OOC – Time Moves ON…

May 22nd

Just posting to let people know that I haven’t expired or anything of that nature, just haven’t felt the urge to write a whole lot and working on my quitting smoking.  I really think that I have a “one event” buffer in my brain and I am determined to get away from tobacco.

Celebrated my 66th Birthday on the 20th and I will have to say that I am very surprised that I have lived this long sometimes.  Went out to lunch with the family and just generally had a great time being with them.  That’s always a good thing.  It’s not like we don’t live in the same area, however, our schedules are such that it really does make it hard to get together with them sometimes.

I knew that quitting smoking was going to be a challenge and it sure hasn’t let me down.  From what I have gathered from others that have quit smoking recently, that urge and craving takes a huge amount of time to get to where it is tolerable.  Sure, I’ve had a few slip-ups,  which I anticipated, and have managed to yank myself away from them without feeling like I am failing.  Switched over to utilizing e-cigs and now that I have figured out the nicotine levels and what not, it has gotten a bit easier to deal with.  I know that I am feeling pretty good about myself in the fact that I am feeling a whole lot better physically already and a lot of it has to do with the mindset and the support from my friends and family.

I have really kind of put Draenor on ignore for the last couple of weeks and finding myself enjoying the World of Warcraft a lot more running around on my alts and just leveling along.  Of course, it would be less frustrating if I could make myself stay on one character until I got them to the level that I want and need.  I still have quite a few “free” boosts that I haven’t used yet and I’m not exactly sure when I will use them at this point.  I know that on my other boosted characters that the magic seemed to disappear with the boost – I missed going through the whole process of leveling and getting to check out the various class mechanics that I haven’t played before or at least haven’t played in a while.  Half the fun of reaching level cap is the journey to get there and that feeling of accomplishment when you get there.

I’m still working on Loremaster and having a good time with that still.  I hope to get back into my routine of writing again next week when things settle down a bit more.  I know that I have missed writing the stories and such, however, I am finding that if I can get totally immersed in the game, it’s a lot easier to not think about my addiction to tobacco.

Have a good one and see you in-game!