Adventures and Reflections…

June 3rd

Dear Journal,

I know that I have not written in quite some time.  My time has been spent seeing this new land and trying to understand some of the ways of the people.  In many ways they are not unlike my own kin, however, their impatience and anger is what appears to drive them along without much thought for the consequences and the future.  We are taught and trained at a young age how to temper these things by the monks.  I can understand how their intrusion into our lands has wrought the awakening of the Sha.  There is much strife in this land that seems meaningless to me and I am not one to pass judgment on others, however, it does make me curious.

Currently I live in one of the main cities and I can assure you that there are many adventurous young Pandaren that have traveled here, so, over time, I have found many of my own kind to socialize with and have found several monks that are of an age that they can guide me in my meditations.  I know that several of us have regretted leaving our homeland and wish to return, however, that return would defeat the purpose of our coming in the first place.

When the Mist lifted from our land and these adventurers came into the land, bringing their own trials, troubles and tribulations with them, I know that a lot of us wanted to see their lands.  It sounded very mysterious and it was different from how we were living.  Ah yes, they do say that sometimes our curiosity can lead us astray, however, once the decision has been made to set forth to these new lands, you do have to earn the passage back to or homeland.

From what I have learned since I have been in Stormwind is that there have been many wars in the land, not only within the Eastern Kingdoms and  Kalimdor.  There are other places that I have not seen yet in my journey and I am anxious to see them.   This place called Outland where a world has shattered and is attached to Azeroth through some type of magical portal – it sounds very scary and yet exciting at the same time.   There is battling in that world as well, not unlike our past history with the Mogu that still threatens the peace in Pandaria.

So many places I have not seen yet and have only heard tales of from the people that I have met.  Life never seems to be dull for these people, however, the strife would be more than just unsettling if it were a constant pressure.  I know that we have had strife in my homeland, however, we have been able to move it to a proper perspective and let it be a part of our lives without being the main focus.  There are other things in life to give you joy if only you will take the time to slow down and see it for what it is.

I know that I was taught that there must be a balance in your life in order for you to survive with some kind of inner peace.  If there was only some way to make the people understand that balance.  I know that I do not have the education nor the power to make them understand for I am a lowly hunter, however, I know that I will take my time passing through these lands and enjoy the beauty as well as the dangers.

I suppose that I have written enough nonsense and I should close the book and put it away again.  Changwu and Jake have invited me to go with them to the Faire to see the sights and to see all of the different people.   I have been before and spent a great deal of time looking at the strange beasts that are in the zoo there.   Some of them I would like to see in the wild and some of them I hope I don’t see because they might take a liking to Pandaren for a meal.



What A Glorious Day!

May 7th

Dear Journal,

What a glorious day this has been so far!  I’m one happy Pandaren at the moment.  As is my usual custom, to pay the bills and to visit with more people, I went about my daily routine.  Oh yes, I had to go catch fish for the lovely fisherman on the dock and let’s not leave out the cooking.  Oh, the cooking I am a master at already, we do love to eat.  The thing that made my day so glorious was the fact that I have been doing my fishing as is my normal thing with a fishing pole that I purchased shortly after my arrival in Stormwind – I like to fish, cook and eat fish.  It’s a free meal in my book.

Anyway, today, of all days, feeling a bit more homesick than usual because I haven’t seen any of my friends for several days – we’ve all been busy.  I went trudging down to the docks to see what kind of fish was needed for the day and went on my merry way.  Much to my surprise, the fishing went rather quickly and I had what they had asked for in record time – there are days when I am not so quick in getting the task done.  However, today, the fish almost jumped out of the water  to get on my hook.  When I returned to give my fish to the lad on the dock, she handed me the usual bag of coins, a few trinkets and whatnot.  What surprised me was the fact that inside the bag was a glorious glowing beautiful fishing pole.  Not just any pole, it was a bejeweled fishing pole!!  My first thought was the joy of having such a fine pole and the second thought was to sell it for the money.  No, no, no! I didn’t sell it, I kept it to use – oh the way the light plays on the jewels as I stand there fishing away almost boggles my mind.   I suppose I could have spent m entire day just standing there admiring this fine instrument, however, I had other tasks that I needed to do today.

I haven’t seen Changwu in several days and come to think of it, I hadn’t seen his human friend, Jake, for quite a while either.  I decided that it was time for me to go calling on them, not only to talk and catch up on the latest news, I wanted to show them my new fishing pole.  It may seem like a little thing to some, however, to me, it was like a dream come true.  I wandered over to the house that the two share and it appears that they had already left for the day, I left a note for them that I wanted to see them soon.

I have been roaming the countryside in and round Stormwind for quite a while and I am starting to find it rather boring, so, after talking to a few people that I met at the Inn, I decided that I would start making my way further south.  Stranglethorn Vale – what a marvelous name, almost sounds like a place one would find back in Panderia.

However, after making my way South, the more I was reminded of my homeland with the exception that there appear to be quite a few more ruffians on the area than what I would normally find at home.  Humans are indeed a strange breed.  I can see why they are angry all of the time, there never seems to be enough money, food, places to live or even a joke amongst some of them.  They need to slow down and enjoy what life has been able to offer them – not always wanting more.  Sometimes more is not always good because it seems to make them want even more.  Silly humans.

