January 12th – Time Goes On…

*Might have some salty language or descriptions…been a while but we all know how Fnar talks. *


January 12th


Yo Book!

I will have to admit that I have spent the last year in mourning for the loss of my family and this last Holiday Season was probably the worst on record for me.  I have been depressed before, but I was contemplating just ending it all to free my soul, heart and mind from the terrible sadness and loneliness that I have endured for the last year.  It has not been a pleasant time for me nor any of the people that have been forced to be around me.   I am sure that I was not the most pleasant of company along with the drinking binges that I would go on.

Fnor was going to do the whole family thing in Nagrand and I was invited but was hesitating about attending since I know his kid sister would be there and I didn’t want to have to be on-guard to avoid her affections without being rude to her.  There is nothing that can disrupt a friendship faster than involvement with one of the friend’s family members.  She’s okay, appearances are that she is very attractive until you get to know her personality a bit better.   Beauty can truly be skin deep and when the selfish self-centered side shows up, it can be ugly with a pretty package to tempt the latest victims.  I have known for years that she was infatuated with me; however, I was hoping that she would outgrown that mindset, which she hasn’t.  I know that there have been times when Fnor and I have distanced ourselves from one another after some of her embarrassing blow-ups concerning me.

Of course, I had made plans to be busy during the holidays and stay to myself at the Garrison in Draenor.  I had planned a nice party for all the people there and we had everything all decorated up so that none of us would feel like we were left out.  I never realized how many of my people didn’t go home for the holidays because they felt more comfortable there with the others.  It’s almost like having a family on an extra level, which is kind of nice when you’ve been raised in an orphanage like Felessa and I were.  Even though we all can travel back and forth between Azeroth and Draenor now, it was kind of odd that, so many opted to stay here.  At least I wasn’t going to be alone and I wouldn’t have to see the other people’s children unless they invited them here.

Naturally, I felt like things were just going to be the same as they have been for the last year and I would be spending the time alone, off to myself and trying to sort things out in mind again.  I know that I have mourned for Romy and the kids long enough and I need to get my feet back on the ground and start over again.  No, I haven’t given up on finding them and I will continue to search for them and keep hoping that I will be able to finally get some closure one way or another.  I feel like I have been living in a dream that I couldn’t wake up from, no matter how hard I tried, and this was the Light’s way of letting me know that I didn’t treat things the way that I should have.  I know that I cherished Romy more than any woman that I have ever been involved with and my heart keeps aching for her and there are times that I do weep for the loss of my children.

Maybe staying away from the farm has been good for me too, giving myself time to heal before I try to make my way there again and try to resume life for myself.  Having the farm there gives me a place to go and a place to try to put down roots and a place where I can have a life without all the social tribulations that seem to happen amongst my own kind.  Pandaria gave me an inner peace that I haven’t ever found anywhere else, a sense of tranquility that just seemed to make everything seem more precious to me.

I will have to admit that I am still really kind of creeped out with the dream that I had the last time I was at the farm because it seemed so real and I know that I wanted to sleep more and try to relive that dream again.  Sure, it was a typical man’s dream, however, it just seemed so right to have Romy in my arms again and to be able to touch her, even in a dream, the woman has a fire of her own that I don’t think that anyone could ever put out.  I know that if I ever get involved with anyone again, it will be extremely difficult not to make comparisons to Romy – I know, that could be a death knell to any relationship, however, she is the only woman that I truly gave all my love too – she was really my life and my soulmate.

I still wish that Romy and I could have gotten married before she disappeared.  I know that we were both anti-marriage when it was just the two of us because we didn’t think about the social aspects of not being married and having children.  I know that we wanted everything for our daughter and, now, for our son.  I wonder what my boy looked like?  You see, I had never seen him and the only thing that I have of his is the little bootie that was found at the Zeppelin crash site.   I’m sure that we would have had some portraits done when Romy and the kids got home again – will they ever be home?

Now that the holidays are over, and everyone is happy with how things went, I’m sure that we will all get back into our routines.  It’s about time for me to head to Orgrimmar and possibly Silvermoon to pick up any materials for the Garrison that the Horde can spare for the forgotten people stationed out there.

