Happy Father’s Day….and dreams

June 15th

First of all, Happy Father’s Day  to all the Dad’s out there!!


I will admit that I haven’t been playing very much the last few days because to be honest, I haven’t been feeling that well physically which usually affects my mood somewhat, so, rather than go into the game and possibly not reacting well to certain things, I just don’t log in.

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning because I was dreaming about my Tauren Death Knight in World of Warcraft. No, I haven’t gone completely around the bend, however, I haven’t been playing that particular character very much in the last few days and he has always been one of my “favorites” because he happens to be one that I have some sentimental attachment too.  Anyway, long story short, in the dream this DK was in the Jade Forest outside of Dawn Blossom doing the quests in the area – the one where the little kid wants all the cubs rescued and put an end to the jade tigers and the witch there.  The DK was going about his business of taking care of that, however, the little Pandaren girl had disappeared at some point as he headed to the witches house.

I guess I thought it was odd that there were no statues in the yard, however, there were layers of skeletons in the yard.  There was an Alliance druid in cat form sitting next to the door seemingly AFK and the witch was coming out the door with the “bubble” above her head so that I could talk to her and end her miserable life – well, she suddenly disappeared before I could click on the button.  The druid had disappeared as well.   My thought was that there was someone in the area ganking the NPCs, which is annoying as all get out, however, it does happen.  So, I wandered around a bit in the forest, found a couple of nodes, mined those, and figured that the gankers had probably gotten bored by that time and headed back to the questing area.  Same scenario all over again, witch disappears, druid cat disappears and there are still no statues in the yard, just skeletons.

I wasn’t angry, just getting irritated because someone was hindering my progression in the game and was probably doing the same thing for others, it’s rare that you’re the only one in the area especially in Pandaria.   Anyway, I woke up from a very sound sleep with this dream bouncing around in my head and proceeded to get out of bed and head up to my loft to the computers.   I didn’t log into the game right away, I read some blogs, read the forums to see if there was anything worthwhile there – there is rarely anything insightful or positive about the game on the forums, however, with some of the bleed-over from the “alpha testing” starting to appear there, it’s always interesting to see what the latest hot button happens to be.   I was determined that I was not going to log into the game that early in the morning because I would get sucked in and wouldn’t go back to sleep, which I had planned on doing.

I finally surrendered to my desires of logging in, just because I wanted to see if I had dreamed something that was really happening to my DK.  LOL, yeah, I know I ‘m weird but I have fun.  I logged in the DK and flew from the Vale back to the area that this dream was taking place.   Sure enough, the DK was well past that point in the questing to begin with, however, I just wanted to make sure – it isn’t often that I have a dream as vivid as this one was.  Went to the witch’s house, no skeletons in the yard, no witch and no statues.  However, there was an Alliance druid in cat form sitting on the porch in the same spot as it had appeared in my dream.  I looked up on my screen to check out the name – I still use Carbonite in the game sometimes and there was no name listed for the druid, however, there were several names with classes  listed in the “punk” list.  Let’s just say that I hastily decamped the area and moved on about my business and felt some relief that it had only been a dream, even if it did wake me up feeling irritated.

I suppose the whole thing meant that I needed a WoW fix or something, however, I am sitting here still chuckling at myself as to how I couldn’t get rid of the feeling until I logged into the game and went to check it out.  I suppose it has to do with some of the things that I had been reading on forums in regard to WPvP and the removal of one of the “toys” or at least the nerfing of said item.  Weird how that all translated into a dream.


Slow Down…Enjoy Unlife

June 8th

Dear Journal,

I know that I really shouldn’t be having as much fun as I am, however, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.  I think that I have finally found the place where I can be happy, enjoy this unlife of mine to the fullest and still just keep going.  I have never been one of those Death Knights filled with angst and anger at what was done to me, however, I have had to bear the brunt of the shame and the disgust of some of my kin.  Oh well, it’s there loss and my gain because I will live this unlife the way that I see fit.

I still show respect for my elders and still worship the Earth Mother as I was taught as a young bull, however, I think that I am more appreciative of the things that happen than some of the living are.  Oh yes, I can go anywhere in Azeroth that my heart desires and do what I want to do which is mostly work and enjoy the fruits of my labors.

Once again, the whole family went to the Faire and had a marvelous time.  I still laugh at Nahai and Tahfal with their wild antics at the Faire.  It’s not even a contest which of us happens to be the best at the canon ride – me.  I love it, I’ll go as many times as I can and I always just get such a rush from flying through the air and hitting the target every single time.  Oh, I may not get the bull’s-eye, however, I do make it more often than m brothers.   I’m also the best dancer too – even if I do have to say so myself. I love to dance and be happy – just taking the joy in the music and seeing other people happy too.

I think I just enjoy the atmosphere of the Faire and that’s why I like to go when we have the chance.  I always know that I will spend at least a full day in Thunder Bluff doing things for some of the tribe members there.  Mostly repairs to the old copper pots and talking with some of the elders there.  It isn’t that I mind it at all because it makes me feel like I am home and I belong there with my people even if some of them are afraid that I might go off the deep end one day and turn back into a killing machine again.

Mom and Nahai are almost finished with their house on their farm now and I expect that they are getting anxious to move in.  I know that Maha will miss having them around because they love to chatter away about all of the things that they are seeing in Pandaria and some of the things that they are doing.  Naturally, Nahai thinks that the flying is the best in Pandaria and the wind drafts carry him much further there than they do in Kalimdor.  I don’t know, he might be right, except that I think that he is just enjoying life as much as he can right now.   Mom loves the farm and she is enjoying getting things set up with her own little house.  She and Maha spend hours trying to decide what piece of furniture would fit better in one place and they do like to carry on about the food.

I know that this is going to sound funny coming from the likes of myself, however, I don’t think that it really matters since no one else will ever read my journal, I’m kind of a boring fellow.   I am just enjoying what life has been giving me since we all made the change to Pandaria.  There doesn’t seem to be the bias here that I used to sometimes feel when I was in the Bluff.  I can stroll into the market here, people know my name, I can talk to whomever I choose and just feel happy about my life as it is.

I honestly think that Mom acts like she is ten years or even twenty years younger since she came here to Halfhill to live.  She’s always singing and acting like she is happy when she is around the house.  She and Maha have gotten along a lot better up here too since Maha finally told Mom that she hasn’t found a bull to her liking yet, however, when she does, she will be sure to let her know right away.  Mom wants grandchildren, plain and simple.  At least she hasn’t been after me to find a mate because she knows that it wouldn’t do any good if I did anyway because there just won’t be any children coming from me since my change.  Ah well, at least I can enjoy the little ones that the other people have here in Halfhill with them.  Someday I may find a mate, not just for procreation but someone that I can care about and they will care about me as the man that I am, not the Death Knight.  I can’t see anything wrong with a fellow wanting a family, even if they aren’t his – it would make me very happy if I could find someone that can accept me for what I am and see the person that lives in this dead body as they really are.

