Who Are These People?

March 14th

Dear Journal,

I almost feel like what Dawnglory sounds like.  Where the hell are all of these untrained people coming from.  Has that shithead back in Orgrimmar completely lost his mind.  Things were cooling down here in Pandaria and I’ll be blessed if they haven’t sent more new recruits up there that couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel.

Ty and I both are just kind of keeping to ourselves because we’re in a bit of a shocked state of mind.  We see supposed Rangers that have no clue about anything.  Where are they coming from?  I know that there are certain requirements to be met to become a Ranger, however, there seems to be a real open door policy going on right now.   I watched a fellow try to kill a tiger and after missing the beast several times, just politely lead the beast back to where I was standing.  Oh, it was a simple kill for me, however, the fellow just smiled and took off again.  Where are they coming from? He didn’t even stop to skin it, so I did, and watched him scamper off into the forest as if he had an appointment with a lady or his hairdresser.

Oh, I know that a few new Death Knights have shown up and they seem to be surviving okay, however, there is something real strange about them.   They know they are free of the Lich, however, they aren’t real sure why they were sent here either.   The ones that came through Silvermoon and the Regent Lord are at least trained and have some idea as to why they are here in Pandaria, however, they are full of a lot of questions about just basic things.

There must be something going on that we aren’t aware of right now.  Why all the new raw recruits are being sent here is a mystery to me unless they are trying a new training program.  If you live through the training here, then, you move onto the next area?  I don’t know, there are always rumblings of things on the horizon with these politicos and it makes you wonder if they have started letting some Village Idiot lead the parade out of Orgrimmar and the Regent is trying to keep pace by releasing some real green kids to come up here to cover his interests.

Well, Ty and I almost have enough money to buy our farm now and I am looking forward to getting there and settling down.  I should say that I am looking forward to getting there and hide out until all of this passes and someone tells us what in the name of the Light is going on.  Did the Sunwell blow up and these are the people escaping from that?

I haven’t heard a word from my brother in the last few weeks and I am getting more than concerned.  Naturally, I am still getting letters from Faendra with all of her complaints about being in Silvermoon and how the living conditions are there.  Poor little lamb is having to work for her money and she isn’t too happy with that.  Naturally, everything is Fnor’s fault and she is going to let him know how she feels – she says he slapped her the last time he was in town.  Well, knowing my sister and knowing my big brother as well as I do, she did something to set the fireworks off.  She’s no innocent, that’s for certain.  I think I will drop a line to Fnor and put the bee in his bonnet about trying to marry her off so she will leave Dawnglory alone.

Oh, I saw the baby, Mirrin, in Halfhill and she certainly is growing and from what I gathered from Romy and Dawnglory, she’s quite the handful.  There is nothing sacred in their house that this little one isn’t either trying to explore or to shove into her mouth.  She’s adorable and Dawnglory certainly can’t deny being her Father with all of that golden hair.   I guess they are getting married, which came as a real shock to me, I never thought that in a million years that any woman would be able to tie that rascal down – he’s always been one to hit any skirt that sat still long enough.  Now, he’s a Father and soon to be a husband, who’d a thunk it?

I’m sitting here trying not to burst out laughing.   Ty is trying his best to teach Fuzzbutt to be an attack cat.  To see this grown man down on the floor and taunting this kitty to attack anything is just funny.  He even tried to get her to attack a moth that he had caught flying around the lamp.  Well, Fuzzbutt was intrigued at first and then ran over and jumped up on the bed and curled up.  Then, the laugh finally had to come out – Ty wanted to know how hunters get their pets to track and hunt like they do.  Well, hello, my almost brain-dead love, the beasts are much larger and the hunters know how to work with them.

Luckily, Ty and I are alone tonight and the neighbors don’t seem to be inclined to visit here in Halfhill quite as often as the barracks where you had no choice but to tolerate people being around constantly.  I think that Ty and I are just happy that we were able to rent this place for a while until we save up our money for the farm.  When Ty heard that Dawnglory was getting married, he looked at me afterwards as if he was going to say something and then clamped his jaws tight and had this kind questioning look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he said “Oh, nothing, I just swallowed a bug and I was wondering what kind it was?”  Oh, likely story that is.


Felaran Morningstar 

Branching Out For More Work – Hands On

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


Dear Journal,

I’m actually kind of resting on my laurels this morning here in the office. It looks like we are making better money now than we did at this time last year according to Faendra. I know that it was really kind of a surprise to me because I hadn’t really notice the contracts going out to be filled any faster or maybe they were just being replaced with newer ones. The bounty hunting contracts have definitely increased which means that I will be talking with Dawnglory to see which of the employees has progressed enough to assist with that a bit more.

Seems like things are getting back into a routine here at the house and I will admit that it is about time. All of the emotional trauma and turmoil has departed and we have just the family here and of course, Dawnglory. He’s like family though and there are sometimes that I almost stop thinking that he isn’t.

I had taken a bit of a jaunt with Pan yesterday to see what kind of pelts we could scare up in the Basin and I will admit that it felt kind of nice to get out and do the things that I have always done. I love to hunt, there’s no doubt in my mind in that regard and Pan loves it as much as I do – he doesn’t tell me so but I can tell by the big grin on his maw when we make a successful kill. I actually kept an eye out for Lali’s grandfather and to see if I could see any signs of him down there. The man must be invisible or hasn’t really set a permanent camp up yet. He’s bit daft and I know that Raleth always worries a bit when the old fellow shows up.