I hope that I can catch up with Fnor while I’m in either Orgrimmar or SMC because he and I need to catch up on some things and see how we are going to go forward with the company.   I know that he has been spending most of his time in the Broken Isle fighting demons – I lucked out and didn’t have to report there just yet.    I know that I am not looking forward to fighting demons any time soon because I still remember the remnants of them in Outland and we have our own issues with them filtering into Draenor now and then.   I think evil and vile doesn’t adequately describe how I feel when I see traces of them and the foul Fel that they seem to bring with them and leave behind to mark the territory as their own.

I think I might apply for some leave so that I can go to Pandaria for a while, I’ll just have to keep my eye out for Faendra and make sure to keep my distance from that conniving bitch.



Fnar Dawnglory




July 8th – Life Goes On…Right?

*Remember that this particular character is pretty outspoken and has no filter on his language – might be a few words in here that are not fit for people to read that are easily offended. *



July 8th


Yo Book!!

I knew that I was fucking getting run-down and didn’t feel like my normal self, however, I didn’t realize what real exhaustion can do to you sometimes.  I know that I have been burning the candle at both ends and trying to cure some of that with imbibing in more alcohol than I should.  Now, I’ve been fucking told that I had better knock that nonsense off if I plan on living long enough to find Romy and the kids.  I know that I have felt like there is never going to be an end to this and I will spend the rest of my living days searching for my wife and children.

Yes, I fucking said the word – WIFE.  My intent when I got home from Draenor was to take her to a magistrate or to one of the monks in Pandaria and for us to get married.  Yes, that legal and binding thing that people do when they love one another with their entire being. Well, that got shot to Hell and Gone when I got back and she was missing.  In my mind and in my heart, we’re already married and have been since the day we met – I wasn’t just smitten with her physical beauty, I was smitten with her soul and her sheer love of life. Yeah, I know it’s stupid, however, I do believe in “love at first sight” because it has happened to me and I have lost all interest in other women – that was quite a shock in the womanizer that I used to be. To say that I was experienced is an understatement – I had gone on some rough mileage at times.

What brought this outburst on, you might ask?  Well, I was talking with Fnor and he mentioned that I looked a little tired and maybe I should just take some time off.  I did tell him about the way that his sister was acting with me again and that set him off on temper tantrum that seemed to be more than just his usual outburst.  I told him about her comments and the way that she had acted very recently which just made him angrier at her.  There are days that I ask myself “why me?” I do try to keep going and try to overlook a lot of her overtures’ that had ceased for a while, however, with Romy out of the picture, she is on me as a target once again.

I have known Faendra since she was a kid. Hell, she and my sister, Felessa, were best friends until she started chasing after me like a bitch in heat.  I know that this has been going on for years and has caused Fnor and I some major problems, however, it has not interfered with our friendship.  There are times when I wonder if Fnor isn’t all that bright when it comes to females and how dangerous they can be – with his experiences, he should have clue by now.

I know that Jongu has mentioned to me that he doesn’t like that other Blood Elf female that comes by the house sometimes.  He said she isn’t nice to him and thinks that she has sneaky streak and might steal things when I’m not there and he is busy doing other things.  Hmmm, that’s unusual for Jongu because he’s always liked everyone to my knowledge.  I wonder what he was hinting at, he’s a strange fellow and I like having him around and he works cheap since I told him he can sell his chicken and dumplings at the market.  I know we are still having that problem with the chickens dropping dead at the farm every once in a while, – we have still not figured out what is up with that, however, it doesn’t seem to cause any issues when we eat them.  Oh well, I’ll just keep my eyes out for that little bitch.

While I was talking with Fnor, a weird thing happened.  I either passed out or I fainted and I woke up with a healer standing over me and shaking her head.  She said I was suffering from exhaustion and that my body was showing some signs of trouble from my drinking.  Well, that wasn’t a real surprise to me, I know I have been drinking quite a bit.  She also told me that I was talking while I was out and crying – my emotions seemed more than a little bit raw. 

The weird thing that happened was I was talking and I heard my daughter’s voice like she was standing there with Fnor and I.  I felt my heart give a lurch when I heard the voice and I passed out.  How can she be here and not here?  I know that I still have a chill when I think about it, I don’t want to think that she is in the afterlife and it was her spirit talking to me – she can’t be dead and neither can Romy and my son be dead.  I won’t believe it, I refuse to believe.  Anyway, long story short, she told me to take some time off and possibly get out of Pandaria for a while and go back to the Eastern Kingdoms, get some rest and see if I can’t quieten my mind some.

