Traveling Goblin…

September 4th

Dear Journal,

I think that Zippie and I will have a nice long discussion when I get back from this trip she sent me on with the contracts.  I don’t mind the money, that’s a real perk, what I do mind is the way that things just seem to be spread out from one end of Kalimdor to the other.  Go to this place to pick up this ore and then go to another place to pick up some more so that I can fill my engineering contracts.  Luckily for me, travel time is not a problem because I can just make my own portals to go back to wherever I choose.  I suppose I ought to be thankful that she doesn’t have me traipsing to Pandaria to chase down the Boss’s sister for something or other – we still haven’t collected all of the money that she promised to pay back  with interest that she borrowed before she went on her latest trip.

Right now I am spending a lot of my time in Orgrimmar with some of my buddies, which really shouldn’t please Zippie all that much because she knows how we all like to drink and sometimes just taunt the heck out of the mooks that are here in the city.  No, I’m not going to get drunk enough to go moon Garrosh again and get thrown into jail, that was not a pleasant experience and almost got my butt sent to a labor camp.

One of the bonuses for the trip has been me finding a girlfriend of sorts.  Her name Fizzap and she has beautiful blonde hair and is a goblin – can’t see me with any other kind actually.  Anyway, she and I have been spending a lot of company together here in the slums of Orgrimmar, partying and just enjoying things as they come along.  She has a great sense of humor and she really knows how to make money on her own – that’s my kind of woman.  Anyway, I don’t mind the female company because it has been a long time since I have had a girlfriend, well, not since we had to leave Kazan.  The only drawback that I can see that might get people upset with my relationship is the fact that she is a warlock.

Heck, I thought that Fizz was just another mage.  I mean she knows a lot of the same stuff that I do and she can throw her magic around just like I do only hers seems to linger quite a bit longer.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taint that seemed to surround things until I actually saw her transform when we were out in the Barrens together.   Could have knocked me over with a feather when that came to pass.  I’ll admit that it was a bit of a turn-off for a while, however, we talked about it and we’ve decided that we’re just not going to tell anyone what she is.  I mean it could get a bit dicey when I decide to take her back to Silvermoon with me.  You know, for all the magic that surrounds Silvermoon and the residual effects of the fel magic that seem to crop up now and again, those folks have little to no tolerance for warlocks.   I’ve seen some things that have happened to warlocks in Silvermoon and I can tell you that none of it has been pleasant or I wouldn’t think it was.

I know that it’s nice to have Fizz along with me too when I’m out traveling, she’s a much better cook than I am and she’s someone that I can talk with. I haven’t told Zippie a thing about me seeing a girl because I know that she and Dooddah both would make a trip to Orgrimmar just to check things out.  I know those two really complain to me about how much I drink and all that, however, I know that they get a bit jealous every now and then when they think I am not paying them enough attention.  They have been like that since they were little girls and they latched onto their Uncle Zednick.

Let’s see, I’ve seen enough of the Stonetalon area to last me for a while and I swear those Thunder Lizards just seem to be drawn to me like a magnet.  I’ve gotten zapped a few times and I will admit that it does get old after a while.  Of course the mining is pretty good there even with the spiders and the Alliance wandering around like they owned the place.  I have seen more humans in the last month and not as many Night Elves as I might have thought I’d see up there.  Okay, I’ve had a few run-ins with the humans out there and it wasn’t because I started it.  I know that they stomp around and think that they are all big, bad and awesome, however, they can’t keep up with a fast moving goblin mage.  I can deal with the Night Elves, however, I do wish the humans would go back to Stormwind and they can take the Worgen with them.

I know that I hate to get into a running battle with a Worgen because they have some speed on them and I can move as fast as I want, even try to sneak away from where they are.  If they are in their human form, which is bad enough, and then they are in their worgen form, well, let’s just say that they can smell me from a mile away.  I’m sending the company a bill for the two robes that I have ruined doing their contract work for them and they had better pay up. No, I didn’t get hurt, just got some cloth torn and a couple of scratches from not blinking away fast enough.

