Women Are Vicious!!

*Some very salty language here, so be aware that he’s in a rant.”


January 16th

Now Book!!

You’ve got to understand that I was just going back to Orgrimmar to check on things – to see how Faendra was doing and to check on how the business was going.  That’s all I was going for, just to make sure that things were as they should be.

Talk about getting pushed into a fucking corner!!   I guess that Fae was more upset with me than I thought she was about not getting a marriage proposal and a ring for the holidays.  My face still hurts and I will have to admit that my crotch isn’t feeling all that great either – the girl has some boney fucking knees.  All I said was “hello” and winked at her and she cold-cocked me in the face and when I went to grab my face, she kneed me in the balls.  I guess that means she’s okay, right?

I tried to talk to her and all she would do was to glare at me with her lips drawn in a line that was not making them look like they were all that kissable.  Damn, she hits hard – I even had stars in my eyes, not from just getting my face slapped but the other part about my damaged manhood made my teeth even hurt.

I walked out of the office and took off down the street to the nearest tavern so that I wouldn’t open my mouth and possibly put my own feet in it.  I almost told her off but I guess I had this coming even if I don’t think I really did.  Yes, I care about her and yes, I want to take her to bed but there was never any mention of us getting married.  She dreamed that up on her fucking own, I just kind of played along with it.

I know that I stayed at the tavern a lot longer than I had planned because I was just listening to some of the conversations going on.  Seems like I’m not the only one having issues with women these days.  Maybe you get a free drink if you can say something bad about the woman that you’re with.  I don’t know, there were quite a few of us sitting in there and just bitching about women and how damned contrary they could be.  I had a few chuckles about a couple of the fellows that seemed to be almost in the same boat as I am – they were trying to get in some woman’s pants and all she was talking about was marriage.  They just wanted to get laid, they didn’t want the house and the picket fence in Silvermoon either.

I know I was a bit on the drunk side of things when I got back to the office and Faendra wasn’t there when I first got back.  At least I had a moment to look over a few of the contracts and took a few that I knew that Fnor and I could deal with in Panderia ourselves – they weren’t real pressing but would fit in to our schedules fairly well.

Well, the princess comes walking into the fucking office, starts telling me what a horrible man I am and that I mislead her and that I owed her an apology.  I did kind of apologize and told her that I thought that she was over-reacting to things and maybe she should take some time away from Orgrimmar and go chase some of the fellows in Silvermoon.  Well, my face got slapped again.

Damn it!  This is not how the fuck this was supposed to go. I had planned on talking to her and making sure that she was okay and I had brought her back some boots that I had made in Panderia for her.   And I even bought some fucking flowers.  Well, the flowers went in the trash on my way back to the portal and the boots went up at the Auction House. 

I do care about her but I don’t think that I care that much enough to give up my freedom especially when she’s screaming at me like some bleeding harpy and calling me every name that she could think of when there were other employees in the office.

Well, maybe she was just having a bad day and I happened to set her off for some reason.  I don’t know, however, I do intend to talk to Fnor about how she acted and get his opinion on what in the fuck I’m supposed to do now.   No, I don’t intend on asking her to marry me right now, however, there could have been a potential for that to happen somewhere in the future.  Right now, I think that the rioters were lucky they didn’t come into the warehouse because she would have kicked their asses and any of the guards that followed them in would have gotten the same damned treatment.

I’ve never seen this side of her before, she’s always been kind, gentle and fun to be with, not this trash-filthy-fuckin’ mouthed-bitch that I ran into today.  Part of me kind of liked it but the other part was already heading down the street.  Damned redhead!!

I’ll figure something out – maybe I should just let her cool off for a while before I go back to Orgrimmar again, which will probably be in a week to ten days.  I am also going to let her brother know that if she hits me like that again and tries to damage my junk again, I might have to retaliate.   I can’t hardly sit down right now and let’s just say that the equipment is going to take a vacation for a few days.  Damn, I can’t go to a healer and have them know that some girl kicked me there.

Well, at least I can take the day off today and do some fishing or maybe just find a nice cold stream to sit in for a while.   Women are just fucking vicious and I still don’t know what I did other than not to ask her to marry me, which wasn’t even remotely on my mind at this point.


Dwarf Escorts…Fights With Vash Over Females

June 27th


Dear Journal,

Just great! I know that I know how to do my job and can do it better than anyone here in Stormwind other than my Mom, maybe and now I have two dwarves dogging my tracks with every step that I make. Not only are they scrutinizing and criticizing everything that I am doing in the field, they are telling me how to conduct myself around people. Well, dwarves have better manners than a Kaldorei? I don’t think so. No, I’m being unkind; they came to help my Mom out because my Grandparents asked them too.

I was a bit taken aback when I offered them some water from canteen, since they didn’t seem to have brought anything else along with them except for beer or mead out in the field. Andrew tells me this “Laddie, ye don’t want us drinking water now do ya? Ya know that fish fornicate in that!!” Well, let’s just say that it put me off water for a while until it dawned on me that he was only making a joke. The Bitterbeer dwarves are quite the pair and I think that I am going to lose my mind if they have to stay with me all of the time. They are even staying in the apartment with Vash and me.

I wish I had never told Vashlan that I had met a girl in Stormwind that I really liked and hope to see again. I made the mistake of being too honest in tell him that she was a worgen. Well, the jokes have not stopped yet and he keeps telling me that I need to be careful and makes sure she doesn’t bite me. I don’t think that we can catch the Curse, Kaldorei seem to be immune to it. At least I was smart enough not to tell him her name.

Of course, being his older brother, I had to start teasing him about the Draeni here in the office that seems to be one of Mother’s friends. I know Vash has the hawts for her and he can’t keep his eyes off of her when he doesn’t have his face buried in a book. My girlfriend my turn into a wolf but she doesn’t have hooves and horns.

That’s how Mother found out that we are both involved with girls here in town too. Now, we both have to go have a talk with Fnor in Dalaran. What can he possibly say to us? He’s a Sindorei with a Kaldorei mate and offspring. I’m not sleeping with Josie, I just like to talk with her and spend time in her company, that’s all. She such a nice girl and the only one that hasn’t been totally freaked out that I’m not of pure blood. It’s a friendship at the moment and nothing more. Besides, I think that that Harrier fellow would probably do away with me if he even thought that I cared more for Josie than I do at the moment.

Yes, the wedding for my parents is this weekend and I think that they are going to have a good time. I’m not attending because I need to stay in Stormwind and keep an eye out on things. Of course, my Mother understands that reasoning too. I’m truly happy for them and I know that things will get better for them in the future. It can’t have been easy on either one of them not to have that little piece of paper that the Sindorei seem to cherish so deeply, although, from what I’ve heard, that doesn’t mean they will stay together for eternity either. I think that if I ever marry in the future, it will be in the Kaldorei tradition or whatever my betrothed would want. I’ve already told Mom that I would stand still for one of those arranged marriages that the Sindorei seem to do. I’ve heard stories about those and it always seems to end badly.

Oh well, seems the dwarves have decided that I need to learn all of the secrets of the fire festival now. Naturally, I’ll be doing all of the work and they will be doing all of the drinking.