Time Moves On…

April 15th

Dear Journal,

After spending some time with Amyn Shadowmoon in Stormwind, I decided that I needed to get away from the humanities for a while and head back to my nice quiet forests for a while.  It is almost like you need to heal your mind sometimes when you have been in contact with many people for few days – or that’s just me.

I went back to Darnassus and stayed there a few days to gather my gear and head out for some serious exploration to and to refresh myself with some of my fond memories of different places.  Of course, a lot of things are not as they were in the past after the Shattering, however, I did take comfort in the fact that I could see that Nature was revitalizing itself after those injuries were inflicted by an insane dragon.

Darkshore used to be one of my favorite places to visist as a child with my family, however, there is no more Darkshore as I once knew it.  All of the flooding and destruction has erased that from the face of the planet, however, I still can rely on some of my memories to help ease the pain.   I can remember standing there for countless hours learning how to fish with my Father, looking out over the water and having thoughts that someday I might want to live there.  Luckily for me, those dreams never came to pass, who knows if I would have survived Deathwing’s visit to the area.

I know that I have seen more Horde on this trip than I can recall seeing in the past, however, that was to be expected, I suppose.  My first real exposure to the Horde when I was younger and training with some of my fellow druids was the incursion into the lands was much further across the land in Forest Song.  The Horde were busy taking what they wanted or needed from the forest without much thought for the future, however, I am beginning to realize that it’s not just the forest that they are after – they want the Night Elves to be gone from the lands that we have called home since we came into existence.  Greed is the one motivation that I can see with the Horde, they couldn’t possibly need all of the resources that they are taking from us.

I did wander into the Northern Barrens and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time there gathering a few herbs and noticing that not only were the Horde despoiling my own land, they were busy doing the same to their own as well.  So many encampments, so many soldiers that I was wondering if anyone was still living in Orgrimmar. I almost wept with sorrow when I saw the deep gash in the land left behind by Deathwing – no more are the rolling plains open for miles as they once were, nature has been left in such disarray that I wonder if it can be healed.

I think that my main goal with some of this wandering around was to refresh my memories of places that I have enjoyed many times in the past.  I was not disappointed when I made my way through Desolace and  went traversing through Feralas, yet again.

I was finally able to make my way to where we had all camped as a family many years ago and I am happy to say that there were still signs left there of our camp site.  Naturally, I decided to camp in the same area as we had before and I will admit that I was just enjoying myself completely lost in my old memories of the fun we had there as well as seeing signs of how much the land had changed and grown for the better.

I did make it into Feathermoon to get a few supplies to take back to my camp and I will admit that the Sentinel encampment has grown quite a bit.  I guess that is a good reason that I am not seeing much of the Horde where I am camping and haven’t really seen much of an incursion or signs of them having been there for a while.

Okay, I’ll admit that I was in Feathermoon in hopes of running into that young lady that I had mentioned previously.  I know that her company of Sentinels was sent to Pandaria, however, I do know that they rotate the groups back home as much as possible so that there is no danger of them going native in the new land.   I was just hoping that she might be there.

When I was in Darnassus I did go to Dolonaar to visit my Aunt and Uncle, however, they were busy with  Amyn’s boys most of the time.  We did have an opportunity to talk a bit and , naturally, my Aunt was curious about how things were going with the rest of the family and I let it slip that I was there to find out some information about one of their foster children.   A young woman that I had an interest in and had been too shy to really get to know her as well as I would have liked.  You can imagine my shock and surprise to find out that the girl had been shipped from Feathermoon to Pandaria and was now living with their grandson, the oldest of Amyn’s mixed breeds.

I guess my disappointment showed on my face quite readily and I was reassured that this boy hadn’t taken any vows at the Moonwell with Kae yet.  I know that I was just disappointed that I hadn’t the nerve when she was still in Dolonaar to let her know how I felt.  Of course, she was getting all set to become a Sentinel and probably wouldn’t have had time for druid like myself.  Her thoughts were all about the glory of being a Sentinel and my thoughts were all about how to heal the land where blood had been shed and Nature disturbed years ago, long before my time.

Yes, I have been daydreaming about this young woman for quite a while and I guess that I should start dismissing those thoughts from my mind, however, if this boy hasn’t committed himself yet to her, there might still be an opportunity for me if I can get myself to Pandaria.  Elune knows that there will come a time when I will be able to make that journey.   I am old enough now to know better, however, I will admit that my heart was set on this young lady a long time ago and I don’t think that I will give up the thoughts of settling down with her – be it here in Kalimdor or possibly in Pandaria.  Time will tell.

Basaric Shadowmoon



Mach 15th

Dear Journal,

I am a little bit upset with Kae getting in touch with my Mother about my behavior.  It’s like getting double-teamed by  a couple of females.  It’s not fair and it’s definitely not fair when one is your Mom and the other is your girlfriend.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a talking too by my Mom, it’s been years in fact.  Now, I’ll admit that I like to drink and I like to rough house with my friends and I am not used to someone that is going to get their nose out of joint when I do either of the above.  I just know that I am not a little boy and I did politely explain that to my Mom, although I don’t think that she heard that part.

She’s just upset with the way that Vashlan is acting lately and I do find it kind of surprising, however, I think that he will settle back down once the novelty wears off and he finally grows up enough to where he realizes that things aren’t that great if that’s all you do.  Mom is worried about him neglecting his studies and I’ll admit that that could be a problem, so, I’ll have a few passing words with him when I am in Stormwind in a few days.

Kae acted as if everything was okay between us when I got back this last time, all banged up and somewhat injured, however, I didn’t know that it bothered her enough to send a letter to my Mom like someone being a tattletale.  Well, she and I have had a discussion on the matter and I think that I made it real clear that she doesn’t have the right to contact my Mother in regard to my behavior.  If she has a problem with me, she needs to talk to me about it before she starts wailing at the moon like some spoiled little girl.  I don’t need for my Mother to know about or be involved with the things that I do because I am a grown man, the last time I checked.  Sure, I’m still a young man, however, I’m considered capable of taking care of myself quite nicely.

