Life Goes On…

December 27th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that it is nice having the family gathered in Nagrand even if some of the more key members aren’t present due to the on-going conflict in Draenor.  The whole thing seems rather odd and while I understand the reasons for us all to be sent off to protect Azeroth from this latest incursion, it seems a bit forced on our part.  Oh well, it isn’t for me to understand the political ramifications that all of this entails, it just seems to be a war like all of the ones in the past – overcome the foe or foes and then rinse and repeat.

I know that I did enjoy having the family here and while some have already left to go back to their homes, there will be a few that will stay on until after the New Year, myself included.  I know that I truly missed having my Sindorei here with me because it was the first time that we have everyone at the new house in Nagrand.  I know that I chuckled more than a few times when some of the guests remarked on how similar some of the things and the design resembled the house in Dalaran – what they do seem to fail to realize is that the house in Dalaran was my Sindorei husband’s pride and joy.  Oh well, I know that we spent a great deal of time getting this house designed and decorated – the house in Nagrand is also more open than the floor plan was in Dalaran because we could make it larger.

I was very lucky in being able to delay my departure for Draenor by just saying that I had other responsibilities with my personal life and business that couldn’t’ be readily handed off.  I will be reporting in for duty with the Sentinels in Feathermoon just I have in the past. It’s funny how so many of us are doing the same thing – we all have grown older, the majority of us have families now and are less adventurous than we were when we were younger.

I know that I missed having Kal and Kae here this year too.   They were in hopes that they would be given the opportunity to join the rest of the family here, however, that doesn’t seem to have been made available to them.  I know that Kal was probably more than a little bit upset with the whole thing.  I know that I have received several letters from him telling me how beautiful some of the places that he has see are in Draenor and yet I felt like there was something that was bothering him about the whole thing.  I think his biggest problem is that he enjoys having his farm in Pandaria and having the freedom that he had taken away by having to report back into duty with the Sentinels.  I know that being a Scout isn’t the easiest thing for some of the men and Kal is no exception.

I know that Fnor’s two sisters were here for a while and I had some worries with the fact that they spent the majority of the time here trying not to talk to one another.  There still seems to be some tension between the two of them due to the youngest being so stubborn about her infatuation with that Dawnglory – he is rather nice to look at with all of that golden hair, however, he isn’t nearly as good looking as my husband in my eyes.  Oh well, I’m sure that the girls will work things out between them because it is something that I know my husband would want.  I guess Felaran is still very much attached to her Death Knight mate and can’t understand why Faendra won’t move on with her life. I guess that Dawnglory is in Draenor now anyway, we’ll see what happens with that side of the family.

Business is still booming in Shattrath and I hope that it keeps going that way because I know that we will definitely need the funds once this conflict is resolved – we always can use more money.  I know that my business interests have probably increased three fold since this new military issue opened up and we’re all busy trying to keep the army supplied with the things that they need from Azeroth – getting them shipped there has been a different kind of nightmare.  I think that this is worse than when we were going through the Rebellion on the Horde side of things.  Oh well, I’m sure that we will keep things going in a positive direction with Magdamia keeping a tight control on things in Stormwind.

I am sitting here laughing to myself a little it because I am just wondering how soon my love will start sending me ideas of opening up another warehouse in Draenor.  The man may be in the military, however, his mind always drifts back to his business interests rather quickly.  Since I haven’t ventured into the abyss yet, I have no idea what to really expect once I arrive there.  Of course, I would like to be able to see my Sindorei as soon as I get there, however, the political line is pretty well drawn in the sand already.  I don’t know if they are any more receptive to our relationship than they have been in the past – maybe we’ll just have to wait and see how this all pans out.  I do know that the only place that we can be together is in Outland and primarily in Shattrath where the people already know of our relationship from years past.  It still must seem strange to some of the newcomers that a Sentinel and Ranger can be together like we have for all of these years.

Oh well, it’s time for me to stop writing for a bit and get back to being the hostess for our guests that are still here.


In Draenor…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

December 16th

Dear Journal,

Yes, I am still stuck in this place called Draenor and on the frozen tundra in charge of a Garrison that I had no desire to take over nor feel the need to grow attached too.  So far it appears as though I am one of the few Rangers here and that is rather disappointing because with what is going on in this land would be ideal for Rangers because of the way that we have been trained to fight all of these years.  I have put in request after request to have more Rangers put under my command, however, that seems to be falling on deaf ears.

