that puts Mount Everest to shame.   I wish they would bring back the Off-Topic forum area back although I think that might get a bit weird these days from what I have seen in General Discussion.

I did actually make it into PTR to check out the new Blood Elf models and will have to say that for the first pass through, they aren’t bad at all.  At least BE’s don’t run like they have a pogo stick planted somewhere it shouldn’t be – oh, they did fix the male Night Elf run, so, that will make it easier for me to watch my poor character in-game.  Yeah, I’ll admit that I do like playing my elves, no matter the faction because they are the characters that appeal to me, not to mention the Lore that goes along with them is a bit more fluffed out than some of the other races that I play.  I’m sure there will be more tweaking and fine tuning going on before they go live, I hope.

I really did like the new heirloom tab that is in PTR because being and altoholic, this is one major thing that I was having trouble keeping up with.  Naturally, I have multiple sets of heirlooms wandering around on various alts and I think that the only thing that I don’t have at the moment is the shield, which, I hope to get in the near future.  I did hear that there would be a mount attached to the achievement of having “all” of the heirlooms, however, no one seems to know what it is at this point other than it can be used at level 1 – that seems kind of silly to me, however, if Blizzard thinks it’s a good idea, it doesn’t matter what I think.  I do like the scaling of the heirlooms that were purchased prior to 6.0 because that means that the majority of my characters will be in those things until level 90, which is just fine by me.  At least I can transmog over the heirlooms a few times if I want to do that to change the appearance.

I am sitting here laughing at some of the “new” things coming out in 6.1 and I think my biggest chuckle has been the addition of Twitter and the ability to do Selfies – yeah, I so want to see some of the interesting things that will coming out of Pornshire on that one – Yeah, I’m almost as thrilled about seeing another Selfie of Miley Cyrus’s tongue and Kim K’s  butt.  I don’t use Twitter currently and I doubt that I will be using the “optional” version of it in the game either.  I don’t think that I need the invasion of the social networking thing in my game announcing my every move to the rest of the world – I’m so happy with social networking that I closed my Facebook account for the second time and I doubt I’ll ever use it again.   Oh, alright, I’m older and I like to keep some things private in my life.

Since I haven’t been playing a whole lot in Draenor, can’t say that I have leveled up that much nor completed a whole lot of stuff up there in the last week.  I just don’t have the same feeling for this expansion that I have had for the previous offerings that Blizzard has done.  Garrisons are kind of interesting and I’m sure that a lot of people enjoy them, however, I’m just not feeling the need to jump in there every four hours or so to send my “followers” out on more fun missions that I am not able to participate in with my character.    I may not log into my characters in Draenor for several days, in fact.   I’m not bored with the game by any means, I’m just not feeling the way I would normally feel in regard to the newest addition to the game, dunno why.

I’ve pretty much made up my mind that this will be the last expansion that I pre-order and may well be the last expansion that I purchase unless Blizzard comes up with some real “knock-your-socks-off” ideas – if I see Thrall and Garrosh (he’s not really dead, he’s only sleeping) headline the next expansion I definitely won’t be making that journey.

I’m actually having more fun with my “twinked” 90s back in MoP because I have a few that are still rep grinding and going through the motions of completing that expansion as much as possible.  I know that I have enjoyed MoP quite a bit more since WoD dropped because I have something else that I can do other than ground pounding my way through topographically horrid terrain in some areas – yeah, I miss flying at level cap. I’m actually doing a lot more archeology in the Old Content these days – Yes, I know I can do that in Draenor, however, it’s less likely that I’ll get my face ripped off in the older side of things.

I did take one of my hunters (tailoring/enchanting) characters to Draenor to see what there was there for her to do and found quite a bit of stuff that I will be working on for the next few months just to make headway and fill up my time.  What I was laughing about is the fact that she happens to be one of the few characters that I didn’t spend any time on with archeology prior to her arrival in Draenor.   I knew that I could start out with “zero” on the professions and still make some progress if I had too, however, she was maxed out before she got to Draenor through MoP leveling – what has made me laugh was the fact that I can do archeology in Draenor without anything prior even if it is rather tedious and difficult to get to some of the digsites.  Well, I took her over to her first digsite near her Garrison and started the process, okay, not bad – she only died two or three times due to things winging in and jumping her at the weirdest of times.   I know I have a twisted sense of humor and it was kind of funny how these things just kind of appeared and did more than just rip her face off – nope, poor little Forsaken is now doing more archeology in the Old Content for a while.

