Meeting Daddy…

*Contains very blunt language and swearing – if this type of thing offends you, please don’t read this.*


May 26th

Yo Book!

Well, I was able to get Romy back to the farm in Halfhill and we were just starting to go in the house when she recognized someone and called out to them.  What the fuck!  Turns out it’s her Father and he’s a Death Knight.  Alrighty then, this should be fucking interesting, yes? I could tell that she was pleasantly surprised to see her parent and I think that he was even more surprised to see her with me. Oh well, not my problem to deal with, I suppose.

Can’t say that I’ve ever met a girl’s Father before that wasn’t holding a gun and threatening to shoot my ass either.  Interesting concept and I am sure that the Dads’ have their reasons that they want to protect their little girls – how do they think they got little girls – the Dragonhawk Fairy dropped them off? Anyway, that’s beside the point.  I met her Father.

I will have to admit that it was rather awkward because there was no denying that his daughter and I were “together” in the true sense from the way our conversation went.  We were more than just acquaintances.  Yo Dude!  I’ve been shagging your daughter for quite a while and we talk to each other!  Anyway, it was real awkward standing there on the porch, so, I introduced myself and invited the fellow into the house.

I will admit that Romy still doesn’t look her best, however, there is a vast improvement already from what I was told that she looked like when she was initially brought into the medical tent for treatment. The swelling and the bruising on her face has gone done considerably, however, she seems a bit addle pated now and again from the concussion.  Her ribs seem to be taking a bit longer to heal than what I would have thought, however, I’m not a fucking healer.  It definitely has put a squelch on our more intimate moments, nothing like having your woman coughing and gasping for air, just kind of spoils the mood, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I think her Father and I have finally agreed that there isn’t going to be a pissing contest between the two of us in regard to Romy.  Sure, he’s a badass in his own way and I’m a badass in mine, however, that’s not the point.  I don’t have to prove to anyone what I’m capable of as a man, much less a dead guy.  Anyway, I basically told him to knock the bullshit off and call it a truce – we’re equals and we were together talking only because of Romy.

After that initial “meeting” of the minds, I did kind of like the guy.  He has his own interests in how he wants things to go for his family line and so on, however, it isn’t going to rain on my parade one iota.  If Romy wants to go along with her Father’s wishes, that’s fine and good, however, I’m there for her…not her family.

Apparently this dude is heavily involved in some of the more dangerous things right now which include as being a somewhat active member with the rebels to overthrow that moron in Orgrimmar.  Now, I was  a bit floored that he started talking about this shit with a perfect stranger. How the fuck was he to know that I’ve been involved in a more clandestine manner and don’t feel the need to shout it from the rooftops?  Morningstar Enterprises has been involved in shipping supplies and other resources to the rebels since the riots in Orgrimmar.  Albeit, we’re keeping a low profile because neither Fnor nor I want to have our damned heads removed from our shoulders and our relatives snuffed the fuck out either.  There is a time to use to be covert and clandestine methodology than to just dance your ass out there going “Hello, Look At Me!  I’m Here to overthrow Garrosh!” kind of thing.  I did explain to the guy that we, meaning the company, have been involved in this shit long before the Trolls decided it was time to make a move – I trust the Troll leader about as much as I trust the Black Prince which means that I’ll keep my fucking low profile and see how this shit works out.

I was kind of shocked that Fnor stopped by the house while Daddy was still there to let Romy and I in on some news – good news if you weren’t the dead guy.  It seems that the Lt. Commander Lightshadow met with an unfortunate accident – a very short rope and a long drop.  Yep, the bastard committed suicide rather than to go before the closed tribunal that had been scheduled to hear the charges brought against him for abusing his female subordinates.  Oh yeah, guy was a real winner.  I had to laugh at Fnor because he said the guy committed suicide and then did the tongue-in-cheek thing that he does occasionally and mentioned that it was either the rope that killed him or the slit throat.  I knew what happened at that point – Fnor didn’t want to sit through a long tribunal just to find the bastard guilty and try to ship his ass back to Orgrimmar.  I would like to say that I was a bit surprised, however, knowing the man as many years as I have, I wasn’t “real” surprised.   Anyway, that’s one less asshole walking around on the planet.

Naturally, we all sat around and talked a little while after that and the topic of the rebellion came up again.  Fnor assured Dad that the company was assisting and had been assisting the rebels for quite some time and that we were definitely involved in things even if we weren’t waving flags around.  Guess they will get together and talk about this shit some more later on.  Frankly, I’m to the point that I just want the war over and done with – I’ve had enough playtime at the direction of Hellscream.