Let’s just say that Kae stormed out of the house and I didn’t see her for a couple of days.  I thought that she had left me and had gone back to her Sentinels again.  Well, she did go back there and found out why she left in the first place and they didn’t exactly welcome her back with open arms as she had anticipated that they would.  She didn’t sign up or anything, she just offered to help out where needed.  She got stuck with training some of the newer people that had join the ranks and I guess she was really not pleased with that, especially showing them how to dig new latrines and covering the holes from the old ones.

She came back and we argued some more and finally got to the point that we would agree not to talk about it again until both of our tempers had cooled.

Women!  You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!  I know that I have a tough time trying to figure out the moods that my beloved Sentinel can get into and to add my Mother to the mix is just not a fair thing to do to a man.  My mind was just spinning with all of the do’s and do not’s that I just ended up shutting down and trying to ignore my head for a while.  If I didn’t love both of them, I would have just packed up my things and traveled on to someplace else, until it hit me that this is my farm and I built it before either one of them ever saw it.  No, I wouldn’t be the one leaving, however, nothing of that sort happened.

I just find it odd that women, or the ones that I have known, are all lovey dovey when you’re courting them and then, after they feel more secure in the relationship, they get all weird.   I know that Kae and I have had some arguments or disagreements in the past and some of them have gotten to be rather heated, however, we always did the kiss and make up thing before we went to bed together.  Women do have some strange moods and emotions sometimes and I always wonder if these things will settle down as they get older if it is something that a fellow just has to deal with indefinitely.

I wish my Dad was here in Pandaria instead of Silvermoon because he has had much more experience with this sort of thing than I have and maybe he could give me some pointers on how to stay out of trouble. Or at least stay out of the sights of my loved one when she is in a snit.   I’m sure that female Sindorei and female Kaldorei are similar in their emotional makeup, although, I think that the Sindorei girls might be more excitable.  I just don’t know.   I could ask Dawnglory, I suppose, although he has mellowed out quite a bit since he got involved with his woman and they had their baby – I’m sure he still remembers the days when he ran around like a crazy man.

Maybe I should just keep to myself on this and figure it out on my own for a while.  I know that it’s almost embarrassing to admit that you don’t understand the woman that you are with.  I do think that I love her and that one day we will be mated and take our vows, however, I’m not quite ready for that kind of commitment just yet.   I wonder if she would have so readily run to my Mom with the problems that we were having if we were mated or is it because we’re not?  I don’t know, I guess I should give this whole thing a lot more thought.

Kaldor Shadowmoon 

Stay Out Of Trouble…

March 7th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I have pulled some very foolish stunts and Kae has been fairly understanding, however, this last one has got to take the cake for stupidity and I even admitted that.  Here I came dragging home from Stormwind, looking like I had been one heck of a barroom brawl, scratched, clawed and chewed upon.

Yes, I ran into some of my friends again and apparently, they had been hired to do some work up in the Hinterlands.  Something about a troll incursion of some sort.  Well, me always wanting to maintain my friendships through thick and thin, decided to go along with them.  It couldn’t be all that bad, I mean trolls in the Hinterlands attacking dwarves wasn’t too much of a surprise, however, after we arrived there, I found out that it was much more serious than I initially thought.  Well, even in my most stupid moments, I could have told them to have some good luck and taken my leave.  However, my loyalty to my friends and the dwarves against the trolls overrode my intelligence, again. I think we had one death knight, three hunters and a passing through rogue (don’t they always just pass through when the going gets rough) and maybe, just maybe, there might have been someone else that I wasn’t sure of what they were supposed to be.  I mean, we weren’t exactly heavily armed and we weren’t exactly prepared for what happened to us.

There weren’t that many of us to take on a full tribe of trolls, however, they thought that we could override anything that came into our path, little did we know that there was all kinds of skullduggery afoot.  These trolls really were organized and they had more juju and magic going for them than one would have thought possible, considering the area we were in.

We heard the war drums and knew that the trolls were approaching and all we could do was to take cover and try to figure out how many there were coming in.   There were more than we would have thought possible.  However, we stood our ground, tried to recon what was happening and covering our asses at the same time.

We were able to repel the first group of trolls without much trouble, however, that was before they brought in the magic.  Now, that was indeed an interesting thing and could have been very devastating to us, however, we’re all hardened veterans of Pandaria, with the exception of one of the hunters that couldn’t even maintain control over her pet.  Oh, she was all gung-ho and all that, however, totally lacking in the common sense department.  I almost shot her pet, just to shut her up. I have got to make myself more patient with people that are still learning their craft, however, it could have gotten us killed.

It wasn’t bad enough that these trolls were crack shots, however, it didn’t help matters any when they started bringing in ghouls to help them out.  Now, that was something that caught me by surprise.  Of course, we were overrun with these walking corpses – the Death Knight went down in a heap, knocked unconscious and I went to assist her – that’s where I really got chewed on.  While everyone was busy helping each other, I was getting munched on by at least two ghouls, still trying to protect the death knight. Finally, the rest of the group realized that I was still in trouble with the ghouls and came to my rescue.

We were able to capture a goblin that was helping the trolls and took him back to the dwarves for questioning.  Frankly, I would have shot the bugger full of arrows and called it could, however, the rest of the group felt that it was more beneficial to put the fellow through some interrogation.  I do wish them luck with that aspect of it.  I don’t know that I’ll venture back to find out or not at this point.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my wounds were pretty much superficial and more of an embarrassment rather than life threatening.  I got some first aid to hold me together until I could make it back to Stormwind where one of our Paladins in the guild was able to administer some more in-depth healing.  Then I drug my butt back to Pandaria, where I should have been almost a full day ago.