I spend more time out in the field actually working, which is the one thing that I can say that I enjoy about this new command.  The micromanaging of the day to day functions should be passed off to an adjutant  and not placed solely upon my shoulders because there are other things that need my attention.  Of course, it is required that I visit the mines, stables, barns, forge and herb gardens daily to make my presence known because that is what I have been ordered to do, not that it is actually needed because my people do seem to know what they are doing.  I guess what the higher ups are thinking is that my presence is supposed to keep my soldiers’ morale up or something of that nature.  I suppose it does because I feel like we are definitely overstepping our resources at this point.

Here it is Winter Veil again and it appears doubtful that we will have the family gathering as we had planned in Nagrand this year – our Nagrand, not this Nagrand in this place.  I know that I have always looked forward to gathering friends and family in one area for the holidays so that we can at least act like a family.  I know that from the message that I finally got from Kal is that he and Kae will be here in Draenor in the next few weeks and they are making all of the preparations for that.   I just wish that we could stop everything for a little while, just to rest, relax and enjoy our families because you have no idea if that will be the same next year.

I think that I am getting too old for this stuff.  I know that I feel both mentally and physically weary to the point that all I want to do when I stop for the day is to fall into bed and sleep.  I long for those long luxurious days when I could stay in bed if I wanted too, read a book, have breakfast in bed with my wife – yes, just having my wife in my bed would e a plus here in Draenor.  I’m just not feeling the compelling urge to get up and head out to fight for something that should have never been in the first place.  I know we’re protecting Azeroth by being here and my big question is, who is taking care of Azeroth while we’re here in this land, this place and this time?

I know that it probably sounds rather odd to say, however, I am actually getting homesick for the things that I used to absolutely hate.  I miss Silvermoon and I miss the people that I have working for me back home.  I do miss Agatha, I miss those conversations that we used to have when she knew that I was having a particularly rough time dealing with a few things.  She was my rock in a lot of ways with just her daily presence.  Now, there is no Agatha here in Draenor and I’m not sure that she has returned to her post in Silvermoon yet after taking her leave.

I definitely miss the chattering of Zippie and the way that she always seemed to see the brighter side of things more often than not.  She does work magic with our accounts and I will definitely have to take some time to spend with her when I can get a leave from this place.

I know that I am going to put in for a leave here soon because I do need a break from this constant upheaval  that seems to be the norm here.  I know that I have been in the military for most of my life, however, I don’t think that I have ever been in this kind of situation before where none of us really know or really understands exactly what we’re doing here.  Yes, we stopped the Iron Orcs from invading Azeroth and now we’re doing a holding action as well as trying to level out the playing field a bit more with the Draeni – some are allies and some are not, it’s always a guessing game when you approach an encampment that you’ve not visited before.  Yes, Draenor is a savage land and the people in it are just as savage sometimes.  It’s just another war that I have no idea why we are truly fighting it – are we here again to take the resources that these people have for the Horde’s selfish gains or are we truly trying to help these people as we try to protect what we hold dear in this life?

I know that I have actually patrolled as far as Nagrand and it is just as beautiful to me now as it was in my own home world.  The similarities are very noticeable to me and I have no trouble navigating through the area although I will admit that it feels very déjà vu  at times.  I found where Amyn and I have our house in Outland and here it is a fortress near the lake that keeps everything away.  I know that our house is right next to the lake and if it were here, we’d be having a rough time with the enemies at the fortress – too close for comfort I’d say.   I know that I will always have a special place in my heart for Nagrand because I have known some of my happiest times there in my world – I don’t know about this particular Nagrand yet – I am still scouting the area to see what else is out there that I haven’t seen before.

Pan and I are definitely enjoying the time that we have to go hunting and fishing when we have the chance.  The game is very plentiful and the fishing is just interesting.  Some of these fish I have never seen before – some look similar to what we had back on Azeroth and some are  just too strange.  They taste good when cooked properly though.  Pan is constantly by my side these days because I think that he feels uneasy with this assignment, as do I, however, I can’t remember him being as clingy as he is here since we were in Northrend before I left the service.

One of the things that I can look forward too is having Dawnglory show up here soon.  I know that I have put in the request that he be assigned to me and I will just have to wait it out to see if it happens.  If it doesn’t happen, then, I will definitely throw my political weight around a bit to make it so.  I know that I have all of these people surrounding me all of the time and I have to admit that I have never felt so isolated and lonely in my life.

Fnor Morningstar


Wandering Ways…Again

August 4th

Dear Journal,

I have been spending some time in Pandaria with my Sindorei and I don’t know what it is that he thinks that he can keep the fact from me that he has been with another woman.   His whole demeanor changes and he is so attentive that it is almost suffocating.  I know that he has been faithful to our wedding vows that we took in the Sindorei fashion before we ever left Dalaran, however, I know that he has been going through some trying times on his own…we need to start being together more often in Nagrand.