What Romy and her Father didn’t realize is that Fnor is an Ambassador for the Horde and has been involved in privy council meetings for quite a while.  I think that Romy and her Dad were shocked a bit when he said he had to go to Orgrimmar to attend one of those meetings.  Kind of looked like they raised their eyebrows.  I guess they didn’t realize that Fnor has been playing these diplomatic games for quite a few years as well as doing his share of espionage as a mercenary.  We haven’t always been Rangers, you know – there are other profitable ways to make a living.  I hope no one ever questions our loyalty to the Regent Lord because they won’t survive the accusation for very long.  We’re loyal to Silvermoon first and foremost even if we do hate the city, it’s where our seat of government is and the place that assures that our race will continue on in spite of constantly getting sold down the fucking river.

What I had planned on happening when I brought Romy home to the farm was for her to get some rest and to relax.  This first evening was anything but fucking peaceful.  I was happy to have met her Father and was pretty impressed with him regardless of the fact that he’s a Death Knight now.  Shit happens!  I’ve dealt with Death Knights before and have even lived around one, Fnor’s sister Felaran for quite a few years – they are odd ducks, no two fucking ways about it, however, they are just people for the most part.

Our guests finally departed for the evening and I made sure that I got Romy tucked into bed with her meds and was about ready to grab my bedroll and head down under the house to sleep.  I didn’t want to fucking make her uncomfortable with her still aching injuries.  I was pleasantly surprised that she asked me to sleep with her in the bed, so, I did. No, sex was definitely not on the menu with the way that she is banged up.

It was just nice holding her in my arms and falling asleep next to her.  It’s been a while since we’ve just lain in bed together without a good romp before falling asleep, however, that will happen in time – I’ve got plenty of time to get used to having this woman in my house.  Can’t say that I’ve ever lived with a woman before other than my sister and Fnor’s family.   It’s going to be interesting, we can at least find out if we can tolerate each other on a daily basis now.  Oh fuck no! I’m not getting married and I don’t think that’s something that has even entered Romy’s head even if it did make her Father happy.

As for my feelings at this point, I’m not real fucking sure.  I think they’re mixed emotions – I care about Romy more than she even realizes, however, I’m not real sure that one could say that I am in love or not.  Time will tell, however, one thing I do know is that we can have an arrangement of any kind that she wants, however, marriage is still not something in vocabulary.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

Fun At The Faire…A Visit to Stormwind Too

April 9th

Dear Journal,

Oh, what a wonderful time we had last night at the Faire.  I had never been before, well, not since it supposedly has changed so much and I was pleasantly surprised.  Kal and I just walked the fairways, laughed and ate as much of the food as we could manage. I’m not surprised that we were able to get away from our duties for a while because I’ve never taken any time off since I’ve arrived in Panderia other than to spend the time on the farm when Kal is visiting his family.

I guess you could call this our first date.  Oh, he was very attentive and held my hand the whole time we were there,  when he could. I don’t think that I have had this much fun for a very long time and never enjoyed a man’s company as much as I did Kal’s.  Maybe it was because of the fact that I felt like I was with someone that cared about what I liked and didn’t like.  Oh, he almost choked at the face I made when he insisted that I tried the pickled Kodo’s foot.  Oh, that was nasty and the texture was like trying to chew on a dried jelly fish. We drank, talked and laughed the whole time we were there – the war was away from us and we could afford to forget it for a while.

We played on the carousel like a couple of little kids, trying to see who could race to the Murloc mount first.  Darn long leg of his, however, I’m sure that he did let me “win” a few times so that I wouldn’t feel bad or something.  Of course, he is a gentleman that way.  We even sat and ate near the food vendor for quite a while and had a few of the special Faire drinks.  Oh my, I know that we had to sit there for a while when we drank some of the Dark Moon Special Reserves.   I know that my head was spinning when Kal decided that we needed to go further down the fairway and I ended up having to lean against him for support to keep from falling over.  Oh, he teased me unmercifully about being a drunken Sentinel.  Oh, nothing would do that I had to try out the canon ride – it scared me half to death, I’ve been shot at with a canon before, I’ve never crawled in one and been shot out over the water like that one is set up to do.  Oh, it took me several tries to finally hit the target in the water and I was definitely starting to look like a drowned rat.

We even got to see quite a few people there at the Faire, both Horde and Alliance people.  Kal saw some of his friends from Shattrath and we had to stand around and have a good long chat.  They acted kind of surprised to see Kal with his girlfriend Sentinel – oh yes, he called me his girlfriend, not just his roommate like he normally does which usually causing a few raised eyebrows.  One little girl, a child of one of his friends kept tugging on Kal’s tabard that he had worn to keep his clothes a little bit cleaner – oh, nothing would do than for him to plop down in the dirt and talk to her.  I could hear some of what he was saying and he was reassuring the little girl that she was still is best girlfriend but he needed another grown-up girlfriend too.  He is such the heartbreaker, it seems.