I’ve got some contracts to fill where I have to get the materials from Desolace, Feralas and the Southern Barrens.  I do wish the girl had gotten a bit more organized with stuff because I do want to go back to Silvermoon now and again.  I like hanging out with my buddies where we can talk shop all we want and compare inventions, however, there is just something that makes me feel a bit more comfortable when I am in Silvermoon.  Could be the house that we live in and I have a real bed to sleep in.

Zednick Prattfall

Accepting Your Fate…

February 28th

Dear Journal,

I have survived the destruction of my home, the deaths of my entire family and the horrendous life changes that have occurred to me, so far.  My name is Alexander Brandric, I am Gilnean and I am also a Worgen, through no choice of my own. Let me step back here a bit and I will tell you some of my story, dramatic, comical and sometimes rather boring.

I was the son to a minor noble family at home, which that name is not important to me now because the family as I knew it are all dead.  I am the sole survivor of the slaughter because I was the one doing the slaughtering. We had endured the onslaught of the plague being cast into our midst by the Forsaken and Sylvannas – we considered ourselves fortunate, maybe we were just kidding ourselves and accepted the ugly death at the beginning. Little did we now that the forthcoming horror that would befall our land.

From what I recall of my family, I assume that we were happy, we had money and all of the creature comforts that we once enjoyed without much thought.  There were parties, friends and lots of young woman to peek the fancy of a young man such as myself.  I’ll admit that I was no respecter of women and their protected virginity and partook of anything that I so desired – money has its advantages.

One night after one of my parent’s balls that was held in our home, I found myself in bed with a sweet young thing, she couldn’t have been more than sixteen. We all had been drinking and dancing most of the night and it culminated with me escorting this sweet young thing to my bedroom for some more intimate discussions.

We had all seen and heard of the worgen running rampant though our lands and were aware of the consequences if you were ever bitten, you would join the ranks of the filthy beasts. The worgen were originally created by Archmage Arugal to fight the Scourge, however, these aggressive beats had decided to turn their interest on easier prey, the citizens of Gilneas. Woe be to anyone that was only bitten and not killed.

When I awakened the next morning this young woman was acting rather peculiar and she bit me as hard as I have ever been bitten by any creature.  I cried out in anguish and looked at her to ask her why she had done such a horrible thing and notice her eyes had changed to a brilliant yellow and she was trying to attack me again. By The Light!! My bedmate was a worgen going through the transition to beast – that meant that I was going to have to face that Curse, there was nothing to prevent it or cure it. To be blunt, I killed her before she had a chance to kill me and removed her body from the house to the dense forest near there.  I was hoping that I hadn’t been cursed and I was also hoping that no one would remember that I was the last one to see her alive, if they ever found the body, that is.

Apparently, this Curse starts to stream through your body rather rabidly and it’s only a matter of hours, not days, until you make the transition to Wolf. The inner turmoil and pain I can remember as freshly today and I did the day that it happened. I thought to lock myself away in my rooms and no one would be the wiser, I had heard that some worgen were capable of returning to their normal human form – I had planned on staying in my rooms until I could make that change.

In my bestial madness, I broke out of my supposedly secured rooms and went on a rampage throughout the house, killing anything in my path.  I can vaguely remember some of the people that I killed however, I can remember killing my Mother and it causes me great anguish to my very soul. I can still see her shocked and pained face as I attacked her.   Her only words were “Why Alex…why?”  I will carry that picture in my mind until the day I die. From that point forward, my mind seems very unsure of the things that I was compelled to do as this beast.

The most horrible thing that happens with the Curse is that you are still inside this beast, you can see, hear and taste the things that it does, however, you have no control over it at all.  You may be screaming for people to run inside the head of the beast, however, the beast still kills whatever it happens to be pursuing, you see it very graphically and can feel the pleasure that the kill often brings.

I don’t know how long I was like this, my human mind was so overridden by the beast’s mind that I think I lost consciousness.  I do know that I was eventually captured and subdued in a cage, then later moved to chains.  I was forced to drink a potion that was supposed to cure the Beast, however, that potion took its own sweet time taking affect.  I was in the form of the Wolf for quite a while until something triggered the potion and I was able to return to my human form once again.