I have had a chance to get out and do some exploring on my own here lately and I will have to admit that I find a great deal of comfort at the Tian Monastery.  It’s beautiful and not too far off the beaten path and close enough to home that I can go there and get back in a short amount of time.  I like talking to the monks and I like watching the training going on there.

I finally put together a good set of armor that I am selling through the auction house – naturally, there will be fittings to be done which will cost a bit extra, however, I am going to try to make enough money with my work that we don’t have to worry about finances again.  I’ve also sent back several pieces to Zippie so that she can see if there is a good market for them in Silvermoon and Shattrath – I also get a bonus if they sell well too.   I will have to admit that my happiest times are when I am standing at the forge and working on things that I know people will like and enjoy for years to come.  I don’t care if it is pot or if it is armor, I just enjoy the whole thing of creating something.

Well, crap, wouldn’t you know that I would get the laundry detail with Mom today too.  I thought Nahai was going to go with her to do it, however, he has some flirtation going on with one of the local Tauren ladies that he had planned to go on a picnic with.  Oh well, I don’t mind, at least I know that Mom will be safe with me and won’t be left standing there by the stream wondering where I went – Nahai can get distracted by the craziest things – oh, oh, a shiny or oh, oh a really big herb.  I do understand that he is still young, however, I do sometimes wonder if all that flying hasn’t shifted his brain a little off-kilter somewhat.


Naton “Sadheart” Cloudhoof

Listening and Learning…

June 1st


Dear Journal,

Well, I think my suspicions have been born out when I thought that Felaran’s youngest sister was in Pandaria.   I was working with another squad of new recruits today and there was a discussion going on that I happened to overhear.   When I am out with recruits, I normally will turn a deaf ear to the conversations because they aren’t applicable to what it is that I am supposedly doing there  – I am there primarily to protect the lot and make sure that some of them don’t die of stupid.  It’s nice running with some of them, the more experienced Rangers that actually attended the training prior to signing on the dotted line and getting sent to Pandaria.

What really got me interested was the fact that some of the women in the group were complaining about a certain redhead that just seemed to think that the world revolved around her wants and needs and her absolute refusal to do some of the more menial tasks.   Then the name came out – Morningstar – yep, that’s what I had been waiting to hear and not be too obvious about it.   Felaran is going to be so upset when she gets back from her patrols and I tell her what I have overheard.  I’m surprised that Faendra hasn’t had an accident befall her since her arrival either because her comrades don’t seem to care for her attitude all that much either.  Not real surprising there.  I think that I will go ahead and tell Felaran when she gets home and let her make the decision as to whether she wants to get in touch with her brother – it might behoove him to step in and have her moved to another camp or to get her removed from the Rangers like he has a few others in the past.  Not my decision to make.

I will admit that being a Death Knight at times has some advantages because some people seem to think that it has affected our hearing and our mental capabilities.  I’m sure that it has on some of us, however, I don’t happen to be one of them.   I  know that sometimes people will talk rather freely in front of me without giving it much thought – I suppose that’s a true fault of the living, they believe that their assumptions of a situation are all that there is.  Of course, I know that these recruits talk quite freely around me and I think that it’s because of the fact that some of them are totally ignorant anyway, plus, I sometimes do act as if I were dimwitted.  I think that that I have caught up on all of the gossip that may have been going on with this group when they were last in Silvermoon.

Felaran and I are still diligently working on the farm and with the help of the Cloudhoof clan, our house is very livable.  No leaky roof, no issues with things creeping into the house uninvited, which didn’t happen often anyway, they don’t seem to like the coldness that we Death Knights can generate on a moment’s notice.   I know that’s one of Felaran’s favorite things to do as well as letting me know that she isn’t in the mood for any amorous advances on my part, she just turns up the frost a bit.  The only one that the cooler temperatures doesn’t seem to affect is FuzzButt, he just snuggles down deeper in the furs or gets in the pillows for that added heat.

Tylanlor  Ravencrest 

Learning To Care…

May 24th

Dear Journal,

After returning from one of our many trips out into the Jade Forest with some of the newer and I might also mention untrained recruits that have come our way to introduce to the perils of Pandaria, I thought that I saw Felaran’s sister amongst the group that I was traveling with – however, there are quite a few redheads, this one stood out because she was too busy pouting about the filth and the uncouth way that the Rangers she was with were conducting themselves.  Sure did sound like her, all haughty and full of angst.  I honestly don’t think that I will mention it to Fel just yet, I’ll wait to see what happens in the next few days because I am sure that I will be getting assigned to them again – why me, well, my temperament is such that I am considered a bit easy going for a Death Knight.  Fel’s temper seems to flare with some of the new people and I guess that it’s best that I take on the duty rather than have her going on after we go home about how stupid some of these people can be.

I guess Fel is still disappointed as I am about the fact that even if we wanted to get married, the authorities in Silvermoon have turned down our applications because we’re “dead” and unable to reproduce an heir to our family name.  Well, hello, we just wanted a piece of paper that would tell the world that we’re together, not that we were going to be going at it like bunnies to make babies – we do go at it quite a bit because we can, however, we’re just as happy with raising FuzzButt as our child, even if he is a cat.  We may be part of the unliving of this world, however, that doesn’t mean that we have no feelings for one another and would have liked to formalize it in some way.   I honestly think that if we had more gold between us, some coins could have crossed hands and we would have that piece of paper now, however, Fel’s temper got the best of her and I don’t think that a Magister has been called as many names in such a short amount of time either – poor fellow was turning various shades of red that almost went to purple a few times.   Maybe we can try again in a few weeks after the tempers have cooled down a little bit more and maybe I’ll suggest that I do the talking this time.

I made our wedding rings – very intricate jade pieces with the runes of our blades carved delicately into each one – hers on mine and mine on hers – we thought that it would make for some interesting topics of conversation as well as showing that we’re not ashamed of what we are either.  Death Knights are indeed a special breed and we know it – there is no harm in taking pride in it any longer, it wasn’t a choice that we willingly made anyway.