I had never seen him just sit down with a little child before and I think I was more than pleasantly surprised at how he just knew how to say the right thing to her.  I guess that comes from having younger siblings too – he just made that little girl’s day when he kissed her on the tip of her nose and told her not to run off with some other guy while he was away.

We went and looked at all of the strange animals that were from all over Azeroth.  I told Kal that I hoped that I never ran into such a large elephant when we were out in the field and he just started laughing.  He said that his Mother had the same reaction too.  Oh, we rode the ponies all over the Faire too, jumping fences when we could and just racing around.  I know there were two very tired little ponies that we took back to the vendor.  Poor little things having to lug us around had to be hard on them, however, we had a great time.  We even rode on those little sandbox mounts too for a while and stopped and had some more to drink.

I was all for skipping over a trip through Stormwind, I didn’t want to run the risk of our running into Kal’s little Worgen friend.  However, Kal told me that we had to stop in Stormwind because he had promised that he would help the people from Fool’s Company put on their monthly show of “Ask the Dark Moon Guru” or some such thing.  It was a carnival trick thing, I suppose, although for the time that I stood there and listened, the fellow was able to come up with some very good answers to the questions.  Oh, Kal doesn’t take any money or anything for doing this sort of thing – he just likes to spend some time with some of his friends that he made while he was spending more time in Stormwind.

The whole thing with the Guru is that he has people ask him different questions and he will give them an answer, plus, his assistant will give them a prize afterwards.  I know that for the time that I stood there, I didn’t hear the fellow give any “wrong” answers to questions that he was asked, no matter how silly or trivial some of them were.  I was almost laughing out loud when a young lady asked him about a love interest that she had – something to do with mixed races getting together and loving one another.   I watched Kal’s face to see what his reaction was to the question and all I saw was a grin and rolling of his eyes. The Guru told the young girl that she should be with whomever she desired – hmm, I do hope that it wasn’t as bizarre of a match as it is with Kal’s parents, that could be troublesome if there are children involved later on.

I guess there was a market going on while the Guru was trying to do his show, so, rather than stand there and miss out on the rest of the stuff going on, I took a walk around the stalls to see the wares that were for sale.  I bet that Kal and I could make a fortune with the leather goods that we make and I know my herbs would sell like mad.

I was getting very tired by the time that the show was over with the Guru and was really ready to head back to Pandaria – I even suggested that we stay overnight in Paw ‘don.  Well, Kal just looked at me and laughed and told me that we could spend the night at the apartment over the warehouse that his Mother owned here in Stormwind.  Well, I have never seen so much stuff in my life – I now know where all of the leather is being sent when Kal and I ship it to Stormwind.

Oh my, the apartment is huge and has several bedrooms and the bathrooms – I was astounded at the bathrooms. They have huge bathtubs that you can almost lay down in and there is plenty of hot water thanks to Kal’s brother, Vashlan.  I guess being a mage, he could throw an enchant over the cisterns where we had instant hot water whenever we wanted it – that’s how they did it in Dalaran, I guess.  Oh, I could see the mixture of Sindorei tastes mixed in with the Kaldorei tastes of Kal’s Mother in that apartment.  It was very luxurious.

I did get to meet Kal’s brother, Vashlan.  He was quite the shock.  All done up in his mage robes, his hair is a very dark blue and he has a beard. If I wasn’t already interested in Kal, I would definitely give his brother a go.  Oh my, the robe he had on made him look so…regal.  He seemed a very nice fellow and he is a bit younger than Kal and I.  I guess he lives in Stormwind so that he can study with the mages there.  Kal mentioned something about High Borne blood running in their veins and that Vashlan was the family throw-back.  I was really surprised that they talked so openly about that.  Anyway, Vash’s eyes are more noticeably green than Kal’s and he said that it was from working with some Fel magic that had left a residual effect on them.  I just looked at Kal and he had a frown on his face.  I’m sure the brothers will be talking about this a bit more when they have the chance.  I don’t know much about mages, Vashlan is one of the few that I have ever met and he’s just a trainee, I guess.

Oh, Kal’s room is almost as big as our whole house in Halfhill.  I was really shocked at the furniture and the things that he had there.  He had moved quite a few of things from Dalaran to keep here in this apartment when they left.   I have never in my life seen such a bed – it was big enough for five or six people if they had to share that space. Yes, we both slept in the same bed and I will have to admit that the size of the bed had me pretty intimidated and I kept scooting over to get closer to Kal because I didn’t want to get lost in the bed.  I’ve never slept on silk sheets before either, I don’t know that I like them all that much, it feels too slippery.  Not to mention, the sheets kept making my nightgown ride up in the most embarrassing manner, I sure hope that Kal wasn’t taking any peeks during the night because when I woke up this morning, long before Kal did, my nightgown was almost completely off.  No, we didn’t do anything although it might have been a bit more difficult in that bed.