Oh, I’ve heard about pirates and the like back home, however, I had never actually seen any up close and personal until I came to Stranglethorn.  It was really my fault because I was lost in thought and entranced by the beauty of the jungle and I stumbled into an encampment of them.  What a nasty bunch of people – I did my best to explain and tried to leave without causing any trouble, however, they would have none of that.  Oh no, I wasn’t going to give them my money to buy my way out of there and I surely wasn’t going to give up my new fishing pole although their eyes had already seen the glimmer of the jewels in my bag.  I suppose I should have left some of my bags and hides back at the Nessingwary camp, however, I wasn’t too sure about the dwarves either.

While it wasn’t a great battle nor one that lasted for a long duration, I am sure that these fellows will think twice about attacking a lone Pandaren hunter ever again.  Moshu did a wonderful job protecting my back – these humans tend to try to come at you in groups – there is truly nothing fair about war or fighting for your life with ignorant louts.  Nothing like having a turtle to offset the odds – he’s mean sometimes and is very easy to care for, eats anything that I offer him without complaint, not like some of the pets I have seen others have.

Stranglethorn reminds me very much of some of the parts of my homeland, however, there always seems to be something sinister hanging in the air here.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe it’s the anger that some of these people have.  No, they aren’t angry at me or anything, I think that they are just angry at their own circumstances.   So far I haven’t seen much of the Horde in the area yet, however, I am sure that they are near – maybe that is the change in the atmosphere.  Who knows?  I’ll do some more exploring for a few days before I return to Stormwind.



My Questioning Mind…

March 16th

Dear Journal,

I have been in this strange land of Orcs, Blood Elves, Trolls, Tauren and Goblins for quite some time, however, I have never felt compelled to write anything down since I arrived.  I thought that today I would remedy that.

My name is Leiluna Sungmoon and I am from Pandaria.  Yes, I’m one of those chubby little furry things with the strange accent and the weird ideas that seem to amuse some of my fellow Horde.  I will have to admit that some of their names are rather amusing as well, although, they seem to think that they are perfectly normal, silly beings that they are.

I could say that my life has definitely changed for the better since I left Pandaria, however, I’m not real sure that it has in all ways.  I am learning so many things since I left home that my mind is oftentimes spinning when I finally take the time to actually think about all of the changes that I have undertaken.

My life in Pandaria was probably much as it was for those of us that chose to leave our homeland. I had a family that I truly miss and hope to see again in the future and friends, I do miss my friends most of all. My parents were farmers and they would till the soil from sunup to sundown every day and go on as if there was nothing more enjoyable in life, well, having a good brew was one of the things that they enjoyed too.  I do miss those times and I do miss the warmth and support of my family.

The reason that I left Pandaria was because I wanted more out of life.  I wanted adventure, excitement and most of all, I wanted to find someone, a fellow, that I could call my own.  Our village was small and all of the eligible bachelors had been taken by the time I pulled my head out of the earth to notice that.  I was bound to be one of those old ladies that sits around and talks about the best way to brew a curative or the best way to brew a special beer.  I was young, I didn’t want my old age to be lonely and have no children to call my own.

When the Mists opened and revealed our land to these strangers from far away, life changed for most of us.  They spoke of these great lands far away and I could feel my imagination taking flight as I heard these tales.  They brought many strange customs and many strange languages to our homeland, some things were good and some things were bad.  One thing that they did do, all of them, was to reawaken the Sha that hadn’t been seen in our lands since the last Emperor.  I’m sure that most of us younglings thought that it was just a myth, a boogeyman to scare us when we were little, however, the Sha was real and once again was running rampant in the land.

These strangers with their strange ideas and strange ways of doing things not only awakened the Sha, they brought their own brand of greed and avarice with them.  There were two different factions and at first we thought that they would bring enlightenment with them, however, sad to say, that was not the case.  Some were here to explore the country and some were here to rape the countryside of all of its wealth and natural resources.

I grew enamored of the Horde because they seemed to be very aggressive in their endeavors to gain wealth as well as to feed their growing population, not only in Pandaria but in their homeland.  Little did I know where this would lead me. I thought the Blood Elves were so elegant and educated, that surely had their ideals were different than what I had heard of the rest, they knew how to fight not only with their physical abilities, they knew how to fight with their education.

Okay, I was a silly girl.  I saw these Rangers and they seemed so assured of themselves and they struck a romantic chord in my soul.   I was so sure that I would find a home with them and be able to be enlightened as they were.  I should have listened more closely to my teachers about how these strangers had no true enlightenment of “self” – they were the here and now people in both factions.  They had been at war for many centuries in their homelands and like a silly fool, I thought that I could take some of our teachings to them and make a difference.  I am not a monk, nor a teacher, I am but a lowly hunter that wanted to make a difference.

After much meditation, and much foolishness, I chose to travel to Kalimdor to see this land that was spoken of with much love.   I thought that this was a place that I could fit in and grow.

Upon my arrival in this city of Orgrimmar, I was presented to their great Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream and was surprised at how he reacted towards me.  I tried to explain why I had come and he just told me to get to work.  Well, okay, that wasn’t exactly a warm welcome and I did as I was told.

Once I got over my feelings of misgiving, I made some friends with a few Goblins, Tauren, not the Orcs so much because they scare me.   I found out that the goblins were treated pretty much the same way as I was when they arrived.  However, unlike them, I have a home to return too, their homes were destroyed by a natural catastrophe. Poor goblins are forever bound to the Horde for they have nowhere else to go.  I told them about Pandaria and told them how life was there and some of them seemed anxious to make the transition.  Someday, we will all go there, me to my home and them to go on to more adventures.

