Timeless Isle…

Fnor - Final

Went out to the Isle today and spent a couple of hours doing dailies as well as picking up the coins that are so desperately needed for the new upgrades and valor.  Fnor is my Main on the Horde side and his gear isn’t too shabby and he’s running some LFR, just getting started, that is.

It was a time of laughter and tears this morning as he went scampering all over the Isle, killing anything that had any value to it as well as picking up as many coins as he could through his skinning.  Didn’t do too shabby with the coins between the kills and skinning of the beasts that some of the others left behind.   I’m a late bloomer on getting to the Isle so it was like “hey noob!” killed a few rares and debated on the Celestial run and decided against it today.   Considering this is only the third time he’s made the trip out there on a regular basis, it wasn’t too shabby – got some gear for some of the alts at least.

I do wish there was a guide of some kind for the uninformed on how you do some of the things on the Isle because I went wildly careening all over the place, stumbled into a few things that were extremely deadly even with dropping traps and kiting like a mad man.  Since I’m running most of it solo, I’ll take on just about anything a few times before I go off on another rampage. Luckily I did have someone show my Alliance Main, Kaldor, around the Isle a little bit , so, Fnor wasn’t totally in the dark.

It was fun and another place to grind things out for the upgrades and valor.  Fnor has done all of the quests pretty much that can be had in Pandaria and I was looking forward to doing some major rep grinding in old content on him for a while – oh well, Blizzard always throws another bone and hoop out there for us to jump through in Pandaria.  My one plan is to get Fnor up to 60 exalted reps before the xpac drops.  Wish me luck and remember – I do laugh a lot even when others might not think it’s funny, I’m a tad bit twisted.