I did confront him with the fact that I knew he had been with another and he tried his best to deny it and said that he was just preoccupied with the business and some of his family things.   Well, I might have believed that for a little while, however, he did mention that he had been to Dalaran, even though I had told him to avoid it because it would be too upsetting for him.  Silly man, that was just like waving a flag in front of a bull and expecting it not to charge you.

I know that his trip to Dalaran upset him very much and he was almost in tears when he described what was left of our home and how it had been degraded by the people there now.  To think that all of that time and all those years of working on the building were for naught, I can tell that it really did matter to him very much.  That house was his pride and joy and I knew that even when the boys and I were still living in Shattrath in that tiny little hovel that we had for a time.  I know that to him that the house meant that he had been successful in his own right.  He had been a Ranger and was in business for himself now and had accumulated enough wealth to where he thought that he could surpass anything that he had seen in his beloved Silvermoon.

What was a dead giveaway to me about his being unfaithful was the way that he wouldn’t meet my eyes and the way that he started blushing when I asked him how things were going in Silvermoon.  I asked him if Agatha had been able to find a housekeeper that would be suitable and agreeable to our arrangement in Nagrand.  He acted a bit startled when I asked about Agatha, so, at least I know who the woman is now because the look in his eyes told me so.

Am I hurt?  Well, yes, any woman would be hurt if she thought that her man had been with another, however, my hurt comes from the fact that we had both agreed that we would remain faithful to one another after we had taken the wedding vows.  We have been mated for years, we just formalized it to make his friends and acquaintances feel more comfortable with our arrangement.   All of the years that we have been mated in the Kaldorei fashion, he has always had his mistresses, I was one of them I suppose when he was looking for a Sindorei wife.  Yes, that did hurt especially after I had given birth to our two sons in rapid succession, which is almost unheard of with my people.  Yes, my Sindorei is definitely fertile and I was more than willing to carry his children.   I have always expected other children to crop up from some of his wandering ways, however, that hasn’t been the case as far as I know either. I know that I am both hurt and angry with him, yet, there is a part of me that understands the wants and needs of a man of  his sort, I have those same feelings from time to time, however, I have not resorted to taking comfort with another man.

The thought never entered my mind except for the time when we were separated for a very long time and I had taken a Kaldorei male to my bed, bore him two sons as well.   I was very sure at that time that my Sindorei was never coming back and I was wrong.  Did I love this other man? Oh yes I did, sometimes I often wondered what might have happened if he had lived a long life instead of having it cut short in a hunting accident in Nagrand. Was I ever formally mated to this other man?  No, we never took vows, however, we were as committed to one another as any mated pair could be.   My Sindorei did come back to Shattrath long before my youngest children’s Father died and it was rather strange how the two of them became friends.  Naturally, there were the usual recriminations from my Sindorei about my being unfaithful and all I had to do was to remind him of his own indiscretions with his Sindorei women.

Oh yes, Elune knows what a turbulent life the two of us have led and she also knows how much we both love our children.  We have stayed together all of these years because of the love we shared for one another and because of our children as well.

Now, I am wondering if I should just tell him that I know that he has been unfaithful and all of his trying to hide the fact and denying it when I confronted him are not going work?  Should I just tell him that I know what he has done and I even know whom the woman is that he did it with?

Am I angry?  Yes, to a certain level I am very angry, however, the anger does not surpass the initial hurt from this straying.  Why would I think that one ceremony would bear more weight with his conduct than what our vows were previously?  I guess in my mind, it would make him realize that I was equal to these other women that he found so alluring and that I was very much the woman that he loved.  I know that this thing with Agatha is a physical thing for the most part.  Will I ask him to fire her from her position that she has held all of these years?  No, I don’t think that I will because if she is still in the picture after all of this time that they have been together as housekeeper and employer, I will at least know where he has strayed.

Oh why does he do this sort of thing to me after all of these years?  Why does he think that my Sentinel heart will not break as easily as another’s heart?  I am a Sentinel first, however, the woman in me is still very much there and very much feels the pain of these missteps of his.  No, I won’t leave him, however, I will have one those discussions with him that he always dreads, the ones where I let my temper free and tell him exactly what kind of animal I think he is when he does this sort of thing.  How can he even pretend to rear our children and setting up standards for them to follow when he doesn’t follow them himself.  At least I follow the goals that I have set up for myself and I have been more than a little patient with my man.  That’s the problem, he will always be my man, there could never be another that could take his place in my heart and I am mature enough to know this.  He is still my love, my life and my all – even if he is a Sindorei that can’t seem to keep his lust under control.