Luckily, I have been able to find some more people from my country and we have banded together to continue our own learning and teachings.  I know that we all spend a great deal of time in meditation trying to regain that inner peace.

I wanted excitement and adventure in my life and I definitely have achieved that, however, the cost has been dear.  I thought that some of my dearest friends were coming with me to Orgrimmar, alas, they chose to join the Alliance which seemed too passive to me.  Oh well, some day there will be peace and we can all be friends again.



Starting Off The New Year…

January 27th

Dear Journal,

Peiling and I were sitting by the fire night before last and we both started laughing. We’ve been in Stormwind for a whole year.  Yep!! Been a whole year and I think that we have done rather well considering that when we got here, we both had empty purses and not as much skill as we thought we had where we came from.  It’s been a long haul, however, it’s been a learning thing and it has been fun.

I know that I am just sitting here this morning and kind of taking it easy a bit.  Oh, Peiling is out at the market to see if he can scrounge up some of his beloved tea from his homeland and in hopes of seeing that little girl panda again, I’m sure.  He met her a couple of months ago and they have become very close friends although I don’t think that there is a romantic interest there so, however, I’m no expert on Panda’s and their mating rituals.  I just know that Peiling keeps telling me that he is taking his time getting to know her and learning more about her family.  It sounds like they didn’t live that far apart in Pandaria but had never met.

Me, well, I have seen a few young ladies that have caught my eye, however, I think they were more interested in the size of my purse than me.  Luckily, I don’t carry a whole lot of money with me when I go out wandering the city.  I’ve already learned the hard way that these cutpurses are very quick and you never even know you’ve had yours taken until you go to pay for something. I hope they enjoyed the gold that I had in my pouch when they acquired it because I can tell you that it was damned little – that was shortly after my arrival in the city.

I’m not one for drinking, thank the Light, however, I do like to socialize now and again.  I had started going to the Blue Recluse for a while because it was fairly close to the Inn and it also seemed to be fairly friendly for the most part.  I met a few people there and enjoyed sitting there drinking my mead and listening to the conversations that were going.  It’s mostly mages that hang out there and there is good reason for that with the Tower being right outside and it’s a quick place to grab a bite to eat as well as a good place to grab a drink to go with it.  I did notice that the crowd started changing a couple of months back and decided that I would find a new watering hole.  A rougher crowd than what I was used too and I noticed that a lot of the younger mages were not coming in very often either.  I wonder what might be going on there and if the guards are keeping an eye out on things.

I’ve actually taken to going over to the Pig and Whistle in Old Town.  That’s closer to the house that we were able to rent before Winter Veil.  As I said before, this past year has been interesting and fun for Peiling and I.  We actually have our own bedrooms and don’t have to share a bed like we were at the Inn.  Peiling is a very good friend, however, I will have to admit that a Panda can snore louder than ten men in a room and he’s not an exception. Thank goodness he knows how to cook – there are times I will be dead to the world in my deepest sleep and I will wake up to the most glorious smells emanating from our little kitchen.  I’m surprised that I don’t weigh as much as Peiling sometimes because what he can do with a few vegetables and some cheap meat is better than anything I have ever had a chance to eat before.

Things have worked out really well for us since we went to work for that Night Elf lady, Amyn Shadowmoon.  She explained everything to us and introduced us to a Draeni by the name of Magdamia something or other.  She was very nice to us, however, she did look at us like we had crawled out from under someone’s dirty carpet.  I think she has issues dealing with the furry folks that come into the warehouse, including Peiling.  He was so polite to her that I was about to kick him in the butt for trying to suck up, however, I realized that that is just his way with dealing with unpleasantness.

So, yeah, this past year has been a good year even with some of the problems we had and have been able to overcome.  At least we have our own home now and don’t have to worry about bed space being gone when we get back from a hard day’s work.

I guess I should explain why I am taking it easy this morning instead of going out and getting myself busy with some of the contracts we picked up.  Well, yesterday, I had a contract that needed to be delivered in Iron Forge.  It would have been all good except that I ran into Andrew Bitterbeer, one of the fellows that works out of Stormwind too.  Oh, we’ve chatted a few times and he was always giving Peiling a tough time about the Pandaren brews and arguing about how much better the dwarves could brew.

Well, yesterday, I got invited to the Bitterbeers’ pub and it was all over except for the shouting. Oh, nothing would do except that I had to taste each brew that they had in stock, which seemed to be quite a bit.  I was fine until I got to taste the founder’s brew which could have curled the hair on one of those kodo things in Kalimdor I’ve heard tell of.  Naturally, you can’t exactly drink and not eat, so, I ate boar ribs until I was getting a bit green about the gills.  I will have to admit that when I caught the tram back to Stormwind, I wasn’t sure that I had even arrived in the correct town.  I staggered home in a stupor and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch in front of the fire.

That’s exactly where I woke up this morning with a blanket thrown over me by Peiling, I’m sure.  Oh, my head felt like someone had been beating on it all night and we won’t even discuss my stomach.  On the kitchen table was a note from Peiling and a tankard filled with some concoction that he had made up to help me with this blasted hangover.   The stuff helped my head quite a bit, however, my stomach is definitely the thing that is keeping me at home until it settles down.  I have no desire to be running through Stormwind and throwing up on every street corner.  So, I may have to call it a “day off” and work some extra hours to make up for my stupidity.

I know that dwarves can drink quite a bit and it doesn’t seem to bother them, however, I don’t think I have had a hangover like this for a few years.  Maybe it was time for me to relearn why I don’t drink very often and why I should never drink with dwarves.