Oh, I do wish that some of the living could share some of the feelings that we have sometimes.  There is nothing more fulfilling or as loving with Death Knights to be in a battle, shoulder to shoulder, our Rune Blades singing in harmony as we cut down our foes – the feelings that we both get from that is more akin to what some of the living have to wait for some very intimate and intense moments  – we take joy in our work like no other sentient being can or ever will have the ability to do so.  When that Blades hunger to be fed and that appetite is quenched, there is nothing more gratifying to the two of us – we gain that feeling of peace and we also gain a lot more between the two of us.  I wish that I had the words to explain how it feels because until Fel and I started working together, I never felt that before.  It is akin to having sex and not at the same time.

I suppose some would find it odd that Death Knights are capable of loving – we are.  It’s not the same as it would be with the living, however, there are times that I wonder if it isn’t more intense in a lot of ways.  I know that Fel has taught me so much about being “alive” again than I would have ever found out about on my own  – I tended to stay to myself to avoid the stigma that some of my brethren have brought upon us through no fault of their own.  To say that she has taught me how to “live” again is just something that has happened – I now have emotions that I thought were lost to me, they make me feel more alive and more in touch with the living than I have had since the day I became aware of the killing machine that I have become.

Yes, I get a lot of teasing from people about my cat, FuzzButt, and that’s okay.  He’s taught me how to be more gentle and caring with the smaller things in life.  I learned how to make him purr and I have learned how to play again.  I’m not sure that I knew much about playing when I was alive, however, playing with this little cat has taught me how to be gentle again, which I am sure that Felaran probably appreciates.

I still have thoughts flash through my mind of my past life – some of the evil that I had done – I also catch glimpses of what might have been my family in my past life.  I keep seeing an older couple in my thoughts that might have been my parents, I’m not sure.   Maybe the Lich King’s minions did the right thing in wiping our memories, however, I wonder how much of that was to make us more capable of killing everything in our paths while we were under his control and not feel the guilt that most of humanity would have felt, I don’t know.   I don’t think that I will ever understand all of the reasoning behind it.   There are times that I find myself rather envious of Felaran’s memories and her ability to have a family surrounding here while I have nothing to cling too of my past life.  Luckily, I suppose, she gives me the stability that I had been missing as well as erasing that loneliness that I had endured for so many years before I met her.   She has taught me what it means to love and care about someone again – this I will always be thankful for.

One of the things that I have started doing since we bought our farm is to produce more of the jewelry that people seem to like.  Rings, necklaces and some very delicate pieces that can only be described as home decorations.  I can take real joy and pride in my work as I see them getting sold almost as soon as I finish them.  Felaran always laughs and chuckles at me when she sees me with my face buried in my work, the delicate pieces keep my mind occupied with the way that they seem to almost tell me how to cut the stones or wrought the gold to embellish them.   At least at the farm, I have my own space for my workbench and Fel likes to come over and look at some of the pieces – she actually helped me design our wedding rings.  Oh yes, hers was definitely the harder of the two to make because it is so tiny, however, it is beautiful  – yes, we are going to wear them even if Silvermoon doesn’t recognize the fact that we’re man and wife, we do.

Oh yes, I did ask her brother for her hand in marriage and he gave his permission although I will have to admit that his facial expression gave away his feelings.  I suppose he never  thought that Death Knights could care for one another, however, we can and do.  That poor fellow has his own crosses to bear with his relationships too – his wife in another faction, his sons being raised in a different kind of race and will never be able to grace his home with their presence in Silvermoon unless they sneak in.  Love has its own way of torturing our souls, if we truly have them, and making us do the things that we do.  Even Death Knights know what it is to suffer the loss of friends.  Ah well, I wax nostalgic here and it’s just wasting time that I need to be spending on some work that I have been commissioned to do.

A crown?  Not a tiara, mind you, a crown that symbolizing some kind of royalty.  Ah well, if it’s a crown that this woman wants, it will be a crown that she will get, however, she is going to have to be forthcoming with some gold before I can truly start the heavy work on it.  That means another meeting in Silvermoon and another discussion of what she requires.  She actually makes me feel uneasy when we are talking, there is just an air around her that makes me feel that she isn’t what she presents to the public eye.

Some of the runes that she wants in her design make me feel extremely uncomfortable because it’s not something that I would think that a mage would have knowledge of.  No, I haven’t discussed this with Felaran although she is aware of the commission and the money forthcoming, however, she might be a bit put off with the way that this woman acts when she’s around me.  A few passes, a few hints and some blatant winks – no, I’m not interested in this living woman and I need to find a more diplomatic way in trying to make her understand that.

Ah well, time to head back to the Jade Forest and try to get some of the recruits to understand that they don’t have to kill everything in the forest all at once – or to lead them back to me to kill for them, that’s not my job.

Ty Ravencrest




This Is Not My Fault…

May 22nd

Dear Journal,

One would have thought that with all of the wealth that the Sindorei seem to have in Silvermoon that the government could give us better living conditions  At least when we went camping at home, we had floor coverings, not just raw dirt to walk on, we had suitable bedding, clean furs and pillows. I know our family tent was larger than the one that I am sharing with these nine other women and there was definitely more privacy.

Since I am considered a raw recruit by the buffoons in Krasarang, and as punishment for not doing what I was told, I got sent with some ne’er do well Rangers to attend to the Hozen problem in the Jade Forest.

Now, Hozen are like jabbering monkeys that you might sometimes see at the Faire, however, these things are filthy.  They like to fling all kinds of things at you from wherever they are hiding – rotten fruit, garbage and some stuff that shall go unmentionable.   I know that I was so tired of getting hit with this junk and we couldn’t take a moment to stop and clean some of it off – the stench was horrid.

I have never heard animals yelling such atrocious things “Ook you in the Dooker!” seemed to be the most common of curses coming from these beasts.  How disgusting that sounds like and the visuals that it brought to my mind made my arrows true to their targets.  No way am I going to have one these beasts take advantage of me like that.   I hope that if we kill enough of them off that they will have respect for the Rangers in the forest and quit with the throwing of this afoul.

All I wanted to do last night was return to our camp in Krasarang, however, it appears as though we’re going to be stuck out here in the jungle for several days.  I even asked our patrol leader if there was a place where we could clean up and get this stuff out of our hair and off our armor.  After he finished laughing at me, he handed me a bucket and told where a stream was near our camp and that I needed to fill the bucket up and bring it back to share with the others to get cleaned up.

I almost retched at how some of my other counterparts reacted to getting cleaned up and how quickly that water in the bucket was fouled beyond belief.  Oh, there’s no latrine either, we have to go away from camp and go into the bushes to relieve ourselves – we never had this problem when I was camping with my family.