I am wondering at this point if it is even worth the time to take up one of my characters that is just strictly a “gather” to Draenor to see what that is like.  One of the things that I have done with my herbalists is to turn the “sparkles” back on in Pandaria, my vision isn’t as good as it used to be and I honestly cannot see some of the herbs.    Has anyone else taken a gatherer to Draenor yet and what are your feelings on that ?

Well, I need to get off my backside and do some other things for  a while and try to get back into the game later today.  Hope everyone is still having fun and enjoying themselves in-game.


OOC – What’s Going on Now…

November 27th

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to spend some quality time with the family.  All of that yummy food and all of the conversations going on with RL people .  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we aren’t cooking at our house today and will be going elsewhere to eat the food.  I miss cooking the big meal and having that smell permeate the house, however, I don’t miss the cleanup and the mess that it often brings to the kitchen.

Not much has been going on with my game playing this week because I have been busy waffling on characters again.  Still haven’t gotten to 100 yet on any of my characters because I have been too busy trying to back up in game to see if I have missed any quests to close out certain zones – I have two broken quests that seem to be the hold-up for the first zone on my Horde character, damn it.   I know that I have put in Bug Reports and requested help from the GMs, however, they were about as helpful as air.  Oh well, so, it’s on to the next zone and hope I don’t have the same issue – what a pain in the backside.

Working on the Horde characters has been fun and entertaining and I’ve kind of ignored my poor Alliance folks a bit the last couple of weeks.   Now, I got back on my Alliance main and discovered that I didn’t know how to get back to Draenor since the last patch.  Rather than appear like a total noob – I wandered around Stormwind for a while to see if I could see the traffic pattern that might lead me to the new portal location.  I have to laugh because I was just standing around and watching people go about their things in hopes that one might lead me to the portal that I was searching for.  Why didn’t I ask, you say?  Well,  there is nothing like appearing to be a total fool when you’re a Horde at heart playing in an Alliance city, right?  Logic should have told me where the portal was located after finding it on Horde near the Warchief, however, my brain seems to go into total dysfunction when I change factions sometimes.  I finally did find the portal and finally did make it back to Draenor on Kaldor – poor fellow isn’t even at 92 yet.

Getting to Draenor was just the beginning of an evening of OMG, where am I moments.  Since I haven’t advanced that far on my Horde character, Fnor, yet, I was totally lost in the Alliance area.  Maps?  Who uses maps?  I really got spoiled using Carbonite for all of these years so it is probably taking me a lot longer to do the quests in both factions.  After having years of being able to click on the quest, the arrow would point me in the direction that I needed to go without thinking about it all that much  is truly being missed by yours truly.  My sense of direction is spot on in RL for the most part, put me in World of Warcraft and I can’t find my way out of a straight line – North, South, East or West?  I dunno, I’m sure they have a compass that really works, however, my brain just doesn’t want to grasp it.  Oh, I’m not complaining, I’ve found all kinds of things to explore and have fallen to my ego a couple of times by trying to take on things that were at a much higher level  than my characters happened to be.  Silly me!

I am one of those people that really does miss flying in Draenor sometimes because it does seem that I have to travel great distances just to get to a questing area that I haven’t discovered the flight path for yet.  Yep, gotta love those ground mounts a bunch and I do, however, I do miss some of the convenience that flying offered.  Immersion?  Well, if you call getting rofl-stomped by a talbuk getting immersed in the game – been there and done that.

I’m finding that gathering mats for some of Garrison buildings quite frustrating because I can’t seem to get to them fast enough before someone else has snagged it and gone on their way.  I hate my lumber mill with a passion at this point because I feel lucky if I can get one work order put in a day.  I can’t tell you how many trees I’ve taken a beeline for and get there to have the sucker phased out or have someone else grab it before I could click on it.  Frustrating as hell!  I think that I am going to spend more time in leveling my characters than I am going to be trying to do the Garrison stuff for a while because if it were left up to me, I’d move back to MoP dailies in a heartbeat. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my Garrisons, however, my followers aren’t worth squat if they can’t help the Commander get the jobs done, right?  I’ll probably be lagging far behind some people in getting my Garrison past Level 2 for most of the buildings that I currently have.

