Laughter Is Good…

Aril 9th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it is so nice hearing laughter in our house at the farm and for that laughter to continue on when we go back to the Bluff.  It is so nice having the family almost totally together in Pandaria, however, Tahfal is the laggard in getting his studies done so that he can come with us to Halfhill.  I think that he will start hurrying things up in the near future because of the fact that he doesn’t like eating his own cooking.

Having Nahai and Mother with us in Halfhill is delightful, we’re always talking about home and laughing about the things that we did as children.  I know that it makes Mom sad sometimes because I think she still misses our Father after so many years, however, she is just enjoying her new life with us now.

Naton and I have decided that the house is a bit crowded at this point, however, it’s well worth it.  We’re planning on completing the forge area soon and then we can close in the place underneath the house a bit so that we can have more sleeping room.  Of course, Mom and  Nahai are already talking about buying the little farm near us, so, we may not have to go to all that trouble.   It’s just nice having them here with us and I don’t think that I have heard Naton laugh so much in a very long time.  He likes having the family together for the most part.

I understand where Naton is coming from when he tells me that he is living his life through our lives because he can see how we enjoy things and he can derive some pleasure from that.  I know that he sometimes wishes that he could have a wife and children of his own, however, with his condition, that would be impossible.  I think he would have made a wonderful Father and husband to some lucky Bessie.

I can remember how things were before Mom and Dad went missing and were kidnapped by the Grimtotem and Naton went looking for them.   He was one of the most eligible bachelors on the Bluff and the girls would go wild when he was there and attending one of the many events, however, that all changed once he became a Death Knight.  The kind hearted Bull is still there, buried underneath that outer shell though – he spends an awful lot of time making things at his forge for people without charging them, only because they need the items and they can’t pay for it right away or something.   I know that when we go home to visit, he is swamped by the old ladies with their pots and pans that they want him to repair for them.  I’ve watched him talk and play with the little ones that aren’t afraid of him and I know that I can see it in his face, he would love to have a family of his own.  Maybe someday he will find someone that will overlook what he is and love him as much as we do.

We’re actually in the Bluff right now and we’re going to take in the Faire.  It feels good to be home for a while, however, I will have to say that Nahai was reluctant to come back.  After some prodding from Naton and I, we found out why he didn’t want to come back.  Poor fellow thought that once he got back to the Bluff that he would be forced to stay and help out.  Well, with Mom being in Pandaria, I don’t think he needs to worry about that at all – she needs and wants him to go with her  to explore all of Pandaria.   I know I laugh when I see those two sillies riding the air waves in tandem and diving down over the valley gathering herbs – it does remind me of old times.

The only thing that bothers me about having Mom in Halfhill is the fact that she is already trying to do some matchmaking for me.  I keep telling her that I will find a mate some day and I will produce those grandchildren that she is always prattling about.  Right now, I’m just happy enjoying our life in Pandaria and doing the things that I want to do without any worries about home, hearth and children.  That day will come soon enough and when the time is right, I am sure that the Earth Mother will let me know.  Of course there are several young bulls that in the Valley that spark my interest, however, that’s as far as it goes right now.  I know that when I was younger, I would long for a home and family of my own, however, I have that now, minus the mate and children, in Halfhill and I am completely content with that.   Some day Mom will realize that I am just who I am and I can’t make things happen just because she wants things that way.

I brought my a gown to wear to the Faire this time so that I don’t have to wear my armor all of the time.  I think that there might be fun with the dancing and I’ll let the boys go out on their own and do their thing.  I just want to relax, enjoy the Faire.  I am sure that Mom will find some of her old cronies to talk with about how grand farming is in Pandaria – most of the old ladies that she knows haven’t gone there yet and I think that they will enjoy hearing about Mom’s daring adventures that she has already had in Pandaria.

I know I giggle when Mom and Nahai come home from some of their herb gathering with tales of what they have seen – it’s nice to see some of the places through their perspective.  Mom has definitely decided that the Hozen are not her favorite race so far in Pandaria – she got quite splattered by a few of them when she landed in the wrong place to gather some herbs that had caught her eye.

Oh well, I guess I should stop writing in my journal and start getting ready to attend the Faire, I see Naton and Tahfal kind of dancing around because they have challenged each other with the canon ride again.  How they keep doing that every time we go to the Faire is beyond me – silly boys.

Mahamura  Cloudhoof


Our House Is Not Big Enough…

April 2nd

Dear Journal,

Well, I think that half of Morningstar Enterprises has moved to Pandaria in the last few weeks.  I’ve run into quite a few of the people that I used to see in Orgrimmar frequently when I had to go there to drop off the stock we’d accumulated and to pick up more contracts.

I’ll admit that I was really surprised to see one of Forsaken here in the market at Halfhill.  Seems she got shanghaied into the service when she was trying to deliver her stock to Silvermoon.  Well, I know how that can happen because Maha and I both were surprised at getting sent to Pandaria for our military service.  It all turned out well because we were able to get out of the military and buy a farm.   I told her to get in touch with the Boss and he would do the same for her, maybe.  I know I was really kind taken aback because her sister wasn’t with her, however, I guess she has stayed behind in the Undercity.   Those two were like bookends, you never saw one without the other.

Maha and I are really enjoying having our younger brother up here with us in Halfhill.   You would think that he had died and gone to heaven with the way that he carries on about Pandaria. We have both had to temper our laughter when we stop and realize that he has been stuck in Mulgore with Mom and Tahfal while we have had a chance to see a bit more of the world than he has.  He’s never been to Northrend, which we will try to remedy so that he can see what we are talking about when talk about Dalaran.  When Mom went to Dalaran that one time, she had gone with Tahfal to meet some girl’s friend up there.