I remember fighting alongside my fellow Gilneans, some in human form, some with the Wolf.  I can say that we fought bravely and it seemed as though we were all going to be exterminated by the Forsaken.  The Forsaken were still lobbing their plague filled globes into the city, the stench overrode everything else and there was constant fighting for every single little foothold that we were able to gain.  It was a horrific time to be alive, no matter what form you were in.  To see your entire lifestyle being ripped away, people dying al around you, it was a war that I had never thought that I would be drawn into.  What was once a very proud city was now in ruins, people lying dead all around, too many bodies to give a decent burial and so many worgen satisfying their hunger by eating them – these were the worgen that were not such as I.

Graymane led his men valiantly, losing his own son in the process, as we tried to take our city back from the Forsaken and the worgen beasts that killed whatever came in their path. It was a truly gut wrenching time. We finally had to forsake our beloved city and fought onward to the coast – killing pockets of worgen and Forsaken as we went.  I don’t know how many people I saw die and at this point, I am numbed to the whole thing.

We lost our land, our people and the rights to truly claim that we were humans during that time. We finally made our final stand with the Night Elf race that came to our aide.  Of all the races in this great world of Azeroth, they were the only ones that stood valiantly with us.  We had to escape our land and took our refugees to Kalimdor.  What few of us that survived the struggles now live in Darnassus.   Most of us are Cursed, some are not, it was at the direction of the Fates as to whom was blessed with being normal human beings, displaced by a war that we never asked for or saw coming behind our wall to keep the world at bay.

I oftentimes hear people talking about a cure for the Curse and I have to laugh to myself.  There is no cure, you fools, you just have to learn how to control this inner beast and carrying on with what kind of life that has been left to you. I have very little gold in my pouch and I will have earn my money by my own hard work – no family fortune here, all was lost the night I killed my family.

Luckily I had learned to hunt with my Father and his group of friends long before this transition, so, I do have a means to support myself here in this strange land that we will now call home.  I do know that I almost get some kind sexual pleasure when the Wolf takes over and I am out in the field.  I have never known such physical strength and prowess as a human – I relish the joys of hunting down my prey and killing it, sometimes rending it to something that is not even recognizable in my beast frenzy.

I am going to accept this Curse for what it is, sometimes a blessing and sometimes something that separates my people from the rest of humanity.  I’ll keep searching for this so-called cure, however, I don’t think that it exists other than in some foolish man’s mind.

Alexander Brandric

Planning For The Future…

February 7th

Dear Journal,

Odd thing is that I have done quite a bit of traveling and haven’t written it down as I had planned, however, I have learned quite a few things in my journey.

When the troubles broke out in Kalimdor, I’ll admit that my curiosity got the better of me and decided to make the journey there to see it for myself.  It’s been interesting, stressful and then, again, enlightening in many ways. However, I have decided to return to my homeland for a while to escape the constant fighting that seems to be a major part of life in Kalimdor.  What with the way that things have gone with the old Warchief of the Horde and how that all panned out, I’m happy that I avoided the majority of the fighting because my skills were such that they were probably not up to the standards of some of the more experienced military veterans.

While I was in Kalimdor I met a young lady with the most extraordinary red hair that had run away from home, I guess, in Orgrimmar. Oh yes, she was definitely a product of Silvermoon as am I, however, she seemed a bit different. It seems her brother was in the Rangers and while he was away in Pandaria, had left her in charge of his business in Orgrimmar, which, she said was quite the burden, what with goblins and Tauren constantly surrounding her. From what I gathered in all of her conversations was that she was in love with one man and a marriage had been arranged for her with another man, so, she ran away. I think that was the gist of it, anyway.

Oh yes, I’m familiar with the practice of marriages being arranged by the wealthy to better their stations in the society in Silvermoon and I have met quite a few young men and women that have done all manner of things to avoid it or have embraced the practice with a caveat that they could always invoke, being unfaithful to their marital partners.  I’m glad that my parents, Light rest their souls,  were never that wealthy and I was allowed to see whomever I wanted.