Kae wasn’t too pleased with me when I did get home and we had a long discussion about what always seems to happen when I go to Stormwind alone.  She had stayed home to take care of some things and to find out that she wasn’t pregnant – I didn’t know that she thought that she was – I was clueless.  I thought that that wonderful, nasty smelling tea that she was drinking was going to take care of that sort of thing.  Maybe we should start taking different precautions against that sort of thing.  Guess I should go talk to my Dad about that sort of thing although he seems to be in Shattrath at the moment, damn it.

Oh yes, she gave me a good talking too and while she was doing that, she was also making sure that I didn’t have other damage that might have been overlooked.  Let’s just say, I hope she drank her tea and we don’t have to worry about another surprise that might have been.

Kaldor Shadowmoon

What’s Next?

March 1st

Dear Journal,

I don’t know whether I should be angry or just be thankful that he was able to return home to me in one piece.  I want to shake some sense into him and then at the same time, I want to hold him tightly in my arms to make sure that he doesn’t disappear on me again.

Kal went to Stormwind to deliver some of the goods that we had collected for our contracts, pick up some more and to get paid for the work we had done.  That seemed like a normal thing to do and I always know that he will stay a little bit longer to visit with his friends that he has back there, which I don’t mind.  It’s a normal progression of things and shouldn’t have been a big deal.  I didn’t go because I had some things that I wanted to finish up here at the farm. This should have been a one day trip at most – at the most, not a two day sojourn without a word from him.

When Kal  finally got home, I was just coming out of the paddock where we keep our Yaks and I saw him limping up the road to the farm.  Normally, I would have rushed to him to welcome him back and to find out why the heck he was walking with a limp. No, this time I was a bit angry with the fact that his one day trip took a lot longer and he hadn’t even sent me word.

Come to find out, he had gone on an expedition of sorts with those friends of his that took him far afield.  Apparently, they had been hired by someone to go to the Hinterlands, lovely place to visit, to gather some information in regard to a recent attack and increased activity in the trolls in the area.  It appears that the trolls had been attacking some of the dwarfs living in the settlement there as well as ambushing a few farms.  The keyword that I think I’m questioning is “investigate” – to me that means to do a reconnaissance of the area, nothing more, nothing less.

From what Kal told me of this little side trip, which should have been much less than what it turned out to be, they ran into a band of trolls and had a skirmish that lasted a while.  Poor fellow got attacked by some ghouls, trolls, mages, priest and Elune only knows what else.  He had been bitten and chewed on by a ghoul as well as getting a flesh would in his shoulder.  Nothing serious, mind you, however, these wounds could have been prevented if he had just sad that he wasn’t going to Hinterlands with his friends.

At least someone had taken the time to address his injuries for him before he decided to come home to Pandaria.  The wounds aren’t serious and it looks as though they have been cleansed thoroughly and dressed properly. Naturally, I redid them all after taking a close inspection of my own.  I’m grateful that he was attended too when he was in Stormwind.

I now think that the next time he takes one of these trips of his, I am going to go with him instead of thinking that he won’t be lead astray into something that might get him killed.  I think it is high time that I make my presence known with his friends too because so far, I’ve only met them once in One Keg and they seemed likeable enough, however, after this trip, I can see that they can be a dangerous lot.  I can understand that they were in it for the money and I don’t see why Kal felt compelled to join in that because he has plenty of money of his own and isn’t that desperate.

We are supposed to go to the Jade Temple today to do some fishing as well as a few other things.  I know Kal would much rather stay home and sleep, however, this time, it’s not going to happen.  his wounds are not that serious and we have obligations that need to be met there.

I’m not a clingy woman by any means, however, with these things happening whenever he gets with his friends in Stormwind, I think that I am going to be a shadow following him around.  I need to find out what these people are about, they don’t seem to be the overly adventurous  about things and yet, they take on a task like this for mere pennies.  All I can see about them so far is that they are thieves and possibly, hired assassins.  As Kal’s companion, I have a right to know what he has gotten himself involved in.


Visiting Stormwind…

February 9th

Dear Journal,

I know that I should have done this long ago and I am happy that I did.  I finally convinced Kae that she should start going with me to places like Stormwind and even Iron Forge.  So, yesterday, we got busy, got all of the chores done that we had planned for the day and took off for Stormwind, which is where we still are this morning.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw Dawnglory and his woman in the market the other day and they had their baby, it sure was cute even if it is a Blood Elf baby, they look so tiny in comparison to what we Kaldorei have.  Yes, we’re a sturdy breed and the babies we have reflect that too. Well, I’m part Sindorei, so, I suppose I could sire a throw-back too and my children could be small in comparison to the regular babies.  Oh well, I’m not going to worry about that right because I don’t foresee that I’ll be having any children for a while yet, life is too busy. We really couldn’t talk in the market, for obvious reasons, the war may be winding down here in Pandaria, however, it isn’t that way back in Kalimdor.  Prying eyes and wagging tongues could cause trouble for the both of us.

However, I did get to talk with him at the fence that divides our property here in Halfhill and found out all kinds of things.  I guess that my Aunt Fae is back and living in Silvermoon, I know that is probably both a good thing and bad thing for my Father, one less thing for him to worry about or maybe not.  She’s always been kind of weird to me anyway because of my heritage, however, she’s never made the mistake of being outright rude or mean to me, she has been to my younger brothers until my Dad took her off to the side and read her the Articles of War – in the family that is pretty serious because that means you’ve pissed the old man off. I guess Mom and Dad are still in Nagrand doing whatever it is they do, hope I don’t have another little brother or sister on the way, however, Dad is still pretty virile even at his age.

We talked about the business being set up in Shattrath and I guess Dawnglory is planning on staying here in Pandaria most of the time and especially after the birth of his daughter.  Can’t say that I blame him for that either because if I have children in the future, I fully intend on raising them up here too. Well, if Kae is the woman that I have children with, it won’t be an issue.

