Worrying About Children…Some Adults Too

July 18th

Dear Journal,

Fnor didn’t come night before last like I had thought he would but from what he told me, he had his hands full and made a mess of things. Apparently, in his zeal of trying to be the over-protective brother with his sisters, he did get more than a bit carried away.

I know with this monster that has been stalking him and, now, has started going after the girls in Silvermoon has him bordering on another one of those meltdowns that I have seen him go through in the past. It seems that this Angel has kidnapped Dawnglory’s sister. Fnor has hired some Rangers to track them down. If he had stopped to think for a moment, he should have let me know because I have people over in the area that could have been very effective in trying to locate them faster. Silly man, he will learn that he doesn’t have to do everything himself one of these days, that’s why he married to me. I’ve already gotten in touch with my people and whether the Rangers will even realize it or not, they will have shadows moving along with them.

Poor fellow definitely over-reacted with the Dawnglory and Faendra thing. We almost had an argument about it when he told me what happened and I told him my opinion. Fae is old enough to decide for herself if she wants to take a man into her bed and it’s really none of his business. He has to let go of some his Sindorei ideals with their planned marriages for whatever reason. Faendra is a very smart girl, not just in education but she has good common sense and I have never seen her act inappropriately at any time. Besides, she and Dawnglory would make a very attractive couple even if he is almost as old as Fnor, he’s still very handsome in that blonde rakish way and he knows it too.

I’m very frightened of what has happened because Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa, is definitely in danger with this Angel person and the silly child probably is clueless to the fact that she’s in serious trouble. I guess that Dawnglory is staying in Silvermoon with Faendra and will be working with the Rangers to try and find his sister. I’m sure that Fnor would have wanted to stay and take control like he usually does, however, under the circumstances, I’m just happy that he came home.

I’m sure that it will take a little while for the dust to settle with this physical confrontation that he had with his business partner and best friend. Fnor didn’t come out of it unscathed either because he sporting quite the shiner. Seems that Fnar can throw as good a punch as Fnor and I can’t blame him either with the way that Fnor was trying to beat his brains out.

I know that we got some very welcomed news when I went to the Lounge night before last. Lali is pregnant with Raleth’s child. She’s still very early on with her pregnancy but she definitely does have that glow about her. I know that couldn’t be happier for them. We talked about midwives and that sort of thing while we were sitting there and I am sure that the young man at the table was more than a little bit bored with the hens clucking about a new baby being added to our growing number. Lali will have an easier time of it here in Dalaran because she will be surrounded by her friends and the people are just more open about things. I know that she and Raleth will find out how different your life becomes once you’ve added a little person to your household.

No, I’m not pregnant yet, which was kind of disappointing, however, we have all the time in the world to make that happen. I am truly enjoying running the business in Stormwind and being able to come and go as I wish without the added worry of having to take care of a new baby just yet. Fnor was disappointed far more than I was when we knew that all of our efforts had all been in vain, however, he is determined to keep trying. I don’t mind that at all. I think it just takes time to get all of the herbs out of your system too, which, I had been taking quite regularly there for a while to prevent an unwanted surprise.

There appears to be another faction forming in Stormwind these days that has caused me concern about the boys staying in the city without being properly guarded. Another group similar to the other zealots that want to stamp out the mixed breeds. This is nothing new and I have been dealing with this sort of thing since Kaldor took his first steps, which was quite a while ago. It isn’t the children’s fault that their parents were of different races and they are not blight on the humanity which these people seem to rant and rave about. Kaldor, Vashlan and I will be very careful when we are dealing with the citizens of Stormwind because you never know if someone that is near to you might be one of these zealots.

I am almost determined to demand that the boys come home to Dalaran; however, it would be rather difficult to get that demand answered. Kaldor is just finding his own level and is capable of handling any difficulty in his own fashion; however, Vashlan is another story. He needs to be somewhere that he can get the proper training without being under my wing all of the time. A wild mage is a dangerous one and that would get him killed faster, I would think, than being of mixed heritage. Fnor knows nothing about this new group in the city and the rumors have been flying around the city quite a bit of late. I know that the boys will be careful and I know that Kal won’t let anything sneak up on him, however, Vash is the one I’m more concerned about because when he has his nose in a book, the world could come to an end and he wouldn’t notice until he stopped concentrating on what has his attention.

Speaking of the city, I do need to go to Darnassus today to talk to a few people as well as stopping off in Dolonaar to see my youngest two sons and my parents. They are really enjoying being grandparents and are trying to get me to let the boys stay for a while longer because of their schooling and their friends that they have made. I will have to discuss this with Fnor because he misses the two little scamps getting into so many things here in Dalaran.

I had to laugh at Fnor’s response to how the boys were doing. He’s very proud of the older boys and how well they have turned out; however, he just rolls his eyes when the little guys start their antics. He says he wants to be a good example for them and maybe they will just settle down. After the debacle in Silvermoon, he truly has no room to talk. They are little boys and as children, they are going to have to learn some things by doing them. No matter how much time you spend talking to them, they are just going to have to experience things for themselves – that includes the oldest two as well. There isn’t much for them to do in Dalaran and I they aren’t used to being as confined as they are here.

It was nice seeing Fnor back home, even if slightly bruised up and frazzled. I think that he is afraid that he has damaged his friendship with Dawnglory more than he is about hurting his sister’s feelings. He was very upset that he lost his temper enough to have struck her more than anything. I don’t think that he has ever struck a woman off the battlefield in a pique of anger that I am aware of. He was already doing his thing of trying to find something that will make it up to her.

All of this stuff in Silvermoon has us all on edge and I am afraid that it will come to a bad end if we don’t get it resolved soon.


Men Are Stupid Brutes

July 16th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here in my room and I can’t help it if I keep crying.  It’s not every day that you find out that your best friend has been kidnapped by some kind of demon thingy and your brother accuses you of being a whore.

Yesterday was not a good day for me at all and I know my face is blotchy and red because of my tears; however, I really don’t care.  Felessa is missing and even though she makes me furious with all of her drivel about how much she loved my brother and how he forced her to do the ceremony to marry that Kaldorei woman.  It’s all crap, that’s just what it is.  I don’t think that I will ever forgive Fnor for not telling us about Angelese, at least warned us as to what she might be because now Lessa is gone and we don’t even know that  she is alive or not.

Yesterday when Fnor called on the comlink, I wasn’t awake or I wouldn’t have made the mistake that I did that has brought his wrath down on me and on his best friend.   He wanted to know if Fnar was in the house and I said that he was lying next to me in bed, which was very true.  He had fallen asleep there after holding me as we both wept about his sister and the things that had happened.  We didn’t even get to do anything.

When Fnor got to Silvermoon, he made a complete ass out of himself and embarrassed me to the point that I don’t think I will ever be able to show my face on the streets again, well, at least for a long while.  I knew it was him arriving at the house because he always makes that bike of us make more noise than one would think necessary to announce his arrival, however, I was ill-prepared for the way that he came slamming in through the front door with his voice raised, shouting for Dawnglory.