Ramblings and…Some Realizations

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

March 2nd

Dear Journal,

I woke up this morning a bit before dawn and stood on the balcony outside of our bedroom here in Nagrand and allowed myself the luxury of enjoying a cigarette as I gazed out over the valley and lake.  The air was brisk in these pre-dawn hours, so, I did wrap my robe closely around me instead of allowing it to billow out as I leaned against the balcony railing.

Gazing out at the over the land, the twin moons were still floating tranquilly in the air and their light made the water of the lake appear as though it were a giant silver mirror laying there amongst the reeds. The whole scene had an almost déjà vu quality to it and would have made the hair on the back of my neck rise with the exception that I could hear my beloved Sentinel moving in the bed behind me.

If I were as talented as Dawnglory, I would have put a brush to canvas to capture this moment in time, this particular view with its pastel colours awash as the sun started to rise to chase the night mists away.  It was a beautiful sight and one that I don’t think that I will ever grow tired of.  As I stood there watching the sun bring it’s warmer colors to the area and shattering what was left of the eerie dreamlike quality it held before, I realized one of the reasons that I like Halfhill in Pandaria so much.  This area of Nagrand has some of the same qualities as the Valley of Four Winds – that peace and most of the tranquility that I feel like is displayed here in Nagrand.

Amyn and I had stayed in Shattrath City all of last week and decided that we need to escape the noise of the construction for a while and took the short flight here to Nagrand.  I will admit that Amyn was correct in her thoughts that the construction was just too noisy for any kind of proper rest.  We both were working in  the warehouse with the other workers, Amyn wearing her tool belt like it was a normal part of her attire and me, constantly swearing each time I miscalculated my aim with my hammer to nail.

How can someone that is as talented with bow that can take aim at a bird in the air and bring it down so quickly as a clean kill have so much trouble putting a nail in a piece of wood and injuring themselves?  I suppose that means that I won’t take a second career as a carpenter. Amyn didn’t have the same trouble and was constantly smiling or outright laughing at me, which seemed to make matters worse on my end.

I did notice while we were working that some of the men working with us would steal occasional glances at my beloved, making some rather interesting sounds as they watched her move ever so gracefully about her tasks.  I know that most Sindorei males haven’t seen a Kaldorei this close up without having a bow in their hands, however, I think that they might have controlled their comments a bit more.  I don’t think that any of them realized who she was or who I was for that matter, except maybe for the foreman.  I think part of my problem with putting the nail in the wood was from the distractions of hearing some of the comments in Thalasian coming from my fellow workers.  Yes, she does have long legs and yes, she does have a beautiful body – all of these things being spoken as if she didn’t understand what they were saying.   Little did they know that she understood every single word and I think she took some pleasure in taunting them a bit with various poses from time to time.

I think it was all well and good for Amyn and I to leave Shattrath and head to our home in Nagrand before I punched a couple of the fellows in their faces.  We have quite a few workers in our warehouse in Shattrath and they are of all races and both factions – it’s a funny thing how promise of money can cross those lines without any kind of political influence.  Too bad there isn’t enough money in the world to pay off all of these greedy bastards and gain some peace in the world again.

We still don’t have a housekeeper in Nagrand yet, so, we were forced to prepare our own evening meal when we arrived which didn’t take that long.  We sat there for quite a while as we ate and talked about all manner of things.  I think that we are falling back into our old habits that we had developed so easily when we were living in Dalaran.

As we would wont to do, we both retired to the master suite and filled the black marble tub with hot water where we both had enough room to step and enjoy that luxury together. It definitely brought back some old memories, this simple act of bathing together, it also reawakened the same passions that we had enjoyed in Dalaran.  That luxury of washing one another’s long hair as we sat in the hot water is very sensuous as well as relaxing.

After our bath, we retired to fireplace which we had lit before going into the bathroom to dispel the chill of night from the room.  We sat there on the rug in front of the fire in nothing more than what Elune had given us at birth and just talked.  I was able to actually sit there and admire my woman without immediately tackling her for a romantic interlude, I was actually wanting to do just that, however, I also wanted to take the time to capture this visual in my mind for all time.  Amyn took down the ivory lute from the mantle and sat down to play one of the old Kaldorei ballads – I sat there as if I had been captured in time, taking in the music as if it were the last water on the desert. It was a moment that I wish could have gone on forever.

I know that people wonder when I say things about my wife, them not knowing that she is Kaldorei, and wanting to see this lovely vision that I describe at times.  I always tell them that she is somewhere other than where she really is. One day, in my lifetime, I have a dream of being able to introduce my Sentinel to some of my friends without them wanting to kill her and damning me for the rest of all time.  Some day we will have that peace in Azeroth.