The poor girl stuck to me like glue once we got to know one another and I’ll admit that I did enjoy her company even if it was very platonic on both our parts.  She was very attractive and I hope that she thought the same of me, however, I was disinclined to get involved with her because of her emotional upheavals.  While she was with me, I did try to teach her how to meditate and how to center herself so that she could have some inner peace, however, she was never very good at it.  Her surname was familiar to me, Morningstar, and I think that I may have seen her a few times on my many trips into the city prior to my leaving the area.  No, I’m not ready to settle down or anything of that nature and especially not to someone that appears to be so chaotic within themselves.

I think that we became good friends though.  She told me that she was going to go to the Faire and wanted me to go along, however, I wasn’t in the mood at the time and told her that I would be here when she got back.  Well, it’s been a while, a month, and she never came back.  I am assuming that she found someone to take care of her or maybe she ran into one of her family members and they took her back to Silvermoon.  I would have thought that she would have written to me by now or even gotten me word of her well-being, however, knowing her as I do, it’s out of sight and out of mind.  I hope that I hear from her again sometime, just to make sure that she is okay.   I hope that she doesn’t make the trip back to our old camp in the Barrens because I’m long gone.  If the Fates have anything for us in the future, they will be in charge of bringing us back together.  Now that I am back in the Silvermoon area, I could make a few subtle inquiries to see if anyone has heard of her being back in the city.

Yes, I’m no fool, I did care for her somewhat, however, I know that she was well above me in the social ladder.  Oh well, I’m not going to pine away thinking of this woman, I have other things to do with my life and I also need to get back into my old haunts and habits to center myself again. I need to get my mind centered on my own goals of going to Pandaria for further instructions, my mentor here is very pleased with my progress so far.

Taliseth Stormstrike

A Change In Plans…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 24th,

Dear Journal,

Well, rather than being in route to Orgrimmar this morning as was my intent to attend the meetings in Orgrimmar as well making a trip with my sister, Faendra, to Silvermoon; there is a delay in plans.  What was going to be a very bad three days of meetings in the capital has been cancelled due to the rebellion in progress.  At least this has bought Faendra some time to get her wits together about her impending marriage in Silvermoon as well as keeping her in a military controlled city for a few days might give her some thought as to what actually goes on in a time of war – she should be thankful that she will be going back to Silvermoon.  I’ll make arrangements to get her moved to Silvermoon at the end of next week without fail.  Surely no one in the High Command would object my removing one Blood Elf female from the city for her impending wedding?  Should be interesting to say the least.

I guess that the Trolls have gone and done it.  I, for one, never expected an open rebellion from that particular quarter even after the assassination attempt on Vol’Jin failed. I never would have suspected those particular people to openly thwart the authorities in Orgrimmar.    I guess that Garrosh has decided that he needs to address this current situation and any council meetings involving our involvement in Pandaria can be put on the backburner. 

Pity! It’s a shame that there weren’t any among the rest of the Ambassador’s of the Horde that were willing to give it their all because with the distraction of the Troll rebellion in Orgrimmar,  it would have been an ideal time to finish off that assassination plot on Hellscream himself.  It would have been a perfect opportunity for someone to put him out of our misery and the blame would have been put back onto the Trolls regardless of whom may have actually done it.   Of course, the city is under martial law right now, which means that it is going to be difficult for most of the citizenry to go about their normal lives without being under suspicion of being a rebel.

I’m surprised that this whole thing hasn’t happened long ago.  I know that there aren’t many people amongst the other races that are even as remotely dedicated to Hellscream other than his precious Orcs.  None of the other leaders in the Horde other than the Troll Chieftain have wanted to call the wrath of the Orcs back onto their people and their homelands.  Damn, well, at least it wasn’t a Blood Elf that stepped up to the plate this time to get the blame for all of this latest trouble.  What is rather shocking is that some of the Alliance appears to have joined forces with the Trolls which is a good tactic in some ways, however, that means that they are fighting two wars at once.