I am having a real problem in deciding which of my lowbies needs to run around and shoot turkeys for a day at this point.  I just have too many and none that I plan on boosting in the near future at this point.  I still have two more boosts that I can use on my accounts without having to plank out that precious money for another one.

One of the things that I will have to say about my boosted characters is that I am enjoying them and some of them haven’t made it to Draenor just yet because they are still trying to quest some in Pandaria for recipes and the like before I travel on.  My enchanter/tailor is already at 92 just from rep grinding to get her tailoring reps up to where she can get a few precious recipes.   I like the idea of boosted characters to catch up with my “friends”, if  I really had any to speak of, I’d probably be in Draenor on them and chasing the rainbows.

What I don’t like about my boosted characters is that I am finding that they feel unfinished.  They don’t feel like all of my characters that I leveled the old fashioned way and I feel like they are missing that sense of accomplishment that I had with my old friends.  Oh well, too late now, I’ll just play them the way that I want and get them to where they need to be eventually.  Hindsight is truly 20/20 and I’m going to be doing a lot of that in the future, I’m afraid.

Oh, I did buy War Crimes finally and I’m enjoying what I have read of it so far.  I hate it that you have to buy a book these days to fill in the gaps in the Lore for an on-line game.  Between actually playing the game and reading about it, my time is a little short for all things.  Oh, let’s not forget that in between all of that, you still have to find the time for RL stuff and blogging.

I’m also trying to quit smoking “again” because I’m tired of the habit and how it makes me feel.  Yep, gonna give it a go and see how it goes this time.  I did get one of those new e-cig things that has different flavor oils and all that so I wouldn’t have to go through the total withdrawal thing all at once.  One thing I am capable of doing is just limiting myself to the “real deal” in the future.  It’s a nasty habit and one that I don’t need to add to my health issues any longer.  I think that my biggest issue is that I like the flavor of the tobacco and the actual act of “lighting up” – it’s kind of comforting sometimes.  I think that I am finding it more difficult to quit this time due to the fact that I quit for seven years and like an idiot, went back to it for some unknown reason – stress related, I’m sure.   Anyway, that kind of wraps it up for me in the OOC world for right now.

Oh, I’m still trying to get used to my new laptop.  I’m really happy that I did go ahead and get it even if the keys aren’t backlit like my old one which does limit where I can use it sometimes.  I don’t look at my keys when I’m typing, however, I do look at my keys sometimes when I am using the thing for WoW sometimes – which isn’t that often because I do have two desktops that are almost solely dedicated to game playing these days.

Now, if I could only get my skylight fixed in my loft so I don’t feel like I am playing in the basement, I’d be a happy camper, however, my procrastinating spouse is taking their time in getting that dealt with.   If I don’t get it fixed by May, it will be a year of sitting in the dark for me and I’m not at all happy about that.  I miss my sunshine and I miss drawing.   What I am seriously considering is investing in some more lights for the loft and trying to make it work for me again – it’s not the happy place that I have loved for almost thirty years right now.


OOC – Just Having Fun …and Some Other Things

October 30th

Well, this has been another wild and crazy week in World of Warcraft with the incoming nerfs and buffs being added offset the nerfs .  This has always been the hardest part of getting ready for each expansion.  At least we do get the opportunity to get “used” to the changes a little bit before the actual game goes live.  To be honest, I can’t recall if the transition from Vanilla to BC even had an adjustment period.  I do know that these time periods are pretty stressful for some people and with these new changes – there will always be adjustments to be made either manually or Blizzard will do it for you programmatically.

I think that I have the majority of my characters have gone through the Blasted Lands and the ones that I was concerned about, my under geared 90s, haven’t done all that bad considering they are wearing some pretty shoddy gear.   Yes, I know, I’m a bad parent and not all of my children are dressed in their best just yet but you know that “time” is definitely money and sanity sometimes.

I think that during this last week that Blizzard has definitely nerfed some of the content in Blasted Lands for the freshly boosted 90s so that some people aren’t hanging out on the General Forums and wailing to the skies about how difficult it is.  I haven’t boosted anything recently so most of mine are set up and I don’t have to endure the “no flying” and the two spells to survive thing that I have heard about , however, there is that wonderful workaround that you can use of hoping back to you trainer in your main city and resetting your spec.  From what I could see last night when I ran one of my fresh 90s through there, there is a definite quest line that opens up the abilities for the folks that have boosted characters and they gain their abilities that way.