Even though Shattrath is the last open city in our worlds, there are still some people that are extremely loyal to their factions and we have to respect that and avoid them as much as possible.  There are people that harbor the old prejudices that they have brought from their homelands.  Now that I have been away from the city for several years, I am sharply reminded that the humanities haven’t really changed and aren’t that much different than what they were a long time ago.

I still marvel at how well Amyn has raised our sons and our stepsons in this ragtag community.  The boys seem to have adjusted to the life here and have been able to take that out into the world, which is a very good thing.  They had already learned how to avoid certain things before they went back to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.   I also am forced to realize how much of their growing up was done in my absence and I will continue to try to make it up to them as time permits.  I think that the two oldest boys have come to accept me for who and what I am a lot faster than the two little guys.   Let’s just say that I love all of our children, regardless of the fact that the two little boys aren’t of my blood at all.

I think that Amyn and I have been very lucky and blessed by Elune and the Light to have been able to raise our children with such relative ease. We have both given thanks to the Naaru for the peace that they have given us here in their city.

By The Sunwell!! I am definitely waxing nostalgic, poetic or whatever this morning.  I’m just being a windbag of words while I write this all down.  I am just trying to capture on paper some of the feelings that I am having at the moment without much luck.  Pity the fool that ever reads this, they might die of boredom before they reach the end of this entry.

What I was trying to say in short and simple terms is that I am very happy being with my loving wife and I am trying to be thankful for every moment that we have together, good and bad.

Speaking of bad, I really am concerned about the things that may or may not be going on in Silvermoon in regard to my little sister.  After this last time together, I am fully realizing that I don’t really know her at all.  I almost want to ask what happened to my real sister and where the heck did this evil doppelganger come from.  The girl that sat with me at the table eating a meal before I left is not the girl that I had raised. This one is extremely dangerous and devious and I can see it, I can almost taste the danger that she has emanating from her.   Trust me, I am very fearful of what she might do next, I don’t think that she has any qualms about doing anything anymore – she could possibly go completely rogue and start killing people to get to her undisclosed goals in life.   Where is the warm loving young woman that I had loved?  This person staying in our home in Silvermoon is not that person.

It is a terrible feeling when all of your instincts are screaming at you to stay away from her.  Stay as far away as humanly possible because she is definitely a threat to your safety. I think that the next time that I return to Silvermoon I will make arrangements for her to live in one of the other houses that I own and have the main house re-warded, yet again.  I have spoken quite openly with Amyn about some of my concerns and she agreed with me after showing her canine teeth and hissing a few times.

I have always worked on the premise that if there is a danger that is unavoidable, you need to meet it head on, however, this is my sister that I’m talking about, not some enemy that has lain in wait to attack me.  Well, maybe she has been lying in wait, in full sight and I have been unable to recognize the danger until now.  Who knows what may happen in the future, I don’t and yet I do.  There will come a time, I think, where I will have to make a choice on which of us is going to survive this life.

Fnor Morningstar

A Sense of Dread…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

February 8th

Dear Journal,

Oh, these last few weeks in Nagrand have been blissfully happy and I will have to say that it saddens me to think that we will have to leave and go back to our businesses to check on things for at least a couple of days. Amyn probably won’t have anything to keep her in Stormwind for very long, however, I know that she wants to check on her parents and our two youngest boys in Dolonaar too.

I just dread the thought of going back to Silvermoon to check on things because I am sure that Zippie has kept things under control pretty much with the business, however, the little voices in my head are filling me with doubts about my sister, Faendra. Call it a sense of foreboding or what you will, I have just felt exceedingly uneasy the last couple of days after my thoughts would wander towards the subject of Silvermoon City.  I hope my feelings are wrong and that things are going well.

Oh, my beloved Sentinel and I did make it to the Faire and we did feel some guilt about the fact that we hadn’t brought any of the family with us, however, this time is meant for the two of us to spend alone together.  Amyn doesn’t need the children underfoot all of the time and I sure don’t need any nonsense that my sister might be plotting.

We drank way too much and we just ate and played games for the entire day and night until closing.  Oh, I don’t think that I will be scolding Kal again for taking a woman in one of the vacant tents there on the grounds because his Mother and I took advantage of the same tent several times.  There’s just something wildly erotic about making love with the chance of someone walking in on you, isn’t there? I have to chuckle because I am sure that it would sound like Amyn and I live our lives between our legs, however, that is very much not the case because there are times when we don’t get an opportunity to be intimate for months – which I am sure makes her as cranky as it does me.

Just sitting there on the beach at the Faire holding hands was fun for us both and we talked about so many things.  How things used to be and how things are for us now.  I know that we are looking forward to being able to gather the family together again in Shattrath and Nagrand because we both hate the way that things have been for the last few months.  Oh sure, Amyn was able to make a quick trip to Halfhill and spent a couple of nights with me, however, those nights were filled with so much passion that we really didn’t have a whole lot of time for just talking.