Fnar walked into the foyer and was starting to say something to Fnor when Fnor just punched him square in the face.  I know I screamed as I saw Fnar’s legs wobble underneath and he hit the floor as if he had been pole axed, blood was streaming from his nose and his mouth, the poor fellow’s eyes even looked a bit glazed over.  No, Fnor wasn’t finished yet and just proceeded to grab him up off the floor and started hitting him over and over again.  I think Fnar’s brain or his reflexes kicked in because he started reciprocating.  I know that I tried to get between them and Fnor just slapped me as hard as I have ever been hit and as I slid across the floor and hit the wall, I think I must have fainted or something. He’s never struck me like that before in our lives.

Now, I’m sitting here with a black eye, I have broken furniture all over the foyer and the big window in the sitting room is broken and there are glass shards everywhere.  I just don’t understand it.  Fnor usually will at least give someone a chance to speak before he starts pummeling them like that but he didn’t give poor Dawnglory a chance to open his mouth before he started.

I know that he was upset because he thought that Fnar and I had slept together. That’s no reason to walk in here and act like a maniac either.  I’m old enough to decide if I want a man in my bed or not and which one.   He even called me a streetwalker and a whore, which started the battle all over again between these supposedly “best” friends.   I guess that’s when they ended up in the sitting room and they both went through the window, which roused the guards enough to show up and break up the fight.  They almost went to jail for disturbing the peace.

I think that the tempers are cooled down now and the men have had their discussion about whether my virginity was intact or not.  Fnar kept looking at me last night like he wanted to say something and just kept his mouth shut because my brother was sitting at the table with us, acting like nothing had happened.   I felt so awful that I couldn’t even eat my dinner and finally just left the table in tears.

Fnar and I did explain to Fnor what had transpired between Felessa and me.  We also explained that Felessa had caught her brother holding me in his arms and kissing me, which I will readily admit was the best part of the day.

I will always remember that kiss because he’s never kissed me quite like that before.  If Felessa hadn’t of walked in when she did, I think that my virginity would have been given away very willingly.  I’ve never had a man kiss me like that before, where you just feel like your whole body is melting and you can even feel your toes trembling.

Well, she screamed some things at Fnar, and I screamed some things at her and it was just awful. Fnar kept trying to get in between the two of us and I think he has a few scratches to show for his efforts.  I think that things were starting to cool down a little bit until Angel walked into the room.  It was like pouring fuel on a fire.  The next thing I know, I’m laying on my back on the floor, Fnar is yelling at Felessa to come back and all I see is that crimson robe of Angel’s swirling back as she went back through the door.   Of course, Fnar gave chase after his sister because he had no clue who Angel was and he sure didn’t like the idea that his sister was laughing hysterically as she ran down the street hand in hand with this lady in red.

I guess Fnar must have chased after the two women on foot because I can’t remember hearing a mount or anything.  I know that he was gone for several hours and when he got back, he look horrible. I have never seen him cry before but he was almost sobbing uncontrollably because he said he had chased them as far as he could.  His sister never looked back but was still shrieking with laughter as he chased them.  I guess he almost caught up with them as they were crossing a stream because he said that Angel turned and looked at him and yelled “Too bad, you might have been delicious in bed.”  They just disappeared.   He wanted to know what kind of weirdo Angel was because he said she actually frightened him because she looks very familiar, like someone he had known that was dead.

Of course, he started asking all kinds of questions about Angel and I told him what was going on.  How Felessa and I had met Angel in the Bazaar and how we had all become very friendly.  How we had invited Angel to the house and had dinner.  I didn’t tell him how Felessa was just fawning over Angel like she was some long lost relative or something.    I know that I did tell him Angel had almost immediately started asking questions about Fnor, where he lived, was he married and did he have children…was he as rich as the Titans yet.  It was all very odd and I found it rather disconcerting. I actually started refusing to answer her questions which my roommate and friend, Felessa, developed some kind or oral dysentery and started running off at the mouth about Fnor and what she knew about him, which was a lot  considering she lives with me and sees him as much as I do.

As luck would have it, Angel did get to meet Fnor a day or so later and that’s when things really started to get interesting.  Have you ever watched a cat play with a bird before it finally pounces on it and rips off its head?  That’s just how Angel was acting with Fnor.  I noticed that he kept trying to keep his distance from her and kept looking at her as if he knew her from somewhere, which set Felessa off with questions of hers between her and Angel.  I mean, this was at the height of when Felessa was doing her pity party thing about Fnor getting married and breaking her heart, so, I’m sure those two had some very interesting conversations.

Naturally, I was the odd person out with the two of them and I will admit that I resented it because Felessa had been my best friend for a very long time and here was this stranger in our midst that seemed to warrant all of her attention.  They were always together and I really started to wonder if Felessa had decided that she like girls better than she did boys.    I know that I walked into the Felessa’s room without knocking and caught them together in a kind of weird situation.  There was Felessa with her robes off and Angel was rubbing oil all over her body and saying some weird words that didn’t make sense to me.  Naturally, I was embarrassed but not enough to where I could keep my mouth shut.  I told Angel to leave and to never come back.

It was shortly after that incident that Felessa and I had our fight.  I still don’t know exactly how it all happened because I was too upset and angry to remember it clearly enough now.

Now, that we know what Angel might be, it all makes sense somehow.  Fnor apologized to Fnar and to me for his emotional outburst and attack.  He said that he couldn’t even remember getting here to the house because all he felt was his emotions going completely out of control.  Well, he got that right and I hope that he is going to not say a word when I give him the bills for fixing the house and putting it back to rights.

Fnar has kissed me on the cheek a few times since all of this happened and I can see the tears in his eyes when we start talking about his sister, however, he hasn’t tried to hold me anymore.  I guess he and my brother went to the Rangers and has gotten some of them to go out and track the girls.

I hope Fnor hasn’t screwed things up for himself with his best friend and I sure hope he hasn’t screwed things up for me either.  I just want to take Fnar and hold him in my arms and run my fingers through that long mane of blonde hair and tell him that everything is going to be okay, we’ll find Felessa and we’ll do whatever it is that we need to do to get rid of this thing called Angel.

Fnar may be a womanizer in his own right but he still needs to know that people care about him and his sister.  Everyone needs to know that they have friends that care and love them, no matter what.

Fnor was talking to me in the garden last night about the things that happened and I could tell that he felt awful for having done the things that he did.  He was so very apologetic for striking me but when he pulled out this little necklace and slipped it over my head and told me to wear it, that it would protect me from harm, I almost cried.  He always tries to make things better by giving gifts and things.  All I want from him right now is to know that he will never accuse me of something like that again.  He also had the gall to ask me if I had ever taken anyone to bed yet and I think he was a bit surprised when I leaned back and slapped him as hard as I could.  I left him in the garden, holding his cheek and with his mouth hanging open.   Not even my brother has the right to ask me a question like that.