I have also spent some time in getting some of my baby alts up to 20 by utilizing the Holiday buckets and quests.  I hate all of that running around especially if they happen to be a Night Elf male.   Also got both of my alchemists leveled up to max in archeology to get that damned mount recipe – good thing I like archeology to begin with.   Yeah, I know that I am a late bloomer in getting to things in the game, however, I am also a major altoholic and have been extremely busy.

The pre-expansion event is kind of a let-down in some ways because there is really no explanation as to why all of this happening in-game that I can find, just another one of those “here take this quest and do it” kind auto drops when you log in on the character for the first time in the Shrines.   I think I was already kind of burned out on it from going through the multiple rebuilds that we had in Beta.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time in trying to do the last minute, must gear up, panic that I see people going through because I am taking a more casual approach and not turning the game into a stress-factor game.  I know that some of my characters will probably suffer with the lack of gear for a while but that’s okay, I can go back into MoP and still have fun questing and getting gear there before I push them into WoD.  I am going to take my time getting through this new expansion just as I have on MoP – gone are the days of running like a mad person to appease the others that want the best of the best – that sucked the fun out for me years ago.

I think I have spent quite a bit of time taking my characters to the barber shop and getting things tweaked to where I can at least tolerate them better.  Wish there was a custom thing at the barber shop to make my main Alliance Night Elf not run like a dufus, however, I keep hoping with every single hotfix that Blizzard has fixed that – I can barely play the poor fellow because it has totally shattered my immersion.    I keep going back and trying to play him (Kaldor) with the new models and it’s just not feeling right.  I think we will see more Night Elves being paraplegics and staying on their mounts most of the time now than ever before – really destroys the RP factor there for me.

My poor Forsaken characters look entirely too healthy and those eyebrows on my girls look like a very bad make-up job done by someone that escaped from the 30’s   Eyebrows should be penciled in to hit the mid mark on your forehead – just add the clown makeup and you’re all set there Bozo.

I’m still in the process of restoring all of my MRP information for my characters after the last little issue with the files being corrupted from the last patch.  Finally found the repair button after I did the uninstall and the reinstall of the whole bloody game which took hours.   The way that I feel about my MRP right now is that it may not get filled out completely until after WoD drops because I have a feeling that we are going to be having more “bumps” along the way with our add-ons.  Besides, I only have a few characters that RP these days and I may get to the point that I won’t even bother with the rest of them other than some rather shallow fill-ins.  Not much RP in the game for me during last year anyway, so, it’s like being on a regular PvE server.

I came to Wrymrest Accord when it first opened up for the RP and to rejoin the family members that had moved over there from  IceCrown.  I had a couple of really good years of RP and then it went down the toilet.   One thing about being on an RP realm, you don’t really have to RP, just trot on your way and do your thing, which is what I have been doing for the last two years.  Yes, I did leave two large guilds and started my own personal vanity guilds because I just couldn’t deal with guild drama and Mary Sues. There are still people out there that don’t understand the IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) roles that are played out on these RP realms and I’m too damned old to try to explain it to them.

Soooo much drama that you can cut it with a knife sometimes.  I know the last real RP that I was involved with, one person kept getting kidnapped and everyone was supposed to go rescue the damsel in distress – first time it was fun, the sixth and seventh time it was getting old and I finally told the people involved that if this character was that stupid, it’s a shame we all lived through in-character pregnancy  and now know that she’s bred and those stupid genes have been passed on.   Guess they didn’t understand how boring it can be to go rescue poor Mary Sue every other week.

Ah well, such are the joys of being involved with very stale RP.  Let’s just say that I parted company with the guild and moved my characters to their home guild and they will never wander away again.  Walk-ups are always welcome and a short chitchat is good sometimes just to break the monotony, however, there is a limit as to where I want to go with it.  No, I don’t care that you’re going to stab me and try to kill me and you “do” mortally wound me in “combat” RP that wasn’t agreed too – I’m so out of there.

Let’s see, I have 70+ characters on Wrymrest Accord currently and I will have to admit that I do miss the social interaction sometimes, however, I’m busy leveling, gearing and just doing things that I enjoy other than standing around comparing lives.  Would I ever leave Wrymrest, probably not, it’s damned expensive to move guilds and characters and I can always roll another character on a realm and start over if I want too.    I have just been too busy in-game to get involved too heavily with someone else’s idea of a great storyline at this point.  Hell’s Bells, I might even turn off the addon for a while and just keep doing what I have been doing.