Well, I can scrap that last paragraph and start anew.

Guess who showed up at the house in Halfhill unannounced?  Mom!!  Guess she just couldn’t stand the thoughts of all of us having so much fun and she could only hear about it from what we told her.  I know I was more than pleasantly surprised when she came knocking on the door.  I was busy at my forge and had just taken a short break or I might not have heard her.   I know that she was really laughing hard when I came poking my head out from under the house where I have my forge and anvil for the moment –  I’m still working on the building where it will reside permanently.

I think the poor old soul actually had tears of joy in her eyes to see me.    I know that my sister is sure going to be surprised when she gets home because she now has a roomy to share the bed with until we can make some other changes.  I think we just need to add on to the house to be honest because it’s like people come to visit and they kind of forget to leave.   Of course, I know that it is going to be fun having Mom here.  The poor thing was exhausted when she got here, that was one heck of a journey for her to take all by herself, however, she said that she didn’t want to ask Tahfal to bring her here and then have to go back.  He is still working on his studies as a Paladin and she didn’t want him to miss any of his training or classes and fall behind the other Light Walkers.

Luckily, I was able to scrounge up some food to feed her before I sent her off to bed.  Maha had made some wonderful soup and left it simmering on the stove.  I even sat there and had some while Mom and I talked.  She is just as amazed and bewildered at the side of Pandaria.   She really hasn’t gotten out of Mulgore that much either so she and Nahai are going to be making Maha and I a bit crazy wanting to do the tourist thing, however, I’d much rather do that than to let them get into any kind of trouble on their own.

Ah well, I suppose I ought to clean up the dishes and get back to my forge.  I have so many orders for armor that it’s a good thing that I don’t have to sleep much, however, I will have be even more cognizant of the hours that I keep now since Nahai and Mom are staying with us for the time being.

Naton “Sadheart” Cloudhoof



Visiting The Family…

January 16th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve last written in my journal, however, things have been a bit on the busy side of things with the farm here in Halfhill.  I think that Naton and I have finally recovered from taking care of the Boss’s farm and Dawnglory’s as well.  That was the longest month that I think I have ever seen.  I don’t think that I can complain too much though because we were well compensated for our time and I think that it was sincerely appreciated that we were able to take care of things for them while they were gone.

No, Naton and I didn’t make it to the Faire this month, however, I think that we are going to plan on going next time because we do enjoy our time in the Bluff with Mom, Tahfal and Nahai.  Besides, we get to see some of our old friends and catch up with some the things that are going on.  Most of the people that we know are still in the service to the Horde but are slowly working their way out of that business too.  I know we have lost a few friends over the past year and it saddens my heart to think that we will never see them again at Story Circle nor be able to talk with them again until we join them with the Earth Mother.

I guess that Mom and the boys had some exciting times recently when the Boss and Dawnglory stopped by for a visit after they had gone to the Faire.  Poor Mom thought that the one red-headed elf was ready to have her baby when they came to her, however, all they wanted was a nice bed to sleep in since the woman seemed to be in an advanced state of pregnancy.  Oh well, at least Mom didn’t have to deliver a Blood Elf baby, it’s been a while since she’s done that and I’m not sure how it would have all gone.

Mom mentioned that the Boss had a red-haired woman with him too, which is kind of odd because he’s already married to his Night Elf and I haven’t ever known of him to stray.  Well, you never know with Blood Elves anyway because they seem to be a randy bunch of little fellows.  I wonder who this other woman was because Mom didn’t seem to be overly impressed with her, said she was real thin and kind of arrogant.

Only one person that I know of that might fit that description has been missing for the last few months after she stole the money from the office and ran away from Orgrimmar – another reason why we had to move the offices from there too.  Poor Zippie was just frantic about the money more than she was about the fact that the Boss’s sister had flown the coop.  We have all spent months looking for her although I will have to admit that it wasn’t at the top of my list even with the amount of money that the Boss was offering for information or even  bringing her back.

I guess they only stayed the night with Mom, Dawnglory and his woman, and headed back to Pandaria.  I suppose they want to get back there quickly because they want their baby to be born in Halfhill and not anywhere near their own people.   The Boss had just left with the other red-haired elf right before I got back to the Bluff.  I wonder if it is his sister?  If it was, it’s going to get interesting for the rest of us if he decides that she’s to be trusted again with the business, I don’t think he’s that stupid but you know that blood is thicker than water and people will look after their families first and foremost.

I guess that I’ll find out one of these days if it was his sister, although I will have to say that if it was, I don’t want to work with her.  She’s mean-spirited and she wasn’t very nice to any of us when she was in charge of things in Orgrimmar.

Oh well, I know that Mom and the boys are wanting me to go with them today to do some herbing because they always need a good hunter with a boy when they go to some of the places for the best herbing.  I told Mom that I had only come back to check on things and to visit for a couple of days before I got back to the farm.  Mom was a bit upset that Naton hadn’t come with me this time and I had to explain to her that he was very busy with the armor orders that he had gotten in Halfhill.

I know that Naton and I both are working ourselves crazy with the farm because we are trying to get things organized enough and the farmhouse fixed up enough to where we can bring Mom and the boys back there with us.  I know that Mom would love the farm and she would definitely love the fact that the herbing in Pandaria is a whole lot better than it is in Mulgore right now.  I know Mom will never give up her home in the Bluff, however, I don’t think that she would mind being in Pandaria in the winter months because it never gets as brutally cold there as it does here.