I thought seriously about cutting my hair off last night too because I thought that I had gotten it all up under my helm before we started our patrol, apparently, I didn’t do such a good job with that.  Now, I have this monkey stench in my hair and not enough time or water to get it all out.   I think I will be able to live with it for a while, however, if we’re out here for longer than a day or two, I may get one of the other women to cut it off for me, just to get away from the stench.

I don’t think that I have ever seen my brother look like some of the Rangers either.  He was always immaculate, clean shaven and he sure didn’t smell like these people either.  Of course, I’m sure I’ve never seen him come in from the field, as he likes to call it, so, I was totally unprepared for this part of being a Ranger.  I don’t like it at all.   I know that we can’t wear our dress uniforms while we’re on patrol because they would be like a beacon in the night to some of these creatures that we’re fighting here in the jungle, however, I never knew how filthy Rangers could be.  Oh yeah, some of them are pairing up for the nights too – nothing like body heat to keep warm – and then they laugh at me because I had such a shocked look on my face.

No, I didn’t go through the full basic training thing like they had in Silvermoon because I didn’t exactly join the way that some people did.  I didn’t join up until I got to Pandaria and could prove that I could shoot my bow with the best of them.   Had I known that this is how it was going to be, I would have stayed with the mercenaries a little bit longer, I bet I would have already been in Halfhill and I bet I might have had a day off too.   I know that there are a lot of things that I should have done differently when I got here, I just had one goal and that was to find Dawnglory, which I haven’t done yet either.

I always thought that being in the Rangers was going to be a wonderful experience.  They always look so handsome in their uniforms as they stride around Silvermoon.  My brother always looked more than a little bit handsome when he had on his dress uniforms too – now, these fellows here in Pandaria look so much like the mercenaries that I was traveling with and act worse than they did, it’s a shock.  I wanted to look smart and pretty in my armor when I find Dawnglory – he would be very shocked to see me although I am sure that he would think that I looked beautiful in my uniform – it matches my hair beautifully.

It’s not like I can write my brother and ask him to send a letter to the Rangers here in Pandaria to let me out of my commitment  because I am sure that he would say “no” anyway.  I didn’t exactly leave on the best of terms and I am sure that he is still angry with me.  He’s really going to be sorry if I get hurt up here too, it is his fault that I am in this mess anyway.

Faendra Morningstar

Being Forsaken In Pandaria

March 31st

Dear Journal,

I’m going to have to say that this Pandaria place isn’t so bad.  I’m still not real good at following order because it goes against my way of doing things sometimes.  I just can’t help myself when I see a perfectly delicious corpse and I am in need of a snack.  I guess I wasn’t cut out to be one of those military types, I mean, I’m Forsaken, however, before that, I was a human girl – a farm girl to top it all off that used to go hunting with her Daddy.

I know that I am going to see if Zippie can’t get in touch with the Boss and see if she can’t get me liberated from this military stuff.  We should just put together a form letter where you just fill in the names and so on because lately, it does seem like there are more of us getting shipped off to Pandaria whether we like the thought or not.  I am well aware that I gave my allegiance to the Horde and I also know that I gave my allegiance to Lady Sylvanas – what’s one more to add to the list?

Yucko!   No, I’m not one to complain too often, however, what’s a Forsaken girl supposed to do around all of these Blood Elves with their fabulous hair and it’s all I can do to keep what little I have on my head.  Here, Hazey, wear this helm so that when you take it off, half of your hair stays in there.  Nope, ain’t gonna happen or I am going to have to see a wig shop somewhere, roll a few of these furry Pandaren for some fur or something.

I suppose I could waltz into Orgrimmar, claim brain damage and go back to Silvermoon and pledge my allegiance to the Lord Regent, can’t say that I care that much for Garrosh, big green stupid guy and I’m a bit concerned about the one eyed dude in Silvermoon City.   I mean, we could replace Garrosh’s brain with one that is functional and give the Regent Lord a new eyeball, although  I suppose that some people think he’s a sexy beast with that eye patch.   Well, from an all female perspective, he is a sexy beast – too bad he’s a Blood Elf and already knows how handsome he is.

I’ve been able to slip away and hit Undercity a few times to visit with Bri a bit.  She seems to be doing okay and I just wish she’d speed it up with that tailoring and enchanting business she has going on.  I could use some new duds other than the armor I have on my back.   Yeah, I told her I thought it was a bad idea to stop doing the leatherworking thing, however, she just put me on ignore and did what she wanted too.   I asked her to go to Orgrimmar and check on the house there because I haven’t been back since I got shipped out.  I just want to make sure that I don’t have some people living in there on my dime, you know what I mean?  I know how landlords are and sometimes they will double-dip on the gold if they think that they can get away with it.

I found a little farm in Halfhill and I got the place cheap.  No furniture, roof leaks like a sieve and let’s just say that I am making friends with the vermin.  I swear they are pushy little beasts, I think I have some living in the house with me some nights because I hear that little chittering sound that they make  – ewww, maybe they are under the house.  I don’t mind the spiders and rats that much, they make it seem homey, just wish I could find a decent coffin to put in the place, then, it would really be home.

I just had to find a place of my own and get away from that ranger camp business.  I mean, I can only take so much of the living as it is because they always look at me like I crawled out from under a rock  – well, maybe it’s because that’s the only place I could find to sleep when the tents were all full of Blood Elves.  My mind was about to explode with all of the talk about makeup, hair products and what or who they were going to sleep with when they got leave to go back to Silvermoon.  Well, the makeup thing was kind of interesting, however, I already know that I can put on makeup and I’ll still look like I do – walking corpse with hair that might have belonged to someone else, however, as they say about chubby girls – I have a great personality. I’m still laughing at the “chipped nails” thing – I have to worry about losing a finger just from pulling back my bowstrings.

I really like the Jade Forest so far.  Not too busy, not too boring at all.  I just like exploring.  I stumbled into this place called Dawn Blossom and I have found a lot of interesting things.  I will remind myself that the next time I see an egg on the ground to just leave the blasted thing there.

Yep, found an egg and returned it to those people across the way and now, I’m a Momma of a dragon, well, kind of a dragon thing.  It’s green, it squeaks and eats a lot of food, mostly fish and tiger flanks.  Nothing would do that I had to learn how to take care of it.  Well, no one asked me if I wanted to do it, they just kind of nicely insisted.  Of course, now, when I’m not in Halfhill or Dawn Blossom, I’m out learning how to ride one of those beasts.   Okay, I’ll go along with it and see how it all works out, however, if that little thing doesn’t stop pooping all over the place, I’m going to put a cork in it.