At least this year seems to be getting off to a rousing start and I think that Peiling and I will be showing a profit again.  It’s kind of doubtful that we will be moving out of our little house here for a long time because we both have friends here in town and I don’t think either one of us wants to start over in a new place for a while.

Jake Jacobsen

Destruction Of The Land…

September 16th

Dear Journal,

On our last trip into the Vale just a few days ago, you couldn’t help but notice the destruction of the Vale by the Horde. Hellscream’s little goblins have torn a great hole in the ground and appear to be mining for something – this couldn’t bode well for the rest of us, I’m sure.

I was in hopes that even Hellscream would have some respect for Pandaria and the Pandaren.  I’m almost shocked that they haven’t put a stop to the digging and the destruction of this most sacred of places in Pandaria.  It makes my heart sad to think that even here in Pandaria, the Horde feel the need to destroy everything they touch.  It wasn’t enough that they have destroyed much of the forest lands in Kalimdor, now, they are starting the destruction here in the heart of this beautiful land. Kae and I both were appalled and probably will not be venturing into the Vale very often henceforth. It truly does make my heart weary to see the beauty of the land destroyed here in the same fashion-the deforestation of Kalimdor reeked of greed more than a need for survival.

One would have thought that Hellscream and his Orcs would have had their hands full with the business going on in Kalimdor and would have left this land alone.  I suppose that this destruction will only end when someone or some group is fortunate enough to bring about his demise, I pray to Elune that this ends soon.

Kae still can’t seem to make up her mind if she wants to take a leave from the Sentinels or not.  I guess that she is wanting some kind of permanent commitment from me to give her assurance that I won’t leave her and she will have nothing left.  It bothers me that she would even doubt my sincerity when I tell her that I care for her very deeply, not only as my dearest friend, but, also as my lover.

My parents were very young when they took their vows at the Moonwell and even though those vows were broken and mended a few times, they seem to have weathered the storms of life rather well.  They had more of a noticeable racial thing fighting against them the whole way than what I do – they were definitely of different races and cultures and you could see that at first glance, however, in my case, I look more Kaldorei than I do Sindorei until you get close enough to gaze deep into my eyes.  There the glint of green can be very prominent depending upon the lighting and my mood. Ah well, I don’t know that I am ready to make that lifelong commitment yet, I’m still a young man, I care for Kae and I may even love her but until I feel that I am ready, I am not going to make that final step.

Women!! They are so alluring and so confusing at the same time, it makes a fellow wonder what he is supposed to think.  I have spent many hours contemplating the questions that I have in my mind about my situation and I have even prayed to Elune to give me some guidance.  Since I am not sure which entity is really guarding my family  – I even prayed to the Light.   I still have those doubts and questions in my mind.  I suppose I need to talk to a more experienced fellow about these sort of things – my Father is still in Silvermoon, so that leaves him out, I suppose I could talk with Civardi or even one of the other Fools – of the male persuasion, to see how they have handled this sort of thing in the past.  I know that Josie’s best buddy would give me some answers since he seems to be running a harem with the women he works with, even if they are both worgen. Strange situation there that makes mine look as calm as a lake in the moonlight.

Naturally, I can’t talk to Kae about my feelings because she might misunderstand and might just pack up her stuff and move back to the camp – which would make me feel devastated completely. It’s a tricky thing, maybe I should talk to one of the Pandaren monks that I see around here in Halfhill from time to time, I bet they could help me out, if they are into that sort of thing – I am sure they must be because there are a lot of little Pandaren running about.

Oh, I have spent enough time writing about my personal feelings for the time being.  I am really concerned about the things going on in the Vale.  If the Horde unleashes something that they can’t control, it might cause more trouble for all of Pandaria. I know that the others have noticed the strange goings on and they have to have made some kind of investigation or inquiries into the matter, however, Kae and I are too far down the line of Scouts and Sentinels for us to be made privy to the information, I suppose.

I wish my Father were still here in Pandaria because I know that he could make some inquiries to his people and find out what is going on, maybe.  I hear that Hellscream has driven most of his supporters away with his talk of  a “pure” Horde which definitely wouldn’t include anyone except for the Orcs.  Stupid fool is defeating himself and has no clue.





Life is to Be Savored…

August 15th

Dear Journal,

It has been quite some time since I have taken the time to write anything in my journal.  My masters would be very displeased with my lack of discipline, however, in this strange land there are so many distractions. Of course, one can be swayed by ones environment and that is what I am find happening to me upon occasion.  I will have to meditate and cleanse my mind of these things to regain my inner peace and calm.

Stormwind is a huge city and there are so many people here that it is oftentimes very confusing.   Yes, they are still battling with the Horde in Pandaria, however, rumor has it that this Horde is fighting within its own group.  A very strange people indeed.  I know that it is made up of many races, very much like the Alliance, however, the dominant race seems to be much more warlike and more inclined to be infected by the Sha of Anger.  I have not seen these people that they call Orcs, they  sound as though they are nothing more than a group of warring people that are a plague upon the continent of Kalimdor. 

I have talked often with my friend and fellow Pandaren, Peiling, and we have decided that these people know no other life other than warring amongst themselves.  It’s a shame because I have met many that have very good qualities that are being distracted by these other things. I have met the young fellow that Peiling has partnered with and he seems very likeable for a human, even if his temperament is sometimes on the negative side.  We have all seen hard times, however, there are some of us that can take this in stride.