I met Magdamia while I was there and everything that Kal told me about her is true.  She’s a Draeni and very matter of fact as to how she wants things run in the business.  Kal told her that we would be sending some leather back when we got back to Pandaria, we hadn’t planned on coming to the Faire or we would have brought them with us to drop off.  I guess she is in charge of the warehouse and some of the contracts that are given out there for the employees to fill.  She even handed Kal a sizeable stack of contracts to look over and pick the ones that he thought we would be able to work on in our spare time.

I even saw weapons that were being sold there that were better than the gear that Kal and I have.  I wonder if we can get a discount if we buy any of it? Or if we can buy any of it?  It was kind of scary to see that there were weapons from the Horde as well as the Alliance being kept there. I haven’t ever asked Kal about his Mother’s company, however, after what I have seen in the warehouse, I think that I do need to start asking some questions.  At least I know how his family gets their wealth somewhat.

I also saw quite a few boxes that were partially covered with tarps in the back that definitely had the Horde symbol on them.  I wonder what was in those and why they are being kept in Stormwind or do the two companies run things back and forth between the two.  Am I involved with people that are smuggling goods to both sides?  I’ll have to be careful how I phrase my questions to Kal when we get home to Halfhill.  This worries me.  Is this the stuff that I should report to my superiors – I’m in a bit of a confused state of mind because this is a place that isn’t in Pandaria and I’m not on duty either.  It has nothing to do with us in Pandaria and its Kal’s personal family business.

Well, I guess we’re ready to pack up our things and head back to Halfhill now.  Breakfast was very enjoyable and Kal ate like there was no tomorrow.  Of course, he likes the food in Pandaria, however, he says that he still likes the food here in Stormwind.  We had some little tea cakes that were very delicately made that I knew weren’t anything like I’ve ever seen before.




Changwu’s Adventures

March 10th

Dear Journal,

My name is Changwu and my native land is Panderia.  I am a monk trainee and I have decided that I need to have more knowledge of my land and the world in order to become the best that I can be.  One cannot meditate without the proper knowledge of what one wishes to meditate on.  I have lived a very sheltered life here in Morning Breeze Village.

I think that I would have been content with my life if we had not heard tales of these strangers that have landed on our shores of Panderia.  Strange people they surely must be and they seem to be very angry with one another.  They have some misguided idea that they are here to rescue us from our way of life, this surely must be a misguided error in their way of thinking – we are not the ones that invaded our lands – this has been our way of life for centuries.   They have brought many strange new things to our land and new ideals.  These ideals are not the Pandaren way and I have heard that they have awakened the Sha that have slept for centuries – there is no harmony with these beings.

My family was not very happy with the thought of their eldest son wanting to take to the roads and travel.  In my heart, I was saddened by leaving them behind; however, my mind was excited at the thoughts of gaining more knowledge.  One of my younger siblings, Panmoshu, wanted to travel with me and I told her that she needed to stay home with the family; she was too young to go into the lands where I planned on seeing for myself.  I know that she was very upset with me for telling her that she couldn’t go, however, she is very strong minded and I would not be all that surprised if she followed me in a few days time.  She is a hunter with abilities and skills that have stood her well – however, she needs to find her own inner peace and harmony.  She and I have spoken many times of her strong will and I have told her many times that she needs to spend more time with Master Shang Xi and learn how to calm her spirit.

I have already seen many things on the Isle and my mind has been very enlightened.  In my travels I have met others that have had the same adventurous spirit and we have traveled together for many hours.  I suppose that we are the younger generation that is seeking out a new direction for our lives. 

We all have spent many hours with different Masters and have learned many things.  We heard more tales of our beloved Shen-zen Su – at first we scoffed at some of the tales.  How could it be that we have lived our lives on the back of a giant sea turtle – we have farms and villages that we have maintained for generations?  Now, I can tell you that this was not a myth nor a tale made up by our storytellers to amuse us. I have seen this with my own eyes.

I had heard of these strangers from their strange lands before I left my home, however, I had never seen them.  I can now say that I have seen them and experienced some very interesting things.  I now know that these strangers are of many different races and many different philosophies – this could be the reason that they have no harmony in their lives. One group call themselves Alliance and the other call themselves the Horde.   The Horde group seems to fight for Strength and Honor – I can tell you from my own experience that these things alone cannot a belly fill. The Alliance group seems to have come to explore our lands and to gain knowledge of our people.  The Horde seem to have the mindset of only taking what they feel they are entitled to have – taking things from others to only gain power is not good.  It only brings hatred and strife from those being attacked and will only awaken more evil in the world.