I know that this is going to be a strange situation with the war here in Pandaria and then to have the Alliance splitting their forces to fight in Pandaria as well as in Kalimdor is going to be a nightmare logistically for any kind of real success.  Knowing Hellscream, he will go after the most obvious targets available to him and that will be the Darkspears before he starts going after the Night Elves. It’s just a matter of time before war will come to the very streets of Darnassus.

From a military standpoint, this is going to be a war of keeping the supply lines flowing to support the troops.  Should prove to be rather interesting considering that most of the Horde supplies for Kalimdor are coming from Pandaria.  Disrupt the supply lines in Kalimdor and Pandaria long enough, the Orcs will fall like so many leaves from the trees. All I know is that this is what my company has been doing for these last few months without anyone being the wiser.

I’ve never written anything about my involvement in the rebel cause because these are not safe times and someone could actually take it upon themselves to find my journal and sell it to the highest bidder as a form of blackmail.  I know that I’ve already been doing my part through different channels to make sure that the rebels in Kalimdor are well supplied with food and weapons, even if I have had to use some of Amyn’s people from Stormwind in a roundabout way. It’s a dangerous thing that we’re doing, however, it will eventually lead to some kind of peace for all of our people.

I will have to get word to my wife that she needs to start making preparations to have her parents and the boys removed from Dolonaar and head them to Shattrath.  I know the old folks aren’t going to be too pleased, however, we can use the grandchildren as leverage to get them to follow the plan. Oh, we have some time to implement the plan, however, my gut tells me that it is going to get to be rather dangerous to be in Kalimdor with the Orcs going completely berserk.

My big concern right now is going to be whether my battalion will be left here in Pandaria or will we be ordered back to Kalimdor to fight on that front. I think that I would do more than just resign my post if we were ordered back to Kalimdor to fight another war that none of us want any part of.  I’m sure that my group will be left in Pandaria to aid in the raping and pillaging of this land by the Horde to keep the supplies going back to Kalimdor to aid the Horde under Garrosh’s command fight that rebellion there. It is going t be doubtful that we will be getting any new reinforcements in Pandaria for a while, not with the new war breaking out openly in Orgrimmar and the rest of Kalimdor.

I think that I see this whole thing as the beginning of the end of the faction known as the Horde, which, is possibly not a bad thing. By going after the head of the snake as well as keeping the body of the snake starving long enough, it will be destroyed. 

I should just go back to Orgrimmar and get Faendra and take her to Silvermoon as we planned, however, it would make things rather difficult with the orders that I have been sent here in Pandaria to start a more aggressive action in the North.  I hate leaving her there for now though in some ways because the city has got to be seething with all kinds of inner turmoil.  Well, it will be good for her to get a taste of being in a city under siege for a few days – another week at the most and I’ll have a better idea as to what is going on here in Pandaria. It might even give her an idea of what it was like to be living in Silvermoon during the Scourge attacks – she was just a baby back then and shouldn’t have much memory of those times. 

Damn it, Dawnglory and I should be back in Orgrimmar running the company and not here in Pandaria following the orders of that pinheaded idiot. Damn it, I wish we’d get orders from the Regent to fall back to the Eastern Kingdoms at least.  I hate to admit it but we have made a considerable profit with our involvement with the rebels on both sides.  Now is the time that we should be involved in making sure that the supply lines to the rebels aren’t disrupted in order to overthrow what we’ve been living under since Theramore.

I’ll try to put together some kind of timeline for us to turn in our resignations and get out of Pandaria as much as I hate the thought.  Light take it all, Amyn just got to Pandaria, we’ve all started new lives here and the rebellion has decided to come out in the open too soon.  My loyalty to the Horde has always been questionable in my mind, now, I think I know what I need to start planning to do.

What will I do if the resignations are refused again?  Desert?  My loyalty has always fallen with my own race more so than the others.  However, what I am seeing now is that it isn’t just my people at risk, it’s all of Azeroth. Someone needs to take charge of the Horde that has the best interest of all of the races not just the Orcs.  The war in Pandaria has been an Orc war from the very beginning.