Yep, I think I’m doing just fine up here in Pandaria except for the military part.  Got a little piece of dirt that I am going to turn into a farm with a house of sorts.  Now, I have this little beastie to take care of – it’s like having children or something.   I suppose I’ll have to invite Bri to visit sometime, however, I don’t think I’m quite at that stage yet – she might get the idea that she would like to stay.

Yeah, leave it to Zippie to know where I am.  Got a letter with a few more contracts to fill and payment for that last shipment that I shipped to her in Silvermoon.  I guess she doesn’t want me to get bored or something.  I don’t have time to get bored  – I guess I’m lucky that I don’t sleep that much because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Hazey Smythe






Everything is …Okay

June 23rd

Dear Journal,

Well, I am sitting here somewhat relieved because I finally got to see my Mother with my own eyes to make sure that she was still alive.  I’ll admit that she looks a bit worse for the wear and the attack from the Orcs must have been a total shock to her and my Father.  I’m just happy that they both survived it and that Mom is going to be okay, even if it takes a little more time for her to get back to normal.

I had been banging my head on the wall of frustration because here I was within walking distance and even visual distance of where my Mom was and I couldn’t even go there to see her or visit with her.  I did see my Aunt Felaran outside a few times and she would wave and smile at me.  It just stinks that a family as close as we have been in the past can’t even speak to one another in this place or at this time for fear that someone will see us and turn us all in for being traitors.  That was the one thing that I enjoyed about living in Dalaran, no one really cared what we did and they accepted us even if they didn’t like it.  Of course, Shattrath is neutral and we grew up there, however, there was nothing to compare to Dalaran.

Kae and I had been in Halfhill for a few days after being out scouting for several days and I had known about my Mother’s injuries and to be honest, it was driving me wild with anxiety. I know that I really was at my wit’s end as to how I could see her.  Kae,  being as blunt as only she can with me, just told me to use my skills and get as close to the my Father’s house as I could and signal him, no one should see me in the middle of the night.  So, off I went, did my signal and there was my Dad standing there with a huge grin on his face.  Of course, not too far behind him was my Mother and I will have to admit that I almost burst into tears like a little boy.  Oh, we were well hidden by the trees and the farmhouse, so, we sat on the ground out there in the moonlight and just talked, almost like old times.

I did get the general impression that my Dad wants my Mom to leave the Sentinels again and I get the feeling that he is more than ready to walk away from his duties with the Horde.  It think this last little adventure of theirs pretty much put the icing on the cake of his life with the Horde.  He will always be Sindorei, however, as he calmly put it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to be Horde for life though because he had walked away from it before and he was ready to do it again with all of the things that have been going on in Kalimdor.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been back to Kalimdor or even to visit my grandparents in quite a while.  Well, not really since Winter Veil.  I see Vashlan in Stormwind when I go there with the contracts that Kae and I have filled and that’s about the extent of my adventures outside of Pandaria.  Oh, I’ve heard all of the tales of what is going on with Orgrimmar and Kor’kon guards everywhere and my Father confirmed that they weren’t just tales. 

That’s just awful that a Warchief could turn against his own people like that.  Oh, I know that the Alliance isn’t all sunshine and roses either, however, I don’t think that Varian would turn on his own people the way that this Hellscream has.  No wonder there is a rebellion going on. 

Oh,  I lied, I have been back to Kalimdor to deliver some supplies for the rebellion before it became public knowledge, so, a lot of the things that are happening now hadn’t changed the place as much as it has now.   I guess there are camps all over the place and the Orcs are killing or taking any of the Trolls captive that they suspect of being a part of the rebellion.  What a mess!  No wonder my Father is ready to walk away from it all, he’s ashamed of what has become of the Horde and how it has cost his own people many lives just for the name of greed and power of one man. 

I think that my Dad wants us to start looking for a nice place to settle here in Pandaria, away from everyone and just a place where we can be a family again.  That would be wonderful if there could be such a place.  Of course, with the way that the Horde is even destroying the beauty of the Vale has me wondering if there will be anything left of the Pandaria that we knew when we arrived.  I would imagine that the Pandaren are questioning the reasoning of why they allowed the Horde to come into their lands.

It was nice to see Mom again and I guess that she is going to actually go back to Dolonaar for a few days.  My Dad has made all of the arrangements and she should be going there in the next couple of days.  It think that it will be a good thing for her to get away from everything for a few days and to spend some time with the little guys and my grandparents.   I guess I could ask Kae if she would like to go back to Darnassus for a few days, I know that she hasn’t been back in a real long time either.  It might be fun and I would like her to meet my Grandparents formally. 

I know that I have to laugh when I think how close Kae and I came to meeting one another long before we came to Pandaria.  She fostered with my grandparents for a while and I guess she had met my Mother before, even if Mom didn’t remember it. It seems like the Fates were playing games with all of us.  With the way that Kae grew up, I’m sure that we probably know quite a few of the same people.

I will have to admit that now that I have seen my parents and I know that they are both okay, I can finally start feeling like things are going to be okay again.  That was definitely a few scary days there and I was really starting to get more than a little bit anxious about the whole thing.  Kae really was good about my outbursts and my rants about the fact that they were so close and we couldn’t just walk over there to see them.

I know that I was sitting here and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I could possibly end up having to take over as the head of the family and I knew that I wasn’t really prepared for it.  I haven’t lived as long as my parents yet and I don’t have their experiences to draw upon. I was really starting to freak myself out and for no reason, thanks be to Elune.  I don’t know how they do it, keeping their private lives, business and families separated from their duties as a Ranger and a Sentinel.  I know that I would have been sorely pressed to even attempt that sort of thing.  I think that I have found a whole new respect for what they have done in their lives.

I know that Kae and I went back to where my parents were attacked and we both ended up kind of smiling.  They weren’t the only ones that had been using that little house for rendezvous even if we were all very careful.  I’m really kind of surprised that we hadn’t run into one another there on more than one occasion.

Oh, Kae and I still go to the Jade Temple to swim in the pools and do some of our laundry occasionally even if there are more Orcs roaming around these days.  We feel relatively safe within the confines of the grounds of the temple.  It might seem a bit sacrilegious to some people, however, the monks don’t seem to mind our being there either.  I think that the Jade Forest will always be one of my favorite areas of Pandaria when all is said and done.  I wish we could find a place there where the family could settle, however, it’s still and entry point for the Horde as well as the Alliance for however much longer this war lasts.