We were laughing about the fact that Kae is just locking herself away here at the farm and he told me that I really needed to take her on date, not just to the Faire, take her some place nice to eat and maybe do some socializing with some of our friends.  He told me that he thought that we lived like hermits and that wasn’t a good thing for any relationship.  He’s right and I have been thinking that I needed to get Kae out of here for a while, maybe even take her to some of the places that I have been – see the world a bit.  Maybe even take her to Dalaran, even though it’s way different now from when I lived there.  We could go out to eat, drink some wine and maybe visit some of the places in Northrend.  That’s a plan for the future. Right now, the plan is to get her to Stormwind, visit with some friends, go out to eat and stay overnight at the apartment.

We made it to the story event behind the Cathedral that I attended once before and I think that we both had a great time.  Kae said that she really enjoyed the stories and would like to go again, which I think can be arranged because I enjoy it too.  I did see some of my friends, however, they seemed to be pretty occupied with other things, so, we didn’t get to talk to them.  I definitely assured Kae that they weren’t avoiding us, they were just involved in something that we weren’t a part of, so, we’ll try to catch up with them again sometime.

We went over to the Pig and Whistle and had some food and drank a bit.  I think we both were just enjoying hearing some of the gossip of Stormwind.  I know a few things caused us both to laugh out loud and I even blushed a couple of times.   Well, to hear a Dwarf talking about their love life so openly was more than funny because he was definitely in his cups and was telling the world that his lover was a hooker and his girlfriend was ugly as a fence post.

When we got back to the apartment, Vashlan was actually there and was sitting in the great room with other clothes on than a robe, that was a shocker. We sat and talked with him a while because he was in a sociable mood for once.  I could tell that he had been drinking and I could also tell that he had been with a woman too, those tell tale marks on his neck were a bit obvious. Yes, he’s definitely no virgin from what I could see and it looked to me like the marks were bites like I get from Kae now and again – Kaldorei woman.

Kae excused herself to go take a bath, so, the two brothers sat there and had a man-to-man talk.  The first talk of that nature I’ve ever had with him.  Yes, he had been with a woman and he said that it was the most remarkable experience that he had ever had in his life, he didn’t know that women did those things.  So, we talked about that as well as some things that he needed to be aware of. I think Mom and Dad would be real upset if they became grandparents by accident.

I think that I embarrassed him a bit but I also hope that he was listening.  Sounds like the girl is quite a handful and a Sentinel that was on leave here in Stormwind for a while.  I started laughing when he told me that she had done all kinds of things to him at the Inn and had just worn him out.  Well, I do wish that he had had a more romantic setting for his first time, however, he seemed to be rather pleased with himself and plans on seeing her again.  He didn’t tell me her name, however, it sounds like she might be a tad bit older than he is and didn’t mind the fact that he wasn’t purebred.

I swear that this was the first time that Vash hasn’t had his nose in a book when I was in town or not planning to go back to the tower to study some more.  It was nice talking to him and I’ll admit that he is definitely growing up. He says that his magic is coming along and that he is still ahead of the other students that are studying with him, so, I guess that’s good.  He laughed when I asked him if he had set any curtains on fire or sheeped anyone lately.  Oh, those were good times in Dalaran.  He said he’s still having a little bit of trouble socializing with some of the people here in Stormwind and I told him that that was normal, not all people are going to be educated and polite anywhere he goes.

I know that when I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty happy and contented with my lot in life especially after I stared at Kae’s sleeping form for a little while.  Yes, I’m a lucky man and I hope that things will stay as good for the two of us as they are now. It has indeed been a wondrous thing for us since Kae left the Sentinels because we don’t have to worry about the interference that was going on after I left.  No Commander asking embarrassing questions about what I was doing and no other Sentinels trying to force their attentions on either one of us.  They are definitely a horny group of people. It’s just nice having complete control over our lives now, well, with Elune’s help, I’m sure.

I think that I’ll see if Kae wants to go to Dolonaar to see my grandparents any my little half-brothers because she hasn’t met them and I think that it’s time that she did.  I know that my grandparents will like her a lot and they might even remember her as being one of their foster children years ago.  She vaguely remembers them, however, I’m sure there have been many more kids that stayed with them. Oh that was long before she was old enough to become a Sentinel and she has her tattoos now that might throw them off a bit.  I think it would be fun anyway.  I’ll have to ask her when she wakes up because she may just want to go back home to Halfhill.  We’ll do whatever she wants.

Kaldor Shadowmoon 

Getting Back In The Good Graces…

January 28th

Dear Journal,

Well, Bless Elune and Thank the Light!  Kae has finally gotten over being upset with me and I am now able to sleep in our bed with her again.  I realize now the error or my ways and I have apologized profusely to her and have promised to never do that sort of thing again.  Well, those muffins did work well for ammo when I couldn’t think of anything else that might kill a Void Lord.  I just shouldn’t have shared that information with Kae and the circumstances in which this all came about.

I will have to admit that sleeping under the house at the farm wasn’t all that bad considering that I had my bedroll and I did build a small fire under there to keep a bit warmer even if the smoke did filter in the house a little bit. However, that didn’t keep me from wanting to be in the house and sleeping under those furs in that nice big bed with my Sentinel.  It was indeed a long week and a lot of apologizing and small tokens of my esteem to buy my way back in the house too.

Now I know what my Mom meant when she said that I have to be a bit more sensitive to a woman’s feelings than one of my buddies.  I didn’t realize how much my using her muffins as ammo would hurt her feelings and how much trouble it would get me into – they did keep me alive and got me home safe at least.

I guess that Kae wrote to Mom and had her send the ingredients from Stormwind because when I got up this morning, there were fresh muffins on the counter and a note from Kae.  Naturally, she got up before I did and was out and about in Halfhill. Seems I caught a bit of a cold sleeping under the house and have been staying in bed a bit more, actually I am trying to thaw my body out.  These muffins that she made this morning were absolutely wonderful and tasted just like the ones my Mom used to make for us in Shattrath when Vashlan and I were boys – I know I ate six of them and I’m feeling a bit stuffed at the moment.