It’s not like it was when we were dealing with the Scourge.  At least back then we all had a common enemy that both factions were trying to eradicate. Again, when Deathwing went on his rampage, both factions had a common enemy to eradicate and our petty differences were put aside so that we could join forces in some cases to bring about his demise. Oh yes, we still fought Horde against the Alliance back then, however, there was that one common goal that we were all heading towards.  Now, it’s just the Horde trying to kill off themselves like some kind of cancer growing  from within, throwing the Alliance into the fray as some kind of added disease.

The Pandaren were right!  We’ve awakened the Sha in Pandaria with our warlike hatred and greed.  Now, that greed is killing us all of off whether anyone realizes it or not.  The pillaging of Pandaria may have just brought about the demise of the rest of Azeroth.  Only time will tell.

Oh well, all of this deep philosophical thought going through my mind has almost made me forget that I still have a job to do here in Pandaria.  I need to get dressed and head back the Krasarang for the morning briefings and await further orders from Orgrimmar.

Fnor Morningstar



Just Adventuring in Kalimdor…

May 16th

Dear Journal,

Well, I knew that it was bound to happen after some of the things that happened between myself and Sonshine.   The alpha males had to finally have it out and it cost the pack a member in the end.  No, it wasn’t one of those “to-the-death” kind of battles, however, when all was said and done, Sonshine just packed up his kit and left.

Felley and I both thought that Abigail would leave with him but she didn’t.  She said that she didn’t want to go because Sonshine was drinking a lot and he hit her.  That just astounded Felley to no end.  For a man to strike a woman at any time is inexcusable to the both of us.  However, I knew Sonshine had a wild streak and I had seen the meanness of his character show up long before the Curse and our leaving Gilneas forever. However, I hated to lose an old friend, however, I suppose that there would have been trouble eventually, maybe it’s for the best that the fight happened.

Oh, he definitely got in a few good shots and I did get some of fur ruffled more than a bit during the fight.  I’ll be paying for the fight with some sore ribs for a while, however, he lost his temper completely and that’s why he lost the fight.  He was so blinded by his own rage that he couldn’t see what was really going on.  He let the Wolf take over completely.   I know that I was just going to teach him a lesson or two for his loud-mouth and the way that he was acting all resentful when we had a good hunt and he didn’t bag the most game or the profit.

What profit?  What he didn’t realize is that I would take the skins and sell them, take what monies were owed to me as an individual while taking a percentage of that and putting it in a little fund for the pack.  Since Felley and I seem to be the parents of the group, we feel like we need to help take care of the rest of them.  It’s only right that we should do that, right?  Sure, we all have those little emergencies that come up that cost us more than what we can afford, that’s where the pack fund comes in.

From what Abigail has told Felley, I’m glad that I set some money aside like we had planned because it seems that Sonshine was taking his money and Abigail’s money and doing whatever he chose with it.  That means that Abigail is probably one hungry young lady and I noticed that she really doesn’t have a place to live on her own.  I guess she’s been living with the rest of the Worgen under the big tree in Darnassus.  I wish I had realized what was going on before now because Sonshine and I would have had this discussion a lot earlier. 

Poor little thing girl is still trying to adjust to the changes in her life and to have a drunkard hitting her is just heartbreaking.  No wonder she acted like she was afraid to say anything at all there for a while. When she first joined the pack, she would always flirt with me and tease Felley and then that stopped, now we know why. 

Felley went with her to gather up her few belongings that she had of her own and that’s when we found out where she had been staying.  Yes, there is a carriage parked under the tree and I guess that Abigail had laid claim to the space underneath it to sleep and to keep her stuff.  I’m sure she’s missing quite a few things if she left it for any length of time unattended.  Seems that she didn’t have all that much, not even enough to fill up a small satchel.  Well, I guess we’ll be sharing some room space with the girl until we can find another place for her to live on her own.  Oh, we’re still a pack, however, a man and woman do need some privacy and some distance from other people now and then.