Sorry, didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant about lack of RP because there really isn’t anything to rant about.  I do RP once a week like clockwork with some lovely people off-realm and that’s the extent of it.  No more hours upon hours of getting heavily involved with stories.  As long as my characters can write their journals and I can publish them, I’ll keep going.   I think my RP died when Cross Realm came along and guilds started closing other people out – sad to say but that’s where it’s at and I’m definitely not one that will join in on some of the poorly written sexually deviant things that I have seen going on in some places.   For me to start actually doing RP again, it would have to be something that grabs my attention and has some quality to it.  I would love to run into something that is more related to Lore instead of the personal little things that I have witnessed in the last year.

I honestly do love the game, love the people involved in the MMO and I will continue to play “my way” until Blizzard shuts the doors.  I might take a break here and there in the future because , to be honest, my health isn’t as good as it should be and I can’t play some days and the game is ten years old.    So, now it’s back to Pet Battling – Zippie is getting real good at that one and other fun things that are in the game that I haven’t taken the time to enjoy.

What’s Going On…

*Sorry, kind of long winded this time, however, there was a lot to cover.*


July 22nd

Well, it has been a busy week in-game and I think that I have been playing quite a bit more on the Alliance side trying to get that guild up to Level 25 before WoD smashes that down to nothing again.  I’ll willingly admit that I will miss the guild leveling, not just for the perks, but the way that it helped build a team with the members of the guilds.  Oh well, all things must change, I suppose.

Horde Guild – SafeHaven

This guild was a work in progress in getting it level 25 and now, working on the guild achievements slowly but surely.  All of the professions are now covered by hard working characters and I’ll admit to a few boosts as well.  However, it does make life a bit more pleasant to be able to be “free standing” most of the time and be able to take care of the needs of the guild “in-house” without having to ask for assistance from people outside of the guild.   I can say with some pride and sense of accomplishment that I did the leveling on this guild solo for the most part.

I did have a few people join me after the guild was capped and it’s been nice having people with me although it appears that there are only two of us that play on a regular basis. That’s okay because we both take a more leisurely approach to things that some of the more aggressive players in the game  – it’s fun collecting pets and mounts on our hunters of just running around doing archeology.

Alliance Guild – Haven

Now this guild isn’t nearly as old as the Horde guild and wasn’t as active on any level, however, the work was slowly being done and the guild levels were getting there.  This has also been a major learning tool for me, again, as a guild master with other people in the guild to contend with.  I had leveled the guild from Level 1 to Level 17 completely alone.  The guild is now a Level 20.  I definitely appreciate the help that the new guild members have given in the support of leveling the guild.

I had initially kept a pretty open guild bank to all members, however, I have found that having people that are “power leveling” their characters have a tendency to grab what they need from the bank and never bother replacing it for the people that are following along behind. Oh, I had the bank set up to where they could take as much as they wanted, which was a huge mistake on my part, and I have since changed that.  With seven bank tabs, the place was either a junk yard for future leveling characters for my own personal alts or it was a stockpile of mats. Well, let’s just say that when I would try to level one of my alts, the mats were always gone – almost bankrupted my poor GL and Main trying to keep up with the supply and demand.  So, I changed the amount of stacks that a person could take at one time – so, that stopped the bleeding.

I know I probably made some of my guildies unhappy but after trying to diplomatically explain that there were other players that needed mats to level as well as they did and nothing was being done to “help out” with the restocking of the bank, I was left with only once choice.  I definitely had a moment where I thought long and hard about the actions that I took, however, it’s done now and things appear to be back to normal, however, the “power leveling” has kind of taken a slow down without everything being furnished to them.  I purged the bank – took everything that was being used currently and vendored it or sent it off to the AH for money.  Since I had spent the last year stocking the bank and have only had new members in the guild for the last two months, I didn’t feel compelled to share the “wealth” although it didn’t amount to that much when you think about all of the hours of work that I, personally, had put into the guild.  To be very honest, I was tired of competing for mats in the bank that I had either earned or purchased for the alts to use.