I met more adventurers in my travels, however, I never dreamed of the things that I would see or experience.  I will always remember the times that I spent with Asa, Ji and Jojo – I will always remember the enlightenment that I experienced with them.  This is where I found that Shen-zen Su was not a myth and not at tale.

It appeared that an Alliance vessel had crashed into our beloved Shen-zen Su causing him great injury, he was dying. I won’t bore you with all of the details however; this was the first time that I had met any of these strange people – the Horde and the Alliance.  Asa, Ji and Jojo were a large part of this adventure and we were able to help rescue and heal our Shen-zen Su.

I have fought in many battles in my travels so far.  I had never struck anything in anger before leaving my home.  Now, I can see the how this can be a part of any world.  I will have to admit that I would fluctuate from fear to anger as if I had no control over my inner being.  I will have to mediate for many hours to regain the balance in my mind – there is no harmony with these feelings and they must be taken into proper control.

I know that when all of the battling appeared to be finished to save our Shen-zen Su we retreated to the Temple of Five Dawns.  Walking back into the temple filled me with such peace, the calming atmosphere and the harmony of the people gathered there were as refreshing to me as a cool breeze.  I was trying to calm myself and regain my balance of harmony before traveling onward.  However, this was not to be.

My companions and I were approached by one of the Masters.  In order for us to travel further, we must choose which of these new people we would accompany.  Always there are choices in life and there are times when you must choose things that are not in agreement with your friends. After a great deal of discussion and soul searching, I decided that I would travel on with these new Alliance strangers. They seemed to be seekers of knowledge and not as warlike as the Horde.  In my mind and my heart, I wanted knowledge more than I wanted material things.

Climbing into the air balloon to travel to this new land was exhilarating and frightening.  My dream of being an adventurer was coming true rather quickly, faster than I ever imagined that it would. We arrived in a city called Stormwind.  It was huge and nothing remotely similar to the temples and villages that I had seen in my own land.  It was also very noisy and crowded.

Asa and Jojo had decided to accompany me to this Stormwind and we were all standing at the gates to this massive city and were told that we had to report to the King.  I think that we were very frightened by the sound of this; we drew on our inner strength and started off to see this King.

So many buildings and cobblestones on the streets that hurt your feet surrounded us as we made our way through the city.  Noise everywhere, people talking and rushing hither and yon to whatever destination that caused them to rush by us without a cursory notice of our being strangers in this city.  I will admit that we were intimidated by all of this and had to stop to ask guards on our way through the city to find this King.

The structure that we were directed too was very impressive, almost as huge as some of the temples that I had seen in my travels so far.  However, there was not the feeling of harmony that I would feel on entering a Temple.  I saw this rather large man standing on a dais and was told that this person was the King.  King Varian of Stormwind. 

I was very nervous when I approached this man of great importance as were Asa and Jojo.  The man was much scarred from his years in fighting, we assumed, however, you could almost feel the power emanating from him.  Yes, this man was truly a King.  I know that I was very relieved when he welcomed us to the city and actually smiled.  He also told us that he wanted to talk to us about Panderia as he stepped down from the dais and started walking away – we followed meekly and we were filled with curiosity.

I know that what happened next still has my mind in a whirl.  This King wanted me to hit him.  Was this going to be the end of my life and the end of my adventure?  I knew that striking a King was something that people would normally be killed for.  He just wanted to see how a monk could match up to “his” fighting skills.  I was very frightened and admittedly I was trying not to hurt him – Asa gasping didn’t help my emotions either.  Whatever happened with this fight could determine if all three of us were going to die in this garden where we had walked so peacefully with this man.

This King can hit very hard and he kept taunting me to hit him harder.  My fear of dying was almost overpowering my skills and I could feel that anger boiling up and clamped down to focus on my skills. I don’t know how long this scuffle lasted, however, it seemed an eternity to me.  The King and I traded many blows and I still can feel the ache in my body where his blows contacted.  I don’t know what happened – I know that I stood there with my jaws open as the King seemed to fly through the air in slow motion and landed on his back.  I didn’t know if I should try to run away or just wait for a guard to come up and strike a blow for their King.  The King started laughing; I have never felt such relief in my life when I heard his booming laughter.  After complimenting me on a battle well-fought, the King started to return to his throne room after welcoming us to the Alliance again.

This is definitely a strange city filled with strange people and there is much to learn and to meditate on.