Amyn has gone off to Stormwind to do some more shopping and to get try on her wedding gown again to make sure that the seamstress had finally gotten the length correct this time. Frankly, I don’t know why she didn’t go ahead with one of the gowns here in Dalaran or even with some of the gemmed gowns that I had shipped in from Silvermoon for her take a look and make a choice. Oh well, women have strange ideas as to what they want to do with their weddings I suppose. She could walk down the aisle naked for all I care or even wear a burlap sack and she’d still be the most beautiful woman in the world to me.

I have to make a trip down to Silvermoon again this week to pick up the engagement ring and our wedding bands. I never could track down that fellow that is supposed to be the rave here in Dalaran amongst Amyn’s girlfriends, so, I had it done up where I knew some of the jewelers in my native city. Of course, I’m sure that she will be surprised with the ring because I know that it will fit – I took one of her rings from her jewelry case and took it with me so there wouldn’t be any trouble with the sizing. I also had enough gems set aside to have a necklace and earrings made for her as well, they will all match. I know she normally doesn’t care about jewelry that much because she rarely wears but I want her to feel like she is just as elegant as any of the ladies here in Dalaran. I knew I kept putting those gems in the safe here in the office and have done that for years – I never knew how handy they would be when this occasion arose.

I had decided to stop off and have some lunch at the Legerdemain yesterday because I just felt the need to eat in a restaurant and to see some of the people that frequent the place. I was a bit surprised and shocked when this young rogue sauntered up to the table and asked if I was Fnor Morningstar, which I promptly answered in the affirmative. It appears that he was looking for work and had heard of the company via word of mouth while in the Lounge. That doesn’t bother me that much that the company name is being bantered about in a social situation, however, there was just something a bit off with the whole situation. The young fellow’s name was Alinash Brighblaze, which is a name I’m not familiar with at all – the surname doesn’t even ring a bell to me, although, there was just something not quite right with the whole situation.

I asked the usual questions that I would normally ask anyone that I was talking with when they are applying for a position with Morningstar Enterprises. The fellow was a bit evasive and I don’t think that he was forthright with some of his answers. I didn’t ask him age, why should I? He would have lied to me about that, he’s young, however, he has the markings of having traveled a rough road for a long time and the miles have not been kind. I did give him a bit of gold to help him out since his main issue was that it was more expensive in Dalaran than he had anticipated and to also entice him into working with us if he checks out. I’ll have Dawnglory keep a close eye on him for a few days or possibly longer after we’ve had him fill out some paperwork in Orgrimmar. Yes, I’m sending him to Orgrimmar for the time being because the business in Shattrath is definitely being handled by the upper echelon for the moment. The bounties are plentiful in that area and its best handled by people that know exactly what is expected from them. I even have some of Amyn’s people working in the area and she has some of the best rogues in her employ that I think I have ever seen, bunch of little cutthroats. If this fellow checks out with our inquiries and his abilities are what I think they are, he will fit in just fine with the bounty hunters.

Well, Amyn and I finally agreed on a place where we are going to have the wedding. It’s a bit rustic and I’m sure that our reception will not be as lavish as some, I’m sure. We’re doing this whole thing so that everyone will know on both sides that we are mated for life. Of course, Amyn is busy doing her girlie things of getting the invitations done and making sure that she is going to have all of the bases covered. I’m sure that we’ll be just fine; however, she walks around with a little notebook and frowning when she finds something that she hasn’t dealt with completely. All of this trouble for one event that doesn’t necessarily have to be that much of a big deal. I’m still smiling because she said she couldn’t wear a white gown and feel comfortable with it after having four children, so, the gown is silver. She told me that much.

I’ll wait to hear something back from Dawnglory in regard to the new employee, if he shows up.

I’m also dong some checking around on that crazy group that Sol told me about and so far, not much is showing up other than the fact that they are a different kind of cultist group. Amyn just kind of furrowed her brow and said she would make sure that the boys were safe when they were in Stormwind and have some of her people doing some snooping around as well. I think we have all of the bases covered and the boys know that there is a legitimate concern for their safety when they are out of the confines of Dalaran.

Well, I did give Theronil the name of the healers that he needed to contact in regard to the issue he has with his leg and I hope that he follows up on it. I know that I have never met a young fellow that was so negative in getting something dealt with in a timely manner. I don’t know if it’s a money thing or just his pride tripping him up. There is no need for a fine ex-Ranger to be limping around like he does and suffering some considerable pain. Sure, I can understand the pride thing completely because I have the same problem. I know that when I looked like something out of someone’s nightmares, I kept myself covered so that people wouldn’t see it, myself included and kept working until I had enough money to get it dealt with by people that specialize in reconstruction. I’ve even offered to help him pay for his reconstruction on his leg and I hope that he will take me up on that. I know that it’s pride for the most part. However, he has a young lady that he needs to take care of and I can’t see how he can do that when his body is just not able to cope with the stress and strain being placed upon it.

Oh well, I need to get off my backside and get busy outside of the office for a while, I have some bounty contracts that I am going to enjoy doing. Even in Silvermoon I’ll be as innocent as a newborn babe walking the streets. They won’t even see me coming because there is a reason why I had the nickname of the Smiling Assassin. Should be fun because it’s been a while since I’ve gotten all tricked out for something like this and my blades are already anointed with the proper poisons and ready to go.

Fnor Morningstar