I told Fnor what the healer had told me and he told me to go back to Silvermoon and stay at the house there for a while.  He would get in touch with Agatha to let her know that I was coming and to make sure that she keeps Faendra away from me if she should show up.  So, I am going to take the advice and take some time off, drop the letter from the healer off in Orgrimmar and go home for a while to Silvermoon.


Fnar Dawnglory




Insomnia..Children’s Story Included

March 27th

Dear Journal,

I am having one of those nights that you just can’t sleep through.  Kae is sound asleep and curled up in our bed and I can see just the top of her head showing out from under the covers. Somehow it just seems right and I can’t sleep.

I don’t know why my Father is on my mind so much tonight, it just has me in a quandary and I’m worried about him. Kae and I saw an awful lot of Rangers in Kun’lai when we were scouting and I hope that he isn’t with them.  We don’t have any idea what is going on but it does look like some kind of troop build-up is going to start happening in that area …soon.  They always send the Rangers out ahead to scout the land, just as the Sentinels will do, however, as we got closer to Binan Village we noticed more ground troops coming through the caves, the heavy weapons were a bit obvious and the number of Orcs was almost scary. At least they didn’t see us as we made our way around the village to make our trek back to the Krasarang Wilds to report our findings.

Tonight, for some unknown reason, my mind kept going back to when we lived in Shattrath.  It was more of a pleasant time and this was long before the two little guys came along – it was just Vashlan and I at the time. My Mother and Father used to go to the orphanage every couple of weeks with things that we had made for the orphans which the Matrons always appreciated.  Vash and I learned how to tan skins real early to help with this process too – I can remember my Mother and my Father both putting together all those little shoes and pants when the tanned leather was finished.  It was a family thing back then.

I remember my Father would always take the time to play with the kids and then, he would tell them stories and this one kept running through my mind tonight.


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

“What do you hear when you hear the wind blow through the trees?  Why it’s the fairies gathering their kin together to celebrate the Light and Elune.”

“What do you see when you gaze into the starry skies at night?  It’s the Spirits of the Tauren and the love of the Earth Mother gazing down on the people they love.”

Oh, little Jack and his friends had heard all of this before and they thought that it was all just a tale, however, they were learning that these things were being told to them so that they would know that there is kindness in the world, even for orphan children.  There was always a kind Spirit that would always protect them.

Jack and his little brother Bobby had been in the orphanage for a very long time and every time there were potential parents visiting, they would be on their best behavior because they wanted to have real parents and a home.  Oh, the Matrons were kind and made sure that the children never wanted for anything – food, clothing, schooling and most of all, they had friends to play with all of the time.

After many years of waiting each Parent Day and being passed over, they watched as their friends were picked and went home with new parents.  They just couldn’t seem to catch a break, no matter how hard they tried to be noticed – they always made sure they had their hair washed and combed and that they had on their best clothes….Yes, they even showed the potential parents what good manners they had. Still, they were left behind.

Part of the problem could have been that Bobbie only had one good leg and he did limp when he walked, however, he was able to keep up with all of the other children when they were playing.  Jack only had one eye and was often clumsy when he moved too fast.  Between the two of them, there was one good body and they learned how to help each other with the games the children played.

One night when all of the others were asleep and the moon was high the sky the two brothers decided that the only way that they would ever be adopted was for them to be able to show how strong they were and how brave they were by doing some daring feats – they really wanted to go exploring without all of the other kids trying to tag along if the truth were known.

Jack and Bobby made their way out of the orphanage, the Lower City and started up the path to one of the tunnels leading from the city.  They were only stopped by the guard as they started to enter the tunnel.

“Hey, you kids, where do you think you’re going?” spoke the grizzled guard gruffly.

“Our parents are waiting on the other side of the Tunnel, sir, ” said Jack.  He thought he should be the one to speak out because Bobby was already frightened out of his wits – he had never done anything like this before.

The guard gazed at the two boys and nodded his head and motioned them to go ahead.  You see, the guard was an old man and he was used to all manner of refugees coming and going at all hours of the day and night when he was on duty. His shift was almost over this night and all he wanted to do was to go home to his wife and go to sleep.  He didn’t want to have to write a report about the boys or try to find out what they were “really” doing.