Makota Came To Dinner…We’re Going to Dalaran!!

August 18th

Dear Journal,

Oh, Makota came to dinner night before last and I think that she was kind of surprised at all of the food that my Mom had cooked.  Mom really made quite a bit of food because the rest of the family was supposed to be there, except, they weren’t.  I was kind of disappointed and I think that Makota thought it was kind of strange too.  I hope she didn’t think it was planned that way because it definitely wasn’t. 

Of course, Makota looked so nice when she showed and I think I was more than just a little bit surprised that she came too.  Mom had been cooking all afternoon and made sure that everything was ready for when Makota got there. 

I was really kind of disappointed that Mom wasn’t there to meet Makota but her friend in Bloodhoof Village needed her to come down, some kind of old lady emergency of some sort or other.  Well, Mom just frowned and shook her head and told me how sorry she was but she had to go.  I know that my face probably showed how I felt because I was nervous enough having company coming for dinner and then all of the family had other things to do.  It wasn’t like I was going to do anything rude, like belch, at the dinner table for Earth Mother’s sake. 

I had walked down to the forge to see if I could get Naton to come up to the house while Makota was there but he wouldn’t’ leave work because he said he was behind on getting some things done and couldn’t’ spare the time.  It is probably just as well that Naton didn’t show up for dinner because I think Makota is afraid of Death Knights.  Poor fellow really does fit his death name of Sadheart sometimes.

I guess that I should have reminded everyone that Makota was coming for dinner that night when we all got up in the morning and they wouldn’t have all made plans.  I guess it was my fault and I will remember to do that next time.  I was surprised that Nahai didn’t stick around and try to check out the new girl in the house but he had made plans to go with Mahamura to Feralas to gather some more herbs and Maha was going to gather some hides. 

Makota really like Mom’s cooking though.  We ate like we hadn’t eaten in weeks.  Of course, I knew that the crawfish would be a big hit because it is a family favorite.  Mom likes to make them real spicy and they didn’t disappoint us.  I almost had to laugh at Makota a couple of times because I could tell that the dish was a bit spicier than what he normally ate.  So, I told her the trick of eating bread with it so that it wouldn’t just build up the fire higher in her mouth.   Oh, Mom had made a huge bowl of nuts too and that seemed to be a favorite of Makota’s too.

We even made up a platter for Ahali to have when Makota got home too.  I hope that he liked the food and that he will be willing to take the trip with us all to Dalaran.

Makota had written her friend in Dalaran to make sure that she was okay with her pregnancy.  It seems like she is doing better although she seems to be kind of sick.  We’re going to be taking some herbs up from Mulgore and my Mom is going to go with us and I hope Ahali will too. 

Mom has done some midwife stuff here in the Bluff and I hope that we will be able to find something that will help Lali from being sick all of the time.  Yes, I did ask how long it takes for an elf baby to grown and my Mom wasn’t real sure but she thought it would be around the same amount of time that it would take for a Tauren to have a calf too. 

I’m really excited about going to Dalaran.  I’ve never been and I keep thinking about the fact that the city just kinds of floats up there in the air like that.  Makota said that we should be okay as long as we stay away from the edges.   Mom says that it’s beautiful and we won’t have to stand real close together all of the time so that we won’t fall off either.  She was laughing at me when I told her that there wasn’t’ any furniture for us to sit on up there because Tauren were too big.  She has been to Dalaran before and she said they had some very nice park benches that we might be able to use if the mages hadn’t removed them or anything. 

I already have a bag packed to take and my Mom said that taking a portal wasn’t going to be too bad although we both kind of agreed that it might be more fun if we took the zep.  I’ve never really been in a portal before, I’m afraid that if we go too fast that I’ll lose my bag or something.  Do they hurt?  Makota said they made you feel strange because you start out in one place and end up in a place far far away.  Well, I hope all of my stuff gets there with me.  I’ll make sure I have everything fastened real good before I go in one though, I don’t want to lose my new nose ring, Mom said it makes me look very handsome and older. 

So, Mom has a big bag of herbs and food that she is taking with her because she can cook for us up there and we won’t have to spend a lot of gold.  She even said it was expensive, however, Naton told us that we can stay at this one Inn that wasn’t very expensive and wouldn’t’ be uncomfortable because the elves don’t like it that much.  Doesn’t sound real exciting with a name like The Filthy Animal.  After we heard the name of the Inn, Mom put some cleaning stuff in her bag so that we wouldn’t catch some strange things while we are staying there, she was mumbling about bedbugs and things. 

Mom said she was looking forward to meeting Makota and was very excited about meeting Lali and her mage husband.   She says she hopes that the herb mixtures that she is bringing up there should help Lali with her morning sickness too.  Of course, she always gets excited about women having babies and things.  I did tell her that Lali and her husband were different and I hope that was okay. 