Peiling and I both think that Jake has been through some very hard times in his young life so far and it has molded him into the young man that he is today.  He is in such a rush to make his fortune that he is missing the beauty of life.  We both have told him that he needs to slow down and savor what life has to offer instead of grabbing what he can and rushing onward.  I know that this is the Pandaren way, however, it has stood us in good stead all of these years while our island home was hidden away in the mists.  Of course, Jake gives Peiling and I a wave of his hand and tells us that slowing down will not keep money in the bank nor in our pockets.  Gold seems to be a huge driving force for these people.

Of course, we have the knowledge that without money, one does not eat or have a place to sleep. I sometimes wish that I was back in my village where life was much simpler and we didn’t feel driven to do things as they are here in this land.  We could savor each moment of life and enjoy what we had and didn’t feel the need to let our greed force us onward.  It does appear as though it is not so much survival of the fittest, just the survival of the one that holds the most gold, tis a sad thing to acknowledge.

Ah well, all of this writing and all of this thinking will not put food on the table as Jake has pointed out nor will it allow me to buy some more beer.  I miss the beer from home, the dwarves do put forth a fine brew, however, it does not measure up to the standards of the Stormstouts, I’m afraid to say. I am no expert when it comes to brewing, however, I know what tastes good to me and my opinion would probably not be appreciated if it were voiced aloud.

I suppose that Peiling and Jake are going to be out hunting for most of the day and I should get busy and start mining some more in order to get the gems that I need to ply my craft. The people here in Stormwind seem to appreciate the gems that I sell.  I wish that we had an open market like we did at home, it did allow us to socialize with one another instead of standing in a large building and bidding on things being sold.  I am almost sure that some of these people have not taken a bath since they were babes – ah well, that is another story for another time.



A Pandaren Hunter Walks Amongst Us…

June 5th

Dear Journal,

My name is Panmoshu and I come from the Wandering Isle – it seems so long ago, however, my cousin Chang Wu has assured me that it has only been about a month. Chang is finding his way around this strange land and I decided to follow him, although he did forbid any of us to follow him.  I chose to follow him anyway because why should he wander this land alone without family with him.  I wanted to have adventures too even if I am a girl.  Girls like to have fun too, Chang.

He’s the one that suggested that I write this journal to keep a written track of my adventures here in this Eastern Kingdom.  There are many places to see and many people to meet. I know that some of the humans seem to resent us being here in Stormwind, however, I can see why they have awakened the Sha in Pandaria – so much anger, so much violence and so much mistrust.  Chang says that this is how these people were raised, they have only known war. 

If they would only learn to share things, there would be no war – there is no need to punch someone in the face for the apple that you saw fallen from the tree – you can cut the apple in half and share it together.  I think that’s an easy thing for even these people to understand. One does not eat the whole apple if another hungers, that is what I learned at the temple when I was younger. I think my old master at the temple would call this greed – it seems to be very common amongst these people.

I know that I wish that I could spend as much time meditating as Chang does, sure does seem like he spends a great deal of his time doing that.  I, on the other hand, have discovered that it is more fun to go out and do the things that I did in my homeland.  I always loved to hunt, skin the beasts for their leather, sell their meat at the market and make things.  I can still do this here in this land, however, I do have to watch for others that will not share.  They do not have a market like we did at home, so, it takes a bit more time to sell my wares – they have this big building that they call the Auction House where they sell their things.

I like how we did these things at home much better.  At the market, you have time to talk to people while you’re selling your wares, it isn’t this constant shouting and pushing to get your bids in so that others might compete with you for the few coins that you get.  We would haggle with the people in the stalls some times over prices, however, we never got violent about it – we would even sit down and share beer – things are different here.

I have met many people of many races in this land. It’s like looking into a bowl of soup and seeing all of the vegetables floating around in the steaming water when you walk out the door of the Inn where we are staying.  I have seen the Gilneans that sometimes will change into a beast – that was scary the first time that I saw that and I did scream and run away. Since that first encounter, I have talked to a few of them and they seem to be likeable even if they do have two different personalities.  This wolf that they turn into isn’t very nice and I am afraid that they would want to eat me. Chang says that they were Cursed by these other people called the Forsaken – the skeletons that wear clothes and run around as if they were alive.  I have seen such things in the wilds outside of Stormwind and I usually run away – they might want to eat me too.

The Night Elves are a strange group of people, they live for Nature and take great care of the land, especially the trees.  They are very tall and some of them are very warlike in their demeanor with tattoos on their faces. Most of the ones that I have seen are females and they seem to be the ones that do a lot of the warring against other people – the males seem to be less impatient when I ask them questions.  Their homeland is across the sea and they call it Kalimdor – another big place for me to explore with Chang.

Maybe when Chang has learned as much as he can about these people in the Eastern Kingdom, we can go to this Kalimdor too although I have heard there are some very mean people that live there called Orcs.  I have never seen an Orc. Many people say that they don’t belong in this land – wherever they came from must be much larger than this.   Chang says that we mustn’t judge people, however, I think I can do that because I grew up on a Turtle swimming the seas until the mists lifted, we knew no other peoples.

I know that I miss the rest of my family sometimes and would like to go home.  Chang tells me that that is when I should meditate and talk to the other monks.  It seems like it is very expensive to go home now anyway and getting back there would take a very long time.  I should find peace within myself and endure the life that I have chosen – well, I did want to be an adventurer and I guess this is part of it. 