Abigail asked Felley if she could bring a young friend along, someone new to the city.  I didn’t have any problem with it at all, anyone is welcome until they prove that they aren’t what we are looking for in the pack.  This young fellow is barely out of his teens, however, seems like he is a good herbalist and inscriptionist, which is something that we will always need.  We’ll give a try and see how things work out. You never know when you’ll need some “special papers” and Abigail seems to think highly of him.  I get that was because he was kind to her even though he got knocked on his butt by Sonshine when he saw him hanging around.

After all of the stuff with Sonshine and Abigail, I really didn’t feel like I wanted to actually spend a whole lot of time talking to anyone.  I guess that’s my human side coming out and wanting to get off and think things through.  Luckily, Felley is a very understanding woman and once she made sure that I wasn’t injured, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, a pat on the rump and told me to come home soon.   I just needed to get away.

I went over to the mainland and did some hunting and skinning since we had some contracts that called for specific kinds of leather.  If I was going off to be by myself, at least I could do something that would help us all. 

Darkshore is kind of depressing when you first lay eyes on it.  You can tell that it once was a beautiful place before Deathwing did his thing and flooded it all.  Now, the roving elementals just make it a bit dicey to get through the area before you can get in for some proper hunting. I hate seeing all of those beautiful buildings broken and you can tell that there was once a thriving community there on those shores.

I know that I spent a few hours mourning the loss of my friendship with Sonshine.  I was just remembering how things had been in Gilneas and how he and I would hunt together, yes, we would drink and chase the girls before I got married.  We had some good times, however, he was always more than a bit aggressive when he had too much to drink.  We had fights back then too, however, things are different since the Curse and we left our homeland.  We’re all struggling trying to come to some kind of compromise with our situation.  The old ways just aren’t going to work here.  Oh well, he’s gone and that’s all I can look at it now – he made the decision to leave and I didn’t beg him to stay either.  I think that I had finally reached my limit with his constant complaining about how things weren’t fair in this new land.  Hello, stupid, the real clue is that we’ve been Cursed, there is no cure and you’re going to have to adapt to how things are now.  The old life is gone for good.  My wife had always told me that Sonshine was going to be trouble some day and I’ll be blessed that she gave me that warning before I lost her.

I got more than enough leather to fill the contracts that we had on-hand and I’m sure that means that we will be making another trip to Stormwind in the next week or two to hand our stock in and collect our money.  Money will be nice to have.

I didn’t tell Felley that I ran into some Horde while I was out and I sure won’t tell her that I let the Wolf have free reign.  I can’t believe how much I enjoyed killing those Orcs and Forsaken after seeing some of the destruction that they were causing on the land.  Even closed behind our walls in Gilneas we would hear the tales of how the Horde dealt with things – we are a prime example of how they dealt with some things.  I think I took special joy in killing the Forsaken and I don’t think I left too much behind in the way of bodies that weren’t broken and scattered around.  No, I didn’t get wounded and no, I didn’t partake of any of the “meat” that might have been there, I’m not that kind of Wolf. Besides, I was helping out some Sentinels.

The funny thing is that these Sentinels wouldn’t recognize me if they saw me walking down the street some day because I stayed in wolf form the entire time that I was with them.  I actually made some extra money while I spent those couple of hours clearing out the area with them.  Of course, I could keep any loot that I might want to keep from my kills, there was no quibbling or stacking it up to be split amongst the group.  I guess this means that I’m a mercenary now, which isn’t all that bad, the pay seems to be real good.

I am just going to relax in Darnassus today though.  I’m tired.  What started out to be a trip on my own that only lasted a couple of days and nights just to think about things really turned out to be quite an adventure and very profitable.  I think the next time that we take the pack out for a romp, we’ll wander a bit further South and see what else there is to see.

 It will be a good thing for us to start operating in a larger area anyway.  I just have a strange feeling that Sonshine isn’t quite done with us yet. If we give him a wider berth, I don’t think that he will be able to cause us much trouble either. The people here in Darnassus know who and what he is, so, I’m sure that we’ll be safe when we’re in town. I’ll have to see how this new kid works out too, he’s still pretty green with the Curse and I don’t know if he has a real control over himself yet. We can get that tested out in time.