Even though I can look outside and there isn’t any snow on the ground at the moment, it is still Winter and it gets pretty darn cold at night even here in the Valley of Four Winds.  Not cold enough to freeze the crops, mind you, however, I know that I was really starting to feel like I was back in Northrend there at the last.

When I got back in the house last night, the first thing I did was to take a nice long hot bath and it felt wonderful.  It was also doubly nice because Kae was in the tub with me and was massaging my shoulders and just making me feel like all was forgiven at last.  I know I won’t be making that kind of mistake again.  She even cooked some of my favorite food as well as some soup, I think I ate more of the soup than anything because it just tasted good and felt good going down my sore throat.  Naturally, she couldn’t’ help but notice that I wasn’t feeling quite myself and promptly tucked me into our bed under those nice warm furs and I think I fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

I know that I have been properly dosed with herbs and have been sleeping quite a bit this morning. I think Kae feels guilty for making me stay under the house because I now have this cold which has me sneezing, coughing and just generally feeling rotten.

I did make it to the Wanderer’s Festival Sunday night and I will have to say that it was fun to see all of the people there, wishing that Kae was with me too, and the lanterns on the water were beautiful.  Naturally, there was a lot of drinking, not by me, and the music was good.  I met quite a few people and tried to talk to some of them.  I really need to get over this introverted thing I’ve started doing of late because it does make it tough to get to know other people in the area.  I’m not normally shy, however, there are times that I get that way, maybe it was the beginning of the cold coming on because I did feel kind of fuzzy headed.

Well, we have our usual rain going on right now and I think that I am going to just stay inside and stay home for the day in hopes that I’ll feel better.  I don’t think that I have had such a cold since I left Dalaran and I remember that cold lingered for several days.  I am just enjoying the warmth of the house and the smells of all of the spices and cooking that Kae has been doing – I don’t think that we’ll be going hungry anytime soon.  I don’t know where all of this domestic activity is coming from and maybe she is trying to fill the void from leaving the Sentinels.

I know that I didn’t have any trouble adjusting to not having to report into the camp and getting sent out on patrols anymore.  I am really getting back into the lifestyle that I had before I came to Pandaria and joined up with the Sentinel group.  Of course, I’m happy that I did join at the time because if I hadn’t, I would  have never met Kae.  We still have quite a few friends that we see from time to time here in the market from the Sentinels and I know that Kae does miss being a part of the group, however, in my opinion, she made the right decision because I could tell that she wasn’t really happy without being able to partner up with me on her patrols.

All I can think to say is that Life is Good and this cold is not good.   I think that I am going to crawl back in the bed and try to sleep some more and hope that I won’t feel  this bad later in the day.



A Dream Come True

January 13th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am very happy to be sitting here at the farm with the chill air wind blowing across the fields as well as the very warm fire burning in the kitchen.   A lot of things have happened since I last wrote and they have all been good as far as I am concerned.  Of course, I’m sure that some people might beg to differ on that but that’s okay too, they aren’t living where I am either.

Kae and I did make our way to the Faire and it was kind of a celebration that we both enjoyed.  She had finally made her decision to leave the Sentinels because she said that it was far too lonely  for her without me being with her and the scouts that they had been putting with her were lacking the skill that she had grown accustomed too with me.  We were both kind of chuckling that some of the fellows really weren’t ones to talk much when they were sitting around the fires at night with the Sentinels because they had one thing on their mind and it wasn’t written in some rule book somewhere.

She had handed her official resignation in on Friday morning and we left for the Faire shortly thereafter.  We were acting as giddy as two school kids getting away from school for a holiday vacation of some sort.  It was like someone had handed us a piece of paper that said that we were free from all of the worries of the world because that’s how we felt.   I know that if any of our friends had seen us, they might have thought that we were drinking ourselves into oblivion or something. I know that we both felt as if we had had the weight of the world lifted from our shoulders, which in a way, we had.

I know that we enjoyed the food, the rides and truly enjoyed mingling with the crowds.  I know that this is something that we haven’t felt comfortable in doing for quite a while.  What with my heritage and the Sentinels always being suspicious of our relationship, we always felt as if we were being watched , no, I don’t think that we were being paranoid, just being extra careful with what we were doing all of the time.  Now, we have no reason to worry about those things, our lives are our own to do with as we would.

We spent the entire day at the Faire and stayed until it closed that night.  No, we didn’t make the trek back to the farm that night either.  We actually stayed in Stormwind and enjoyed ourselves there for a while.  We went to Blue Recluse and sat with Vashlan and some of his friends, however, I’ll admit that it was a bit uncomfortable for us to be there because they were talking all the mage stuff and a couple of his buddies kept looking at Kae as if she didn’t have a stitch on.  I’ll admit that the green-eyed monster was starting to rear its ugly head with the few drinks that I had, so, we left and went back to the apartment above the warehouse.  We had already made plans to go back to the Faire again the next day and we were looking forward to that.

Naturally, we did the things that couples do when they are alone and I am sure that my bed has never had that much activity in it before. It was just fun being able to lay there in each other’s arms knowing that we had no rush to get up in the morning because our time was our own.  Just lying there and holding Kae in my arms as she slept was probably the most contented and happy that I have ever been since we have been together.

I know that we are a lot happier now that some of the major decisions have been made in our lives and we can finally start planning for the future.  I know the last few months can’t have been pleasant for Kae because they weren’t for me.  We seemed to argue constantly and it was always about the same things – the Sentinels and her duty to them.  I’m surprised that we were able to survive that conflict but we did and I think that it has made our relationship a lot stronger than it was.

I’m sure that Magdamia will be shocked when we both start picking up contracts to be filled here in Stormwind, however, she’ll just have to get used to it.  I know that Kae will be good at whatever she decides to do because she’s proven herself in the past and we both work well as a team.