Back In Dalaran…some missing employees

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 11th

Dear Journal,

It does seem like the sun is definitely insisting on rising today no matter how much I’d like to make believe that I can stop time and sleep a little bit longer.  I’m sitting in the office in Dalaran this morning, so, that is at least a good thing and I can relax a little bit longer than I could if I were still in Orgrimmar.  I don’t know how Dawnglory keeps up with all of that, I think I would lose my mind if I had to deal with it all every single day.  At least I have a buffer here that I can at least kind of take an overview of things and not have to have hands-on all of the time.  I can honestly say that I have some new found respect for Fnar in how he keeps the employees in-line in Orgrimmar.

I know that I am a little disappointed with our news from the healers at the moment.  It seems that parenthood is not going to be imminent again for Amyn and me this month.  Oh, can’t say that we haven’t been trying and that seems to be the problem.  We’ve been trying too hard and apparently have missed the boat again, that’s not all bad considering that we have four sons to raise at this point and it does keep us rather busy in our personal lives as well a running two businesses. 

Amyn hadn’t been feeling well for several days and we were both thinking that she might be pregnant; however, the healers have told us that she is just exhausted and should take some time off.  Well, that can be arranged rather readily and I can make sure that my oldest son steps up a bit to take over the reins in Stormwind for a while next week.  Kaldor is a good boy and I know he has shown his mettle when he’s working and he definitely has the skill set to run a business with some outside help from his parents and other people.  I know that Amyn is as disappointed as I was with the news that we weren’t going to have another baby, however, we’ve both decided that it’s not the end of the world either.

We weren’t trying to have a baby when we conceived our boys, so, maybe, just maybe we should go back to that idea and just let the dice roll the way that they want. If we’re supposed to have other children, it will happen if not, then, we can always look at adoption if we still want to add to the household.  I know that we have more children than some people are able to have and maybe the Fates have decided that we can be happy with what we have.  I think we were getting to be rather obsessive with wanting another child and it was starting to take a toll on our bedroom pleasures, rather than enhancing them.  I’d much rather just enjoy being with my wife intimately without thinking about just procreation for the sake of it.  No, I’ve always enjoyed my wife’s physical attributes a whole lot more when we didn’t have that added pressure that we put on ourselves. So, we’re back to square one and we’re back to making “love” the way we want and when we want, not just to make a baby.

I’m sitting here, looking at my wife’s naked body lying there on the bed, the contrast of her skin and that long silver mane of hers contrasting against the sheets and that’s a sight that will never grow old to me.  The way her long legs seem to go on forever, her arms raised above her head…oh, I’m going to stop there or I will be in that bed with her and taking advantage of those other sweet things that are lying there exposed.

I’m a little bit more than concerned about Sollonne at this point.  I did some more investigating around here in Dalaran and she was definitely here in the city for a few days while I was off in Silvermoon getting that situation resolved.  Seems she did take a flight out of here to Ice Crown and that’s the last that anyone knows of her.  I’ve been searching in that area and found a place where it appears that there was some kind of battle that wasn’t scourge related.  Did she fall off of her mount for some reason, was it shot down, there was no evidence that indicated that it was even her except for a piece of armor that definitely looks like it has her design on it.  I found a cave not far away that has signs of it being inhabited by some people too; there were a couple of corpses in there that looked like Sol’s handiwork had been dealt on them.   I am wondering if these could possibly be the same cultists that she was tracking before and they somehow have taken her captive.

My biggest concern is that the only thing that I have gotten so far is that box in the mail with her braid in it and nothing more.  Not another word and it’s been a week. Has she been killed, are these people trying to lure me into a trap of some kind that was thwarted somehow.  So many questions left unanswered in my mind.  I will probably be going up that way again today to see if I can find anything else that might indicate what has happened.  I might ask Dawnglory to accompany me this time, maybe a fresh pair of eyes will pick up something that I’ve missed. 

Oh, it seems that we are going to have a houseguest this weekend.  Kaldor’s lady friend from Stormwind is going to be spending some time here in Dalaran.  He’s all excited about the prospect of having her meet his Mother and me too.  The only drawback that I can see is that she is that she is a human, which I can’t afford to say much about that because he is going to have to make his own decision about that.  He’s not much younger than I was when I first met Amyn and the race thing didn’t really play a role in how that turned out either.  I just don’t want to see him get hurt or repeat the same mistakes that I’ve made in my life.  I’m sure that everything will be okay and that she will be a lovely person regardless of the fact that she is a human.  Of course, she already knows about Kaldor’s parentage, so, it shouldn’t be that much of a shock for her to see that we’re of different races.  