Would I consider going to bed with Fnar after all of this is over?  We’ll just have to wait and see.



Did You Ever Feel Helpless and Confused?

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


July 15th

Dear Journal,

Well, I was able to catch up with Felestrien this morning or he was able to find me in my office at a very early and strange hour for one so recently wed. I will have to admit that my night last night was the exact opposite of what it had been the night before because my wife and I were battling about differences of opinion. It’s something that all couples go through at some point in their relationship and ours is not that different from others with the exception that we have been together longer than most. We were arguing about this thing in Silvermoon and some of the things that she has given our sons permission to do that I totally do not agree with. These things happen when you have two sets of children, my sons and stepsons, which have been raised almost completely by Amyn – which she will remind me of from time to time in the heat of an argument. She is definitely a spitfire and will not back down when her mind is made up, however, that’s why I think we’ve managed to stay together and even got married so late in our relationship, she’s my equal partner.

I was really rather shocked to see him standing at the door to the office because it was definitely earlier than most people would be out and about. I am assuming that he had been up late and hadn’t even retired for the night yet. He seems to do this sort of thing when he has fixated on something that has gotten his interest. Apparently, this issue with Angel has caught more than his attention.

I was surprised to hear that he had gone to the Argent Crusade to see if they had heard of anything of this nature. Luckily for us, I suppose, he found a Darkspear Champion at the grounds that had some knowledge of this kind of thing. He apparently had a name for this sort of thing which Felestrien wouldn’t even attempt to pronounce.

Felestrien had also carried in a very large satchel that looked rather bulky and heavy to carry. He reached in the bag and pulled out this large book that a wooden cover that was covered in very thick leather, the spine of the book was just a little bit more than rough bindings. He said that it was a compendium of some sort and then added a few expletives and just said it had some unpleasant shit in it. That I could believe, just by looking at the size of the book and the apparent age of the tome.

I wasn’t aware of this fact about the Crusade; apparently, they have been compiling phenomena information from all the various cultures around Azeroth. Apparently, some of the guesses that we had been making in regard to Angel were correct. She would have to have some kind of locus for her power to remain here and it feeds off of strong emotions such as anger, fear and sometimes lust. The higher the emotions in the people around it exhibit before their deaths, the more power she would get from the kills. We are already assuming that this thing has inhabited the unborn child of my late fiancée and that’s how she reanimated the body to start this hell with.

So, with the girls fighting in Silvermoon that would give her more power to feed from and whatever else she can gather on her own, which I would assume that there has been a rise in deaths along Murders Row that are going uninvestigated. Who would want to investigate murder scene where the apparent victim died of fear. I know I wouldn’t be anxious to delve into something like that either because it would take something pretty gruesome to scare a person to death.

I did tell Felestrien about the issue that was happening with Felessa and her apparent “love” for me that I was totally ignorant of at the time. How she had performed our wedding ceremony and how she had acted since she had gotten back to Silvermoon. I honestly was totally clueless about her feelings and I can assure you that they would not have been reciprocated other than the brotherly love and attention that I have shown her all of these years. I’m still in a state of shock over this revelation.

Apparently, Angel has befriended Felessa by feeding off of this broken hearted emotional state that she has been wandering around in, just drawing off that power. Of course, when the girls fought, that had to have been like a bonus charge of power for her.

Felessa felt so strongly about this physical confrontation that she went to Orgrimmar to see her brother, Dawnglory, and I assume that he did his usual thing of blowing it off. However, there was some mention from him that he was going to Silvermoon to talk to Faendra and meet this exquisite creature that his sister had told him about.

I know that I had spent a great deal of time this morning trying to get in touch with Dawnglory via our company comlink and have no luck with that. I wanted to warn him off about this girl that he was going to meet thanks to his sister’s involvement with her. I should have told him about the situation long before now, however, I thought that Felestrien and I could get the situation resolved without anyone else being the wiser – it looks like I was mistaken in those thoughts and my poor judgment could very well have cost my friend his life if he raised this creature’s ire.

While Felestrien was sitting here in the office and we were going over some of the information in the book, my comlink did go off. It definitely sounded like Dawnglory and he said that he and Felessa were trapped in a dark place somewhere and there was no way out. It really did sound like him, however, his voice sounded rather flat for someone that is usually very emotionally charged when he is verbalizing something. I know that I sat there with my mouth hanging open like some kind of village idiot and told Felestrien what was said on the link. I wasn’t all that sure when I verbalized it if that really was Fnar talking on the link or not – it was crazy.

At least the Light did give me a glimmer of intelligence back at that point because I decided to contact my sister, Faendra. She was asleep and sounded very drowsy and I don’t think that she would have let slip what she did if she had been totally awake. I asked her if Dawnglory was at the house and she answered in the affirmative that he was and was lying next to her in bed, sound asleep. Well, I was very relieved to hear that he was there, however, you could have knocked me over with feather when I found out he was indeed sleeping with my baby sister. I hope that he was just sleeping with her in the brotherly fashion and that he just happened to fall asleep on the bed with her and hasn’t been foolish enough to have physically “slept” with her. My best friend and business partner shagging my baby sister was not a visual that I wanted interjected into my mind along with all of the other things that I have going on.

Of course, this bit of information set me off on another emotional tirade that could have been left for another time. About how I hoped her virginity was still intact and that I had wanted something better for her than my partner. I had such hopes that she would make a good match in Silvermoon, meaning that I wanted something better for her and possibly something that would have brought her some prominence in the city. Not just a fellow like her brother, someone one of a better social standing than I could ever hope to attain. Luckily, I didn’t voice this to her on the comlink, however, I did voice it to Felestrien that got the most amused look on his face as he called Mother Hen.

I did ask Faendra if Felessa was at the house in Silvermoon and she said that she wasn’t. It seems that Felessa caught her brother with my sister and there was another fight. Angel was there and was witness to the new battle and hauled Felessa away in a pique of anger. Fae said that Felessa and Angel stormed out of the house and headed out the back gates of the city as quickly as their mounts could carry them heading towards the Ghostlands. Dawnglory tried to follow them for some distance because he wanted to bring Felessa back to the city and wanted to talk to her about what she thought she had seen. Fae said he told her that they just disappeared into thin smoke and her returned to the city because there was no way that he could track them. He had also lost his comlink, which means that the caller this morning was definitely not him, there was only one other person that I could think of that could imitate his voice so perfectly, however, it was dead of any emotion.

I wish I had forced the girls to move back to Dalaran prior to this all happening. They would have been safer here at the house than they are in Silvermoon, or so I had hoped. Not to mention, my sister wouldn’t have slept with my partner even though he has quarters here at the house not too many feet away from her room. I mentioned my thoughts of having the girls here in Dalaran prior to this and he said that he doubted it would have helped; it might have even given Angel access to the people here in the city that is close to me – Amyn and the boys.