I’ve also had an influx of “new” members joining the guild since everyone had the opportunity to invite anyone they chose.  Of course, the guild titles are handled by myself and I have reached the point to where if I don’t know the character or the person behind that character, they aren’t getting “free” access to anything.  I asked that each member put an identifier on the character so that I would know who these “alts” belonged too.  It’s just common courtesy from my point of view, however, few have complied with my request – I’ve already made the decision that if a character does not have an identifier on it – out they go, I’m tired of playing this game of  “let’s see how many characters I can roll and stuff in the guild” and they just sit there with zero activity for a month.  I have to laugh because of the fact that 35 of the characters in the guild are my own and that includes the only 90s in there (9-10).  The roster jumped from my 35 to 50 within the span of ten days – I found friends of friends of friends in the guild that I didn’t know that would start talking to me – primarily asking for things from the bank if they didn’t have bank permissions; etc.

One thing that I am proud to say is that all of the professions are covered in the guild now due to a well thought out boost on my part.  Now, I just have to spend the time to go back and build reputations and such on these boosted characters.  I really don’t mind doing this either because it is relatively easy to do on a level 90 and you can pretty much blow through them fairly easily.  Now, I can step back and enjoy leveling my alts and learn the real mechanics in how to play them from the lower levels to cap.  At least I don’t feel the need to power level my characters as much as I did in the past and can actually take my time to enjoy each facet and level.  Will I made it to end-game with all of them – most assuredly NOT.  I really do have a life outside of World of Warcraft.   I may be the worst Death Knight player that ever hit the game, however, I’m learning a lot through my mistakes and learning how to play solo as well as taking a shot at tanking now and again.

I’m actually going to kick back and get back to enjoying the game as a whole and not feel nearly as “driven” as I was in getting the guilds to max level as well as all of the professions.  If the Alliance guild makes it to Level 25 between now and WoD dropping, that’s awesome, if not, I’m not going to worry about it.  I think by taking a few shortcuts here and there, I will finally be able to take the time to actually start doing the things that I like – I love to RP and will talk to just about anyone as long as they aren’t Mary Sue’s or trying to God Mode my characters into something that I “know” they wouldn’t agree too.  Woot!  Might even get the chance to go back and do some transmog at my leisure instead of being stuck with the stock models.

Beta Testing

OMG!  Finally got another of my Night Elf females copied over to see what she looks like and she’s not half bad – the hair color is all wrong, not the stark white that I prefer, something that has a color that I’m not sure what to call it now.  The first female that I brought over had the facial markings and looked extremely unhappy about life in general – or she was just constipated and there aren’t any facilities on Draenor.

I won’t reiterate my week long stay at my Garrison with broken quests because I finally escaped that through the last rebuild and found my character in Silvermoon.  At least I was free from the grunts and groans of the peons and could move around the rest of the game and not be literally held prisoner at the Garrison.  Have I been back to Garrison and tried to complete the broken quests?  Oh, hell no.  Haven’t wanted to risk another imprisonment.    I might do that this week and hope that I don’t get stuck there again or I will just kind of wait until the “bugs” are vanquished and I can play my hunter without his pet disappearing every time I change a zone.

Flying or No Flying in Draenor – well, if you’re imprisoned in your Garrison, it’s kind of a moot point.  I do want to get out and explore more areas and see what the game is actually going to be like.  I am in hopes that things improve as I try to progress further along, however, I am moving slowly and with great trepidation.  I have ordered WoD for all of my accounts, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am going to jump right in there when the game goes live.  I’m not real impressed with the Garrisons so far, however, mine has been broken for so long that I think that the “Commander” has left the building.

Let’s see, in real life.

Well, just celebrated my spouse’s birthday as well as our granddaughter’s birthday. Yep, baby just turned four years old and she is a definite blast to spend time with.  Of course, Grandma and Grandpa are going to spoil her rotten once we have the opportunity to spend a bit more time with her – yep, we’re probably going to be doing some childcare in the Fall, which will definitely cut down on some of my WoW time, however, RL family has a priority over all things.   I do like to make her laugh because she sounds just like a little gnome or even a goblin female when they laugh – yeah, I know, I’m weird.




Too Many Alts

April 29th

What a busy week it has been for me in-game.  Whoa, too many characters and so little time.  Actually, too many 90s and not enough time to get to them all.   It’s a good thing that I like to quest and like to level as much as I do because I think I would have reached the overload long before now.  However, I can now take a bit of a respite and work on a few of my lowbies to get them up to their big people in Pandaria.  One more shaman to get up there and I’ll be all set for WoD regardless of what they do with the professions.