I can see why these people are warlike too.  I met their King the first day that I arrived, while he told me of many things of his land, I was very surprised when he wanted me to fight him.  Why would a man of his stature and station in life want to fight a lowly Pandaren hunter?  It might be a custom or their way of welcoming people to their land.  I did fight him although I was afraid that his guards were going to kill me so I didn’t hit him as hard as I could have because I am very strong and didn’t want to hurt him.  I won, he welcomed me to his city and that was the last time that I have seen him.  I guess Kings do not go out in their city very often.  This is indeed a very strange land.

I am sitting here waiting for Chang to come back from his meditating, smelling of beer again, I’m sure.  I have made other friends here in Stormwind and have found a few other Pandaren too.  I think I will go out and walk around and see some more sights – this city is big and I am sure there are places that I haven’t seen yet and many people to meet – I just hope I don’t run into any rude ones, they do seem to be rather plentiful here.







A Tauren In Pandaria

May 27th

Dear Journal,

While I may long to be home in Thunderbluff with my Mother and brothers, I am finding things in this new land that are very enjoyable.  I have spent a great deal of time in the Jade Forest and I see how it comes by its name.  There is so much green there that you can almost become lost and mesmerized by it.  Yes, there are dangers there that will sometimes catch you by surprise if you are not wary.

I am definitely following the teachings of the Pandaren with their “Slow Down” and I’m definitely savoring every minute that I can of the beauty of this land.  It’s definitely not Mulgore, which I am still very homesick for, however, it has its own special beauty.  At least Naton and I have found more Tauren in the area and we’ve started making friends with them.  We like to gather together sometimes and talk about home and sometimes we just sit there and laugh at all of the adventures that we are having.

“Slow Down” that is the one statement that makes me smile and sometimes even makes me laugh outright because Tauren are not known for our speed. Oh, we can speed up the pace when we are attacking something, however, we normally take a slow pace so that we may cover a greater distance without fatigue.  That’s the secret, why rush to do something and then be too exhausted to carry on further.  We’re a nomadic people and traveling the roads of Kalimdor for generations has taught us that speed is not something that will get you to your destination any faster.  I can’t begin to tell you how many little Blood Elves we’ve ended up carrying with us, literally, because in their haste they have depleted their energy to where they would have ended up dead if it weren’t for the Tauren in the area.

We are definitely learning how to embrace the land and try to repair some of the damages wrought by some of our Horde brethren as we travel along.  Of course, we do have some Orc that want to kill everything in sight, while we continue to plod along and hoping that they might get eaten by some of the beasts in the area.  I guess that doesn’t sound very loyal when you’re fighting a war, however, I never much cared for the Orc when we were still in Kalimdor, I care less for them in Pandaria.

I know that Naton made one of our sergeants angry the other day when the fellow was just yelling at us to speed up, the war would be over by the time we got our mangy hides into the fray.  Naton’s response to that was that we would live to get to the battle whereas, he may not make it himself due to his haste and inability to take in his surroundings as he galloped along.   Besides, without the Tauren to put the Orcs back together again, Hellscream probably wouldn’t have much of an army at his disposal, so, just be quiet and we will arrive at our destination in due time.  Sometimes my brother surprises me with the way that he can take all of this in stride without seeming to get upset about it – I know I cry sometimes because I do get weary and I do get frightened.  Naton offers me comfort and solace when I feel upset and I think that is because he has seen this “war” thing all before when he was under the influence of the Lich.  He keeps telling me that things will get better.

Oh, we did get to see Mr. Morningstar when we were in Dawn’s Blossom for a while.  He looks very tired, however, he was very happy to see Naton and I.  He told us to be careful and on our guard while we were making the trek through the Jade Forest and he would have a surprise for us when we get to Halfhill.  I wonder what that surprise could be?  He’s one of the big Ranger Commanders now, however, he will always be Mr. Morningstar to Naton and I after all of these years of working for him in Kalimdor.  The good news is that he said that we were still on the payroll for Morningstar Enterprises and that we could still send things back to Orgrimmar and we would be paid just like always.  That was good news to the two of us because the money we get for being in this army isn’t all that great and we still money home to Mom and the two boys when we can.  I miss those days of just being near home and being able to help the family with what I could earn there. At least we have been able to keep up our trades a little bit and have been able to send things home.

Ah well, I should put this journal away and get some rest, we have a long trek tomorrow and should be arriving in the Valley of Four Winds.  We always hear rumors about the places that we are going, however, I am curious to see these giant vegetables that we have been told about – the noodles we have been eating and some of the vegetables that we have been able to find have been delicious, however, I would love to make some cabbage soup with bits of carrots in it and have time for it to simmer to bring out the flavor – everything is cooked so fast while we travel that some of the flavor is lost.  Oh, and the tea, we always have tea with our meals.

Oh, I am smiling now because we were able to make camp early enough tonight to be able to sit around the campfire and have our own version of Story Circle.  It wasn’t as splendid as the one that we have on the Bluffs, however, there were some wonderful stories told by some of group.  We even had time to sit and sing some of our tribal songs for a few minutes.  It was almost like home, not quite, however, it made me proud to be a Tauren.  We may get frowned upon by some of the Orcs, Trolls and Blood Elves for our lack of speed and our caring about the land, however, we will always carry our love and traditions of the Earth Mother with us regardless of the circumstances.  That’s what makes our people truly strong – our faith.