I think that my main thought had been that this Angel would have come directly after me and would have left the people I care about alone; however, Felestrien definitely cleared that nonsense out of my mind rather quickly, as he usually does. He just said that she was siphoning off power from anyone she could before moves on.

I also had to tell him that I thought that Angel could have gained access to the house already due to a security breach with our wards on the house. Apparently, Vashlan, in his not too infinite wisdom, tried to help his brother out by shifting the wards around to allow access to the home by Kal’s lady friend. I was totally unaware of the wards being changed or even removed in some cases until we discovered someone trespassing in the house. I think that Felestrien was reasonably shocked at this announcement.

To say that the fertilizer hit the wind machine would be putting it mildly when I found out about the transgression. I actually almost struck my son, I know that I unleashed my wrath on him in such a manner that he probably won’t ever forget. Another reason why Amyn and I had our row last night. I got a mage to the house as soon as I discovered the transgression and had him repair the damages done by our apprentice mage. I also had him talk to Vashlan and to tell him that there is no way in all that was Holy that he could possibly be able to change these wards correctly at the level of training he had had.

Felestrien made a suggestion that I may take heed of. He suggested that we get one of the Senior Mages to set up a test for him secretly. Some kind of simulation that would show him exactly how much he doesn’t know about this magic art that he is still learning. I know that he needs to understand that he can’t play with something like this and he is definitely going to be told until such time as he can keep a city afloat on his own, he won’t be practicing his art here in Dalaran without permission from one of the Senior Mages.

I could definitely testify in a court of law that having children does more than complicate your life. It takes your life, spins it around a few times and drops it to the ground suddenly only to be picked up again and the process repeated. I love my wife and my children more than life itself, however, if someone would have told me the stress they can put you under a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. If it were a battlefield, I don’t even think a flag of truce would work.

Felestrien also showed me a passage from this tome that stated that the thing would have to its locus stored in a place that was important to the host, which in this case is departed fiancée, because it is a parasite of some sort that would be completely clueless about that sort of thing. This thing has been brought over through Chaos, which means it has no way of taking on a form of its own, it needed that unborn child as a locus and utilized the dead body of my fiancée as a tool to move through this plane.

I know that I must look like the biggest fool in the world at this point. Who would have thought that by having sex with someone on an altar in the Nether would have brought something like this into the world and cost a woman and my child their lives.

The only place that I could think of that this thing might have taken up any kind of residence, via its host, was in the old estate that her grandparents had died in years ago. The manse was abandoned and was all but falling down. However, my beloved wanted to renovate it and turn it into the showplace that it once was and welcome the Silvermoon society back into its walls. It’s the only place that I can think of that would possibly work and it is in the direction that the girls fled when they left Silvermoon last night.

I guess I need to have that property searched, as fallen down as it is, there can only be a couple of places that anyone could possibly hide. From what this book says, I need to have a priest, a paladin and a warlock involved in the searches because if there is a “soul” hidden there, it will get flushed out and the only one that will be able to capture it completely would be a warlock. One of the things that the book also mentions is the fact that if the locus us destroyed, it will lose control over the current host and will immediately try to find a new one that’s either helpless against its powers or has given consent to allow them to be used as a new host.

So, in a nutshell, that means that I have to have another host lined up for it or we have been able to find a ritual that will banish it back to the Nether from which it came. Sounds easy when you put it down on paper, however, I have an awful feeling in my gut that this is not going to be very easy at all. If I were able to find the locus today and destroyed it, the chances of Felessa being possessed are greater than I would even want to think about.

From the way that the runes lit up in the book when Felestrien was running his finger down the page and hit this one area, I’d say that this book has some magic of its own combined with his own faith in the Light. One thing specifically stood out in my mind as he read this out loud “Chaos beings want a body because they don’t have corporeal forms. They feed off the energies only beings like us can produce.”

I guess that means that if we were to find that locus today and destroyed it that it would then take over Felessa because she is probably the most innocent and unguarded person I have ever met. I guess that if that were to happen, there would be no guarantee that Felessa, the one we know, would survive that possession.

Felestrien said that he was going to write a letter to the Crusade at the Bulwark because they would take this threat very seriously. I guess they have a group of warlocks in that area as well. I think that we are going to need all the help that we can get and be as prepared as we possibly can before we confront this thing.

No, I’m not going to go charging into Silvermoon like I have an army at my back. I am going to warn Faendra and Dawnglory about the situation, which I should have done before now. I will also hire some of the Rangers to go out and search for the missing “girls” and have them get a priest, a paladin and warlock to go along with them just in case there is a confrontation.

I guess that Felestrien has had his hands full with his wife of late too. She was apparently taken ill and is on the mend now. I won’t go into any of the details at this point because if anyone were to read this journal, they would probably just shake their heads and run away. I hope that they will be okay; this couple has been through a lot in the short time that they have been together.

I will also take a swing around the exterior of the city because I just know that that Sentinel wife of mine is lurking in the woods there. She almost said as much this morning before she left in a snit, that she could handle things faster herself as I could with all of my planning. I hope that she hasn’t done anything stupid because I know that my life wouldn’t be worth living if anything happened to her.

Well, off to Silvermoon and putting what plans I do have into action now. Then, comes the time of waiting to see what else might happen with this being.


Fnor Morningstar


Off To Settle A Cat Fight …maybe

July 13th


Damn it all to hell!! I’ve had an argument with my sister, Felessa, over something that seems pretty fucking trivial to me. Why would I want to get involved in some cat fight that she had with Faendra? It’s her problem, however, she is my sister and I am supposed to take care of her until the end of time or someone decides that they want to marry her. I wonder if I can start nosing around for one of those arranged marriages for her, I’m sure it wouldn’t cost that much if the guy’s family is down on their luck or something. Maybe some old nobleman that wants a sweet young thing to marry and try to make babies with to further his bloodlines. I just can’t see my sister in a bedroom with her legs in the air while some old codger has his way with her but it would make my life easier somewhat. I sure don’t want an old maid on my hands for the rest of my life that is going to be pining after my best friend.

I guess this fucking infatuation with Fnor is more than I had realized. Why would she want to “save” herself for a guy that is almost old enough to be her Father? He’s an old man by my standards and she’s a young girl and still innocent. Well, not that innocent, I guess. I did find her playing kissy face with that guy in the bazaar and I doubt that he ever came back after the thrashing I gave him. The idea of someone laying their hands on my baby sister was almost more than I could handle. Well, I didn’t handle it very well, I suppose because Felessa wouldn’t leave the house for days after that, or so I’m told.

Fnor seems to be happy married to Amyn and is truly enjoying his children, however, he and I need to get together here very soon because of the business and I need to talk to him about the girls. I can’t leave that mess in Silvermoon to fester for too long because it would be difficult to find an apartment for Felessa and I don’t especially want anything to go awry between Faendra and me. She’s been very nice to me the last few times that I have been in Silvermoon and has accepted the gifts that I bring her when I do get there. She did look lovely in that red gown that I brought from Dalaran.