I hope Agatha knows what humans like to eat.  She looked at me like I had lost my mind when I started asking her questions about food and what kind of delicacies that a human might expect at the dinner table.  I’m sure that Agatha will come up with some good meals that will be well received by Kal’s guest and the rest of us can sample something different for a change.  I’ve eaten some of the food in my travels but I’m not sure that it was fare that a human would normally partake in.  I guess I ought to route Kaldor out of bed and make sure that he has made the arrangements for that.  I know fruit would be a part of the diet; however, what else would this girl like?

I did have a bit of a chuckle last night when Kal was talking with his Mother and I because he wanted his Mother to stay in the guest house with the girl so that she could make sure that this girl’s reputation wasn’t sullied.  That tells me that he hasn’t taken her into his bed yet and he wants a chaperone for her.  I thought Amyn was going to choke on her glass of wine because she was trying not to laugh out loud with that request.  I suggested that either Agatha or possibly even Felaran might be a good choice for that sort of duty.  Felaran might make the best choice because she never sleeps; she’s a Death Knight and would definitely be up to protecting some strange girl’s virginity, after she got through laughing about it.  Oh well, I’m not going to worry about that right now, the girl won’t be arriving until later this afternoon anyway.   I suggested to Kal that he let the girl pick whomever she wants for that duty.

It seems strange to have your children growing up so fast; however, the clock doesn’t ever seem to stop grinding the years away like a river running over stones making them smoother with each passing decade.

I thought I heard Dawnglory in the kitchen and I think that he and I should make a quick run p to Ice Crown so that we can see if we can’t find anything else in regard to Sol’s disappearance.   We also need to discuss the disappearance of a certain rogue from the ranks of our employees in Orgrimmar; I don’t think anything has happened to the fellow, I think he just took off because he couldn’t handle the routine of our company.  I also need to find out his opinion of the new Ranger that we hired too, they seemed to have hit it off but I want to make sure that he is going to be in agreement with me that we will take the fellow slowly to start with. 

Fnor Morningstar

Making The Best Of Things

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 21st

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am happy to be away from Dalaran for short while. I know that the whole situation with Callianne and her condition has put just enough stress on me that I needed to walk away and get my thoughts together.

Poetica told me that she had talked with Fel and Etain about our being out of Dalaran for the next few days or even a couple of weeks. She also talked to Callianne and let her know that we weren’t abandoning her and that we were just taking care of some other business, like trying to find the wayward Mallie.

I didn’t want to deal with the situation, I’m not good at saying good-bye to children at any time and this particular one is doubly hard to deal with because she’s being torn apart with trying to please everyone around her. So, I’m removing myself from the equation even though it is tearing me apart. I’m sure that Fel and Etain will take good care of her and that Poetica will be as attentive as she can be when she’s back in Dalaran. Little Callianne has been a large part of the family since she came to Dalaran to live and I will miss her little feet running up and down the halls of the house with Shiqi close behind. Ah well, things change and that’s just how it is going to be.

We have been out here looking for Mallie and to be honest, with her last known location being in Desolace – she could be anywhere. I’m really surprised that her commander didn’t realize that one of his subordinates was missing long before now, however, I guess that the service has changed a bit since I left, a bit more on the lax side. No wonder I get so many deserters as bounty contracts out of Orgrimmar. True, sometimes, they don’t even know when these people took off.

Amyn, Poetica and I have been enjoying the time together although I will have to admit that it is rather awkward and uncomfortable for me at times. The two ladies are trying to make the best of a real strange situation and I will have to admire them both putting forth the effort.

I really have gotten myself into a very strange situation. Amyn and I have been together for a very long time and have had some long periods of separation; however, we keep coming back to one another. After giving birth to four children, Amyn is still as attractive as she’s always been, even more so in some ways.

I know that when I told Poetica about Amyn, I was really kind of shocked at her reaction. She was hurt, yes; however, she put on the strong face of wanting to know more and getting to know Amyn. Now, it almost looks like they might become friends in the long term. Now, how many men have had their mistresses meet their fiancée and lived to tell about it? Not many that we know of.

I guess that Poe is insisting that we go to Shattrath this evening for supplies that she thinks that we need. She really wants to check on the tavern, if the truth were to be known. Amyn is looking forward to going back to Shattrath for the night, which I’m assuming we’re staying overnight there as well. Just means we have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and head back to where our tracking left off.

This will be the first time that Amyn has ever met any of the people that I really associate with. It could be awkward for them as well as her. I hope everything goes well, if not, I’ll wait to see what happens as the evening progresses.

Fnor Morningstar