Some of the other women and I are looking forward to the day when we can actually put on a dress and do the things that we were used to doing at home.  This constant wearing of armor is not very feminine and we have all noticed the young bulls traveling with us – we’re all of marriageable age and even if there is a war going on, we still are women.  We were giggling amongst ourselves last night about a couple of the young fellows that seem to be determined to make a name for themselves here in Pandaria because they want their tribes to remember them as heroes.  Well, I’ll take a lesser Brave as a mate because I don’t intend on being made a widow early in my life with calves to care for.  Give me a nice Druid or even another hunter to be a companion with, that is all that I ask, Earth Mother.

Mahamura Cloudhoof


Fun At The Faire

May 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, we, Peiling and I heard about this Faire in Stormwind and we decided between the two of us that we’d go. I hadn’t been in years, not since they used to come about and park their wagons down in that place called Goldshire – should be just called Den of Iniquity now.  I can vaguely recall going there as a young boy with my parents and a group of friends.

I know, I just don’t like how the place has changed all that much, what with the stuff that goes on that Inn.  Of course, when I was there as a boy, I never went in the Inn, my parents didn’t have that kind of money to spend for us to stay in a place like that or maybe it was like it is now and my parents just didn’t want me to see it – that’s probably it.

Oh, Peiling and I just decided that it would be a change of pace and we really haven’t had much time for any fun with the way that we’ve been working our behinds off earning money for our keep.  He does like to eat and drink, so, I’m sure that his expenses are much more than mine when we aren’t able to gather the stuff  while we’re out in the field.  A fellow can only eat so much wild game before you start to twitch.  A good roast now and again is quite good and people keep telling me that variety is the spice of life, no, it’s not, it’s one way to keep the taste buds in your mouth wanting something different.

I didn’t realize how much things with the Faire had changed either.  Used to be that we would trudge down the road from Westfall and there would be this Faire – a few wagons, jugglers, fire-eaters and a few people hawking their wares.  I know that it was an exciting time for me as a boy and sometimes if the crops had been good, I’d even get a sweet if I had behaved myself. Those were amazing times for me as a lad.

Anyway, Peiling and I went to the Faire.  I think we spent the first hour there just walking around and gawking at stuff.  The thing that was amazing to me was that it’s on an island of its own now and the only way that you can get there is by mage portal.  I’m not one that likes to use portals all that much, it always makes me feel a bit jumpy when I come out on the other side miles away from where I entered.  I guess it’s that magic feeling or something. I think this was maybe the second or third time I’ve been in a portal anyway.

Peiling was a little worried about the portal when we got to Goldshire, he was more concerned about someone his size going through one of those things – he wasn’t sure that all of “him” would make it out the other side.  We made the trip okay and we landed with a thud – I guess the mage was a bit tired or something because the portals are usually kind of smooth, from what I heard tales of, and we were good three feet above the ground and landed a bit heavily.  Who knows, maybe the mage that was on duty had been sampling some of the wares.  I’m sure they use apprentices or the washed up mages, not the real professionals that sit around the mage quarter talking about magic all day.

I was really amazed at the animals at the Faire.  Peiling and I figured that one of those big beats would probably have enough in the way of skinning and meat that we’d be able to take a week or two off, at least.  There were some strange looking critters that looked like they might have stepped out of some warlocks closet – yes, I’ve heard tell of the warlocks, can’t say as I’ve ever met one though, they sound scary.  There was a bear there that was probably the size of a small farmhouse – well, at least when he stood on his hind-legs, can’t say as I’d want to run into him in the wild.

I think that Peiling would have still been sitting at the food vendor if I hadn’t of told him that there were other things to see.  Poor fellow was just amazed at all the food, he said he hadn’t seen that much food in one spot like that since he left home – they must have some big markets and places to eat in that Pandaria. I even had to admit that the food was good and cheap too.  Frog legs weren’t something that I had had a hankering for before, however, the ones at the Faire were real delicious, even got enough to bring back to snack on for a couple of days afterwards.

Oh, the games, I’ve never seen the like.  Of course, those weren’t free, however, we had enough money between the two of us that we got to try them all out at least once or twice.  I think the one that was the most fun for the both of us was the canon – it isn’t every day that you risk your neck climbing into a canon and let some little gnome fire you out of it.  I think Peiling had some trouble with the concept of how it was done, however, he did give it a try.

I know we stood there by that canon and watched people get fired out of it for a while before we built up our nerve to give it a go.  At least we both wanted to make sure that there were no fatalities from it and we didn’t hear tell of anyone getting hurt, just soaked from landing in the water. I know that Peiling was standing there with his jaws hanging open watching a huge Tauren being launched out of the canon and we waited to see if the Tauren came back too – seems that Peiling thought that maybe some of the people didn’t make it or something.  The Tauren came back laughing, dripping wet, climbed back in the canon and off he went again.  I guess that must have shot down any of the qualms that Peiling had had in regard to it.

You know, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Pandaren fly through the air, robes flapping, arms flailing and some real strange language as they go flying across the sky.  It was like watching a canon ball going off through the air that had suddenly developed a language. It took Peiling a couple of tries before he got the target right and collected his prize.  I will admit that I was a bit smug about having gotten mine the first time I went out, however, I was real happy that we were landing in water because no one could see where I’d relieved myself in my pants from the fear.

Tonk driving.  Well, that was an experience that I have never had in my life.  I had no idea how to drive one and here they throw you in there and there are other people trying to shoot you too.  Well, I learned real fast, let me tell you.  One thing that my Mother always told me is that you get out of the way when people are shooting at you.  The only thing that I had ever driven before was the wagon with a couple of horses attached, can’t say as I’ve ever controlled anything mechanical before.  It was fun and I know that if we could have afforded it, I would have been on that ride for a long time.