I suppose the next big question will be about us taking our vows at the Moonwell in Darnassus.   I know that Kae would do it in a heartbeat, I am still dragging my feet and I will have to admit that it almost frightens me, it’s a lifetime commitment, not like it is with my Father’s people that can call the whole thing off if they are unhappy with one another. Part of me wants to go ahead and take Kae as my mate and the other part of me is arguing about giving up my freedom – I don’t think that it would change that much because we never have felt like we “owned” one another like some of our friends have felt with their relationships.  We work and live together and have learned how to compromise with one another to where we both are happy with the way that things are going.

I will have to admit that my Dad really hit the nail on the head when he told me that if I truly loved Kae, I would know it.  I think I do love her because the thought of her not being in my life makes my heart feel like it is breaking and I can feel the tears well up in my eyes at the thought of her not being with me.

Just waking up with Kae in my arms, her head resting on my shoulder and her hand intertwined in my hair this morning was like a dream come true.  Just feeling her velvety warm skin next to mine under the furs was a revelation of sorts.  Of course, her scent is almost mind boggling and I will have to thank my Mom for that.  She gave Kae some of that almond scented soap that she had purchased on one of her last shopping sprees in Dalaran and it smells wonderful.  I almost wonder if there isn’t something else in that soap too because I will have to admit that we have both been more amorous of late.

After all of these months of arguing, bargaining and trying to come to some kind of compromise in our lives, it feels good to have it finally settled.  I know that it was very hard for me to pull myself out of the bed this morning, stoke up the embers in the fire and put the tea and coffee on.  Thank heavens my robe was close at hand because we had forgotten to close the window in our bedroom, which made it chilly and the furs all that more inviting.

At least now we can start planning things for ourselves.  If we decide to make the vows and we decide to have children of our own, we can do that – all in good time.  I know that I find myself more often than not referring to Kae as my mate – maybe our vows have already been said to Elune, I know our hearts are held fast with the way that we feel towards one another.  Maybe this is something that I need to talk to my Mom about, she probably has a better understanding of our ways than my Father would.






Just Thoughts and Musings….

September 21st

Dear Journal,

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to write of late what with the duties with the Sentinels and trying to keep up with Kal most of the time.  It’s raining as per usual here in Halfhill; however, Kal decided that was the best time to pull weeds for some reason.

If the truth were to be known, I think that he just wanted to get away from me for a little while because we have been having some rather deep discussions of late about the way things are in the Sentinels and the changes that have come to pass in the Vale.  Kal is worried that another type of danger is going to come about with the way that the goblins are digging like little fiends in the Vale and we’re heard those rumors about Old Gods and we know how power greedy that Garrosh is.

I know I was heartsick at the way that the Horde have destroyed a portion of the Vale, the mine has definitely made an eyesore in that area and it used to be so beautiful.  There was always a sense of peace there and now there is that urgency that you feel when you know that there is going to be a big battle of some kind.  I just wish that it would hurry up and happen just to have it over.  I am getting sick of the feelings of dread.

Oh yes, we’ve been talking quite a bit about my leaving the Sentinels and Kal wants to quit being a Scout.  He has assured me that we would make even more money by going to work full time for his Mother’s company out of Stormwind.  I suppose we already make quite a bit of money from that source anyway because we are constantly sending skins and artifacts back there and we don’t seem to be hurting for cash these days.

It’s not the money part that bothers me, it’s leaving the Sentinels.  It’s the only life that I have ever truly known and I am afraid to leave.  What if things don’t really work out for Kal and me?  I would be alone again and I do mean truly alone because I wouldn’t have my comrades to help me unless I rejoined.  I know that they would probably frown upon someone like me that leaves and comes back again. 

I know that Kal keeps telling me how much he cares for me and that he would never leave me, however, he’s never said those words that one wants to hear from their companion.  As sappy as it sounds, an “I love you”, wouldn’t be amiss to make me feel somewhat better.  I know that he has never said those words to me and we haven’t furthered our relationship at all other than living together, scouting together and sleeping together almost every night.  There really isn’t anyone that I can talk to about this because they would only tell me that that’s what I get for getting involved with a half-breed.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the racial mix, I think it has to do with the man himself.

I have been in love with a man before and there is no guarantee that they won’t come up missing or just walk away from you.  Those words can be comforting for the moment; however, I honestly don’t think that Kal would do that to me.  He is a very honorable man and he has never broken his word to me when he has made a promise of any kind.  He may have gotten hurt in the past and that’s why he won’t say those words or he is afraid to say them.  He’s a strange fellow sometimes and hard to read.

I’ll admit that the temptation is there to walk away from the Sentinels because it would mean that we would have more freedom to do the things that we enjoy.  Right now our patrols are long and arduous, however, we’re not seeing any build up of troops and we’re not seeing anything other than Orcs.  I can’t stand Orcs; they are vile evil smelly things that only know how to destroy things.

 If the rumors are true of what is going on in Kalimdor, I hate to think of what is becoming of my homeland.  Kal has some feelings for Kalimdor even if he was raised in Outland.  I know I almost dread going back there to visit some of my friends and now, with Kal’s Mother being in Dolonaar, I’m sure that we will be going to visit sometime in the near future.  Okay, they are more than rumors; however, I have gotten real good at denial about things that are unpleasant to me.

I wish I could make Kal understand about my feelings in regard to giving up the Sentinels.  He doesn’t seem to comprehend the idea that my life before I joined the Sentinels was not anything in comparison to his own.  I was shuttled from one family to the next for fostering and my life was not exactly one of peace and harmony.  I constantly had to adjust to living with other families and learning how they did things, I rarely had anything that I could call my “own” other than what few trinkets I could carry in my belt pouch and my bow. I never knew how my parents were although I was never considered an orphan because I assumed that they were still alive.