Felessa was all a twitter about some new friend that they had made in Silvermoon. Some girl named Angelese or Angel. Some weird sounding name. Anyway, it seems that this person is a part of the problem. Faendra and Felessa usually get along just fine, the first time they introduce another person into their little friendship circle, trouble starts. Of course, it could just be the rivalry between friends, I’m no expert there but women do seem to have that sort of problem more than any of the men I’ve ever been around.

She sounds pretty interesting, this new friend and Felessa are just anxious as can be for me to meet her for some reason. Maybe she thinks that if I show an interest in this person that Faendra will really get angry. Well, my sister has another thing coming in that area. I am not going to throw away years of trying to pursue Fae for some doxie that they have made friends with in the city. Of course, she does sound kind of interesting with the way that Felessa described her, however, it would take more than a woman with long black hair to tear me away from my not to subtle pursuit of Fae with that long flowing mane of red hair. I’ll admit that my curiosity is piqued though, sounds kind of mysterious to me. Of course, Felessa couldn’t tell me the girl’s last name or if she even lives in Silvermoon proper and not one of the outlying villages. Seems kind of odd to me because Felessa is usually very picky and meticulous about her friends, she usually finds out all she can before she starts being friends with someone. I wonder what makes this girl so different. I wonder if this girl is older than Fae and Fel. She sure sounds like she might be. Well, nothing will do until I make a trip to Silvermoon to meet this mysterious new friend of theirs. I did ask Felessa what this girl did for a living or was she one of the numerous wandering dilettantes that seem to thrive by moving from one group of friend to another. She didn’t know she said because she didn’t feel right in asking.

I need to talk to Fnor about that new rogue that we hired too. Fellow just doesn’t seem right and his skinning and leatherworking seems to be half-heartedly done, as if that wasn’t something that he wanted to make his life’s work. He is handy with his blades that much I have seen. I don’t think that he was aware of my presence when he was involved in a slight altercation in the Drag. He definitely has the moves and I don’t think that I’ve seen anyone move that fast in a while. I think that I am going to see what I have in the way of bounty contracts that he might be able to do; however, I will talk to Fnor before I promote him up to doing that. He hasn’t been with the company all that long and I’m still not completely sure of him yet.

We’ve also been getting more than our fair share of strange mail at the warehouse lately and I am starting to wonder if the people sending it think that Fnor is working out of Orgrimmar. That kind of tells me that it may be addressed to him but they don’t really want him to get it in Dalaran. A few hands, a few ears and almost a full scalp of hair. I hate to say it but the hands and hair remind me very much of the Kaldorei woman, Amyn. I wonder if there is another cult or group that is starting up that nonsense again. Strange thing too, I haven’t seen Sollonne in a few weeks and I guess I should ask Fnor if he’s even seen her because she is really a good employee, even if she does like to make her own rules sometimes.

Well, I need to get off my ass and go over to Thunder Bluff and visit with the Cloudhoof group and talk to them about boosting up there herb gathering a bit. I know that Mooma is getting up there in age; however, Nahai is one that can usually produce a lot of work, which has been on the slow side of late. I hope the old girl isn’t sick or something because that would definitely throw that group out of kilter with what we use them for. I can’t complain about the armor that Sadheart is producing though because he has filled up one whole wall with nothing but armor in the last two months. I guess that Tahfal has been working with his brother in gathering the ore too, which has been a bonus for us all. Great young bull and seems to be very meticulous with what he does bring to Orgrimmar.

I do dread going to Thunder Bluff sometimes even though I have a home there of sorts because it reminds me rather acutely of the priestess that I had living with me there for a while. Nothing physical happened between the two of us but it’s just something that has a bittersweet memory in my mind. She had a bit of the wanderlust very similar to what I get now and again – she was nice and I think that she cared about me to some point, however, it must not have been enough because one day she was there and the next day she was gone. I don’t usually allow myself to get involved too much with a woman because this is a history repeating itself over and over again – I don’t know why it happens but I am tired of getting hurt or damaged emotionally each time it happens. I do hope to find a woman some day that will take me as I am. I really don’t skirt around as much as people think that I do because it’s all a sham – I put the rumors out there myself sometimes to keep from getting hurt all of the time.

Well, I hope the girls don’t have another hair pulling contest again before I can get to Silvermoon and see if I can’t figure things out. I know that Fae is a bit older than Felessa; however, I’ve seen her fiery temper flare every now and again. Of course, Felessa can be a pain in the ass and I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have sheltered her too much sometimes from things. It has always been my responsibility to take care of her since our parents dumped us off in Shattrath.

Well, this is sure not getting any work done and I need to get moving. I think I’ll hit Thunder Bluff and then maybe wander over to Silvermoon City and spend the night before I go on to Dalaran to talk to Fnor. Maybe I’ll take the girls out to dinner, even their new friend.

Fnar Dawnglory







A Very Angry Fae

July 7th

Dear Journal,

It’s been a long time since I have felt the need to sit down and write out what I have going on in my mind and not just blowing it off or talking with someone. Well, today, I am more than a little bit angry at my roommate and I can’t very well talk to her after I’ve pulled her hair and punched her in the nose in a fit of temper that will make my brother very proud, I’m sure.

Okay, here’s the gist of it, Felessa Dawnglory is a whimpering little girl that should get her butt spanked by someone. She’s had a “secret crush” on my big brother for years and was stupid enough to think that none of us noticed. Oh geez, she’s not just a blonde on the outside, her brain is blonde too.

It has been so obvious that my sister, Felaran, and I used to giggle about it constantly but we were being kind and didn’t tease her about it because we didn’t want o hurt her feelings nor did we want to deal with her brother because he has a vicious temper when it comes to protecting his little sister. We don’t know what makes her so special since he is one of these guys that will screw anything that lays still long enough. I didn’t mean that, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all that.

I’ve known her brother as my brother’s business partner for years and he’s always had a crush on me and I think he’s more than just a little bit good looking. However, the pity of the matter is that he knows it and I’m afraid that he might just be trying to use me and I don’t trust him.

Anyway, Felessa did perform the wedding ceremony for my brother and his Kaldorei wife and they got married. Whoopee!! It’s about time considering that they have children almost as old as I am or maybe the oldest boy is older than me, who knows.

Felessa has been moaning around here for days and days, crying and carrying on like she’s in mourning and just attended a funeral. She’s the one that said as a priestess she could perform the ceremony – well, it may have been her duty as a priestess but it’s her duty as a person to just shut up and get on with her life before I thump her again.

I was sitting at the breakfast table this morning, doing my best imitation of waking up when in she comes, all tears and sobbing with my brother’s scarf in her hand. it was an old ratty scarf that he left her a long time ago and we had all assumed that he’d lost in at the Bazaar or something. Now, I know that not only is she a crying, wailing, simpering idiot, she’s a thief too. I will have to admit that I was probably a bit more cross than usual this morning because I had been out drinking with some of my friends and her slowness had stayed home to mourn her loss.