I know that we have spent a great deal of time talking and making plans for the future while we have been in Nagrand and it has been wonderful.  Neither one of us is planning on letting ourselves come in second to the businesses and family things again because it has put a lot of stress on the two of us.  We’re getting older, yes, however, we’re both still young enough to want to spend some time together just enjoying life – you know, just going fishing or hunting with your mate is fulfilling in its own right.

We’ re already making plans to take the little guys on a camping trip to Feralas too.  I know that it has been a couple of years since we have been able to do that and we’ll invite the older boys to come along if they are free or have a desire to join us.  I know that area of Kalimdor has special meanings for Amyn and I because we both swear that that was where Kal was conceived.  We had gone camping there quite a bit because it was off the beaten path and we didn’t have to worry too much about the Sentinel’s stumbling over our camping spot nor running into any of the Horde – it was very secluded and not easy to get too.  I think that we’ll take the boys there too because there is a little lake for fishing as well as bathing.

My mind keeps wandering back to Silvermoon this morning which is starting to really annoy me.  I have a strong suspicion that I am going to have trouble awaiting me when I arrive.  In my heart I am in hopes that Faendra has changed and isn’t the spoiled willful child that she was before she ran away, however, in my mind, I have a strong inkling that she will be up to her old tricks again.  I think Amyn may be right in her opinion that you can bring a wild animal into your home, domesticate it and give it everything that it might require and it will still be a wild animal that can turn on your person without a moment’s notice. People can modify their own behavior, however, deep down, they don’t really change their core being.

I have had to face a few harsh realities in regard to my sister since she ran away and since she has returned.  She’s spoiled and feels that she is entitled to anything and everything that she wants regardless of the cost or consequences.  That’s my fault because of the way that I raised her.  I was always trying to compensate for the loss of our parents by treating her like some little china doll or something and I would shower her with gifts and would give her anything that she wanted – that was fine when she was a little girl and I was trying to make up for my absences while she stayed in a foster home with Felessa in Silvermoon City.

However, when she became a grown woman in her own right, things were decidedly different. Her willful acts of cruelty and disrespect for others definitely wasn’t something that I enjoyed and I assume that the people around her were not pleased either.  I hope that she has gotten over her obsession with Dawnglory, however, with the way that she looked at him and his woman at the Faire last month, I’m not so sure that she has.

He and I have talked a great deal about Fae and her feelings for him and we’ve both agreed that she definitely has some issues because he has never treated her any differently than he has his own sister – oh yes, he did flirt with her one Winter Veil and since that time, she has told everyone that would listen that she is going to marry him some day.  Hell, he’s not the marrying kind and hasn’t even married his woman that is carrying his child.  I don’t think either Romy or Dawnglory have any kind inclination of getting married because they both seem to be afraid of that legal and binding contract.

Oh well, I suppose that I should start packing up a few things so that I can head back to Silvermoon and face the music again day after tomorrow.  While I am there, I am going to talk to Agatha and see if she has any recommendations in regard to other housekeepers that she knows that would be willing to make the change to Nagrand.   Damn, I am dreading this trip back more than I have even dared to voice to my beloved.

I know that our two cats are going to be upset at having to be parted again because they have both enjoyed being free to romp the grasslands and hunt together like old times.  Amyn and I both have laughed at how these two animals just seem to thrive here as much as we do.  Silly Pan will always be the cat that is at my side until he is too old to follow along, I don’t see that happening in the near future.

Fnor Morningstar

Meandering Thoughts…

February 6th

Dear Journal,

It’s so beautiful down here in Nagrand that my Sindorei and I are having a terrible time trying to decide to leave.  He wants to stay another week and I am willing to do that, however, I do need to get myself to Stormwind to check on a few things, stop by Dolonaar to make sure that the boys aren’t driving my parents insane.

I think that Fnor is avoiding going back to Silvermoon for any reason, however, I reminded him that it was unfair for him to stay gone for extended periods of time without checking especially since his sister is back in the picture. I know how she was before she ran away and he thinks that she might have grown up more and changed.  Honestly, I think that is absolutely impossible for that girl, she’s too self-absorbed to realize that what she is doing might have a detrimental effect on others.

So, to make a long story short, we’re both going to make a quick trip back to Stormwind and Silvermoon and return here to Nagrand for another week unless something has truly gone amiss that can’t be dealt with swiftly.  I know that neither one of us wants to leave at this point, however, it’s our responsibility to our families and our businesses that we do so.