I know it’s the only place where we can swim without worrying about something charging out of the bushes and attacking us.  Plus, there aren’t any of those crazed turtles trying to attack us when we aren’t looking either.  I know the last time that we were down there, I made a flower garland for Kae to wear in her hair and she looked beautiful. I think she really like it too because I found it pressed between two books on the shelf so that it would dry flat and she could add it to her keepsakes. I don’t know why women are so silly about such things sometimes.

To be exact, I ought to quit writing for a while because we have a picnic planned down at the Jade Temple anyway.  Yes, we’re just taking the day off and we’re going to go down there and relax in the peace and harmony of that place.  I still want to watch the monks and maybe get a chance to talk to some of them when they aren’t going through their exercises – the whole style of fighting that they use really intrigues me.



A Time For Change..

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 10th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here at the farm this morning trying to write in my journal and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.  These last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for everyone I think.  At least I can sit here with my leg throbbing slightly and realize that this was no dream that all of the events happened and we’re damned lucky to be alive and I think the Light and Elune for that.

I’m watching my beloved sleeping beneath the furs on the bed with just the top of head and her ears showing slightly and it does make me smile.  I know that it is going to be hell to pay to get her out of the farmhouse and to another place of safety with the way that there appear to be more increased guards in the area.  I’m very surprised at her rapid recovery after the healer told me that it would be weeks before she could really do anything, however, I don’t think that she knew my wife that well.  That is one stubborn and strong-minded Kaldorei to start with.  She’s still weak and she still isn’t completely healed, however, she is more like herself these days and anxious to get away from Halfhill again.

Oh, we have argued these last couple of days just like we have in the past about what it is that she should do and what I want her to do.  I would love for her to leave the Sentinels and go back to Dolonaar for a while and stay with her parents and the boys, however, she wants none of that.  Her reasoning is that if I have to stay in Pandaria, then, she is going to stay in Pandaria because she has her duty to fulfill to her people as I do to mine and she doesn’t want us to be parted again.

I know that she isn’t fit for active duty yet and I don’t know when she will be again; however, she is just as insistent her staying here in Pandaria as she was when we first moved to Shattrath.  Oh, the arguments we would have there when I would tell her that I had to go somewhere on business and she well knew that it wasn’t only business that was taking me away from her.  No, those days of her staying behind are over and I realize that, however, I don’t want her to get hurt anymore than she already has.

I’m still kicking myself for the stupidity of what happened in the Jade Forest.  Both of us were stupid and blinded by our own dreams of being together in such a peaceful setting.  We both knew better and this isn’t home, this is a strange land and there is a war going on.  Not so much a war with the natives of the country as it is the old warhorse of the Alliance and the Horde clashing over something stupid. We were both just lucky to walk away from that incident with the injuries that we reconceived.  If I had slept a bit more soundly or if I had been a bit slower in my reactions, this journal would have had no author and my children would have had no parents.

I’m sitting here trying to formulate another plan on how I can resign from the Rangers and get out of Hellscream’s grasp.  I want no part of this situation any longer.  I wasn’t happy with the orders when I came here and as time has gone on, I’m even unhappy.  I want to be able to resign and walk away from the war machine and still maintain my own personal life – the company and my family is tantamount in importance.  My next plan of attack on the matter is to see how much money it will take to buy my way out of the service.

I know that Dawnglory and his lady will be leaving on a well earned trip to visit her family in the next few days and will be dropping by Orgrimmar on the way.  I am going to try to talk him into taking Faendra to Silvermoon for me and putting her in the custody of our ever-faithful Agatha to take care of before the wedding.   I know that there will be many pre-nuptial parties and cotillions to attend and the young couple will get an opportunity to know one another a bit before the final ceremony and we’re running behind schedule on getting those things started. Oh, I know there will be hell to pay when Dawnglory shows up in Orgrimmar with Romy on his arm because my sister is definitely not going to like that.  I just hope that she will maintain the decorum and let her breeding rise to the surface and be a lady about the whole situation. I’m doing what I think is best for the family and for her.

I know that I dread the thought of having to make the trip to Orgrimmar as much as anything I have ever dealt with.  I have a second plan in place if Dawnglory doesn’t want to take Faendra back to Silvermoon and that is that I will have to leave Amyn alone here and do the task myself even if I am not exactly physically fit for that sort of thing right now.  I can manage to get one girl to Silvermoon and get back to Pandaria very quickly, I think.

I am getting more than a little bit concerned about the situation in Orgrimmar anyway.  It has been unusually quiet of late.  I haven’t gotten as many letters from my little goblins as I used to get and it’s almost like they have fallen almost silent. I didn’t get my usual glowing and bubbly financial report from Zippie last week and this week, I have heard nothing.   I did get to talk to the Cloudhoof in the market yesterday and they had recently returned from a trip to Thunder Bluff.  It appears that not only is Garrosh raping this land here in Pandaria; he’s also building up fortifications in the Barrens as well.  It’s only a matter of time before he finds all of the races turned against him.

At least Felaran and her man are here to help take care of things and to help with Amyn’s recovery.  I can at least put in an appearance at the base camp for a few hours each day without worrying about Amyn being alone.

I just made myself laugh a little bit.  I’m too busy and I don’t have “time” to die.  It’s not like I can add that to an agenda somewhere – it’s time to die. I don’t think that would work out well for any of the people involved.

I know that I have several meetings coming up that I will be expected to attend in Orgrimmar with the council and I’ve been able to dodge out of a couple of them by claiming duty in Pandaria as the excuse, however, I don’t know how many more of those I can pull off.  I just don’t want to even be in the same vicinity with Hellscream right now for fear of losing my sanity and putting a dagger in his throat. I honestly don’t think that I have ever hated a man as much as I do him at the moment – he’s everything evil that has represented the Horde in the past and I hate to see the faction being ripped apart by his insanity and greed.  

Fnor Morningstar

A Time For Healing, Hate and Love…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 8th

Dear Journal,

I have spent these last few days in a fog, almost as if I could sit here and see myself going through the motions and yet I was detached, my emotions drained and dull. It was a horrible feeling to sit here and think that the woman that you have loved for so many years might be dying.  Life could not be that unfair, it just couldn’t be – not after all that we have been through.  I know I have cried until my eyes ache and there are no more tear to be had, I hope.

Our getting attacked at the little house in the Jade Forest was a shock, surprise and a rude awakening.  We had been careless with our comings and goings and I guess the Orc deserters had been watching us for a while or perchance they had just happened by and smelled the food.  We will never know and the Orcs will never tell because they are no longer with us on this plane of existence.