I could almost think that my Mother was a Sentinel and that my Father was a Scout rendering his services or possibly he could have been a man that my Mother cared about that didn’t want to take the vows.  It isn’t easy for a Sentinel to be a Mother and do her duties as easily as Kal’s Mother seems to be able to do so, however, she has a real family – she was never fostered out by her parents.

I love children, however, I’m not sure that I would ever want one of my own and I take my tea on a regular basis because I don’t want to bring a child into a situation like this.  If there was something more than “I care deeply for you”, I might give it some thought.  Kal and I have never discussed children, so, I am assuming that he feels pretty much the same way that I do about them at the moment.

I guess I should just let things keep going as they are for right now while I mull these thoughts over in my head and try to come to some conclusion.  No, I won’t leave Kal either because I know what my feelings are for him.  There is no question as to how I feel about him and I would do anything for him, almost anything.  I don’t know if it’s the security of the Sentinels or my doubts in regard as to how things may eventually work out with Kal.

I never thought that something that I had taken for granted for so much of my life could make things so complicated.  I know that Kal is getting very frustrated with me about this, however, he isn’t applying too much pressure yet although I know that he wants to get on with his life outside of the service.




Thoughts & Changes…

August 8th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it feels strange to be sitting here at the farm in Halfhill and gazing out the window towards my Father’s farm and watching two Tauren working his fields.  I know that he is doing what he feels he has to do, however, it just seems rather strange for him not to be close by, yet again.

I know that the attack on my Mother and himself really rattled him to the core and he was getting further estranged from his loyalties to the Horde, however, that seemed to be the capper for him.  I can’t say that I blame him for feeling that way.  Some of the rumors that Kae and I have heard here in Pandaria make us think that the Horde Warchief has lost his mind completely – no surprise there because it didn’t seem like the fellow had any real leadership qualities other than making sure that his fellow Orcs were always victorious no matter how many of the other races were killed to make that feasible.  I can understand why Dad felt the need to resign.

I know I smiled when he told me that his loyalties did not tie him to the Horde, his loyalties were with the Reagent Lord in Silvermoon.  I guess that is as it should be, after all, he is a blood elf and their population isn’t exactly enormous and never-ending.  It does seem as though this Hellscream had targeted this particular race to use as fodder for his war.  Yes, the Blood Elves are very proficient with their bow skills and their capabilities with the arcane are legendary.  They do have that grace and fierceness that comes with the breed, similar to the Kaldorei.  Well, we are related somewhat over the generations.

I got a letter from my Mother and she says that she will not be returning to her duties here in Pandaria with my Father not being here.  She feels that she is needed with her parents and the little guys until she is completely healed.  She understands her obligations to the Sentinels and will return to her duties when she feels that she can do so without endangering her family and her own life.  Well, she did have quite a head injury and from what I understand, those are the hardest to survive through unscathed.

Now, if I could just convince Kae that it is time for her to resign from the Sentinels so that we can get on with our lives without the encumbrances or obligations to that duty.  She’s really balking at the idea of cutting that thread because it is the only life that she has known.   I’ll stay because she is,  although I don’t have my full heart in it.  I can just see this war going on forever at this point or until someone grants us the blessing of killing off this Hellscream.

Now, we’re hearing rumors that the Regent Lord in Silvermoon is recalling all of the Blood Elves to fight at the side of the Trolls.  It really makes me feel bad for my Dad.  He just resigned from his service with the Rangers and serving the Horde here in Pandaria and I would be willing to bet a month’s wages that he will get called up for this latest outbreak.  Yes, there is a rebellion going full bore within the Horde.  Maybe, if we’re lucky, they will just fight themselves to the point to where the Orcs are fairly well obliterated from that faction.  I don’t know much about the Trolls, they kind of scare me with all of their voodoo practices that are so far away from what I know of the Light and my belief in Elune.  Maybe things will get so bad in Kalimdor that the Horde will pull their troops from Pandaria, that would make life a whole lot easier.  I would like to see them leave before they destroy any more of the land than they already have – the changes in the Vale have made me heartsick.  Damn greedy Orc.

I can’t say that I don’t miss having my Mother and Father around because I do.  I may not have gotten much of a chance to talk with my Dad all that much here in Halfhill, however, I did get the chance to at least see that he was alive and well when he would return to his farm.  I did get to spend more time with my Mother without her having the little guys constantly demanding her attention.  I think I have learned a lot more about her since she was up here and she definitely has gotten a lot more of my respect with how she has lived her life – complicated as it may be, she is happy with my Father and she definitely loves her children.

I am really torn right now.  Stay here and fulfill my obligations to the Sentinels and Kae or just try everything I can to get out of that oath to get on with my life.  I would much rather go back to what I was doing before I came here out of loyalty to the Kaldorei after Theramore.  I didn’t mind being and independent hunter, occasional mercenary  and courier.  Oh well, if I can at least convince Kae that we can live a good life doing those things, maybe she will relent with her hesitancy to leaving the life she has only known behind – maybe her love for me will be enough to make her want to do that. 

Oh yeah, I know she loves me, she has told me so many times.  I know I care for her very deeply, however, I haven’t been able to say that four letter word yet, even after all that we have been through.  I’m not sure that I know what the word even means at this point in my life. 




Everything is …Okay

June 23rd

Dear Journal,

Well, I am sitting here somewhat relieved because I finally got to see my Mother with my own eyes to make sure that she was still alive.  I’ll admit that she looks a bit worse for the wear and the attack from the Orcs must have been a total shock to her and my Father.  I’m just happy that they both survived it and that Mom is going to be okay, even if it takes a little more time for her to get back to normal.