I was still in my robes and I thank the Light for that because I could have seriously hurt her if I had punched her in the face with a gauntleted fist instead of my bare hand. I think that this whole thing could have been avoided if she hadn’t been having this constant pity party going for the last month. “Oh, poor me, Fnor is getting married and he’s gone forever!” Bullshit, I call it!!

He’s been married before and she didn’t carry on like this, I guess this one seems different because of his having children with this woman and he honestly acts like he is more than just a tiny bit in love with her and it’s not a convenient place for him to sleep and get sex when he wants it.

I don’t usually talk like this but I am very angry and if I don’t get it out this way, I’ll end up having to have a repair person come in to fix the wall that I will punch a hole in.

Now, the double pain the butt is that we have a mutual acquaintance, I won’t call her a friend because she just kind of scares me. She’s always asking questions about Fnor and I tell her what I know, however, stupid tells her everything she knows. I bet she can even tell someone how many times he uses the bathroom when he’s here at the house. I don’t like the way this girl keeps asking things and I’ve quit telling her anything and told her to ask Fnor the next time he comes to town.

Her name is Angelese and she is just plain spooky weird. Of course, Felessa thinks she’s the best thing other than a good bottle of Dalaran Red that we usually have for special occasions. In between her wailing and carrying on, she’s got this brilliant idea that Angel should move in with us. I told her “no”, we can’t have this almost total stranger move in with us without asking Fnor about it. This is his house and he’s letting us live here as it is.

“No,no,no, we shouldn’t have to ask Fnor anything, we should be able to pick and choose who we want living here”, she says. She has no clue what a temper tantrum Fnor would have if we had people just moving in here like that. It’s expensive to keep up appearances and to maintain a manse like this one. His name is on the deed and I’m just happy that I can come and go here because he lets me do it.

I feel bad that I lost my temper but she is the most insufferable nag that I think I’ve ever seen except for Felaran when she is on a chocolate hunt. I never thought that a Death Knight could have cravings like that but she sure does and I feel sorry for the person that holds out on her when she gets that full on “Give me chocolate now” look on her face.

I suppose I ought to go apologize to Felessa but I won’t do it right now. I can hear that Angel in Felessa’s room now talking in that low voice of hers. Honestly, she just appears out of nowhere and I’m supposed to tell her everything that there is to know about my family and now, she’s taken my best friend away by saying how mean I am and how she should be able to live here.

I ought to get in touch with Fnor and let him know what I’ve done before Miss Weepy gets a hold of Dawnglory and he goes to tell my brother what a bitch I am. I don’t think he’d do that though because if he causes me trouble, there’s no way he’s ever going to get in my pants. So There, Weepy Whiny Goody Two Shoes Stupid Priestess!!

Fnor would be so angry with me right now. He’s spent all of this money trying to get me educated and to make sure that I turn out to be a “Lady” of the top order and here I am writing and acting like a gutter rat. Damn that girl, why does she have to have a crush on my brother and why does that Angel have to be sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She better not say anything to me when I leave my room in a few because I just might punch her in the nose too.

Faendra Morningstar



The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t

July 3rd,

Dear Journal,

I am still sad that our wedding didn’t happen the way that we wanted; however, I think that our change in plans might have saved us and our guests quite a bit of trouble in the long term. Of course, we will be explaining all of this to our friends and guests in the very near future and hope that they will forgive our rudeness for putting their safety first.

I had met with Fnor and Felestrien the night before the wedding and found out some rather disturbing news that still has me a bit nervous as well as a bit angry. Seems that an element of Fnor’s past has decided to raise its ugly head in a very macabre manner to pay us a visit.

It all sounds insane to me even as I write it down and hard to believe, however, considering my Sindorei and this Paladin were explaining it to me, there had to be some actual validation to it. I’ll write down what I understand of it and hopefully, it will make sense. It sounds very convoluted and complex even as I sit here and try to think about.

I will have to admit that we did get married on July 1st as planned without the party that I had worked on for so many months and left the area for our honeymoon in Nagrand, which we are planning on cutting short and heading back to Dalaran to explain to our friends what happened. I hope that they aren’t too angry with us and will still be our friends anyway. It’s like our wedding had a cloud over it from the very beginning and neither one of us had a clue about it until several days before. All of my planning, dreaming and happiness for the event went down the drain when we started looking at the potential issues that would have or possibly occurred.

It seems that Fnor met a young lady in Silvermoon when he went over to pickup our wedding rings and stopped to visit his sister and Dawnglory’s sister that are currently living in the city for the time being. Seems this young lady had befriended them and was visiting at the time of his arrival.

He said that she made him feel very uneasy with her uncanny resemblance to his deceased fiancée from many years ago. What he failed to mention was the eerie feelings that he had afterwards, the way that this person, just seemed to pop into his mind at some very unguarded moments. Apparently she was able to put some kind of controlling spell on him somehow and was able to know what he was doing and where he was anytime she chose. As far as I am concerned, she has just joined a very short list of This Sentinel’s targets.

You don’t mess with my mate/husband at any time without thinking about the fact that he might not retaliate, however, you can guarantee that I will be out there stalking your butt with a very strong bow and some very sharp arrows. I have had too many people, women primarily, come between this Sindorei and I in the past and that will cease and desist as of this moment. No more nice, Amyn. He is my mate and he is now my husband by the Sindorei standards and that means he’s my man in body and soul.

Yes, I was frightened that this girl seems to have some kind of magic and some kind of hold on Fnor, however, the mysteries involved with that can easily be put to rest if a plan is in place to do so that is totally infallible. The plan that I have working through my mind right now seems to be one that will work regardless what kind of magic she is using. Sometimes, you have to truly believe in what you are doing is the right thing and it will defeat any magic that might be trying to defeat you. I have other people at my disposal these days that will be more than happy to assist me in laying this demon to rest once and for all. She will no longer threaten my husband’s future happiness with his family.

We will be holding a reception party for our friends in relatives in Dalaran in the very near future so that we can at least celebrate that portion of our marriage. Yes, I want to be able to put my wedding gown on again and stand next to the man that I love for the entire world to see. It will happen and I can assure you that no little demonic person from Silvermoon is going to destroy that happiness. Nor is she going to threaten my family in any way shape or form. I have my own gods to call upon to assist me with this thing’s demise.

I still don’t understand how a girl that is supposed to be dead was able to switch bodies with another. I know that it can happen under some rather unusual circumstances; however, this is so bizarre that it is almost mind boggling. It seems that Felestrien, the Paladin and Fnor took a trip to the burial site where this woman was supposed to be buried and she was there. I don’t mean in the ground, I mean standing there in the shadows dancing around. From what I was told, she had put some kind of spell on Fnor and was able to reach out and touch him to tell him that she had already had his body and now she wants his soul. Well, she is going to have to be something real remarkable to pull that off with a half dozen arrows sticking out of her body when I’m done and a few rogue blades cutting through her cold dead heart. I know that I will bring a shaman in my group to help assist in contacting the elements to help us drive this thing out.