Bobby was already frightened when they reached the end of the tunnel and they gazed out into the woods. It was dark and scary, it seemed awfully big to a little crippled boy.  Jack, being the eldest chided his younger brother and told him to “grow-up” and come on.

The night seemed to be filled with all manner of things as they walked down the path – they saw some lightning bugs, a huge spider and a crocolisk – all of these things scared them but they thought that they would be safe if they stayed on the path.

They kept wandering down the path further and further into the woods.  They could hear all manner of noises in the woods.  One thing they kept hearing was the sound of giggling – the wind was blowing in the trees and they could see some tiny little things that darted amongst the branches.

All of sudden a tiny little creature darted in front of them, it’s tiny wings fluttering like a butterfly and it spoke to them “Follow me if you want to be free…follow me.” The two boys didn’t know whether they should run away or do as the tiny creature said.  Maybe it was one of the fairies that they had heard about – it was small, had tiny wings – it seemed friendly enough, however, they were very frightened.

Jack took Bobby’s hand and they followed the creature off the path and deeper into the woods.  They could hear the creatures in the night that were on the prowl for food, the growling sometimes sounded very close and the roars could be heard echoing through the night.  The only thing they could do was follow the fey creature and hope that they would be safe.

Pretty soon, the boys saw a clearing that had a small circle of mushrooms growing in it.  On each of the mushrooms sat a tiny little fairy, singing some kind of song  – the words and the language were unknown to the children.

“Come, come to the Circle and you will be free,” said the tiny little fairy in tiny voice.  The boys had followed this creature this far and it seemed to know what it was saying.  What did it mean by “free”, the boys were curious as to what this could mean.

Jack and Bobby were already tired from all of the walking and they were sure that the sun would be coming up soon.  They went into the circle and watched as the fairies continued their singing.  They were also very hungry.

“I’m hungry,” whimpered Bobby.  “I want to go home!”

“Shut up, there isn’t anything to eat here and I didn’t bring any food with me,” said Jack in his best “big boy” voice that he could muster.  He was hungry too and he was very frightened because he knew that they couldn’t find their way back to Shattrath, they were lost.

“My leg hurts,” Bobby wailed as he plopped down in the middle of the circle and only then did he notice that the fairies were singing and nodding their heads in time to the song.

“What are they singing?” whispered Bobby to Jack.  Jack just shook his head and rubbed his eye.  “I’m so sleepy that I can hardly see.”

Then the fairy that had led them to circle flew closer to them and it had a piece of mushroom in each of its hands. The fairy flew closer to the boys holding its hands out “Here eat this, it will make you wise.”

The boys were totally curious as to how eating a mushroom from a talking fairy would make them wise and they each nibbled politely.

“It tastes like Talbuk” said Jack.  “No, it tastes like that syrup stuff the Matrons let us have on our pancakes on Sundays, said Bobby.

“Well, I don’t care what it tastes like, I’m starving,” said Jack.  Bobby just kept munching at his piece of mushroom until it was gone.

“Sleep, sleep and you will see the world that we see ” sang their little fairy guide.

Both the boys were so tired that they needed very little time before they were curled up and fast asleep. They weren’t afraid, the fairies would protect them. When they fell asleep a soft noise was heard and a larger fairy appeared and gazed down on them with a smile

“What have you done, my children!” said the large fairy. “These are mortal children that you have lead to our most sacred of places, how could you do this?”

“I will have to undo this mess that you have created and return them to where they belong!  Did they ask for anything? Did they make a wish? said the large fairy.

“No, Majesty, they didn’t ask for anything, they are orphans from what we have seen – we’ve seen them before in the big city with all the other children the mortals leave behind, ” said the little fairy that had lead the boys there.

“We thought you would be pleased, we can make them like us… they will be happy and they will be a part of our family, don’t you see?”

“No, I don’t see and they can’t become one of the fey, silly girl!”

“All orphans want parents, only these seem to be wrong – they aren’t whole. See this one only has one eye and the other one only has one leg that works right – they are broken,” said the little fairy. “Majesty, we could fix that couldn’t we?”

“I will have to call upon the Powers that are greater than we are to see if they can help, this is beyond my powers…and stop calling me Majesty, my name is Althea.” said Althea in a very grouchy voice.