Oh, it’s been heavenly here in Nagrand, the islands floating in the skies are just perfect for those quick getaways that we’ve always been fond of. If I didn’t realize how many years we have been together, I would say that this had truly reminded me of why I fell in love with my Sindorei.  There is never a dull moment and he is constantly moving from one thing to the next.   The house is remarkable and I think that with a few changes here and there, it will be a small replica of what we had in Dalaran.  However, I do think that we need to start thinking about staffing the place as soon as possible because neither one of us wants to do household chores, although, we have been doing them anyway.

I think that I am going to talk to Magdamia and see what she can do about expediting the transfer of some of the goods to Shattrath a bit faster, which means, I’ll have too for a new manager down here or in Stormwind unless Magdamia wants to try to run both – she probably could do that although I know that she truly does need to work on her people skills.

I know that I sometimes wonder how old my Sindorei is, I mean really, he’s always seemed very young and yet there was a maturity about him when I first met him that made me think that he was quite a bit older.  It could also be from his education and the burdens of command that he has always held so willingly too or it could be from the fact that he had to grow up very fast when he had to take on the burden of raising his sister, plus, searching for his sister that became a Death Knight.

I just know that while we have been here in Nagrand, eating properly and getting a well deserved rest, I have watched him get even younger in appearance.  When we first got here, he was looking quite a bit worn and quite a bit older, now, he looks like he did when we lived here in Shattrath.  Yes, yes, I know that he had some work done to have the scars removed from his face and his ears repaired after his ordeal of torture when he was captured by some Sentinels, however, that wouldn’t explain how he almost seems to be ageless sometimes. Oh, he does have some silver strands in his hair here and there but it just makes him look more distinguished befitting his rank.  Oh, we’ve laughed about the fact that we’re both getting older, however, when we are together it does seem like the clock takes a roll back and we act and feel as we once did all those years ago.  I know I feel a bit older because the roads haven’t always been smooth for the two of us and I had the children to raise when my Sindorei would decide to be flighty for a while – he’s not strayed since we got married in Dalaran.

Oh, I’m not silly enough to think that somehow the Fates have given us eternal life or anything, especially when I look at my boys.  Elune’s Blessings!! I look at Kal and he has definitely grown up in maturity and his body has definitely increased in its bulk.  I think that Vashlan is always going to be thinner of the two because he forgets to eat and I think that he got a good dose of the Sindorei heritage there – always the fancy dresser, his hair is always immaculate as well as anything else about his personal things.  My two sons with my Sindorei are as different from one another as night is to day.  Oh, the two youngest boys, they are definitely all Kaldorei and as mischievous as can be, I don’t know how my parents and I have survived their rearing.

If Elune smiles on us before I get too old, I do want to have another child and would like for it to be healthy and a little girl. I know that Fnor would dote on a little girl because he’s had past experiences being raised with his two sisters.  He regales me with tales of how they grew up in Silvermoon and some of the things that they did.  It’s mind boggling how different the two societies can be and yet, very similar.  No, if we had a daughter, I would definitely try to dissuade her from joining the Sentinels, maybe take up something in the priesthood.  Oh, it’s not that I think the Sentinels are bad, I learned my skills and earned my way for quite a few years and my heart and soul are still part of that group.  However, I would want something different for my daughter.

Oh, I’m just getting crazy with my thoughts today.  They seem to be jumping from one thing to another as quickly as a firefly blinks it’s light.  My Sindorei informed me that he is going to take a nap because it seems I wore him out last night – that did make me giggle because I’m not the one that kept things going. Oh my, I just got the eyebrow waggle there, guess that’s a hint that he’s not really all that tired and I think that I shall take him up on his invitation to join him for that nap.


Being With The One You Love…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 23rd

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I haven’t been this happy in quite a while, however, I know that it will be short-lived since Amyn and I both have to get back to our businesses again.  We finally were able to make the connection and make arrangements to go stay at the house in Nagrand.  It always seemed like heaven on Azeroth to me, however, these last few days have been amazing.

We haven’t had the opportunity to be together for such a long time and we have both taken a vow to not ever let it be this long again.  I think that we have made love for the last two days non-stop because we were so pent up with desire for one another.  To lay there and hold my Kaldorei in my arms and to feel her body pressed against mine almost seemed like a dream, however, each time I awakened, she was eager to prove to me that it wasn’t a dream and that she was indeed real.  I am happy that we both thought to grab some fresh fruit before we left Shattrath.

I have to laugh at the two of us because when we met in Shattrath, we started stripping our clothes off as soon as we got behind the closed door of the little house there.  I am indeed thankful that the children weren’t anywhere around because they would have been embarrassed at the antics of their two parents.  It was almost like it was when we first got together in the Barrens.  I actually think that the passion was even more heated this time though.  We spent our first night in Shattrath and left before dawn to make our escape to Nagrand.