Our wedding that we were able to throw together in a rather impromptu fashion consisted of Fnor and myself, Mooma Cloudhoof as a witness and Fnar Dawnglory’s little sister, Felessa officiating. I could tell that it was very difficult for the little priestess to say the words that would bind my Sindorei to me forever because you could see the love on her face as she said the words and the tears in her eyes. How this man can seem to capture hearts of these Sindorei women just by being nice and polite to them is beyond my comprehension, however, he is mine. We were able to have the wedding in a remote setting in Feralas where there were very few Sindorei or Kaldorei scouting parties nearby.

As long as Fnor wears the necklace with the holy water in it that Felestrien gave to him, this little chippy can’t seem to get in touch with him through his mind and hopefully won’t be able to track his whereabouts. I know that I am nervous at the thought that she might be able to track him back to our home in Dalaran, however, if she does do that, we have quite a friends that are mages and possibly a few warlocks that are living another life up there in our fair city.

I think that our wedding night was as it should be regardless of the situation. It was a night that was filled with as much passion as we could muster having several guards standing around the camp. I know that Fnor kept apologizing and I kept trying to get him focused back on what we were doing. I don’t think that either one of slept until dawn. Who knows if my herbs were able to work through all of that lovemaking, it doesn’t matter at this point. If I have conceived another child from my Sindorei, it is with Elune’s blessings.

One of these days, we will have a normal life by some people’s standards and be able to sit back and enjoy our family without any shadows lingering near us. It is something that I am looking forward to making happen. Our businesses are doing wonderful, the children seem to be safe and happy at the moment, I should just relax a little bit but my mind is set on devising this plan that will come out of Stormwind like a shadow in the night.

Of course, Fnor is trying to put a spin on things and make me happy that we are married at long last in his tradition; however, my mind is still working on the puzzle of this female and the ways that I get her out of the picture. I will talk to a few of the mages of my acquaintance in Darnassus as well as in Dalaran to see if they have any ideas as to how we can defeat this thing.

Oh, Fnor Morningstar, you have no idea in your head how much I love you and the things that I will do to keep you safe. Not only you, my beloved, … our children as well. You always seem to wander into these situations and take them at face value, you never look at what is underneath if it is not a combat situation with military controls. Life is not like the military, it throws curves and it doesn’t play by the Rules of Warfare that you sometimes use as your holy scripture as to how things should be. Sometimes it takes a woman to thwart another woman’s plans because we can throw that book aside and go with our faith as our shield.


My Heart Is Breaking…My Dreams Are Shattered

June 26th

Dear Journal,

It’s been years since I’ve even opened this old dusty book and put anything in it. I just felt the need to write something down because I can’t very well discuss it with my brother, Fnar or with my best friend, Faendra. They would both think I’m being stupid and naive again. I can’t help it, it’s how I feel and it’s something that I am going to have to learn how to deal with it like an adult.

An adult? What in name of all that is Holy is an Adult? Well, my definition of that right now is someone that is getting on in years and has the intelligence of an insect when it comes to things that matter the most.

I’m sitting here crying and thinking about the man I am in love with. He’s getting married to someone else and he wants me to perform the ceremony for them because he’s marrying a Kaldorei that wants a Sindorei wedding. Life is not fair!! I should have said “no” because my heart was breaking and I just wanted to run away from him when he asked me to do a small favor.

I think that I have been in love with this man since the first time I laid eyes on him when I was a little girl. He’s tall, dark and has black hair and a very infectious laugh. I remember that he picked me up in his arms and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told me how cute I was and I think that’s when I fell in love with him. He’s always been my ideal, he’s kind, he’s generous and very brave. He’s the perfect gentleman and the perfect man in my eyes. Now, I feel like my whole world is shattering.

How can I tell my best friend that I am in love with her brother and that I have been saving myself for him? it sounds so stupid when I write it down. All of my dreams of finally being able to kiss him on the mouth and let him feel the passion that I have held in my heart for him all of these years and have him respond to me in like kind. All of those naughty dreams of mine where I can feel him between my legs and taking that virgin flower as only a real man would and I wake up with that empty feeling that my dream lover couldn’t fill for me.

When Fnar and I packed up our things in the orphanage and moved to Silvermoon, it was a time when I was so frightened of everything that I spent most of my time hiding in my room and weeping. Fnar had decided that being in the Rangers was the only way that he could make a living and take care of me because I was still a little girl. I wish I had been adopted by some family, however, that didn’t happen because Fnar wouldn’t let me go…he’d be mean to the people or he would cut my hair funny so I looked awful and they wouldn’t take me. He’s my brother and I think that he didn’t want to be left alone at the orphanage – he was too wild and headstrong for many to want to adopt him but I loved him for it anyway.

I know I stayed in our little one room apartment and tried to keep myself busy when Fnar was gone and kept the door locked because I was afraid to go outside alone. There were no more matrons to run too if something went wrong and I needed help, we were alone in a city that was so huge and the people seemed so different from the people in Shattrath. Fnar would bring me books to read and would take me out for walks when he wasn’t training. He actually took me to where he was training a few times and I would sit on the benches and watch all of these people shooting bows or striking these wooden things with swords until Fnar would remember me and come talk to me for a while.

He had told me about his Commander and how strict he was with his training and making sure that Fnar got everything done correctly. He even brought home some old armor that the fellow had given him because he couldn’t afford to buy his own. We spent hours cleaning that old dusty armor and shining it up so that it looked almost new. We didn’t have a whole lot of money and Fnar was doing the best that he could to support the two of us. I even offered to go out and try my hand at herbing, however, Fnar was adamant that I stay at home for now before I ended up getting presented to people before he thought I was ready.

The first time that I met the Commander, he was all dressed up in his parade armor, all red and gold and was almost like something I had seen in the picture books in Shattrath. The sunlight was glancing off in all directions when it hit his armor and his smile was so bright that it made me smile back. Fnar was very nervous when he introduced us and I know that I was blushing as only a little girl can and I could feel the tears forming in my eyes because I was so afraid.

The Commander introduced himself as Fnor Morningstar and bowed. I’d never had a man bow to me before and I was even more frightened when he picked me up in his arms and smiled right into my eyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I remember running and hiding behind Fnar when he put me back on the ground and holding onto his belt as if my life depended on it. I remember him talking about the fact that he had a sister my age going to school here in Silvermoon and he thought that we might be good friends.

I know that Fnar was embarrassed and told his Commander that he couldn’t afford to send me to school and that he was teaching me at home when he had the time. I guess Commander Morningstar must have been shocked and a bit embarrassed that one of his troopers was living at the edge of Murders Row in a tenement building because the next thing I knew, we were moving into another apartment closer to the Bazaar. Fnar brought home several dresses that were my size and told me to try them on and he even brought some very nice books for me to have that he had gotten from his Commander. He also told me that I was going to be living with the Commander’s sister, Faendra and I would have to live in a foster home with her. I cried until I vomited and told him I didn’t want to live in a foster home because I thought it was like going back to an orphanage.