I had been banging my head on the wall of frustration because here I was within walking distance and even visual distance of where my Mom was and I couldn’t even go there to see her or visit with her.  I did see my Aunt Felaran outside a few times and she would wave and smile at me.  It just stinks that a family as close as we have been in the past can’t even speak to one another in this place or at this time for fear that someone will see us and turn us all in for being traitors.  That was the one thing that I enjoyed about living in Dalaran, no one really cared what we did and they accepted us even if they didn’t like it.  Of course, Shattrath is neutral and we grew up there, however, there was nothing to compare to Dalaran.

Kae and I had been in Halfhill for a few days after being out scouting for several days and I had known about my Mother’s injuries and to be honest, it was driving me wild with anxiety. I know that I really was at my wit’s end as to how I could see her.  Kae,  being as blunt as only she can with me, just told me to use my skills and get as close to the my Father’s house as I could and signal him, no one should see me in the middle of the night.  So, off I went, did my signal and there was my Dad standing there with a huge grin on his face.  Of course, not too far behind him was my Mother and I will have to admit that I almost burst into tears like a little boy.  Oh, we were well hidden by the trees and the farmhouse, so, we sat on the ground out there in the moonlight and just talked, almost like old times.

I did get the general impression that my Dad wants my Mom to leave the Sentinels again and I get the feeling that he is more than ready to walk away from his duties with the Horde.  It think this last little adventure of theirs pretty much put the icing on the cake of his life with the Horde.  He will always be Sindorei, however, as he calmly put it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to be Horde for life though because he had walked away from it before and he was ready to do it again with all of the things that have been going on in Kalimdor.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been back to Kalimdor or even to visit my grandparents in quite a while.  Well, not really since Winter Veil.  I see Vashlan in Stormwind when I go there with the contracts that Kae and I have filled and that’s about the extent of my adventures outside of Pandaria.  Oh, I’ve heard all of the tales of what is going on with Orgrimmar and Kor’kon guards everywhere and my Father confirmed that they weren’t just tales. 

That’s just awful that a Warchief could turn against his own people like that.  Oh, I know that the Alliance isn’t all sunshine and roses either, however, I don’t think that Varian would turn on his own people the way that this Hellscream has.  No wonder there is a rebellion going on. 

Oh,  I lied, I have been back to Kalimdor to deliver some supplies for the rebellion before it became public knowledge, so, a lot of the things that are happening now hadn’t changed the place as much as it has now.   I guess there are camps all over the place and the Orcs are killing or taking any of the Trolls captive that they suspect of being a part of the rebellion.  What a mess!  No wonder my Father is ready to walk away from it all, he’s ashamed of what has become of the Horde and how it has cost his own people many lives just for the name of greed and power of one man. 

I think that my Dad wants us to start looking for a nice place to settle here in Pandaria, away from everyone and just a place where we can be a family again.  That would be wonderful if there could be such a place.  Of course, with the way that the Horde is even destroying the beauty of the Vale has me wondering if there will be anything left of the Pandaria that we knew when we arrived.  I would imagine that the Pandaren are questioning the reasoning of why they allowed the Horde to come into their lands.

It was nice to see Mom again and I guess that she is going to actually go back to Dolonaar for a few days.  My Dad has made all of the arrangements and she should be going there in the next couple of days.  It think that it will be a good thing for her to get away from everything for a few days and to spend some time with the little guys and my grandparents.   I guess I could ask Kae if she would like to go back to Darnassus for a few days, I know that she hasn’t been back in a real long time either.  It might be fun and I would like her to meet my Grandparents formally. 

I know that I have to laugh when I think how close Kae and I came to meeting one another long before we came to Pandaria.  She fostered with my grandparents for a while and I guess she had met my Mother before, even if Mom didn’t remember it. It seems like the Fates were playing games with all of us.  With the way that Kae grew up, I’m sure that we probably know quite a few of the same people.

I will have to admit that now that I have seen my parents and I know that they are both okay, I can finally start feeling like things are going to be okay again.  That was definitely a few scary days there and I was really starting to get more than a little bit anxious about the whole thing.  Kae really was good about my outbursts and my rants about the fact that they were so close and we couldn’t just walk over there to see them.

I know that I was sitting here and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I could possibly end up having to take over as the head of the family and I knew that I wasn’t really prepared for it.  I haven’t lived as long as my parents yet and I don’t have their experiences to draw upon. I was really starting to freak myself out and for no reason, thanks be to Elune.  I don’t know how they do it, keeping their private lives, business and families separated from their duties as a Ranger and a Sentinel.  I know that I would have been sorely pressed to even attempt that sort of thing.  I think that I have found a whole new respect for what they have done in their lives.

I know that Kae and I went back to where my parents were attacked and we both ended up kind of smiling.  They weren’t the only ones that had been using that little house for rendezvous even if we were all very careful.  I’m really kind of surprised that we hadn’t run into one another there on more than one occasion.

Oh, Kae and I still go to the Jade Temple to swim in the pools and do some of our laundry occasionally even if there are more Orcs roaming around these days.  We feel relatively safe within the confines of the grounds of the temple.  It might seem a bit sacrilegious to some people, however, the monks don’t seem to mind our being there either.  I think that the Jade Forest will always be one of my favorite areas of Pandaria when all is said and done.  I wish we could find a place there where the family could settle, however, it’s still and entry point for the Horde as well as the Alliance for however much longer this war lasts.

I know it’s the only place where we can swim without worrying about something charging out of the bushes and attacking us.  Plus, there aren’t any of those crazed turtles trying to attack us when we aren’t looking either.  I know the last time that we were down there, I made a flower garland for Kae to wear in her hair and she looked beautiful. I think she really like it too because I found it pressed between two books on the shelf so that it would dry flat and she could add it to her keepsakes. I don’t know why women are so silly about such things sometimes.

To be exact, I ought to quit writing for a while because we have a picnic planned down at the Jade Temple anyway.  Yes, we’re just taking the day off and we’re going to go down there and relax in the peace and harmony of that place.  I still want to watch the monks and maybe get a chance to talk to some of them when they aren’t going through their exercises – the whole style of fighting that they use really intrigues me.