There are no servants here in Nagrand yet, so, we have free rein in the house and it appears as though we aren’t planning on putting our clothes again for a while.  I know that Amyn brought us both some breakfast in bed wrapped in nothing but a sheet.  We both laughed as we ate our meal and didn’t stir from the bed.  Shades of a honeymoon, I suppose.

Amyn had made sure that the bed from Dalaran had been setup in our bedroom and that the drapes were hung to match – it almost seemed as if we were back in our old home with the exception of the animal noises and the view of the moons as the light poured in across the bed.  I swear it almost seemed as if we were both caught up in the same dream filled with lust, love and more passion than we have been able to show one another since we left Pandaria.

To be exact, we haven’t been alone nor have we been able to have these intimate moments since Amyn was wounded and I swear that she has become more the tigress with the way that she has been carrying on.  It does remind me of that young Kaldorei Sentinel that I first seduced in the Barrens all those years ago. I’m not sure who really seduced whom, however, I just remember those times vaguely and I am sure that I am looking at them through rose-colored glasses.

Unless you have come to love someone the way that I love Amyn, you would have no idea of the things that I am feeling.  When I am with her, my life feels complete and I feel as if I could live forever in her arms.  Oh, we’ve had our rough spots in our relationship, however, I think that those trials and tribulations have made our relationship even stronger. We tried living separate lives and we’ve even been with other people, however, we are drawn back together again because I feel that we were just meant to be – the Fates want us to be together.  We have our children that have helped to make our relationship stronger as well. Nothing bonds a man and a woman together stronger than the two of them creating a child together – we have two sons together and I couldn’t be prouder of either one of them.

I know that we were laying in each other’s arms last night and we both started laughing at the same time.  I guess we were both gazing at one another and could pick out the traits of our two sons.  Kaldor has my mouth and chin, Vashlan definitely has the shape of my eyes and, Light help him, my eyebrows – let’s not even go into the attitude about clothes and home decor. I think our sons are very handsome even if they are more like their Mother than myself with their Kaldorei body build.  I think that we can both be very proud of our boys.  As for my step-sons, they are very much like their Father from what Amyn tells me although she thinks that they have picked up a few tricks from their older brothers that would definitely mark them as being raised in a mixed race family – they both love clothes.

We were both supposed to leave here tomorrow morning, however, we have decided that we are going to stay a few more days and the proper messages have been sent.  We both have people that can take over running the businesses for a few more days and I think it’s time that we got our priorities straightened out.  The businesses will run for years after we’re gone, however, we need to be together in the here and now for a while longer. 

Amyn is still sleeping this morning and I am sitting in my new study admiring the view from my windows as well as just enjoying the comfort of being some place that will be a haven for me at times.  I know that this house in Nagrand will never replace the house in Dalaran, however, it will be a wonderful replacement for it since I am no longer able to return to that fair city. I know that there are times that I do wonder what has become of that home, however, Amyn tells me that I am better off not knowing and I shouldn’t think about it.  It’s going to take some time to get used to my new desk here though because it is much larger than the one that I had in Dalaran and is much more ostentatious it was.  I wish I could have brought that desk with me, however, there wasn’t time and it wasn’t that high a priority.

One of the things that I am enjoying about his house is the fact that there is a lot more land available to us in the surrounding area.  There is enough room for the boys to build homes if they wish and there is definitely enough room to build another little cottage for Amyn’s parents if they wish to move down here.  Naturally, Vashlan was finally able to get his magic to work to keep the water going into the bathrooms and kitchen hot for bathing and cooking – it’s almost like being in Dalaran.

I did tell Amyn that Faendra was back and she smiled and said that she was happy for me and hopes that Fae won’t become a burden for the rest of the family again.   I told her my plans of keeping Faendra on in the company as just one of the employees that would have to earn her own keep and she totally agreed with me.  I know that I couldn’t remove Zippie from her position and replace her with Faendra after all of the hard work that she has done and after all of Fae’s wrong-doing.  Of course, Fae would very much like to be back in her old position, however, I have already told her how it was going to be.

Fae is going to have to prove herself to me and the rest of the family after her latest escapade that kept us all on pins and needles all of these months.  Let’s just say that I don’t trust Fae at this point and I am afraid that if she were to have the position that she held before, she would just revert back to what she was before.  Fae is staying at the big house in Silvermoon for the time being, however, I have a feeling that she may want to get a place of her own instead of living under her brother’s roof.  We’ll see how that works out. Oh, enough about Faendra, I’m not here in Nagrand with my beautiful wife to think about my sister and her troubles, I’m here to enjoy being with  the woman that I love.



Fnor Morningstar