So, that’s how it all began. My friendship with Faendra and my falling more in love with her brother each time I saw him, which was actually more frequent than I saw my own brother. I guess the Commanders could get back to their families more often. Fae and I are still great friends; however, I wonder how she would feel if she knew that I loved her brother?

She has always teased me about the fact that I always get so quiet when Fnor is around and that you’d think that I had gone mute on more than one occasion. All I wanted to do was to stare at him and memorize everything he said and to take a new memory of how he looked when I last saw him into my mind and heart.

Yes, he’s been involved with other women, closer to his own age and he’s even been married before, silly woman ran off with an Orc instead of staying with this wonderfully beautiful man. I think I always thought that there might be a chance for me some day. He would see that I was all grown-up and would fall in love with me. He was truly my Prince in shining armor and yes, he did ride up a few times on a charger that made me almost swoon when I thought of the fairytales and how they ended.

Oh, I know he’s been involved with this Kaldorei and has children with her, however, that happens in wartimes. Now, he’s going to marry her and I have to be there to see it. I don’t know how I can bear it but I will. I want it to be my wedding and not hers, she doesn’t deserve him, he’s my man, my heart and not my lover but it has to happen. Maybe he will change his mind before the wedding?

Part of me wants to weep some more and part of me wants to hate the way that I feel. I wish I had someone I could talk to about this. I’m afraid that people would laugh at me if they knew and I don’t think that I could bear that. Why did he have to ask me to perform the service? He even gave me one of those beaming smiles of his and winked when I said “Yes”…I shouldn’t have said that I would do it but now, I have too.

I think that I will go talk to one of my older instructors and see what they think. I know that I have the authority to perform the service and I think that I know how to do it. I’ll get some clarification on the ritual and try to get some other ideas as to how I can handle this whole situation as a priestess.

I just flipped back the pages on this journal and I think I need a new one. It looks like I’ve spent hours writing his name on the pages and writing my name with his last name. Silly school girl stuff but still it hurts to see my dreams shattered like this. I think my heart is breaking.

Felessa Dawnglory-Morningstar

Felessa Dawnglory-Morningstar

Felessa Dawnglory-Morningstar

Felessa Dawnglory-Morningstar

Stupid stupid girl!!

Dawnglory Speaks His Mind

March 1st

Hello Journal

You’re just a fucking book but I have to put my thoughts down somewhere, right?

Here I sit in camp with Fnor, in Feralas for the moment, and it’s raining. Of course, it’s raining, what else would it do? I am really starting to take this personally, first I’m freezing my ass in Northrend, then cooking it in Uldum, now, I’m getting moldy from the dampness in Feralas. Why all the moving around you might ask?

Well, seems the Boss has gotten himself into some major trouble that has gone from his guild affiliation directly to the company. Oh, hello, surprise!! I could have told him this was going to happen but there were other things going on too. Besides, would he have listened to me? At this point, I don’t know, I’m just part of the hired help, business partner and his best friend.

I should have known that it was bad news when my comlink went off right when I was about to consummate a transaction with a certain young lady. The deal being, her legs, my body and that wonderful feeling we were both going to share. I should have just ignored it and went on with what I was doing. I know I would have felt a whole lot better – she sure had inviting eyes.

When I heard the words “Dawnglory!! Report in!!” I should have just acted like I didn’t hear it but he doesn’t usually just command my attention like that for no small reason. It’s not like the employees were going to mutiny and storm the offices in Dalaran, right?

Well, we’ve received some body parts in the mail before. No big deal, we’ve even mailed a few out ourselves as subtle reminders to some of the clients for non-payment. It’s not that hard to find body parts when you can swing by Undercity to see if there are any new cadavers just laying around, unattended – no muss, no fuss, just a quick snatch and grab of what you need.

However, we got a head in the mail that set the bells off in Fnor’s head. A Kaldorei female head, which could have been a reminder to him that he’s parking his male member in a room that shouldn’t have left the door open. Okay, okay, let me rephrase that – he has a Kaldorei mistress, he’s always had this woman in his life for as long as I’ve known him, she’s pushed out a couple of rug-rats that he thinks are his. I like her a lot though, one of those kind of exotic women with big…eyes.

Anyway, there was some threat or other against his guild with some cultist group. Not a problem, there are a lot of people in that guild and I’m sure they could handle it. However, because Fnor has himself in a personal bind, he’s engaged to a Death Knight, we hire quite a few Death Knights and Forsaken and these cultist are trying to purify the Horde, as if that could ever happen, and that makes the company a target too.

Okay, what he does in his personal life is his business and who I sleep with is my business. If he ever tells me that I’m male whore again, I think I will remind him that I’m still out there kicking around. I’ve never felt the need to buy the cow when I’ve already tasted the milk. I know that sounds rather crass and a bit harsh but it’s the truth. Why buy the cow?

He has two women in his life that will meet up one of these days and I bet by everything that is holy in this world, they are going to kill him. I don’t care that he has a Kaldorei mistress and I sure don’t care that he has a Death Knight as a fiancée, however, it’s stupid on his part to try to make it one big happy family. Ain’t gonna happen, Commander.

What has me pissed off at the moment is that this whole mess has spilled over into the company and how we run our business and has kind of interrupted my personal life. He’s my best friend and my business partner , however, there really needs to be a line drawn in the sand here. I have met both of these women and each is special in their own way.

Oh well, if I keep thinking about it the more pissed I’m going to get.

One of the things I’m upset about is the fact that I was just getting comfortable with a little priestess in Thunderbluff. She’s kind of quirky in a good way, blunt and very nice on the eyes. She says she doesn’t care that I’ve slept all over Azeroth with anything that would lay still long enough. She wants to get to know me “better”…Me, Fnar Dawnglory!! She doesn’t think that I’m that bad and she seems to see through the bullshit that I’ve helped to put out there.

She’s an orphan and she knows that sometimes we will do things to keep from getting hurt. She might be right. I know that when I feel like I’m allowing someone to get my emotions tied in a knot, I run like some frightened gazelle.

I wish I was in Thunderbluff right now, it’s probably not raining there. At least I could get a decent night’s sleep and not have to worry about someone trying to sneak up on me to kill me, just because I work for Morningstar Enterprises.

We’re out here, hand delivering contracts to our employees so they don’t have to go into Dalaran, also making the collections as well. Fnor thinks that by having the employees avoid the main office, they won’t be targeted. We lost a couple of our rookies about a week ago, now, we both think that it has something to do with this latest crap. Neither one of them were Forsaken or Death Knights, they just had their Morningstar badges on, like usual.

Oh shit!! Now his sons are here to help out, which means that his Kaldorei woman won’t be too far behind. If the Death Knight shows up, I’m leaving because it’s gonna get nasty real quick. I just want to do my job like I used too. I’m not sharing this fucking tent either, it’s mine, all mine.

Fnar Dawnglory