Althea bowed her head and you hear her voice as she spoke in counterpoint to the song being sung by the fairies seated on the mushrooms.  “I beg of you Elune, Earth Mother and the Light, please help me with these children that my subjects have led astray.”

Suddenly it seemed as the sky had gotten brighter – the moon seemed to move closer, the stars blinked brightly and a glowing light lit up the circle where the children slept. The boys slept soundly as the fairies continued to sing their song.

“What is it that you wish?” a chorus of voices sounded softly to Althea.

“I want these children to be returned to their home and unbroken, “replied Althea with a pleading sound in her voice. ” They will only come to harm here through no fault of their own.”

“What will you give us in return, Althea?” the chorus of voices asked together.  “What will your people give us to undo the harm that you have done?”

Althea looked very perplexed as she gazed around the circle of mushrooms, at the fairies singing and the children soundly sleeping “I will give you our song in exchange for the children’s safety.”

Suddenly the fairies stopped singing and they all looked at one another with shock in their eyes.  Their voices had been stilled by the bargain that was struck with the higher powers.

When Jack woke up in his bed at the orphanage the next morning, he knew it had all been a dream until he looked over at the next bed where Bobby slept.  The first thing that he noticed was that Bobby’s leg that had been much shorter than the other one seemed even to be the same size – he also noticed that his head was feeling a bit strange and his vision was a bit blurred.

He rubbed his eye and noticed that he could still see even when he had his eye covered up.  What was up with that? He shouldn’t be able to see when his good eye was covered – he now had two eyes. He started crying because he was like all of the other boys and girls, he had two eyes.

“Bobby, wake up! Get up!” screamed Jack.

Bobby started to crawl out of bed and stumbled as he swung his legs to the floor and started to smile.

“I don’t know what happened, it was a dream wasn’t it?”

“Boys, Jack and Bobby!!” said Matron Jones.  “Please get dressed, you have some visitors.”

Jack and Bobby had no idea what they were in for because this wasn’t Parent’s Day and they had never had visitors before.

A young Sindorei man and woman stood in the waiting room as the two boys were getting dressed and they acted rather nervous.

“Are you sure these two boys are what you want, Melody?” said the young man. “You do realize that they are both maimed in some fashion, one is a cripple and the other is blind in one eye – you do realize that?”

“Anthony, they are two little boys that need a home and they aren’t infants, they are almost grown – they won’t be any trouble to care for – this is what you wanted too, remember?” replied Melody in a rather melodious voice.

“Anthony, they will be able to work in the shop with the gnomes, no one will ever see them,” whispered Melody.  “We won’t have to pay them either, even if they have our name..no one will ever know.”

Jack and Bobby had rushed through getting dressed and they rushed to the waiting room and heard the conversation of the two adults in the room.

“Go in boys, these people want to adopt you both, isn’t that marvelous!” said Matron Jones with a huge smile on her face as she patted the coin pouch tucked neatly in her skirt.

“No, I don’t think that we want to meet them, Matron…we heard what they were saying,” replied Jack.

“There are worse things than being an orphan, Matron Jones and we don’t want to go with them…we heard what they said!” yelled Bobby at the top of his lungs as he sprinted on his two good legs out the door.

Bobby ran to the nearest guard that he could see and told the story of the couple that were trying to adopt them.  The guard turned out to be the same the same fellow that the boys had seen the night before.  The guard blew his whistle for help from the other guards as he entered the orphanage.

The end of the story is this – the couple were arrested along with the matron.

The two boys never were adopted even though they were made whole.  They grew up to be strong men and had families of their own.

What happened to the fairies, you ask?

Well, you can still see them in the dark of night out in the forest, however, they are silent creatures now, their voices had been taken as the bargain was made to protect our young heroes.  They won’t be able to lead people astray in the forest again. The mischief was done and the price was paid for the harm that they had done.

Some parents are good parents and some parents aren’t.  Be careful of what you wish for and make sure that is right.


I don’t know why that story started going through my head. It wasn’t particularly one of his better ones, however, the key thing that stuck in my head was the fact that you should be very careful what you wish for – it might not be the right thing.

Oh, Elune, the sky is already starting to turn pink and I haven’t been to sleep yet.  I’m sure that Kae is going to give me a scolding with my staying up all night and writing in my journal.  “You’re just like your Father, Kaldor Shadowmoon!”  I can hear that in my head from my Mother.