I know that I had my original eight 90s in Pandaria that were keeping me very busy and I’ve since added to that with upgrading my accounts to the new expansion as well.   I will have to admit that the last upgrade is going to take some time to get just the right one to the point where I can take the “free” boost, which is alright too because I don’t  think that will happen until WoD drops.  I reopened that account to run up a warlock and that’s still my intent – having a blast learning how to play a clothie after all of the hunters and death knights that I have running amuck already – not to mention Druids.

I honestly did try to keep my factions on equal footing with leveling and whatnot, however, I have been playing Horde for a very long time even if my characters seem to be a bit neutral on their views to the current “war” in Warcraft.   When I first started playing the game, I was totally Alliance, went gung-ho for the Night Elves and still have quite a few of them that are all works in progress.   With my Horde guild being a Level 25, I do tend to stay within that group of characters with all of the guild benefits, however, my little Alliance guild isn’t doing that badly either with addition of a couple 90s to help out with the stats.

I know that I have had several people ask me which faction I prefer and I really can’t give a true definitive answer to that.   I actually didn’t play Horde until I moved to Wyrmrest Accord  a very long time ago and that seemed to be the faction that I enjoyed the most, I will admit that I had more friends on the Hordeside than Alliance due to the fact that I was truly a stranger on the realm and just starting out with RP.  However, the times have changed and the majority of the people that I played with back in those days are gone, they either quit the game, changed realms or generally have gone their own way.

Let’s see, I have learned how to play my Druids with some confidence in the last month and my Death Knights aren’t the terrible noobs that they once were.  Oh, that grind up to 90 is a bear and I will admit that I was getting pretty apprehensive about leveling them due to the time factor involved.   The thing that strikes me funny is that the boosted characters come in better geared than the ones I worked my tail off getting leveled which is kind of disheartening a bit.   I will have to say that I am enjoying the ones that I have boosted though because I can jump right into things after I’ve learned the mechanics of the class that I haven’t played for a while and it’s been a lot of fun.   Out of all of my characters, so far, I have one that is on the verge of being able to do some Flex Raiding so I might just see the end-game before WoD hits the runway.

I’ve already admitted several times that I am an altoholic big time.  However, I’m enjoying the game the way that I want to enjoy it, questing, working on professions, girding my loins to do LFR and LFG stuff plus running on the Lost Isle.  OMG, the Lost Isle – nobody told me that my Death Knights would go nuts out there and do things that I didn’t know they could do.  It doesn’t matter what race or faction – Death Knights are bonkers.  My hunters tend to take the easy approach of “We’ll get the gear eventually” and they take their time going through things, however, the Death Knights – whoa, they just seem to get out there and decide that they may not have the gear that they should and they’re aren’t leaving until they get a few pieces at least.

I know it used to really bother me when one of my characters bit the big one.  I would feel like I was bad parent or bad player or something.  The psychological impact on me sitting at the keyboard was awful and would cause me to stop playing for a while or until I had some time to do some research on rotations, glyphs;etc.  Now – well, let’s just say that I go out and if they die, it’s a few pieces of gold and we’re on to the races again.  I finally got it through my thick head that these are just pixels, they can rez and come back for me, kind of like my old VW that wouldn’t ever die – which I sold to a couple a few months back since I’m not driving again just yet.  Soon I will be back on the roads again and I’ll probably buy another little VW – those cars run even if they are broken, at least the older models did.

One of the things that I have started doing is creating alts that I can use to “relearn” some of the game mechanics, especially if I haven’t played the original in quite a while.  What with all of the nerfs to some of the classes, I log into the old one and go OMG, how did I even get this poor thing to level 60 or so?   I don’t know that I will ever get all of the classes to cap, however, it’s fun to play around with them.  I know that some of my RealID friend probably think that I’m crazy as a dingbat, however, I do play solo quite a bit and like to try out different races and different classes, just for grins.   I decided to roll a Worgen druid to see what they looked like and how they differed from my Tauren and Night Elves – it’s pretty awesome, might play that one for a while.

Naturally, I woke up this morning and, is my habit, read what has been posted on WordPress in regard to World of Warcraft as well as check out the latest things that might be making people get their knickers in a bunch on the WoW forums before I start playing the game itself.  I knew that today was going to be one of the long maintenance days for Blizzard, however, woke up early  and here I sit, waiting for another six or so hours for that to be done.   Yes, the addiction is strong and I do enjoy the game, not only for the social interaction, which is minimal these days, and to see what kind of adventures I can get my characters involved in so that I can write something.