The healer has said that Amyn is going to survive the injuries that she sustained during the confrontation at the house, however, it is going to take weeks for her to heal up without any other issues arising. Yes, there has been quite a bit of discussion with the healer in regard to the fact that Amyn is not one of “us” – not a member of Horde.  She’s a Kaldorei and a Sentinel, however, she happens to be my wife and the Mother of my children  – which would mean a death sentence at this particular time for the both of us were it to become well known. This particular healer I happen to trust won’t be indiscrete and tell the world that the Ranger Commander is doing more than just consorting with the enemy.  Amyn has never been my enemy – she has been my lover, my wife, my life’s companion and the Mother of my children. Amyn is my life because she is the true caretaker of my soul.

The whole ordeal has been mindboggling, not only the attack and the injuries suffered by my wife, the loss of an unborn child was a blow that was very unexpected.  I have talked to Amyn in between her sleeping bouts, which will be happening with the drugs and the head injury for a while.  She didn’t know she was pregnant although she was several weeks along – I suppose that can happen, a woman not knowing that she is with child.  The healer said that the sex of the baby was hard to know because it wasn’t fully formed yet and had not been in the womb long enough for that stage to appear.  I just know that the baby was mine and that Amyn lived through not only the head injury but had a miscarriage to complicate matters.  The loss of blood from the head injury was substantial, however, the loss of blood from the miscarriage is what almost took her away from me.

I can’t help but reflect back to another time in my life when a woman that I dearly loved committed suicide due to some kind of mental imbalance and took the life of another unborn child away from me. As I sat her watching Amyn struggling for her life, those previous thoughts were racing through my mind like an uncontrollable storm. Those times were different back then and I was indeed very young and foolish – the girl that I loved was a Sindorei of some substantial wealth and family that I had rescued from a terrible situation of abuse and bondage.  Fool that I was, I was already very much involved with Amyn at the time although I was trying to put some distance between us due to the racial and political issues that would have arisen at that time. It was a tumultuous time, not only with the politics but with my own emotions  – I had a lot of growing up to do.

When the girl committed suicide, I literally cut myself off from everything and everyone that I knew – the Rangers were in the past, my business was just starting out and the only people that were consistent in my life at that point were my sisters, Dawnglory and my beloved Amyn.  I think that I loved Amyn very deeply back then, however, I was doing my best to deny it.

Shortly after the death of the girl in Dalaran, yes, she committed suicide in the house we’ve lived in there,  I had gone on a drinking bout that would last for months – those months are a complete blur even now when I try to recall all of the things that were going on.  The company was busy and our involvement as mercenaries fighting against the Scourge was definitely the thing that made the company grow like crazy – that’s how it even exists today.

I was in one of my drunken stupors one night in Shattrath and was trying to get amorous with Amyn and she refused me because of my alcoholic state.  I know that this is something that I am not proud of and will spend the rest of my days regretting it because it showed me what an animal I can be, no matter the fine veneer of being from Silvermoon might try to displace that.  I raped her, quite forcibly in fact and promptly passed out.  There was no love in that act, it was just sheer physical desire overriding any kind of humanity that I had in my mind that night.  I know that I was shocked, dismayed and sickened with myself the next morning when I awakened and found out that Amyn had left me.  Yes, she left me and I can’t say that I blame her for it at the time.  She did leave me a letter that I still have today – she spoke of her love for me, my selfishness and my ability to use people without any kind of sympathy or empathy just for the sake of money. She also told me that she was pregnant with our first child – Yes, that was Kal’s introduction to me – she was going home to Dolonaar to have “her” baby.

Oh, we had been mated in the Kaldorei fashion for quite a few years when all of this came to pass. I had been out philandering with other women and my Sentinel stood by and let me run my gambit of stupidity for quite a while.  I can honestly say that none of the women back then were even aware of Amyn’s existence because she was my dirty little secret that I kept hidden from the world except for when I was in Shattrath City with her. She was exotic, she was all woman and I considered her my equal physically and mentally, yet, my mind and heart would not let me make that full commitment to her. I was a real arrogant bastard and very much the narcissist. Why she even stayed with me during that time was a miracle of sorts – however, when she left me and went back to her family it did wake me up for a while.  I did follow her to Dolonaar and persuaded her to come back to me for the sake of our unborn child and she acquiesced to my suggestions. Had I only realized,  at that point,  that she was the only woman that I ever really needed in my life  I would have never of gone through the tumultuous things in my personal life and forced Amyn to share the pain with me.

I sit here looking at her sleeping form and I marvel that she’s still here. She still loves me after all of the pain and suffering that I’ve put her through. Now, I realize what a lucky man I am and have truly come to grips with all of the things in our lives and she was almost taken away from me.  I have given thanks to Elune, prayed to the Light and cried to every deity that I have ever heard of not to take her away from me – someone listened. 

I have some injuries of my own that I am going to have to be aware of for a while if I am going to keep functioning like a normal man.  One of the Orcs cut me from my groin to my knee with a very large axe, I’m surprised that my manhood is still intact. The healer has sutured that up, bandaged it and given me some medication for the pain, however, I’ve endured the pain without it because of my worry about Amyn.

I know that I did get word to Kal about his Mother when I thought she was dying and I know the poor kid was beside himself with anxiety. We met after darkness fell in Halfhill and I told him what had happened.  I saw a part of myself in him when his temper flared and he got the same murderous look on his face that I know I’ve had on mine a few times. 

Even with my own injuries, I knew that I had to get back to the little house and gather up our belongings before anyone stumbled upon them – not to mention, get rid of the bodies that must have putrefied in the heat down there.   Kal went with me and we were able to gather our belongings and take care of what was left of the bodies.  Something had taken the bodies out of the house and proceeded to dine on them  I went through the pockets of what was left of their armor and found a few personal trinkets as well as sigils.  With those sigils, I could pretty much track them back to whatever group they were with.  That’s how I found out that they were deserters, grunts, peons of the lowest order that had escaped from the Horde infantry. Poor fools must have been sickened of the war and were seeking what they could find to survive and go home. Poor bastards will never see Kalimdor again.  At least that put aside any concerns that I had of a patrol that was sent to find us at any rate – so, our secret is still safe for the time being.

Amyn has been able to sit up for a while a little bit each day.  Let’s just say that I never visualized myself as being the handmaiden to such a lovely creature, however, if she wanted anything, I made sure she got it posthaste.  We’ve talked about what happened and we’re both in agreement that we were very careless in our way of doing things because we felt that false security that no one ever passed that way.  Well, we passed that way, and there sure as the Light was nothing from preventing anyone else from getting there either.  Will we return to the hidden house in the Jade Forest?  That’s doubtful.