Oh, the merry-go-round, that was a real hoot.  I know that I’ve killed a few murloc in my time, however, I have never ridden one before.  Peiling was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have a turtle mount on the ride though.  He did admit that he would have liked it a lot more if there had been a turtle, even if it did make him homesick a little bit when he saw one.

Nothing would do that we, we went back to the drink vendor and tried some of the fare there.  Naturally, the fizzy drinks make you sneeze and we won’t discuss the Darkmoon Reserve.   I think that we should have stopped at one of those, however, they are kind of tasty – that’s why we don’t even remember how we made it back to Stormwind afterwards.  I don’t know what it is about Pandaren, they can drink like there is no tomorrow and don’t seem to suffer any ill-effects, however, I was sporting one heck of a hangover – that’s why I’m sitting here writing in this journal.  I needed a day off to recover from the Faire.  




Thoughts In Pandaria

May 10th

Dear Journal,

Oh, I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with the family, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month ago.  A whole month and yet it only seems like yesterday.  It was nice to see my brothers again and especially my Mother, poor Mooma.  She is definitely getting older, although there are times that she still surprises us all with the things that she can do for the tribe. She and the two boys at home will be fine while Naton and I are here in Pandaria, honoring our allegiance to the Horde, although we would both much rather be home.

Naton and I were taking our meal in Honeydew Village when I heard someone calling for “Sadheart” – my brother’s name that was given to him by the Lich King.  The look on poor Naton’s face was indeed a visual display of that name. I sometimes think that he almost forgets his time under the control of that evil monster and almost thinks of himself as just being Naton Cloudhoof, hunter for the tribe and eldest son of Mooma Cloudhoof.  I think he misses being at home almost as much as I do.

I know when we took our time away from Pandaria, he spent most of his time at the forge, helping the small group of people there that sought him out.  You could almost see him smile as he worked and chatted with some of them.  Then, we had to report back to do our duty and he was reminded once again that he is a killing machine, a Death Knight, not of his own choosing. Oh well, we all have burdens to bear and with the blessings of the Earth Mother, we will both survive this too.  At least we have one another here in the Jade Forest.

We were discussing the people that we had met so far since we have been here and how closely the Pandaren philosophy seems to be very similar to our beliefs with the Earth Mother.  If it weren’t for the family back in Thunderbluff, I think that Naton and I would be very happy here.  The land is rich and the game is plentiful.  Naton says that he’s never seen so many rich ore veins to mine and the forges here are always running hot with the work being done day and night.  Good thing that Naton likes his blacksmithing trade as much as he does.  He does say that it’s not nearly as fulfilling here in Pandaria as it was at home because he knew he was helping our tribe and its people.

Yes, there is a war going on, as to why that is, I don’t think that I understand the reasoning behind it much less why our Chief had us come here to help that Orc Warchief, the murderer that he is.  I know I must find it in myself to put those thoughts behind me and do my duty, however, I do question the real reason as to why we are here.

At least the Pandaren are a peace loving group of people that we have met so far.  Yes, they have taken up the fight to protect their homes and families, although they aren’t sure which group is actually here to let them live their lives as they see fit.  They fight for home and family, we fight because our Chief is supporting the Horde as he sees fit.  Oh, I’ll quit grumbling, I just don’t agree with the politics of the Horde.

I have seen many deaths since we have been here in Pandaria, however, the one thing that I have also seen is that our people are returned home for a proper burial in Mulgore.  I would hate to think that our remains would be left here in this strange land and not have the proper mourning and burial when our souls have gone to be with the Earth Mother.  No, at least our dead are given the proper respect.  I did make Naton promise that if something happened to me that I would be given the proper rites and burial amongst our people.

I think I must be feeling sad today because my mind keeps going home to my family and loved ones while my body must be here in this land. I miss the rolling hills of Mulgore, the mountains, the lakes where I once frolicked with my friends.  I miss my friends, the way we would all laugh and try to decide what we were going to wear to our next Story Circle gathering by the fire.  Oh, those were fun times and very much an educational time for us all to remember and learn the traditions of not only the Tauren but the other races as well.  Yes, I remember those times with a certain amount of sadness.

One of the things is that I miss being able to get together with my female friends and we would just laugh and talk about the handsome young bulls and which flowers made the best perfumes.  I may be a huntress by trade, however, I am still very much a female.  I remember our planning a trip, just us girls, going to Un’Goro to take mud baths because we were told that it would make us more beautiful – all I ever found that it did for me was to make my hooves a bit more glossy, however, the smell was unbelievable. Oh, that sulphur smell took days to get out of my coat.  Yes, we were all young then and really didn’t have a care in the world, although there were times that we thought that we had the all of the burdens.  We were young then.  Oh what am I saying, I’m still young, there have not been that many seasons that I have seen pass that I can’t take joy in the changes.

There are many of our people here in Pandaria. We have shown ourselves to be very strong in battle and have also shown some of the other races here that the Tauren have a bond amongst ourselves that will make it very plain to the Leaders of this new Horde that we are a power to be reckoned with.  I have seen so many different races here, however, I feel that we as a people will stand strong for our people and the Tauren will not be forced into being nothing more than cannon fodder for this Warchief.

Ah, well, there is no reason for me to question these things.  The Earth Mother guides my path and if is her will, so be it.