At least I know she is going to be okay and Kal has made sure that there are no search parties out looking for his Mother.  I guess his “cousin” had an extremely bad emergency concerning her family in Dolonaar and had to take a personal leave – that’s what he said anyway. I wish she would take a permanent leave from the Sentinels and go back to Shattrath or maybe we could disappear into the wilds here in Pandaria. 

Oh Light, if I could only disappear with my wife and never look back, however, the repercussions against my family would be terrible if I deserted at this juncture. I’ll just have to bide my time an hope the rebels are lucky enough to kill that monster in Orgrimmar.  We’ll keep doing our part in our way to help the rebels and still keep our families safe.

I’ve sent a letter to Agatha in Silvermoon to have her go get Faendra and take her back to get her ready for the formal introductions to her new family.  I just can’t get away from Amyn right now, it wouldn’t be advisable with her needing constant attendance and care at this point.

I haven’t even told Dawnglory about what has transpired with Amyn and I either, he has his own hands full with his personal life and running things at base camp in my absence.  As soon as Amyn is able to take care of herself and her needs a bit less, I’ll have to head back to the camp and take over again. The healer has said that she thought Amyn should be able to handle taking care of herself for a few hours a day next week. I wish I could get a real nurse in here to take care of her while I’m gone – oh wait, that’s right, Felaran is here in Pandaria, I could get her to help me out some.  I’ll have to get word to her. I don’t think that Amyn will mind having her Death Knight sister-in-law taking care of her for a while.  Amyn and Fel have always gotten along famously.  Problem solved when I start using my head.

Fnor Morningstar

A Tauren In Pandaria

May 27th

Dear Journal,

While I may long to be home in Thunderbluff with my Mother and brothers, I am finding things in this new land that are very enjoyable.  I have spent a great deal of time in the Jade Forest and I see how it comes by its name.  There is so much green there that you can almost become lost and mesmerized by it.  Yes, there are dangers there that will sometimes catch you by surprise if you are not wary.

I am definitely following the teachings of the Pandaren with their “Slow Down” and I’m definitely savoring every minute that I can of the beauty of this land.  It’s definitely not Mulgore, which I am still very homesick for, however, it has its own special beauty.  At least Naton and I have found more Tauren in the area and we’ve started making friends with them.  We like to gather together sometimes and talk about home and sometimes we just sit there and laugh at all of the adventures that we are having.

“Slow Down” that is the one statement that makes me smile and sometimes even makes me laugh outright because Tauren are not known for our speed. Oh, we can speed up the pace when we are attacking something, however, we normally take a slow pace so that we may cover a greater distance without fatigue.  That’s the secret, why rush to do something and then be too exhausted to carry on further.  We’re a nomadic people and traveling the roads of Kalimdor for generations has taught us that speed is not something that will get you to your destination any faster.  I can’t begin to tell you how many little Blood Elves we’ve ended up carrying with us, literally, because in their haste they have depleted their energy to where they would have ended up dead if it weren’t for the Tauren in the area.

We are definitely learning how to embrace the land and try to repair some of the damages wrought by some of our Horde brethren as we travel along.  Of course, we do have some Orc that want to kill everything in sight, while we continue to plod along and hoping that they might get eaten by some of the beasts in the area.  I guess that doesn’t sound very loyal when you’re fighting a war, however, I never much cared for the Orc when we were still in Kalimdor, I care less for them in Pandaria.

I know that Naton made one of our sergeants angry the other day when the fellow was just yelling at us to speed up, the war would be over by the time we got our mangy hides into the fray.  Naton’s response to that was that we would live to get to the battle whereas, he may not make it himself due to his haste and inability to take in his surroundings as he galloped along.   Besides, without the Tauren to put the Orcs back together again, Hellscream probably wouldn’t have much of an army at his disposal, so, just be quiet and we will arrive at our destination in due time.  Sometimes my brother surprises me with the way that he can take all of this in stride without seeming to get upset about it – I know I cry sometimes because I do get weary and I do get frightened.  Naton offers me comfort and solace when I feel upset and I think that is because he has seen this “war” thing all before when he was under the influence of the Lich.  He keeps telling me that things will get better.

Oh, we did get to see Mr. Morningstar when we were in Dawn’s Blossom for a while.  He looks very tired, however, he was very happy to see Naton and I.  He told us to be careful and on our guard while we were making the trek through the Jade Forest and he would have a surprise for us when we get to Halfhill.  I wonder what that surprise could be?  He’s one of the big Ranger Commanders now, however, he will always be Mr. Morningstar to Naton and I after all of these years of working for him in Kalimdor.  The good news is that he said that we were still on the payroll for Morningstar Enterprises and that we could still send things back to Orgrimmar and we would be paid just like always.  That was good news to the two of us because the money we get for being in this army isn’t all that great and we still money home to Mom and the two boys when we can.  I miss those days of just being near home and being able to help the family with what I could earn there. At least we have been able to keep up our trades a little bit and have been able to send things home.

Ah well, I should put this journal away and get some rest, we have a long trek tomorrow and should be arriving in the Valley of Four Winds.  We always hear rumors about the places that we are going, however, I am curious to see these giant vegetables that we have been told about – the noodles we have been eating and some of the vegetables that we have been able to find have been delicious, however, I would love to make some cabbage soup with bits of carrots in it and have time for it to simmer to bring out the flavor – everything is cooked so fast while we travel that some of the flavor is lost.  Oh, and the tea, we always have tea with our meals.

Oh, I am smiling now because we were able to make camp early enough tonight to be able to sit around the campfire and have our own version of Story Circle.  It wasn’t as splendid as the one that we have on the Bluffs, however, there were some wonderful stories told by some of group.  We even had time to sit and sing some of our tribal songs for a few minutes.  It was almost like home, not quite, however, it made me proud to be a Tauren.  We may get frowned upon by some of the Orcs, Trolls and Blood Elves for our lack of speed and our caring about the land, however, we will always carry our love and traditions of the Earth Mother with us regardless of the circumstances.  That’s what makes our people truly strong – our faith.

Some of the other women and I are looking forward to the day when we can actually put on a dress and do the things that we were used to doing at home.  This constant wearing of armor is not very feminine and we have all noticed the young bulls traveling with us – we’re all of marriageable age and even if there is a war going on, we still are women.  We were giggling amongst ourselves last night about a couple of the young fellows that seem to be determined to make a name for themselves here in Pandaria because they want their tribes to remember them as heroes.  Well, I’ll take a lesser Brave as a mate because I don’t intend on being made a widow early in my life with calves to care for.  Give me a nice Druid or even another hunter to be a companion with, that is all that I ask, Earth Mother.

Mahamura Cloudhoof